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The Kunlunfang Institute (崑崙方院) was the nexus of all Modern Magic research in China before Asia's dissolution into North and South. [1] It became a part of Dahan after it became an independent nation. It was later destroyed during its conflict with the Yotsuba Family and the Institute along with the Dahan nation was absorbed by the Great Asian Union.


After Asia split into North and South, the Kunlunfang Institute attached itself to Dahan when it became an independent country, thus the Great Asian Union lost almost all of its expertise in Modern Magic. For that reason, Dahan was able to stand toe to toe with the Great Asian Union despite its inferior resources. It could be said that the Kunlunfang Institute was the nucleus of Dahan's military strength. [1]

The kidnap, rape and experimentation of Yotsuba Maya was the primary reason behind the fall of the Kunlunfang Institute and Dahan at the hands of the Yotsuba. The destruction of all data on magic research and the personnel associated with the Kunlunfang Institute occurred during the war between the Yotsuba and Dahan. [1]

The Kunlunfang Institute was completely destroyed by February of 2063. [2]


The Headquarters for the Kunlunfang Institute resided in Dahan. [1]

A subdivision of the institute had a research laboratory placed in Quanzhou. [1]

Magic Research and Experiments

It was said that the Kunlunfang Institute conducted experiments and acts which were said to be equivalent to the rumors associated with the Fourth Research Institute of Japan. The rumors about the Kunlunfang Institute were said to be horrid with regards to females. [1]

Leading up to 2054, research on Modern Magic and Ancient Magic was conducted by the institute and for their failures for which Jiedo Heigu, the lead researcher including other Ancient Magicians were banished. [2]

Experiments of magician manufacturing were conducted on Yotsuba Maya in 2062. [1]


  • Director of the Kunlunfang Institute - (Deceased) [1]
  • Jiedo Heigu (ジード・ヘイグ) - (Former lead Ancient Magician Researcher, Deceased) [2]

Due to the war between the Yotsuba and Dahan, approximately four thousand: cabinet ministers, high class bureaucrats, officers, magicians and researchers were all assassinated. [1]


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