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I Won’t Let Anyone Interfere (手出しはさせません) is the fifth episode of the spin-off anime series Mahouka Koukou no Yuutousei. This spin-off follows the events of the main series from the perspective of the girls, especially that of Shiba Miyuki.


During the public debate with the volunteer coalition, Blanche’s combat unit invades First High School. Honoka and Shizuku get attacked but they fight back with magic. Thanks to Miyuki and her friends, the situation does not escalate out of control, but Honoka and the others are enraged with Blanche’s actions. Miyuki and Tatsuya head to the enemy hideout along with Erika in order to crush Blanche. When Blanche’s combatants ridicule magicians as being monsters, Miyuki unleashes her powerful magic upon them.


The open forum is underway. Honoka and Shizuku can hear Mayumi’s in the distance. Shizuku asks if Honoka wants to go, but she is reluctant as she doesn’t want to see then arguing. Suddenly there is an explosion nearby, one heard from the auditorium.

The school is under heavy attack by terrorists. Three of them see Honoka and Shizuku and charge at them with knives. Shizuku tries to escape but Honoka has frozen up in fear. Eimi arrives with her CAD and drives the terrorists back but a grenade is thrown through the dust at the three girls. Shizuku raises a barrier just in time to protect them.

Honoka is depressed that she was the only one who couldn’t act. Shizuku and Eimi try to comfort her, saying they were scared too, so Honoka puts on a brave face.

In the auditorium, the students collaborating with Blanche are being arrested as Watanabe Mari and the Student Council members take charge of evacuating the students.

Tatsuya and Miyuki head out towards the source of the explosion and encounter Honoka, Shizuku and Eimi who are trying to restrain some of the unconscious terrorists. Seeing what happened to the three, Miyuki is furious. Tatsuya then directs the three to the student council to evacuate. Shizuku asks who the attackers are, and Tatsuya explains they are from Blanche, as was the man targeting Tatsuya. Tatsuya then apologises for not stopping them earlier. Realising this is all to push a political agenda, the three are mortified and outraged. Miyuki cleans the three up with magic and tells them to leave it to them.

As Miyuki and Tatsuya head out, Tatsuya comments they are lucky to have such unbiased friend and wonder what went wrong for those in the coalition.

Morisaki Shun is working hard guiding the evacuating students when Honoka, Eimi and Shizuku spot Tsukasa Kinoe escaping with some of the terrorists and decide to act.

The three confront the fleeing terrorists and incapacitate them all, leaving only Kinoe who tries to flee. However, he is intercepted by two members of the Public Morals Committee instead. Honoka, Shizuku and Eimi are then thanked for the intel they sent so he could be apprehended.

An overview of the situation is given.

Juumonji Katsuto confirms every member of the coalition was apprehended and Blanche’s forces repelled.

Tatsuya then explains the true goal was to steal classified intelligence.

It comes to light the students were just being used and Tatsuya resolves to resolve things by taking down the ringleaders.

Juumonji drives Tatsuya, Miyuki, Erika, Kirihara and Leo to Blanches base and breach the gate. Juumonji and Kirihara enter and take on terrorists inside, whilst Erika and Leo suppress them outside.

Meanwhile, Miyuki and Tatsuya face off against the leader of the terrorists, Tsukasa Hajime. They offer the terrorists the chance to surrender, destroying their assault rifles in the process. During the exchange, the realise Hajime was using magic to manipulate the students. Hearing this Hajime flees. Tatsuya begins to pursue but some of the terrorists try to attack but Miyuki stops them with magic. She then goes on to completely overwhelm their resistance, freezing them all.

After everything is over, Miyuki is waiting outside with Erika and Leo and feeling guilty about going overboard. Tatsuya comes out and reveals he healed all her victims.

At home Miyuki reflects over situation and is really upset because Tatsuya went and healed all of the terrorists because of her. Tatsuya checks on her and they sit together in the living room where Tatsuya comforts her.

After training, Tatsuya returns home to find Miyuki dressed up as a birthday treat. They then have birthday party for him with their classmates. While chatting, Miyuki playfully tells Honoka not to play detective again and reflects on how glad she Tatsuya has so many friends. Erika then tells Miyuki some gossip on how Mibu Sayaka and Kirihara Takeaki became a couple. As they walk home from the party, Miyuki tells Tatsuya she will remain by his side always, and the pair have a tender moment.

At Third High School Isshiki Airi, Tsukushiin Touko and Kanou Shiori are hard at work training in their clubs, their strength intimidating the other students. The three then discuss the upcoming Nine Schools Competition and the three are confident they will win this year.



  • The debut of Airi, Touko and Shiori who are shown as Miyuki's rivals share similarities with Ichijou Masaki's debut on Enrollment Chapter VII (Anime) who is in turn shown as Tatsuya's rival. Both their debuts are at the end of their respective episodes where they are seen training and their conversation is about First High School afterwards.