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Magian Company Chapter (III) is the 3rd volume of the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Light Novel Sequel.


Shiba Tatsuya’s strongest magic is released once more! Meanwhile, a storm of love at the Magic University!?

Mayumi and Ryousuke head towards the USNA for the sake of negotiating the cooperation of FEHR. The trip comes at a time where foreign talented magicians are being prevented from travelling abroad.

The Intelligence Department sees this as a provocation to the National Defence Force, which has been asked to refrain from taking action, and therefore requests assistance from the Senate, the shadow organization that controls the country.

However, as Tatsuya remains behind he has a plan. In order to establish the freedom of magicians and to show the significance of the existence of magic, Tatsuya's most powerful magic Material Burst is released――

Meanwhile, there is a change in the mood on campus at the Magic University. With Lina travelling to the United States, Tatsuya will be at Miyuki's side more often as her escort. A certain man and woman are anxious about this...

Chapter 1: Historical Ruins

FEHR is a political organization, based in Vancouver, which aims to protect the human rights of magicians.

In the first half of June 2100 A.D. There was a bit of a commotion about to begin at FEHR’s headquarters, though its leader, Lena Fehr, managed to suppress it for the most part.

The cause, her subordinate Louis had returned visibly injured, though not seriously so, which is confirmed by Charlotte Gagnon, a former FBI agent and licensed attorney who acts as Lena’s legal advisor and emotional support.

Louis Roux is FEHR’s sub-leader, a former Frenchman of African descent who turned 30 years old this year and became a naturalized USNA citizen when he was 18 years old, and one of the cofounders of FEHR.

Louis confirms he got injured due to messing up when observing FAIR.

Lena had sent him to Mt Shasta due to being concerned they were doing something illegal which could damage the reputation of magicians and wanted to make sure that any illegal acts committed by FAIR would be attributed to FAIR alone and couldn’t use used against magicians as a whole.

Louis gives his report. Stating they haven’t been confirmed to have broken the law yet, but they are all but guaranteed to start an illegal excavation soon due to finding some historical ruins, which would be protected by federal law if the discovery went public.

Charlotte confirms this would definitely be something the media and anti-magic advocates could attack them with.

Lena suggests reporting their existence, but Louis reports there is no physical evidence of them because they were discovered by means of witchcraft, specifically that of Laura Simon who is the right-hand person of Rocky Dean, the head of FAIR.

Lena asks what was found inside, but Louis can only say it seems to be something Laura Simon thinks is more valuable than a Relic.

The three discuss possible actions, but Louis is too injured to redeploy, and clairvoyance is risky due the potential to be detected and counterattacked. Louis offers to redeploy, just using illusions made with the spell Doppelgänger. However, but to Laura Simon being a witch, Louis is a poor matchup, so Lena stops him.

They decide to send a Private Detective, a non-magician from Seattle instead.

Chapter 2: Strategy

June 15th, Tokyo.

The deputy director of the National Defense Army’s Intelligence Department along with the section chiefs of each section were gathered for an unofficial meeting.

Informal meetings like this are only called if there is an emergency situation.

Deputy Director Inukai of the Army Intelligence Department who officially announced the start of the meeting. Inukai had formally been the section chief of Section 10, which is the direct partner of the Tooyama Family from the Eighteen Assistant Houses.

Inukai reports that Mayumi has applied for a visa to visit the USNA with Tookami Ryousuke. He states this is not illegal, but it does go against convention due to the potential issues that can arise.

The section chief of Section 10 adds that Mayumi being a direct descendant of the Saegusa Family is also a big issue due to the Saegusa Family being seen as cooperative with the government and military, yet their daughter has joined up with the Yotsuba Family to go against the current policy.

Section Chief Onda of the First Section asks if it is confirmed the Yotsuba are involved.

Inukai asks Onda’s opinion and after laying out the composition of the Magian Company, he brings up Toudou Rina, formally Angelina Kudou Shields before she naturalized.

Inukai confirms he knows of her, and that she is likely Angie Sirius.

Onda brings the conversation back to his point, that Lina’s adoptive father is Toudou Aoba.

Inukai realizes his mistake, and confirms that he understands that Aoba is a member of the Senate.

There was a small commotion, it appears the majority present were not aware of the Senate.

Onda goes on to point out if the Senate are involved, it makes sense for the Yotsuba and Saegusa to go against policy. He goes on to say they need to find out what the Senate’s intention is, is it a monolithic decision, or just one by Toudou personally.

Inukai agrees and confirms that if it is Toudou’s personal decision, they need to get the rest of the Senate to deal with it.

As those present cannot approach the Senate, they suggest the retired General Saionji.

Inukai asks if anyone else has any thoughts, and the section chief of Section 10 mentions that even if a magician must go to the USNA it cannot be a member of the Ten Master Clans, and so suggests approaching the head of the Saegusa family. Onda cannot see an issue with a change in the person going and so Inukai decided to have the Minister of Defence do the duty.

◇ ◇ ◇

The Army Intelligence Department moved quickly and on the afternoon of June 16th, Saegusa Kouichi was called to the minister’s office at the Ministry of Defence.

Minister Furusawa is a young politician in his early 40’s. Furusawa had been confident but Kouichi’s clear refusal of the request to have his daughter refrain from traveling left Furusawa without any leeway to object.

Kouichi asks if Mayumi is under some suspicion of a crime serious enough to restrict her freedom to travel.

Furusawa tried to counter by pointing out the convention magicians refrain from travelling, but because he has no legal basis to prevent Mayumi’s trip, Kouichi overturns every argument, and the minister is forced to concede to Kouichi’s objection.

◇ ◇ ◇

On the evening of the day that he was called by the Minister of Defence, Kouichi visited the restaurant where Tatsuya, Masaki, and Mayumi had their private conversation with each other a few days prior.

He arrives to find Tatsuya waiting for him.

After some pleasantries Tatsuya thanks Kouichi for siding with them over Mayumi’s trip and expresses his surprise.

Kouichi explains though he agrees on being cooperative, that doesn’t mean he will obey blindly, commenting he thinks it is time for magicians to stop being so tolerant.

They discuss the current situation and how Tatsuya’s views it is that a major issue is that magians don’t have the economic base to be self-reliant, making need to coexist with the majority is essential. Kouichi brings up the division of labour and how the restriction on movement is likely more to keep magicians reliant on the government by denying access to overseas markets. Kouichi ends by saying accessing these markets is something they need for economic independence, so Mayumi’s business trip is a good opportunity.

The pair agree to work together for the common good while having nothing to do with one another.

◇ ◇ ◇

June 17th, evening. Army Intelligence Department Deputy Director Inukai was accompanied by retired Army General Saionji to a hotel a short distance away from the city center.

After a short wait, the third member of their meeting arrives with his bodyguard.

Kashiwa Kazutaka, one of the elders of the Senate, the shadow powers of Japan, is an elderly gentleman in his late 70’s. He is mild mannered, quiet, and scholarly.

At Kashiwa’s prompting, Saionji explains the Senate does not stop magicians from going abroad, though he does indicate he feels Toudou may be too attached to Tatsuya’s group.

Inukai breaks etiquette and requests the Elder’s wisdom to maintain order.

Kashiwa tells them that harming Tatsuya and Miyuki is not allowed, but there are other things that can be targeted, stating that, ‘as long as one is human, even if they were to possess the power of a demon, the number of things that they can do is limited.’

Hearing that, Inukai understood exactly what was being suggested and Kashiwa’s true nature as one of the powerful people who control Japan from the 'shadows'.

Feeling sympathetic to Inukai, who was at a loss of how to proceed, Kashiwa offers to write a letter of introduction to someone who can help.

◇ ◇ ◇

Around the same time as the three were meeting, Tatsuya had invited Lina to his home so that she could inform him of her preparations for her trip to the USNA.

Lina is usually here anyway, the real reason being Miyuki’s cooking. Miyuki doesn’t mind since Lina is an invaluable friend. The pair being ‘equals’ who are too powerful, which has separated them from their weaker peers. And because they aren’t rivals in love, they are comfortable with one another.

Normally, the pair would chat, but today’s business is about work as Lina is to return to the USNA temporarily at Tatsuya’s request as a secret bodyguard for Mayumi on her trip to the USNA to minimize the risk of interference.

Lina reports that, with the help of her friend Benjamin Canopus, she made contact with Senator Curtis to make the arrangements.

Lina’s nationalization is considered internally as a means of deception to monitor Shiba Tatsuya, so she was able to get an ID and passport from Stars and will use a military transport plane to depart and return to Japan. The passport is a backup for if she needs to reenter as a US citizen. Tatsuya states he’ll have Minoru pick her up with the Takachiho, Minoru’s residential space station, in the worst-case scenario.

Miyuki joins them, bringing coffee.

Lina confirms the dates, with Mayumi leaving on the 26th, so she’ll leave on Sunday the 27th.

The conversation turns to the Intelligence Department’s interference. Tatsuya states Saegusa Kouichi won’t interfere as he wants to access foreign business markets.

Miyuki states the military is unlikely to back down, and Tatsuya agrees.

Miyuki asks what Tatsuya is planning.

Tatsuya states he will use Material Burst to resolve things.

Lina and Miyuki are initially shocked as this exceeds their expectations, but Tatsuya reassures them that he won’t be targeting the Earth and that his intent to to remind people what magic is really for.

◇ ◇ ◇

Friday, June 18th. Tatsuya is working at the Magian Company instead of attending class.

At 2pm he has a meeting with Fujibayashi to discuss making preparations for his demonstration.

After discussing the targeting data, Tatsuya casually mentions Kyouko was seen going out with Hanabishi Hyougo the other day.

Kyouko denies that the pair are dating whilst blushing, saying it was for work.

Tatsuya insists she need not hide it as it would be fine, but Kyouko insists she was just giving him advice at a state-of-the-art technological convention for civilian consumers.

Despite her excuses, Tatsuya continues giving her a suspicious look.


Chapter 3: Warning

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Chapter 4: Internal Division

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Chapter 5: The Significance of the Existence of Magic

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Chapter 6: A Show of Power

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Chapter 7: A Distinction

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—Case 1: Ichijou Masaki— Camouflaged Love

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—Case 2: Mitsui Honoka— Lost Love

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Epilogue: Returnees

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