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Magicians are ranked based on the abilities from Rank A to E. The Magic Power of a Magician is assigned according to International Standards. Currently, Magic Power standards are evaluated by: [1]

- Interference Strength (Strength of their Magic Sequences for rewriting Eidos)
- Capacity / Scale of Magic Sequences (Magic Tolerance)
- Processing Power of Magic(Speed of Magic Design and Eidos rewriting)

It is stressed throughout the series that despite what was once believed, Magic Power is not indicative of combat ability.

Interference Strength

Interference Strength (or Strength of a Magicians' Magic Sequence) expresses the strength of a Magicians to alter / rewrite the Eidos.

  • Directly trying to interact with Psions produced by another magicians activation sequence will cause a rejection by the other magicians' subconscious.
  • If a magician "A" places hands on a magician "B"'s CAD while the magic is being cast, then magician "A" will receive the interference 1000 fold (times). [1]

Scale of Magic Sequence

Processing Power of Magic

Thirty years ago, the transition from Activation Sequence to Magic Sequence was so slow that it was incomparable to today. Magic Sequence efficiency was also pretty low, and in comparison to today, it required several times more Psion to construct an equally effective Magic Sequence. 

Magic Power standards change over time. Earlier, International Standards for calculating the power of Magicians emphasized the Psion count within the Magician's body (both physical and mental bodies) rather than focusing on the speed of Magic Sequence construction. Thus, by these standards, both Shiba Tatsuya and Shiba Miyuki Magic Power would be ranked as top tier. 

Today, the Psion count, the execution of the magic (way magic is used), multi-quantitative processing speed and analysis ability are not considered variables of assigning a Magician's magical strength. This is why Tatsuya, despite his abilities, is considered a low-rank Magician.

Magic Power can also refer to the more generic context of having the physical capacity of repeatedly casting spells.


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