This guideline will show you how to put references on the articles.

To all editor when make a new page or new sentences/spoilers/statements from light novel please state the references.

References are important because to enable readers to consult the original source independently and also to validate what you are writing, by referring to documented evidence.

Referencing is required for:

  • Trivia
  • Timeline events
  • Appearance and descriptions
  • Stated facts

Referencing is not required for:

  • Chronology (unless the mentioned events were told in a different arc/story than the heading implies)
  • Personality (unless there are no specific examples mentioned)

Make Reference Using Edit Page

Press edit on the page (not edit page at contribute or classic editor) at the end of sentences press "insert references" and then state where you get the information. Example Volume 6, Chapter 1 (linked) and then it will show small number [1] at the end of sentences. Example

Lastly, at the References tab press "insert reference list". Then all references will show automatically.

Reference Tag Names

When naming the reference tags <ref>, name the with volume no. and then chapter no.
For example:
1st mention - <ref name="V1Ch3">[[Enrollment Chapter (I)#Chapter 3|Volume 1, Chapter 3]]</ref>
Repeat mention - <ref name="V1Ch3" />

The reference wiki tags can be edited in source mode only.

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