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I Don’t Want to Lose! (勝ちたい!) is the tenth episode of the spin-off anime series Mahouka Koukou no Yuutousei. This spin-off follows the events of the main series from the perspective of the girls, especially that of Shiba Miyuki.


The moment of Miyuki and Shizuku’s match approaches. Shizuku, who was hoping for a match against an excellent magician like Miyuki, heads into the match having seriously devised a plan with Tatsuya in order to win. Miyuki, who knows of Shizuku’s resolution, decides to challenge her with all her might.

The Ice Pillars Break Final begins with a huge crowd watching on. Shizuku attacks with her strong vibration magic, but it fails to reach Miyuki’s pillars. When everyone believes it to already be over, Shizuku finally puts her secret plan into action. This technique even surprises Miyuki.


It is the eighth of August, and it is time for the final match of the Rookie Ice Pillar Break tournament. Shizuku is enthused for the match against Miyuki and is determined to win.

In the audience, Mayumi and Mari comment on how packed the venue if for the match and try to tease Tatsuya about his wanting Miyuki to win making him a sis-con, but they don’t elicit much of a reaction from him.

On the other side, Kichijouji Shinkurou is determined to use the match to get a better grasp of Tatsuya’s engineering abilities, but his companion, Ichijou Masaki is too busy fantasising about dancing with Miyuki to really focus. Meanwhile both Isshiki Airi and Kanou Shiori have come to watch to investigate Miyuki’s abilities.

Also watching on is Eimi with Takigawa Kazumi. Eimi cannot understand why Shizuku would want to fight Miyuki at all as she couldn’t compete. Kazumi suggests maybe Shizuku has a plan to win which is why she is willing to try despite the power difference. As the finish talking, Miyuki and Shizuku take the stage, both determined to win, as everyone watches on.

The match begins and both players use their signature moves to start the match, with Shizuku using Data Fortification to defend and Resonance Destruction to attack, while Miyuki uses Inferno. Shizuku’s attack is blocked but Miyuki’s Inferno is still melting the pillars due to raising the temperature of the surrounding air itself.

Realising she will lose as it stands Shizuku pulls out a second CAD. She thinks back to her discussion with Tatsuya fifteen pays before the competition where she told him she wanted to seriously compete against Miyuki, and the plan he came up with for her to use two CADs, an extremely difficult technique to use.

Back to the match, Shizuku’s second CAD shocks the audience as she unleashes Phonon Maser and damages one of Miyuki’s pillars, the first time it has happened in the competition. Seeing this enthuses the crowd and they start routing for Shizuku to win. Seeing this, Miyuki thinks back to when Tatsuya told her that Shizuku was resolved to battle her in the competition and that Miyuki would need to get serious to win.

Watching on, Tatsuya realises that Shizuku has already lost as Miyuki gets serious, launching Niflheim and flooding the pillars with a nitrogen mist. Shizuku keeps her spells going to try and maintain the status quo. Airi wonders why Miyuki coated the pillars in liquid nitrogen and then she realises the plan, as does Shizuku but it is too late that her Data Fortification isn’t protecting the liquid nitrogen as Miyuki detonates it and destroys all of Shizuku’s pillars in an instant. The win comes so suddenly the entire audience as well as the commentators are silent from the shock. It takes several moments before Miyuki’s win is announced.

Later on, Honoka visits Shizuku in her room and comforts her as Shizuku admits she knew she would likely lose, however, losing so brutally when she wanted to win has hit Shizuku hard.

Later, Honoka and Shizuku head downstairs for food but bump into the Shiba siblings. The pair join the Shiba siblings, and the three girls are treated to cake by Tatsuya. Honoka thanks Tatsuya for his helping her to win and Tatsuya apologises to Shizuku for his poor judgement call in asking her to master Phonon Maser within two weeks. Shizuku counters saying it was thanks to him that she could counter at all. Miyuki comments on how Tatsuya tried to make her lose and the pair banter a little until they are interrupted by Eimi and some of the other freshman girls. The conversation turns to Mirage Bat the following day and Eimi declares that Subaru and Honoka will get the one, two finish so they can celebrate tomorrow as well.

Subaru is up first the next day and swiftly wins her match. Airi comments that Subaru’s movements are vastly improved from their match previously, Shiori noting Tatsuya is the engineer and realising that he will be an issue in the match against Miyuki later on. Honoka is up next and also gives an awe-inspiring performance, utilising her Elemental abilities to dominate in her match. As Miyuki watches on Mayumi comments that First High took the top spot thanks to Tatsuya and Miyuki reflects that she is glad she came to First High where Tatsuya’s skills can be appreciated even if their family, the Yotsuba do not.

Meanwhile, the Monolith Code match between First High and Fourth High. Morisaki Shun is leading the First High team and he is determined to make a good showing because he is fed up of hearing about how well the girls are doing. One of his teammates comments on the undefeated streak of Tatsuya’s competitors, antagonising Shun further. As the countdown for the match reaches 5, magic triggers and collapses the building that Morisaki and the others are in.