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I Will Fly! (飛びます!) is the twelfth episode of the spin-off anime series Mahouka Koukou no Yuutousei. This spin-off follows the events of the main series from the perspective of the girls, especially that of Shiba Miyuki.


It’s the day of the Mirage Bat Official Competition. Miyuki braces her hear for putting her all into winning the competition. On the other hand, Airi, frustrated with the power struggles between the Master Clans, swears to take the one-two finish with Mizuo Saho.

Alongside this, Kobayakawa Keiko also encounters another accident during her match. Tatsuya sees through their trick with the CAD, so Miyuki is unaffected, but Miyuki is now First High’s only remaining player. Unable to lose the match, and not wanting to lose the match, Miyuki requests that Tatsuya permit the use of a certain magic.


August Eleventh. Miyuki is taking a walk Shizuku and Honoka. They discuss the upcoming Mirage Bat match, with Honoka commenting that the poor weather is actually beneficial as it will make the orbs easier to see. After mentioning that Tatsuya will be assisting Miyuki, the conversation turns to the fact there are only two days left and if First High win either of the last two events, they’re guaranteed to win. Miyuki comments that she cannot take it easy as they only got there due to everyone’s efforts, so she has to try her hardest.

Meanwhile, Airi is receiving a call from her family. Saho arrives and comments on the pressure Airi is under from her family and how they are looking to take advantage of Ichijou Masaki’s loss the day before to increase their own standing. Airi tells Mizuo she wants to win for her sake, and that of her mother. The pair reaffirm their promise to take the one-two finish.

The first match of the Official Mirage Bat Event is about to begin. Tatsuya and Miyuki see off their first competitor, Kobayakawa Keiko. As she makes her way to the stage, her engineer Hirakawa Koharu is confident of Keiko’s victory.

The match gets underway, and Keiko is well in the lead until her CAD fails and she falls from the sky. Keiko is caught by a staff member’s magic but is taken away having passed out from the shock. As she is taken away, Tatsuya receives a call.

Back at First High’s tent, the girls are discussing Keiko’s forfeiture. Miyuki confirms Tatsuya believes that Keiko’s CAD was tampered with when Subaru bursts into the tent to tell that there is a problem.

Meanwhile, an enraged Tatsuya is restraining a staff member.

Tatsuya returns to the tent, with rumours flying around about how he got violent with an official. Miyuki is upset that he is receiving unfair criticism and Tatsuya comforts her. Because they are being a little too intimate, Mayumi and Mari tease them, saying it is all because Tatsuya is a bro-con.

The matter is also being discussed by Airi, Touko and Shiori who wonder if it due to more sabotage. Mizuo joins them and affirms her strategy for her match.

As the audience are waiting for the second match, Mayumi and Mari discuss the tampering with Mari feeling guilty for burdening Miyuki with so much. Mayumi points out that Miyuki will soon be carrying all of First High anyway, so she isn’t worried.

The second match begins, and the third years are determined to give it their all and defeat Miyuki. A fierce contest between Mizuo and Miyuki begins and Airi and the others are astounded that Miyuki, a first year, can hold her own against a third year on Mizuo’s level. At the end of the second round, Miyuki is in the lead, but the scoreboard is very close. Deciding she cannot lose, Miyuki asks for permission to switch to their secret weapon.

The third round begins, and Miyuki is off to a slow start when she suddenly activates flying magic, shocking the audience. In the audience, Satomi comments that she and Honoka tried it but couldn’t master it so couldn’t use it in the competition. As they watch, Miyuki is dominating the match and the other competitors are simply unable to compete. Mizuo is giving it her all to try and score but Miyuki is taking all the points and simply cannot be competed against. The match ends with a crushing victory for First High.

After the match, Shiori is bewildered by the performance, but Airi is confident they can think of something to counter as she heads towards her own qualifying match. On the way she bumps into Mizuo who apologises for failing to keep their promise.

Airi’s match begins, and she dominates the match whilst thinking of how she will compete against Miyuki in the final.

Later, Miyuki is taking a shower when she overhears Tatsuya talking to the tournament’s officials who are asking to see the CAD as concerns have been raised about it.

Elsewhere, the leaders of the No Head Dragon plot to take drastic action and force the competition to be cancelled by massacring members of the audience with a Generator.

Back in the room, Tatsuya has just taken a call as Miyuki joins him. He asks if there is anything she wants, and with some embarrassment, she asks him to stay with her whilst she sleeps. Tatsuya resolves to eradicate those who would harm Miyuki, whilst the sleeping Miyuki’s mind falls back upon Tatsuya’s inventing Flying Magic and how their family, the Yotsuba, deny him his rightful glory.

Meanwhile, in Third High’s tent, it is revealed the tournament staff have disclosed First High’s CAD information so all the schools will be using Flying Magic. Airi isn’t confident she can win if everyone is using it. Mizuo objects, saying just using Flying Magic won’t allow them to beat Miyuki because she has already mastered the spell. Airi says she cannot win unless she goes all out and asks Shiori to help her with her plan.

Evening comes around and it is time for the Mirage Bat final. Airi is seen off by her friends as Tatsuya sees her off. Miyuki asks to use Flying Magic from the get-go and Tatsuya consents. Miyuki is the last to take her place as the match is about to begin.