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Maeda Chizuru (前田 千鶴) is the principal of Third High School. She retired as a Lieutenant Junior Grade from the National Defense Navy. She is 43 years old. [1]

Appearance and Personality

Maeda is not simply a strict person. The students of Third High know that she's both strict and compassionate. Although she has a tendency to treat high school students like new army recruits, she is still very good at taking care of people. She even takes the time to teach students from Course 2, who are unable to receive personal training due to the lack of teaching staff under the pretext of "recreation" or "outdoor activity". [2]


She graduated a year before Ichijou Gouki from Third High, however, she hides her true character while being Principal of Third High, for which she was appointed when she was 40 years old. She was skilled enough to have nearly no equals while attending Third High, and even defeated Gouki once in a bout, weakening his pride. Chizuru went on to join the National Defense Navy, but retired and left the Navy due to trouble from a senior officer regarding a group sexual harassment incident. [1]


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