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A Magic Sequence (魔法式) is an information body constructed from a Magician's Psions. When a Magic Sequence interferes with, and overwrites, an Eidos, it can alter real-world phenomena. However, because of the world's restorative power to maintain temporal continuity, magic sequences cannot be used infinitely. [1]

Activation Sequence

An Activation Sequence (起動式) is a magic blueprint constructed out of Psions used to jump-start construction of the Magic Sequence. It replaces the mediums used in Ancient Magic and allows faster and more efficient use of magic. Once an Activation Sequence is constructed, it is absorbed into a Magician's Magic Calculation Area where all the variables are filled.

  • The Activation Sequences are a type of Psion. But they alone cannot affect reality. The Psions produced by the user would scramble and then return. This is the function of CADs, to take the Psions initially provided by the activation sequence, and form them into Psions the magician can use to rewrite phenomena: the magic ritual (sequence). [2]

The various variables generally used are - Co-ordinates, Output, Duration, Scale, Strength, etc.. [2]
Modern-day Magicians save these sequences to their CADs in compressed form.

The Activation Ritual is a large block of data for building a magic ritual. Mages can intuitively guess what kind of effect the ritual would have. By looking at how the magic ritual would interfere with the Eidos, and what parts wouldn't be affected, it's possible to read and attempt a guess at the effect the magic ritual would have. However the activation sequence alone is simply a chunk of data, representing a massive amount of information, and even the magician deploying it can only dynamically interact with it in the subconscious. Therefore, the act of reading the activation sequence requires the enumeration of endless strings of image data, then reproducing an image from those in your head. Normally, such things cannot be done in the consciousness. [2]

Directly trying to interact with Psions produced by another magicians activation sequence will cause a rejection by the other magicians' subconscious.
If a magician "A" places hands on a magician "B"'s CAD while the magic is being cast, then magician "A" will receive the interference 1000 fold (times). [2]



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