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Kirihara Takeaki (桐原 武明) is a graduate of First High School. [1] He was a member of the Kenjutsu Club.[2]

Appearance and Personality

At first, Kirihara appears to be an arrogant student who looks down upon the Course 2 students and is a sore loser.[2] However, Tatsuya reports later on that Kirihara had admitted to his inappropriate behavior and misuse of magic earlier, which shows that he is actually good-natured person and is willing to admit his mistakes.[3]

However, Kirihara still lets his emotions get the better of him at times, as shown in his confrontation with Tsukasa Hajime, by attacking in a rage after figuring out that he was the one who manipulated Mibu Sayaka.[4]

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He is first introduced during the clubs recruitment week when he disrupted the exhibition of the Kendo Club, and ultimately challenged Sayaka to a duel.


However, upon losing in a pure swordsmanship battle, Kirihara didn't accept his defeat and activated a lethal magic. He was apprehended by Tatsuya,[2] and was handed over to the Health Committee due to his injury (broken collar bone). He later admitted to his mistake.[3]

Disregarding his initial conflict with Tatsuya, he participated in the suppression of the terrorist group Blanche, the same group that brainwashed Sayaka. In the months following, he became her friend and started going out with her.[4]

Kirihara is a close friend of Hattori Gyoubushoujo Hanzou who also was one of the participants during the Nine Schools Competition.[5]


Sonic Blade (高周波ブレード)

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It is a close-combat Oscillation Type magic that is classified as a B-Rank lethal spell. It is a magic with limited applications, and apart from having an untouchable blade, it is almost similar to wielding a real sword.
Sonic Blade emits ultrasonic waves so practitioners of this technique often wear earplugs to block out ultrasound.[4]

Sonic Blade