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“Brother, Good Luck (お兄様、ご武運を) is the eleventh episode of the spin-off anime series Mahouka Koukou no Yuutousei. This spin-off follows the events of the main series from the perspective of the girls, especially that of Shiba Miyuki.


Replacing the injured Morisaki Shun and company, Tatsuya, Leo and Mikihiko will participate in the newcomers matches of Monolith Code. Miyuki, is anxious that the sabotage will reach Tatsuya and the others.

Thereupon, Honoka and the first-year girls unite for the sake of Tatsuya in repayment for his assistance in the newcomers matches. Checking the Monolith Code stages and observing the venue, all to guard Tatsuya and the others.

The matches proceed without incident as a result of the actions taken by Miyuki and the others, but there is another person who has noticed the abnormality of the stage.


Miyuki is watching the Monolith Code match with the other first year girls from First High in First High’s tent when the building their team is in collapses. Shizuku immediately recognises the spell as Battering Ram, an A Rank lethal spell disallowed in the competition. While the others are outraged by the cheating, Miyuki realises it is more than that and turns to see Tatsuya has arrived.

In Third High’s tent, Airi, Touko and Shiori were all watching the match as well and Kanou comments on how First High are in yet another accident.

Elsewhere, the leaders of the No Head Dragon East Japan Branch comment on their sabotage, stating further action is needed as they cannot permit First High to win due to their illegal gambling on the event which will cost them over $100,000,000 if First High win.

Despite the incident, Tatsuya carries on like nothing happened as he finishes off his engineering work on Honoka’s and Subaru’s CADs for the Mirage Bat final. Miyuki realises Tatsuya is doing so to reassure them and joins in giving the pair advice to stay calm and pace themselves.

The Mirage Bat Rookie Event Final begins and Honoka quickly takes the lead, with Subaru close behind. Watching, the other girls discuss how Tatsuya has been helping them, with Shizuku commenting on how he’s been maximising their natural abilities. Honoka goes on to win the match, with Subaru in second place.

That night, the first-year girls discuss how Tatsuya has been made to replace Morisaki Shun and the others in Monolith Code in one of their rooms. Meanwhile Miyuki is meeting with Tatsuya to discuss the situation. Tatsuya explains that he tried to refuse but Juumonji Katsuto forced him to participate. The conversation turns to the sabotage, and Tatsuya tells Miyuki that it is being done by the No Head Dragon crime syndicate. Meanwhile, Takigawa Kazumi has also come to the conclusion the accidents are suspicious, saying as much to the other first year girls. The six girls discuss the situation and Shizuku points out that the Battering Ram incident was definitely deliberate, saying Fourth High were likely a scapegoat. They then realise this could make Tatsuya a target. Back in Tatsuya’s room, he and Miyuki are finishing the conversation, with Tatsuya stating he only knows that the No Head Dragon syndicate want to stop First High from winning so he may be targeted.

On the way back to her room, Miyuki is approached by the other girls. They all head to First High’s meeting room where they explain their plan to protect Tatsuya from any saboteurs. Eimi explains there are three ways they can think of he will be targeted, direct interference in the match, a trap on the stage or CAD tampering. As the last option isn’t something they can deal with, so they plan to check the stages beforehand and patrol during the matches. Miyuki agrees to help but asks them to hide it from Tatsuya and to avoid doing anything dangerous.

Elsewhere, the leaders of the No Head Dragon Branch have heard about the substitution and take steps to ensure they are defeated and dispatch some men to do so.

It’s the final day of the Rookie Competition, and the girls have all come to wish Tatsuya, Mikihiko and Leo luck, though Eimi amost lets slip that they are all up to something but is stopped and Tatsuya heads to his first match with Mikihiko and Leo.

A little later, Miyuki bumps into Fujibayashi Kyouko and they discuss Tatsuya’s upcoming match against the Crimson Prince, Ichijou Masaki, though Fujibayashi expects Tatsuya to win.

The match gets underway, and the girls are hard at work keeping an eye on things as Tatsuya and company win their first match. Honoka and Shizuku are amidst the food stalls, when Honoka is surprised by Touko. Airi comments on Tatsuya’s match and his ability to use Gram Demolition, with Shiori adding she cannot believe the three were held in reserve with that level of skill. Shizuku notices Airi’s sword and Airi explains she was training for Mirage Bat, confident she will win even if she gives them clues as to her strategy. Touko then makes a passing remark that the spirits are restless, directing Honoka to look down at the psion light from the ley line. Touko goes on to explain it is being manipulated by continental Ancient Magic. Honoka asks if this could be used for sabotage. Getting Miyuki on the phone the six discuss it, but Touko explains the most they could do is create a little water. Miyuki and Airi quickly realise it is to help Third High win by making water for Masaki to use with his spells. Miyuki calls for Honoka to come to the stage so they can fix the issue. As Honoka dashes off, Airi and the others realise that there have been too many accidents and Shizuku confirms that the accident in Battle Board and the bus incident on route to the competition are both likely related. Hearing this the three are outraged.

Miyuki and Honoka arrive at the City Stage and Honoka quickly finds the ley line for Miyuki who quickly freezes it. Before they can move on, however, they are attacked by the masked men sent by the No Head Dragon syndicate. Airi arrives with Shizuku and the Third High girls. They tells Miyuki to head to the Open Plains Stage jumps in, having taken care of the Gorge and Forest Stages already. As Miyuki, Honoka and Shizuku leave, Airi disarms the men, furious that they have trampled on the honour of the games.

After the ley lines are dealt with, the six girls wonder what to do with the seven men, but just as Miyuki is about to torture them for information, Fujibayashi arrives and takes custody of the men, directing the to girls to watch the final.

Tatsuya, Mikihiko and Leo are on the stage for the final against Ichijou. Tatsuya notices the change in the ley lines and tells the others they cannot afford to lose the match as all the girls watch from the audience.

Meanwhile, the leaders of the No Head Dragon resolve to forcibly retire the First High girls from Mirage Bat, including Miyuki. As the match goes on, Miyuki thinks of the conversation with Airi just prior, and her declaration of war for Mirage Bat, vowing to go all out to defeat her.

The match ends with Tatsuya’s victory.