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Magian Company Chapter (II) is the 2nd volume of the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Light Novel Sequel.


With the appearance of the new organization "FAIR," the conflict over the relics is intensifying!

Members of the Magian Company have begun to prepare for the establishment of the Magic Institute. Tatsuya approaches Takara, a member of the Yatsushiro Family of the Ten Master Clans to take up the position as its Principal. He is steadily taking action towards the goal of protecting the human rights of those who possess magic.

Meanwhile, in the middle of the production of a relic, a magician crime suddenly occurs. The incident involves the theft of an artificial relic by the magic supremacist organization "FAIR," a radical party from USNA and the criminal behind this in the shadow's is... Tatsuya attempts to contact the opposing magic organization that is similarly called "FEHR."

The conflict over the relic intensifies as in these three organizations cross paths――

Chapter 1


In Mid-May, Tatsuya, Miyuki and Lina meet up with Mikihiko. They discuss the Magian company and the rumors about the reasons for Mayumi joining the company. In return Lina makes fun of Mikihiko for living together with Mizuki.

◇ ◇ ◇

Narrative about Mayumi joining the Magian Company, and how various organizations are paying close attention to Tatsuya’s movements.

◇ ◇ ◇

Narrative about Mayumi’s job at the company, as well as the Magian Company’s ongoing projects to create jobs for magians.

◇ ◇ ◇

In Mid-May, Tatsuya receives a work call from Mayumi, she asks who is going to be in charge of running the magian academy. Tatsuya tells her that it hasn’t been decided yet and asks for her opinion on who should be considered. Mayumi says that someone should be invited from outside the Saegusa and Yotsuba families, not from the Magic Association and they would need to come from a powerful family.

◇ ◇ ◇

Ryousuke asks Mayumi about who is going to run the academy, and she tells him it hasn’t been decided yet. The school is scheduled to open in four months in September. During this time Ryousuke hasn’t shown great office skills, Mayumi suggests that he speak with Kyouko to see if she can help him out.

Chapter 2


Minoru and Minami are currently in their orbital residential facility. Tatsuya decided to provide this life for Minoru and Minami due to Miyuki’s feelings and because he greatly valued Minoru’s skills and knowledge. Everything needed for daily life is provided to the two of them by Tatsuya. They are currently testing the mobility of the space station. Tatsuya can only contact Minoru a few times a day for a certain duration in order to maintain confidentiality. Minoru discusses going to investigate FAIR and wants to bring Minami along but that will leave the space station unmanned so they discuss sending a parasite doll to Minoru in order to maintain the space station while they are gone.

Chapter 3


May 16th. Tatsuya, Miyuki and Lina are traveling via railroad to Hakata Station. Lina complains a little bit about the long duration, and it’s explained that it’s difficult for magicians to fly commercially.

◇ ◇ ◇

They arrive at Raizo Yatsushiro’s residence. Tatsuya has come today to ask for his brother Takara to head up the new academy that Tatsuya is building under the Magian Company. They clarify that they will not be subordinates under the Yotsuba Family. Takara is more of a magic researcher and would fits Tatsuya’s criteria. Tatsuya is questioned quite a bit to try and figure out if he has any other motives with his new company but ultimately they agree to Tatsuya’s request but with conditions. The first is once they get on track, the Yatsushiro Family will have independence when running the educational institution. The second is to borrow the power of Taurus Silver in their research into harvesting energy through micro black holes. Tatsuya reminds them that parasite were unleashed into the world through this type of experiment. The Yatsushiro Family knows this and wishes for his help to prevent any parasites from coming. Tatsuya agrees to help. While he would prefer that this experiment didn’t happen, he feels the Yatsushiro Family will continue anyway, so him being there in person for risk management is for the best.

Chapter 4


FAIR is located in the suburbs of San Francisco. There is some narrative about the difference between FAIR and FEHR. Rocky Dean is looking through some reports and Laura is telling him her findings. She believes that it’s best to search for obsolete relics in museums, as well as checking out the excavation sites where relics are found. Rocky trusts her opinions because her intuition is correct nearly all the time.

◇ ◇ ◇

Narrative about the stolen relic from the museum comes out.

May 19th. Masaki is called home by his father, and he is informed about the stolen relic from the museum. It was concluded through the investigation by the Ichijou Family that it was stolen by a magician. Normally this wouldn’t be a big concern, but Gouki tells him that artificial relics are currently being manufactured in Japan, and this theft could be held with the intention of doing something similar. The area where the relic was stolen from the museum is in the Ichijou Family’s territory. Gouki wants Masaki to be on standby until they figure out the next target. They will also request a 10 MC meeting.

◇ ◇ ◇

The 10 MC meeting is held and the Ichijou Family informs them of the stolen relic. They also explain the danger behind the relics if they can be manufactured. The police are refusing to cooperate with the 10 MC’s right now so they can only wait for the next theft opportunity. Maya kept quiet the entire time.

◇ ◇ ◇

Tatsuya is currently working on the artificial relics when he receives a visitor, it’s Yuuka.

◇ ◇ ◇

Yuuka is delivering a combat doll along with a container that houses a parasite. This parasite was sealed on the island three years ago in July. Yuuka also informs him of the 10 MC meeting, and the theft of the relic. Tatsuya guesses that this is related to the artificial relics. Yuuka remembers that he is an expert on the subject and praises him but Tatsuya changes the subject because he finds it troublesome. Yuuka says it’s highly likely that the Advancement of Humanity Front is behind the theft. Yuuka also had a message from Maya, that Tatsuya may have to help out with this case.

Chapter 5


May 22nd. The new academy under the Magian Company welcomes its new employee Takara. Mayumi is very surprised by this development. In the case of the Saegusa, Mayumi was sent to figure out Tatsuya’s goals, so even though she wholeheartedly agrees and cooperates with Tatsuya, he never came to her for help with company. Since Tatsuya went to the Yatsushiro in order to negotiate for Takara to head up the academy, it appears to most people that the Yotsuba and the Yatsushiro families have formed an alliance.

◇ ◇ ◇

Mayumi reports to her father that Takara is heading up the academy under the Magian Company. Koichi is trying to find out the reasons for why the Yatsushiro Family would work together with the Yotsuba. Mayumi believes that it’s due to empathy that Takara wanted to join, but Koichi doesn’t believe that. Mayumi reflects on Tatsuya’s reasons on trying to change society to better the magic community.

◇ ◇ ◇

News of Takara becoming the head of the academy continues to spread and Maya receives a phone call from Atsuko, the 10MC leader of the Mutsuzuka Family. Atsuko was slightly upset that the Yatsushiro Family may have taken a step further than her in their relationship with the Yotsuba Family. Atsuko then asks if she can reach out to Tatsuya to see if she can help as well. She has realized that Tatsuya’s actions to change society’s view for the betterment of magicians has resonated with her and she shyly admits this to Maya.

Chapter 6


May 23rd. Tatsuya is having a conversation with Chandrasekhar, the representative of the Magian Society. Tatsuya discusses working together with FEHR, and also lets her know that FEHR had sent a spy to work at Magian Company. Chandrasekhar agrees to draft up a proposal for a partnership with FEHR and will leave the negotiations to Tatsuya.

◇ ◇ ◇

Tatsuya discusses the potential partnership with Miyuki and Lina. Tatsuya explains that he would like to reach out to FEHR because they refrain from preforming illegal activities, and also because he would like to form a partnership with them before they join hands with FAIR. Tatsuya explains that although Magian Company is strictly for Japan, he has plans to accept foreign human resources in the future, and this would be a good first step. However, he won’t announce this until it’s ready, he fears that the Magic Association and the Defense Forces will intervene if they find out his true intentions. So he will have them cooperate with Magian Society.

◇ ◇ ◇

May 24th. The proposal was sent over to Tatsuya, after looking it over he had some questions to ask Chandrasekhar. He questions why she wants to send over Ms. Shastry to Vancouver. There is an explanation of Agni-Downburst.

Agni-Downburst is a magic that creates a large-scale, high-density air mass by adiabatic compression near the boundary between the troposphere and the stratosphere, which then descends while maintaining the high-density state.

The air that's been compressed to a high-density is heavier compared to the air that hadn't been compressed. Maintaining the high-density state through magic creates a phenomenon that can't occur naturally, such as the air mass being heavier than air at a lower temperature, which at high altitudes would have a higher temperature due to the effect of adiabatic compression.

The heavier air mass will then begin to descend as is. By accelerating the compressed air which is already at a high temperature with magic, the descending air mass generates heat from the air friction, and then strikes the ground (at sea level). The airflow that strikes the ground spreads out the heat from the impact to the surroundings. This is the Strategic-Class Magic, Agni-Downburst.

This magic is less likely to be influenced by geographical conditions. Also, by changing the size of the air mass, its power can be adjusted on a strategic level to destroy urban centers or to that of a combat level against a small unit.

On the other hand, the disadvantages are that it's affected by large-scale weather phenomena such as hurricanes, and the time lag between activation and the attack itself is significant. Agni-Downburst is an easy-to-use magic because the power can be adjusted. Nevertheless, it boasts power appropriate for being called a Strategic-Class Magic. It seemed obvious to Tatsuya that the risk of it falling into the hands of others is something to be avoided as much as possible.

"Agni-Downburst requires a dedicated CAD, so there's no need to worry about anything confidential from leaking. Besides, some information can only be obtained from within. Thus, isn't it natural to send a reliable person?"

[Continuation with Tatsuya talking with Chandrasekhar.]

“I believe there are more suitable people to acquire the information from, but Ms. Shastry shouldn’t be a magician that can move freely.”

“…I’d like to only talk about this with you here.”

Tatsuya silently nodded to Chandrasekhar’s bitter voice.

“Recently, the federal military has been pretty persistent in wanting me to hand over Arya.” Needless to say, the “federal military” she was referring to is the military of the Indo-Persian Union.

“So, it’s the government’s intention to have two nationally recognized Strategic-Class Magician’s in order to establish a diplomatic advantage over the Great Asian Union by having them in the backdrop.”

“That’s right. In addition, I believe that there is a sense of opposition to Japan, where there are two ‘Apostles.’ …Mr. is a special case."

“Apostle” is a common name when referring to a nationally recognized Strategic-Class Magician. Three years ago, when Ichijou Masaki became recognized as a Strategic-Class Magician, Japan’s ‘Apostles’ rose to two, him including Mio. Immediately following that, Tatsuya buried Bezobrazov of the New Soviet Union, thus making the two countries, the USNA and Japan to be the only one’s to have multiple nationally recognized Strategic-Class Magicians.

“Does the Doctor want to keep Ms. Shastry close by instead of handing her over to the military? If so, I don’t believe it would make sense to send her to FEHR.”

“I don’t want Arya to stand on the battlefield. She isn’t suitable for war. I taught Arya the Strategic-Class Magic because I believed that they wouldn’t simply put her on the battlefield if she were a Strategic-Class Magician.”

After saying that, Chandrasekhar muttered in a feeble voice, “I miscalculated.”

“…However, in that case, wouldn’t the government not allow for Ms. Shastry to leave the country?”

“How great that would be. I told the military that Arya’s abilities are still unstable and isn’t able to actually stand on the battlefield.”

“Is it okay for the Doctor to lie like that?

“It’s not a complete lie. It’s true that Arya’s still unstable on the surface.”

Chandrasekhar could be seen sighing in the monitor.

“The military and the government are likely to agree on finding a new fit among the magician officers. However, if it were to take too long, I’m afraid that the military brass would grow impatient.”

“It’ll take time. Finding a fit isn’t easy when it comes to Strategic-Class Magic.”

“Yeah. That’s why it also makes sense to have her take shelter outside of the country.”

“If that’s the case, then say no more. I would like to begin negotiations with the terms you’ve given me.”

“Okay. By all means, please Mr.”

Tatsuya said goodbye and closed the encrypted communication line.

Chapter 7


The stolen relic has arrived to FAIR a few days before, and after being analyzed they are not able to manufacture it create more artificial relics. The research done however does show some promise that it can store magic sequences (same conclusion Japan came up with). They discuss the new theory out that Tatsuya released regarding the storage of magic sequences but obviously Tatsuya didn’t provide everything so that it could be duplicated. Laura suggests to Rocky that they need to steal a relic directly from the excavation site, and to also look into Mount Shasta in California because of it’s similarity to the excavation site in Japan. They decide to ask the Humanity Front to steal the relic from the excavation site in Japan, while their own operatives will check out Mount Shasta.

◇ ◇ ◇

The Humanity Front’s base is located in the southern part of the Boso Peninsula in Japan. Rocky calls them to setup the job to steal the relic from the military excavation site at Mount Norikura.

Chapter 8


May 25th. Tatsuya is taking Miyuki and Lina to his lab on the northwest side Miyaki Island. Tatsuya calls the orbital residential facility that Minoru and Minami are on. Minoru says that everything is ready on their end. Miyuki and Lina work in tandem to send the parasite doll up to Minoru. In order to receive it Minoru must go out of the space station, and because he is a parasite, he is able to stay out there without wearing a spacesuit. This has turned into one of Minoru’s favorite things to do, even though Minami thinks it’s reckless. He still has to use magic to protect himself from the cosmic rays but it’s a simple thing for him to do.

After receiving the parasite doll, Minoru and Minami activate it. Once awakened the parasite doll asks for who they need to prioritize orders from and it’s decided that it will prioritize Minoru. They also give the parasite doll the name Maggie, and order it to take care of the orbital facility.

◇ ◇ ◇

Tatsuya, Miyuki and Lina stay at Miyaki Island for a bit even though they have classes tomorrow. They needed to be sure that Minoru received the parasite doll and had to make sure nothing unforeseen happened. As a result of Tatsuya’s research on event interference, he has solved the problem of his insufficient magic output caused by his MCA to some extent, however it hasn’t reached the level to where he could operate the virtual satellite elevator by himself. Tatsuya could have had the Yotsuba magicians at the facility to help him out but he preferred to not involve others as much as possible in this experiment.

After returning to their residence in Miyaki, Tatsuya and Miyuki are having a conversation. Tatsuya tells Miyuki that Minami will be joining Minoru on his mission to San Francisco. Miyuki can tell that Minoru really cares for Minami and feels a bit envious. Tatsuya then pulls Miyuki closer to him and suggests that they go on a trip as well next month. They decide to go somewhere with cooler weather and Miyuki is ecstatic. Tatsuya and Miyuki face each other as the distance between them closes, and the distance between their lips vanishes.

◇ ◇ ◇

Minoru arrives in a deserted area near San Francisco. He telepathically calls out to Maggie, and they were able to communicate to each other. He then orders Maggie to bring him back to the space station. They confirm that they can travel back and forth to the space station.

Chapter 9


At FEHR’s headquarters Lena has received word that FAIR has sent people to Mount Shasta in California. Lena is trying to figure out their motive, so she calls her assistant in who is a former FBI agent. They figure that FAIR must be looking for relics, precious stones or plants. They plan to send some people to observe FAIR and record their activities, if they do something illegal they will share the video with the authorities.

◇ ◇ ◇

Lena felt it was necessary to report this Ryousuke as well. Lena is able to send an astral projection to him in Japan. When she arrives Ryousuke is just getting out of the shower and it startles Lena. At this distance she apparently can’t move the projection around easily and she can only send it places she knows well or to a person she knows. Lena then reports the movements of FAIR to Ryousuke, and he requests to tell Tatsuya about it and she agrees.

◇ ◇ ◇

Ryousuke is in a great mood after seeing Lena, and on his way to work Mayumi calls him out on it. Mayumi then complains to Ryousuke that more and more people have been watching her on her way into work and it’s stressing her out. She feels that there’s implications that she is in a relationship with Tatsuya because she is working at his company. They run into Tatsuya and he greets them both, then asks Ryousuke to come to his office.

Tatsuya tells Ryousuke that he is going to look for another job for him, because he is currently unfit to preform the current work he has been assigned. Tatsuya then tells him that he will send him to Vancouver at the request of Magian Society. Ryousuke is startled when he learns that the Society wants to reach out to FEHR and Tatsuya says that since Ryousuke is from Vancouver that this will be a good job for him. Ryousuke then admits that he is a member of FEHR, and tells Tatsuya the information provided by Lena. Tatsuya thanks him for the information and Ryousuke also asks to provide the information about Magian Society’s proposal to Lena, and Tatsuya agrees.

◇ ◇ ◇

After talking to Ryousuke, Tatsuya left for the university. Tatsuya called on Fumiya and Ayako to the club room after finishing their work. This “club” on the surface is to research unconfirmed magics, it seems like a very technical research club but in reality once Tatsuya took over the club it was just meant as a meeting place for members of the Yotsuba Family and for students supported by the Yotusba. Tatsuya reports to Fumiya and Ayako that Ryousuke has finally admitted his affiliation to FEHR and also gave them the information on FAIR and the relics. Tatsuya has solidified his position in the Yotsuba Family, he is only second to Maya, the head of the Yotsuba Family and everyone listens to his orders.

Tatsuya also tells them that the Magic Society will work together with FEHR in the future. Although they agree with Tatsuya, Ayako still doesn’t trust Ryousuke.

◇ ◇ ◇

Tatsuya then relays the same information to Miyuki and Lina. Lina was shocked that Lena could send an astral projection so far and they discuss a theory on it. They also share Ayako’s opinion that Ryousuke can’t be fully trusted yet. They then discuss the search for a relic in California and Tatsuya believes that a prehistoric magic civilization left behind these relics after perishing. Tatsuya also hints that he would like to send Lina to Vancouver along with Ryousuke.

Chapter 10


Minoru and Minami descend to San Francisco. They begin their date with some sightseeing. Tatsuya had prepared them fake passports and credit cards. He had suggested making them a married couple but that was too embarrassing for them so they are disguised as brother and sister. Minoru uses Parade on both of them to match their identities.

As they continue sightseeing, they call for a taxi and another driver comes up to them and asks them to get in the car. Minoru refuses but this new driver is insistent, he then uses a brainwashing magic on the driver and finds out he was put up to this by a young couple. When Minoru tries to question him further, he faints.

They are then ambushed by this couple using handguns with silencers, Minoru moved out of the way just in time but was still struck in the foot, but he instantly healed. When Minoru tries to go after the couple, he is forcibly stopped due to the women’s magic. He is really agitated that they attacked Minami as well and the parasite side of him now focuses on killing the couple. He uses “Human Ignition” to kill the woman. He then questions the man and finds out that they are from FAIR, the man has a special pair of eyes that can distinguish information bodies. The man was supposed to take them to their hideout, to ask for his purpose of visiting San Francisco. Minoru then uses “Human Ignition” on the man as well.

◇ ◇ ◇

Minoru and Minami return to the space station and contact Tatsuya. Tatsuya and Miyuki ask them how the trip went and Minoru explains the trouble they ran into. Tatsuya is going to make them new passports.

◇ ◇ ◇

May 30th. Minoru and Minami teleport down to Miyaki Island, and Tatsuya along with Miyuki are there to greet them. Lina decided to stay home and relax rather than be with the two couples. Tatsuya and Minoru discuss FAIR’s goals and wonder why they would go for Mount Shasta. Minoru also comes to the conclusion that there could have been a prehistoric magic civilization. After receiving their new passports, Minoru and Minami are teleported back up to the space station.

Chapter 11


While Tatsuya and Miyuki were meeting up with Minoru and Minami, Ryousuke was receiving a guest. A man named Fukami Yatsuhiro came to see him. Fukami tells him that he is an Extra from the Second Lab. Fukami first asks if Ryousuke is an Extra from the Tenth Lab, and he confirms it but tells Fukami that it’s rude to ask. Fukami moves on to try and invite Ryousuke to join the Humanity Front, but he declines.

◇ ◇ ◇

When Maya received the information about the stolen relic, she asked the Kuroba Family to start investigating. Late at night on the 30th, Fumiya is visiting Tatsuya to give him a report, he is also in his “Yami” disguise. Miyuki and Lina come out to say hi and Lina teases him by telling Fumiya that he looks cute today. Fumiya ignores it and greets them normally. Miyuki brings out the drinks, while Lina brings out some snacks she made herself. Fumiya says that the snacks she made were unexpectedly delicious, and figures she must have also burned herself making them, which sends Lina into a flustered rant. Miyuki calms her down so that Tatsuya and Fumiya can have their conversation. Lina ends up sitting next to Fumiya and wonders if she sat too close to him.

Fumiya goes on to explain the business-like relationship between the Humanity Front and FAIR. The Humanity Front is receiving weapons through the Chinese Mafia through FAIR’s intermediary, it’s a former network created by the remnants of the Dahan and Zhou. Fumiya relays information that the goal of the Humanity Front is to steal a relic from the excavation site this time for FAIR. Their aim to create magic weapons with magic sequence storing capabilities. When Miyuki hears this she starts to slightly lose control of her magic, she feels they are trampling on Tatsuya’s work to free magicians from being weapons. Miyuki is no longer sealing Tatsuya but she this type of occurrence is very rare now. Tatsuya decides to inform the Ichijou about this since they are responsible for protecting the excavation site.

◇ ◇ ◇

May 31th. Tatsuya who wouldn’t usually be at the university on a Monday, met Masaki by chance during his lunch break.

Miyuki and Lina were on Tatsuya’s side. In addition to Kichijouji, Masaki was accompanied by several female students. It seemed that he was on his way to eat outside rather than in the cafeteria.

Perhaps there was someone among them that Masaki was interested in, but Tatsuya didn’t hesitate by calling him “Ichijou.”


He turned towards Tatsuya as he replied, but his eyes were drawn towards Miyuki. However, his eyes showed a sad gloom, whereupon he then moved them back to Tatsuya.

“What do you want?”

“I’d like to have a word with you about Itoigawa.”

Masaki frowned.

The female student right beside him slightly opened her eyes in surprise when hearing, “Itoigawa.” She seemed to know about the situation to some extent, being that Masaki had kept her by his side.

“Everyone, Ichijou-san has something important to discuss with Shiba-san. Why don’t we go somewhere else?”

The female student seemed to be the leader of Masaki’s entourage, therefore Masaki and Kichijouji were the only one’s left as everyone else had left with only a few complaints.

"Excuse me. Was that Ichijou's younger female cousin from the Isshiki Family just now? I'll have to apologize to her later."

"That was my second cousin. You don't have to worry about it. She understands the duty of those from the Ten Master Clans and 18 Assistant Houses."

Masaki frowned as he responded to Tatsuya’s brief words that sounded unapologetic.

“I see. I’ll come along.”

“Ichijou-san, sorry for troubling you, but if you wouldn’t mind.”

“I’d be happy to.”

Masaki was frowning at Tatsuya, but as soon as Miyuki called out to him, it had turned into a refreshing smile.

Next to Masaki, Kichijouji held is forehead and sighed silently.

Tatsuya, Miyuki, Masaki and Kichijouji walked out in that order.

Kichijouji had nodded in sympathy towards Lina who was following from behind them, and who in turn gave him a look as if saying, “You have it tough too, don’t you.”

Tatsuya took Masaki to the cafeteria. Naturally, there were other students here.

However, when Tatsuya put down his lunch tray on an empty table, the students sitting around him started to voluntarily leave their seats. Those who had already finished eating went to return their trays, whereas the students who were still eating chose to sit a table or two’s distance away.

Of course, neither Tatsuya nor Masaki had forced them to do so. An alarm must have gone off in their minds unconsciously telling them to do so. They must have thought, “If I were to hear something I shouldn’t, then I’ll become needlessly involved.”

Miyuki and Lina went to get everyone drinks. Masaki and Kichijouji felt sorry, but the two knew what their priorities were. They sat beside one another across from Tatsuya.

Tatsuya created a soundproofed barrier. They couldn’t see the activation sequence develop, but more than that, Masaki and everyone else was surprised at the strength of the barrier.

“Shiba… You, when did get this kind of magic power…?”

Tatsuya, who Masaki and his friends knew was unrivaled in speed when it comes to activating magic, should only have a bit of power except when it comes to certain types of magic. ─This magic in particular, only those who knew a thing or two about his magic would be able to tell that it’s much more powerful.

But now, the soundproofed barrier magic that Tatsuya used isn’t much less powerful than if Masaki were to use the same magic.

Tatsuya’s lack of power was one of the few clues that he knew when it came to trying to defeat him. Having shown that he’s overcome that shortcoming, Masaki couldn’t help but be wary of him. And Kichijouji was even more shocked than Masaki.

“Eventually, I plan to publish my thesis. Of course, I’m not planning on revealing everything.”

Tatsuya hinted that there is a secret know-how that isn’t commonly taught. Needless to say, it’s against the etiquette of magicians to pry into the magical skills of others. Both Masaki and Kichijouji had to be content with knowing what they do for now.

Understandably, even if it were to be explained here, Masaki wouldn’t have understood it. Even for Kichijouji, he wasn’t sure if he’d even understand it just by hearing it. Tatsuya was able to determine that the true nature of event interference is the psion wave. This has already been announced to the magic scientific community.

According to conventional wisdom, the magic sequence and event interference are inseparable, and it isn’t possible to remove one from the other. Even in the case of “zone interference,” where only the event interference force is applied, the interference force can’t be released unless it’s combined with a magic sequence that has already been defined if the “event hasn’t been changed.”

However, as Tatsuya continued his research on event interference force, he had discovered a way to remove only the interference force from within himself and create a technique. Not only that, he also developed a technique to separate the event interference force from the magic sequence and make it work separately.

The event interference force is added to the magic once it’s activated. This allows for him to overcome some of the shortcomings of his artificial magic calculation area, which had been lacking in power. As a result, Tatsuya is now able to freely use combat-level magic, although it isn’t as powerful as magic used by first-rate magicians.

“Let’s get back to the real issue at hand.”

“Ah, right.”

Masaki’s voice showed that he still wasn’t sure, but he still nodded in acknowledgment. Miyuki and Lina had just returned.

Tatsuya, Masaki, and Kichijouji each thanked them for the tea and resumed their discussion.

“The incident involving the relics.”

Masaki nodded in acknowledgment to Tatsuya’s words.

“I’ve been receiving information in connection to it. The thieves’ next target is likely to be the site where the original relic was unearthed.”

“…Are they going to try to steal where the original came from?”

Tatsuya nodded in response to Masaki’s question with a “yes.”

“Shiba, do you know where the original excavation site is?”

It was only natural that Masaki would ask him, given the mission that his father, the head of the Ichijou Family, had given him as a magician of the Ichijou Family.

“All I can tell you is that it’s at the foot of Mt. Norikura. If I were to say anything more, I’d be violating the confidentiality agreement between the National Defense Force and FLT.”

It’s true that the National Defense Force has kept the original excavation site secret, but it wasn’t reported to FLT. The information on it was obtained by Tatsuya through his personal connections.

That’s why the line about the confidentiality agreement was a lie, but on the other hand, it would be bad if the National Defense Force were to find out who Tatsuya’s information source is. For Tatsuya, Masaki wasn’t someone that he could unconditionally trust to such an extent.

“I see…”

Masaki vented his dissatisfaction to Tatsuya’s unfriendly answer.

“That alone should be enough for us. Masaki, we can investigate it later.”

Like that, Kichijouji was able to calm Masaki down.

After that, the rest of their day was spent eating lunch and talking about things like any other magic university student would.

For Masaki, who rarely had the chance to talk with Miyuki, it was a very enjoyable lunch, even though Tatsuya was present.

◇ ◇ ◇

The next day Masaki goes the nearest Defense Forces base that specializes in naval combat. The magic Masaki specializes in shows its true power in naval warfare, so he has a better relationship with them. Masaki asks the commander the location of the relic excavation site. The commanders asks for his reason and he explains about the attempted theft that is going to happen. The commander makes a quick phone call and gives Masaki the location of the excavation site.

◇ ◇ ◇

Masaki and George head to the excavation site, they have heard a report that some people have tried to break in but were repelled by the Defense Forces. Masaki continues to look around and finds that this first attempt was a decoy and another group has already broken into the excavation site. Masaki brought 30 men from his family with him and he gives them orders to move out. They soon find out that there is a second decoy, while the main force has tunneled underground to reach the relic site. Masaki quickly catches up to the main force that consists of two men and two women. The men quickly run away, while the women try to hold off Masaki but he quickly subdues them. The exit that the men ran towards was blocked by the time Masaki caught up. He’s not sure if the relic has been stolen but comforts himself by saying he at least caught two people that could give them information.

◇ ◇ ◇

Most of the members of the Humanity Front participated in this mission, only the leaders and sub-leaders didn’t. They were waiting outside the excavation site to help with the escape. One of the two men that escaped has the relic in their pocket, and just as they were about to leave, it started to become pitch black in their surroundings. One of the men immediately collapses on the ground, closely followed by the second one. Fumiya and Ayako appear and they confirm that the relic is still with one of the men. After leaving the two men with their subordinates, Fumiya and Ayako race after one of the leaders of the Humanity Front. (They don’t take the relic)

◇ ◇ ◇

Ayako and Fumiya quickly catch up to the fleeing leaders. Ayako’s Mock Teleportation could be considered one of the fastest movement type magic in the world, she surpasses both Miyuki and Lina in this field. They run into some more subordinates from the Kuroba Family who were unable to stop the leaders from escaping. A special type of smoke screen was used in order to escape and they conclude that it had to be someone from the Second Lab. The Second Lab specialized in magic that interferes with inorganic substances. Toxic gas and other similar types are specialties of magicians from the Second Lab. Fumiya and Ayako believe that this situation will become much more troublesome.

Chapter 12


The Humanity Front started out very similar to FEHR and often kept in contact with them. However, they soon felt that trying to stop humanity from persecuting magicians without violence was half-hearted. They began to sympathize more with FAIR and began to work with them instead. This illegal organization that is closely monitored by the authorities shouldn’t be able to operate this effectively without some sort of sponsor. The sponsor behind the Humanity Front is actually someone who can resist big-name politicians.

◇ ◇ ◇

June 3rd. Tatsuya is visited by Fumiya and Ayako. They were able to capture more than twenty members of the Humanity Front. Miyuki comes into the room to join them, while Lina decided to head to her room. The leader of the Humanity Front is Kurenai Anzu, she is 26 years old, and she didn’t participate in the theft last night. The second in command is Fukami Yatsuhiro, his is 25 years old and is an Extra from the Second Lab. Fukami participated in the theft last night but he wasn’t caught and escaped. Fukami’s whereabouts are unknown right now but Kurenai is being sheltered at the Izayoi Family household.

The Izayoi Family is famous for its aversion to creating magicians. They strongly oppose the strengthening of magical skills through genetic engineering and biochemical means. They’re reserved when it comes to the Ten Master Clans. However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t try to hide their disdain for the Numbers. The Izayoi Family is heretical in respect to the modern Japanese magic community, where discrimination against Extra’s is viewed as a taboo. Even so, the reason why the Izayoi Family isn’t ostracized by the magician community is because it’s the strongest of the Hundred Families. In particular, they’re often held up as symbol for other ancient magicians who are often pushed around by modern magic. In addition, they’re known for taking good care of magicians who rely on them.

One of the four elders of the Senate are protecting the Izayoi Family and Kurenai. The “Senate” isn’t to be mistaken for the legislative body that existed in the early Meiji Era, before the establishment of the Imperial Diet. Of course, it’s not the successor to the Imperial Diet, and is an independent body that has nothing to do with the “elder statesmen.” Another name being the “Roman Senate.”

It’s a group of powerful people who rule Japan from behind the scenes. No, perhaps it’s more accurate to say that they control the hidden side of Japan. The purpose of the Senate is to exterminate, seal, and eliminate mysterious phenomena, demons and way-ward magicians so that the “face” of the country isn’t disturbed by the power of the “hidden side.”

For that reason, the Senate has various “powerful people” under its control. The Yotsuba Family being one of them.

The four great elders are the heads of the four families who have the strongest voice in the Senate. The number of people in the Senate isn’t fixed and varies between ten to fifteen people, but the four families of the four great elders has been fixed since the establishment of the Senate. Toudou Aoba, the sponsor of the Yotsuba Family, is one of the four great elders.

Tatsuya and Miyuki were informed about the Senate and the four great elders by Hayama right after they graduated from First High School. Fumiya and Ayako were also called to the Main House after graduating from Fourth High School to be informed by Hayama. In confidence he said, “Even the four great elders aren’t all omniscient or infallible, and the Senate isn’t monolithic.”

The name of the elder is Kashiwa Kazutaka. Since this now involves an elder of the Senate, Tatsuya suggests that they reach out to Aoba before they make a move. Miyuki suggests asking Lina to reach out since Lina’s new last name is Toudou. Tatsuya suggests going with Lina but it’s rejected. Since the summer from three years ago, Tatsuya has been the center of attention and his every move is under constant surveillance. Miyuki calls Lina out and tells her that they will go to visit Aoba.

◇ ◇ ◇

June 5th. Lina and Miyuki were able to meet Aoba, they then returned to report to Tatsuya. It appears that Aoba knew that Kurenai was being sheltered by the Izayoi Family but isn’t aware of Kashiwa’s intentions. Aoba gave them a letter that will help them meet the Izayoi Family without any problems. Tatsuya decides that all three of them will go tomorrow.

June 6th. Tatsuya, Miyuki and Lina arrive at the Izayoi Family house. While they are headed up to the house, Fumiya and the Kuroba Family are encircling the house to make sure no one can escape. A man named Izayoi Shirabe come to greet them at the door with two bodyguards. Shirabe is thirty one years old, and after Tatsuya observes him, he can tell that this is a first-rate magician. The reputation of the Izayoi Family is not exaggerated.

Tatsuya asks about Kurenai and also requests for her to be handed over to the Yotsuba Family. Shirabe says that if Kurenai is here then why should she be handed over to the Yotsuba Family instead of the police. Tatsuya says that it would be fine if they turned her over to the police as well.

There is a tense atmosphere during this conversation and both Miyuki and Lina prepare for a fight, but Tatsuya calms them down. Shirabe does the same for his two bodyguards. Tatsuya describes what Kurenai looks like, as well as her crimes and Shirabe says they will look for her among the servants because she could be hiding amongst them. The Izayoi Family house is located in Sayama City in the Saitama Prefecture, and could be considered a “large” mansion.

During this time Tatsuya could sense a disturbance at the back entrance of the house and he uses Elemental Sight to view the situation. He can clearly see that it’s Kurenai leaving the mansion through a narrow back alley by herself, so Tatsuya has no doubt that Fumiya and Ayako can handle this themselves. Meanwhile, Shirabe is trying to buy time to stall Tatsuya but he’s unaware that Tatsuya brought reinforcements.

◇ ◇ ◇

Kurenai is escaping through the back of the mansion. She comes from an ancient magician family, but she herself has never been taught magic from her parents. Her family’s customs were to pass their magic down to the males of the family. She received magic training from Kashiwa an elder from the Senate because he saw that she had great talents and she could be used as a medium for other people's magic. She started magic training at a late age so her magic skills aren’t well developed, but she has talents in certain areas.

She was given a special mission from Kashiwa, so she can’t let herself be caught, she is unaware that it’s the Yotsuba Family that is targeting her at this moment. As she is running through the narrow alleyway, she is stopped by a young woman wearing a knuckle-duster.

◇ ◇ ◇

Fumiya stood in front of Kurenai in order to prevent her escape. However, Kurenai suddenly disappears and Fumiya believes it Mock Teleportation but rules this out because he didn’t see any magic being invoked. He catches up to her again but she disappears once more. Fumiya believes that she is accelerating to speed so fast that he can’t follow the movements. Fumiya invokes self-acceleration magic to try and catch up to her again.

◇ ◇ ◇

Kurenai isn’t moving so fast to the point that Fumiya can’t see her, this invisibility is actually due to a hidden amulet she received from the Izayoi Family. This amulet hides one’s presence but it can’t deceive the naked eye, it’s very useful to fool magicians who use magic to help extend their senses. She combines this with one of her unusual abilities to accelerate inherent time, this magic can only be applied to herself, but it’s not very powerful and can’t be used for more than one minute. This magic also can’t be applied consecutively, it has a cooldown rate. Another flaw is that in order to attack someone, she must stop this ability because she can’t move objects since they become much heavier while using this ability. She is soon surrounded by magicians from the Kuroba Family and they move to paralyze her but just at that moment she activates ancient magic from the Izayoi Family.

◇ ◇ ◇

Fumiya observed from afar the attempted capture by his men, but at the last second the magic was reflected back the Kuroba’s magicians, Fumiya wanted to test this magic so he activated “Direct Pain” at a lower level and aims it at Kurenai’s left arm, the pain is reflected back to Fumiya as he endures it. A certain magic comes across Fumiya’s memory, it is an ancient magic where a tattoo is drawn on the person with magical properties, it’s very similar to engraving techniques. Fumiya orders everyone to attack her indirectly.

◇ ◇ ◇

Tatsuya continues to observe Fumiya and Kurenai while talking to Shirabe, he then motions to Miyuki to continue the conversation for him while he directs more attention to observing the battle.

◇ ◇ ◇

Kurenai is panicking a bit because she wasn’t expecting this pursuit, she thinks back to how she first started getting involved in the Humanity Front. She as the leader realizes that what they were doing is a crime and not of any benefit to magicians as a whole. The Humanity Front was self-righteous in the beginning but soon realized that it was too hard to fix society’s mistakes the right way. They decided to use more forceful and illegal means to try and achieve their goals but ultimately they turned into a criminal organization.

They still have a great sense of fellowship and rely on each other very heavily. Kurenai never felt like she was the true leader of this organization. The true leader of the Humanity Front is the Izayoi Family, when Kashiwa ordered her to go to the Izayoi Family, she was then ordered by Izayoi Family to become the “leader” of the Humanity Front, she never had any intentions to do any of this. During her inner monologue, Fumiya catches up to her again.

◇ ◇ ◇

Shirabe is still stalling for time back at the mansion and Miyuki is calling him out on it saying that it shouldn’t take this long to check all the servants of a house this size. Tatsuya is observing Kurenai and notices that Fumiya is trying to tire her by using indirect magic attacks. This won’t work because Kurenai is being used as a medium for someone else’s magic, she is being used as a relay in order to reflect all the magic attacks. This magic is similar to Gu Jie’s relay magic that was used in the bombing attack at the 10MC meeting, where the humans were used as a relay point to detonate the bombs.

Tatsuya has never seen this type of magic reflection before and can’t help but be interested in it. Tatsuya then recalls that Yakumo has a way to return a curse back to it’s source and that is could be similar to that. He then deduces that this is the Izayoi Family’s magic that they don’t want to publicize since it is considered a curse type magic. Tatsuya then decides to intervene and focuses on the tattoo carved on Kurenai that’s responsible for reflecting magic “Curse Engraving” (?) (呪刻) (じゆこく).

◇ ◇ ◇

Shirabe suddenly stops talking and looks as if he had lost his soul. Miyuki reproaches him but Tatsuya stops her from going any further. Shirabe is so shocked that he can barely think, his only thoughts are “no way” and “can’t be”. It was only after Kurenai was captured that he was able to think properly again.

◇ ◇ ◇

Fumiya was waiting for his opportunity to take Kurenai out but there was little sign that her magic powers were running out. Just then he sensed magic attack Kurenai but it wasn’t powerful and was just the right amount to stop the magic reflection. Fumiya knew it was Tatsuya using “Gram Dispersion”. Fumiya immediately uses “Direct Pain”.

◇ ◇ ◇

Kurenai was surprised that magic was used against her and wasn’t reflected, however she only felt a slight discomfort and not any pain so she assumed that the magic engraved into her by the Izayoi Family as still working, but she was soon hit with intense pain and collapses to the ground.

◇ ◇ ◇

When Shirabe awoke from his daze he was surprised that his magic was broken. He quickly deduced that it was Tatsuya that broke his magic. He couldn’t help but think that Tatsuya wasn’t all talk when he announced that he was the one who used long range magic that shook the world and made even the great powers recognize that certain individuals could threaten them. This was someone that was considered above normal strategic class magicians. Shirabe is hit with an intense wave of jealousy, he takes great pride in his magic and skills that made him stronger than any magician in the Izayoi Family, this same family that is comparable to the 10 MC’s. He also took much pride in being chosen by Kashiwa, an Elder of the Senate.

Shirabe’s magic is best suited for covert operations and he doesn’t need to stand out like a strategic class magician. He is satisfied with his circumstances but doesn’t believe he is any less powerful than other great magicians, but Tatsuya easily broke his magic damaging his pride. On this day, in the depths of his mind he developed a very strong hostility towards Tatsuya Shiba.

Chapter 13


Kureani, leader of the Humanity Front was captured by Fumiya, and was sent to the Yotsuba Family within the same day. She is being held at a new Yotsuba base that was established in the Izu Peninsula close to the site of Tatsuya’s new Magian academy. It was expected that the institutes that Tatsuya was creating would be targeted by foreign military and criminal organizations. Unlike most Yotsuba facilities the ones that Tatsuya are creating in Japan are accessible to anyone and are very close to famous tourist attractions. They probably won’t be targeted anytime soon but if the academy proves to be a success, then it wouldn’t be surprising if it gets targeted.

Based on this assumption the Yotsuba build this facility with a prison integrated into it, and it had just the right amount of space to accommodate the members of the Humanity Front. Maya is asking Hanabishi if there are any members from the Humanity Front that could be used. He answers that Kurenai has an interesting ability but due to her being under Kashiwa it would not be easy for them to lay a hand on her. Maya looks to Hayama and he nods his head in approval. Hayama is also an agent sent from the Senate to monitor the Yotsuba, but only Maya knows this. They go over Kurenai’s ability and Maya is definitely interested, especially in her inherent time ability as well as her special body that can be used as a medium for other’s magics. They speculate that because of this special ability that she was sent to the Izayoi Family by Kashiwa because her power could be best used as a relay point by the Izayoi Family’s magic.

Although reluctant, Maya decides to hand them over to the Defense Forces through the Ichijou Family. Maya decides to hold them for a week before telling Tatsuya to contact the Ichijou Family, Maya tells her researchers to use this time as best as they can to study Kurenai’s magic before they release her. Maya concludes the meeting by telling the Kuroba to be on the lookout for Fukami, the sub-leader of the Humanity Front.

◇ ◇ ◇

Only nine members of the Humanity Front are left and they are all currently hiding on the coast of Toyko. Today is June 7th, and they are crushed by the fact that Kurenai has been apprehended by the Yotsuba Family. They go over the circumstances that led to her capture, and they figure that Tatsuya is behind the mission to capture Kurenai. They discuss the fact that Mayumi works for Tatsuya and that they could use her as a good bargaining chip to have them release her. Fukami believes that his magic is perfect for incapacitating a magician from the Saegusa Family.

◇ ◇ ◇

June 9th. Mayumi’s schedule is the typical 9 to 5 work hours at the Magian Company. However, today’s meeting was prolonged so she didn’t get ready to go home until after 6pm. For her health , she usually walks to her company apartment and just as she was heading there she is struck with a sense of vertigo. She realizes that she is being attacked with a toxic gas, but she sensed this a little too late and could no longer concentrate enough to invoke magic. If she had her button-operated CAD, she would have been able to deal with this but since she is using a thought-operated CAD, she can’t invoke magic easily due to her losing consciousness. Mayumi screams out in her head for someone to save her, she thinks of Tatsuya, Juumonji and Mari, but none of them are around today. However, someone just arrived. Ryousuke was running towards Mayumi.

◇ ◇ ◇

Ever since Tatsuya requested him to go to Vancouver, Ryousuke didn’t really have a job so he was preparing all his documents so that he could travel overseas again. As Ryousuke was heading home he came across Mayumi being approached by men wearing gas masks. Ryousuke soon noticed that he himself was inhaling the toxic gas and quickly wrapped himself in a magic shield. This magic from the 10th Lab can only protect his own body and so his family was forced to be deprived of their “number”. To protect important facilities and people is the purpose of the families associated with the number ten. But even so Ryousuke’s magic shield that protects him is worthy of coming from the 10th Lab.

There are some special properties to Ryousuke’s magic, first is that it can be activated immediately without relying on a CAD, and the other is selective permeability. This shield would normally block out all gases but through testing he was able to allow oxygen-nitrogen gas to penetrate while also allowing carbon-dioxide to escape. Ryousuke runs towards Mayumi, and uses hand-to-hand combat to engage the men around her.

Ryousuke wasn’t able to diffuse the gases around Mayumi so he couldn’t revive her to help him fight. He is well aware that he isn’t very good at other magics and he never went to magic schools for training. Due to this he practiced martial arts training, and didn’t continue magic practices until he met Lena and she helped Ryousuke develop his magic a little bit. Ryousuke tries to use some of the magic he learned to bring down a current of fresh air to help Mayumi. When he checks out to see if it worked, he can tell that the fresh air reached Mayumi because her hair was a mess but it didn’t seem to be enough to wake her up.

The assailants don’t let this opportunity slide and threw two ropes at Ryousuke, this rope is actually a portable weapon called “Freedom Chain”, this chain can be manipulated as if it was a living thing and it doesn’t require much magic power to control which is very useful for magicians in the Humanity Front. Ryousuke tries to break free but the assailants add weight to the chain but it wasn’t enough and Ryousuke broke free. He then launches towards one of the assailants and knocks him out.

Then suddenly black smoke covered him but it couldn’t penetrate his magic armor, so he looked back at Mayumi again and casts another downward spiral of fresh air to move the black smoke away from Mayumi. However the black smoke keeps coming back, so Ryousuke releases his magic shield, then goes over to the guy he knocked out and takes his gas mask and puts it on Mayumi.

One of the assailants then throws the chain back at Ryousuke and it wraps around his neck before he was able to cast his magic shield again. Ryousuke tries to rush towards the assailant but is unable to, but then a large piece of dry ice attacks the assailant. He knows that this is an attack from someone in the 10MC’s and couldn’t help feeling admiration and jealousy, however he suppresses his urge to turn around and rushes at the assailant and punches him. The man collapses and his mask falls off, Ryousuke remembers who this person is and it turns out to be Fukami.

Ryousuke then turns around to see Mayumi standing up on her own, but the combination of a gas mask with a stylish ladies’ suit makes him laugh. Mayumi hurriedly took off her mask with an embarrassed look on her face, and thanks Ryousuke for his help. They go over the fight and the only thing they find funny is that the toxic gas was cleared out much faster than expected and it wasn’t by their own doing.

◇ ◇ ◇

The entire attack was recorded on surveillance camera’s around the companies housing facility and it was relayed to the Yotsuba headquarters. Miyuki, Lina, Ayako and Fumiya were watching the recording and they discuss the fight along with the fact that Mayumi would be angry if she knew that they were just watching the whole time. Fumiya is on stand by to go pick up the assailants. Ayako didn’t seem to care much about Mayumi’s situation as Lina explained that the gas was actually pretty powerful and could have affected her condition for a month. Ryousuke defeated five assailants and in addition to the other members that were caught by the Yotsuba, the whole organization was pretty much captured. They also figured that it was Tatsuya that cleared out the gas that allowed Mayumi to recover, so he must have been watching from a surveillance feed in Miyaki Island.

◇ ◇ ◇

Fumiya is ordering the men from the Kuroba Family to clean up the area and to take the eighteen members of the Humanity Front that they captured away.

◇ ◇ ◇

The police arrived shortly after and detain the five assailants, including Fukami. Ryousuke and Mayumi were questioned for awhile before finally being released. It was pretty late when they finally left, so Mayumi suggests that they go out to eat, she would like to treat him to dinner since he saved her. Ryousuke tries to politely refuse but Mayumi says with a lonely face “….you don’t want to go out to eat with me?” The flustered Ryousuke agreed after she said this and they went to a nearby restaurant. They enjoyed themselves and had a few alcoholic beverages but nothing else happened after they left and they slept in their own beds.

◇ ◇ ◇

While Mayumi and Ryousuke were at the police station, Tatsuya was one step ahead of them and was enjoying dinner at a VIP restaurant owned by the Yotsuba. Miyuki, Lina, Fumiya and Ayako were all with him, the reason they came to this restaurant was because Miyuki and Ayako couldn’t agree on who was going to cook for Tatsuya for this particular gathering. They are enjoying the food and drinks that contain alcohol but Fumiya and Ayako are both underage at the moment. Their birthday is actually tomorrow but due to their line of work they’re not inexperienced when it comes to drinking.

They go over the footage of the attack on Mayumi and also go over the plan to send Ryousuke to Vancouver to visit Lena. He might even ask Mayumi to accompany him as well. He then requests Lina to watch over them from a distance. They saw how Ryousuke put himself in harms way to put the gas mask on Mayumi and feel that he is a little bit more dependable now. Fumiya, and Tatsuya believe they can trust Ryousuke but the others are still skeptical. Tatsuya goes over his reasons again for using Ryousuke to make contact with FEHR for the sake of Magian Society. Lina asks why she has to be sent if Tatsuya believes that Ryousuke won’t betray them. Miyuki guesses that someone might try to block the partnership between FEHR and Magian Society. Tatsuya would like to use Mayumi’s status to prevent interference from people on Japan’s side, while using Lina to prevent people from the USNA from causing an interference.

Lina then asks about who will take care of Miyuki and Tatsuya says that he will be her bodyguard for the time being until she returns. Miyuki enthusiastically tells Lina that she should relax and enjoy her time back in the USNA. Her meaning couldn’t be any clearer for everyone at the table so they all laugh.

Chapter 14


June 11th. Ryousuke left from his apartment and headed to the police station. The police called him to have him help with the case because they weren’t able to get any information out of Fukami. Fukami also requested to talk with Ryousuke and refused to talk to anyone else. Fukami once again asks if Ryousuke is content with his current situation, and wonders if he feels just as helpless as himself. Fukami still harbors a big grudge over losing his “number” and asks Ryousuke if he thinks it’s reasonable to lose them. Fukami convinces Ryousuke that the reason he hasn’t protested too much about losing his “number” is because even if he voices his opinion it would be useless.

While persecution of those who have lost their numbers is prohibited, it doesn’t change the fact that there is still discrimination against them. Fukami begins to lose it a little and angrily goes through his past of trying to better his situation but it never worked out. He feels that they needed to act in illegal ways in order to push their agenda in order to break out of the predicament. Ryousuke reconfirms that he doesn’t agree with their method and would not walk the same path as Fukami. Fukami then tells Ryousuke that he is basically a slave of Lena and they both turn quiet and vow to never see each other again.

◇ ◇ ◇

June 12th. Tatsuya invited Masaki to dinner, he wasn’t alone since he brough Miyuki with him. This restaurant is famous for being used by politicians for important conversations. Tatsuya tells him that they have captured the leader of the Humanity Front and also explains that Kurenai was hiding out at the Izayoi Family house. Judging from Masaki’s reaction, Tatsuya confirmed that Masaki doesn’t know about the Senate. Tatsuya informs him that there is no clear evidence of the Izayoi Family and the Humanity Front conspiring together. Masaki compares them to the Yotsuba Family as being outlaws but he quickly apologizes.

Tatsuya then says he’s going to give Kurenai over to the Ichijou Family. When Masaki was about to question him why, Mayumi arrived and sat next to Masaki. Tatsuya apologizes to Mayumi for the incident she was involved in the other day, but she doesn’t hold it against the Yotsuba Family. Tatsuya then explains to Masaki about Mayumi’s incident and how the rest of the members of the Humanity Front are being held by the police. Tatsuya continues to say that with the original relic theft happening in the Ichijou territory, he plans to give Kurenai to the Ichijou so that they can then be given to the Defense Forces.

Masaki agrees, and Tatsuya then asks if Mayumi is okay with this because the credit for the capture will be going to the Ichijou Family. Mayumi agrees with the way Tatsuya is handling this and thus Tatsuya has completed his mission that Maya gave to him.

◇ ◇ ◇

The Ichijou Family handed Kurenai over to the Defense Forces the next day. However, there was little evidence showing her involvement. In July, she was released but put under surveillance, not long after being released Kurenai disappeared without a trace.


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