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May I Join You? (ご一緒してもいいですか?) is the second episode of the spin-off anime series Mahouka Koukou no Yuutousei. This spin-off follows the events of the main series from the perspective of the girls, especially that of Shiba Miyuki.


Mitsui Honoka and Kitayama Shizuku are accepted into First High School. Ever since Honoka caught a glimpse of Shiba Miyuki at the entrance exams, she felt a strong admiration for her, and is overjoyed when they unexpectedly become friends. Honoka also respects Shiba Tatsuya Tatsuya for being an exceptional magician but is surprised to find out that he is a Course 2 student. She begins to wonder what the difference between Course 1 and 2 students are. When Honoka and her friends find themselves caught in a quarrel between Course 1 and 2 students, she tries to use magic to quell the dispute, knowing full well that it is against school rules to do so.


The First High entrance exam. Honoka is waiting for her turn when Miyuki’s arrival makes a stir amongst the students. Honoka is awed by how Miyuki seems to be from a different world, a feeling amplified by her excellent score on the exam.

At the matriculation ceremony, Honoka watches as Miyuki gives her speech and when Shizuku asks, Honoka confirms Miyuki is the girl from the entrance exam she was talking about all this time and resolves to make friends with Miyuki.

Watching from the side of the stage, Saegusa Mayumi and Watanabe Mari are really impressed by Miyuki’s speech and Mayumi admits Miyuki is exactly what she was looking for.

In Class 1-A, Honoka is practicing how to introduce herself to Miyuki. Miyuki arrives and causes a stir amongst the other students, and heads to her seat which is behind Shizuku. Honoka is flustered and trips over her own feet trying to go and say hello, much to everyone else’s amusement and Honoka’s horror. Miyuki helps Honoka back up and they introduce themselves. Miyuki asks Honoka to be friends and Shizuku joins them. Shizuku tells Miyuki that Honoka is a huge fan of hers since the entrance exam, much to Honoka’s embarrassment.

The trio head to the cafeteria for lunch and are followed by four of their classmates lead by Morisaki Shun. Miyuki spots Tatsuya and his classmates but before they can join them Morisaki starts demanding Tatsuya and company vacate the table. Tatsuya leaves to avoid any trouble, and his classmates follow. Morisaki then offers the table to Miyuki while giving a speech about the supremacy if Course One students, but Miyuki leaves instead, followed by Honoka and Shizuku. In the corridor outside, Miyuki apologises for making a scene and Honoka comments she is surprised Tatsuya is a Course 2 student given how skilled his invocation was, emitting almost no waste at all. This elates Miyuki and she thanks Honoka earnestly, before explaining that Tatsuya is her brother.

After school, Morisaki and his group have cornered Miyuki and are making a scene, demanding Miyuki go with them. Shibata Mizuki is furiously arguing back, pointing out Miyuki herself does not want to go with them. Shizuku and Honoka arrive just as things start to get out of hand, but before they can get involved things get violent. Morisaki pulls his CAD, aiming at Saijou Leonhard, but Chiba Erika disarms him before he can invoke his spell. Honoka tries to stop things escalating but is pushed over. Honoka tries to stop the fight, but her spell is blown away by Mayumi who has just arrived with Mari. Mari starts reprimanding Honoka for using an attack spell, and Honoka is mortified as she is scared Miyuki will no longer be her friend. However, Tatsuya steps in and defends Honoka but pointing out she was only using a flash spell. While he does so, Miyuki explains she knows Honoka was trying to deescalate and uses magic to clean Honoka’s dress. Shizuku and Honoka thank Tatsuya for his aid.

That evening, Shizuku and Honoka discuss the events over the phone while bathing and the pair wonder what the course divide even means.

The next morning, Honoka and Shizuku greet the Shiba siblings, but are interrupted by an extremely overfriendly Mayumi who teases everybody by implying fate brought her and Tatsuya together, but he refutes it, but Mayumi continues until Mari intercedes and reins Mayumi in. At Mari’s behest, she invites the siblings to have lunch in the Student Council Room.

At lunch, Shizuku and Honoka eat in the classroom while wondering what Mayumi wanted.

After school, everyone is shocked that Tatsuya was appointed to the Public Morals Committee. Morisaki’s group assume it is just because he is Miyuki’s brother. Hearing this upsets Honoka but Shizuku stops her from saying anything. The pair talk about the situation, and they admit until now they too had believed the course system was correct. Honoka gets excited thinking they just need to get the others to see the true skills of the Course 2 students.

Meanwhile, Juumonji Katsuto meets with Mayumi and Mari and they discuss the new students. Katsuto asks if she thinks the new students can bring about her desire, and Mayumi says it looks possible. Mayumi then comments Tatsuya just does not feel like a stranger to her.

At lunch, Shizuku, Honoka and Miyuki arrive and notice a lot of hostility is being directed at Tatsuya’s table. The three, led by Honoka at Shizuku’s direction head over and join them and Miyuki thanks Honoka for helping out, and Honoka massively overreacts to her thanks.