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Friends (友達) is the fourth episode of the spin-off anime series Mahouka Koukou no Yuutousei. This spin-off follows the events of the main series from the perspective of the girls, especially that of Shiba Miyuki.


From the words and actions of Mibu Sayaka of the Kendo club, Shiba Tatsuya identifies the person who attacked him as a member of the anti-magic international political group Blanche. Shiba Miyuki resents Blanche's actions to divide the first and second course students.

Meanwhile, Mitsui Honoka and the Girl Detectives identify the criminal as the captain of the Kendo club, Tsukasa Kinoe, and start tailing him, but they are noticed and attacked by a mysterious group of bikers. The three oppose them with magic, but find themselves in a big pinch when the attackers use Cast Jamming that invalidates their magic.


Miyuki tries to talk to Honoka and Shizuku but the pair rush off instead. Miyuki apologises to Tatsuya for failing to speak to them about why they were following him, concerned for their safety. As Tatsuya reassures Miyuki, he is approached by Mibu Sayaka. She thanks him for his help and requests some of his time.

That evening, Miyuki worries about what Sayaka and Tatsuya were talking about while trying to pick an outfit and get changed.

The next day, Tatsuya and Miyuki are having lunch in the Student Council Room with Mari, Saegusa Mayumi and Nakajou Azusa. Mari asks if Tatsuya was hitting on Sayaka in the canteen the day before as she was seen to be blushing. This triggers Miyuki who accidentally freezes the room until Tatsuya calms her down. Tatsuya then explains Sayaka be extremely bias against the Public Morals Committee, and discrimination against the Course 2 students and are forming a coalition to fight it, but when asked for concrete plans to resolve the issue, she did not seem to have any. Mari then agrees that she sounds delusional, adding that she could be being manipulated.

Tatsuya brings up Blanche, confirming Miyuki’s suspicions that Mayumi and Mari knew something, though Azusa is exonerated. Mayumi then confirms the school has been infiltrated. Realising Tatsuya was hiding it from her hurts Miyuki’s feelings.

At home, Tatsuya apologies for not telling Miyuki and then explains who Blanche are; an international anti-magic political group who are in actual fact terrorists. He explains Blanche are taking advantage of the divide between the Blooms and Weeds. Miyuki realises the ultimate goal is to make magic obsolete and weaken Japan. Tatsuya goes on to say the Ten Master Clans will have to act and the Yotsuba Family will definitely act. And if that happens, the siblings will likely be drawn into the conflict by their aunt, right in front of the Saegusa and Juumonji families, and revealed as members of the Yotsuba, ending their normal high school lives. Tatsuya assures Miyuki he will handle things himself before it comes to that.

After school, Eimi, Honoka and Shizuku spot Tsukasa Kinoe leaving the school and follow him to try and get evidence he is the one attacking Tatsuya. Miyuki notices the three as they leave the school.

The girls keep following Kinoe but are getting concerned due to how far they are getting from the school as it seems suspicious. Kinoe leads the three into an alley where they are attacked by four bikers. The girls use magic to try and escape but one of the men has Anitinite and uses it to activate Cast Jamming, the pain stopping all three in their tracks. As the men approach the fallen girls and surround them, one pulls a knife declaring the world does not need magicians. Before he can strike, Miyuki arrives and destroys the knife with magic, despite the Cast Jamming. The men are shocked the Cast Jamming will not work, and try increasing the output, but is has no effect on Miyuki who quickly incapacitates all four attackers.

The fight over, Eimi explains they were trying to catch the one responsible for attacking Tatsuya. Miyuki thanks the three for being her friends.

As Eimi, Honoka and Shizuku leave, they wonder if it was okay to leave dealing with the men to Myiuki, but decide it is for the best. Honoka comments on how amazing Miyuki is to not be affected at all by the Cast Jamming, and Shizuku mutters to herself Miyuki is like someone from the Ten Master Clans.

Back in the alley, Miyuki has called Kokonoe Yakumo to deal with the four attackers quietly. One of the men starts shouting that magicians are just monsters who will destroy the world one day. Miyuki then asks the man if he is sure that he should be talking to a ‘monster’ like that and uses Mental Interference Magic to terrorise the men. Yakumo comments she over did it a bit and Miyuki comments it due to a lack of opportunities to practice. Yakumo suggests Miyuki leaves, citing that Tatsuya would not want her involved in what is to follow. Miyuki asks Yakumo to investigate Tsukasa Kinoe.

Elsewhere, Kinoe reports to the mysterious man that the men appear to have been captured by someone other than the police. The man says it is time to act and orders Know to rally their supporters at First High School.

At the school, some students broadcast that they want to fight the discrimination over the schools PA system. The Public Morals Committee and Student Council are quick to act and restrain the perpetrators.

On the twenty-third of April, a forum is held to discuss the matter of the discrimination. While waiting, Miyuki thinks back to the conversation with Yakumo where he revealed Kinoe’s adoptive brother, Tsukasa Hajime, is the leader of the Japanese branch of Blanche and that they should expect trouble during the forum. Mayumi heads out and gives a rousing speech conforming there is discrimination in the school that needs to be addressed and wants to do something to address the underlying issues causing the issue. The speech moves many of the students.

As the forum comes to its conclusion. A number of armed men storm the fence and begin their attack on First High.