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Kazama Harunobu (風間 玄信) is currently a Lieutenant Colonel in charge of the National Defense Force 101st Brigade.

Kazama has a long friendship with Tatsuya dating back to 2092, when Tatsuya assisted him in removing the threat of the Great Asian Union from Okinawa. He is also great friends with Mibu Yuuzou, father of Mibu Sayaka along with the other members of his battalion.

Appearance and Personality

Kazama is said to have a very strong will, allowing him to stand up to Tatsuya. The two of them share a strong fellow-disciple relationship, but it has been noted that they would throw each other away immediately if the situation requires so. He enjoys picking fun at Tatsuya. He dislikes small talk. 

Kazama has been noted to strongly dislike the Ten Master Clans, however, his relationship with his subordinates is different. 

He is described to be an unscrupulous man and is capable of even winning against Tatsuya (albeit without Trident), and is Yakumo's second best student. 

His face can be described as having a rugged appearance. 


Kazama is a B-ranked Magician and also a member of the magical community that has the Ten Master Clans at the pinnacle. He has a chilly relationship with the Ten Master Clans, who are the epitome of modern magic, although his relationships with those in his troop do not count. 

In forests or mountainous terrain, Kazama is globally acknowledged as one of the finest Ancient Magic users. In the realm of paratroopers, he is renowned as one of the great commanders in the country. 

Do you know about the Vietnamese Conflict? In that war, the South Vietnamese Army that was trying to wage guerilla warfare against the Great Asian Union that was encroaching into the Indian Peninsula and the Korean army dispatched by the Great Asian Union were so fearful of him that they treated him like Death or the Devil himself.

Chiba Naotsugu about Kazama, Volume 11, Chapter 15

Due to their accomplishments at Yokohama, the Independent Magic-Equipped Battalion gained renown as a Special Forces group capable of overcoming dire situations, resulting in the promotion of certain Officers for their roles. However, these promotions were withheld for a long time due to this battalion being a secret unit, that should be kept in low profile. But, the Yokohama Incident was a large event and wasn't something the Ministry of Defense could ignore, and eventually, they passed out delayed promotions, which should have happened during July 2096, in January 2097. [1]


Magical Abilities

Is a Recognition Obstruction Magic, which is a typical magic of the Tengu-jutsu. A magic that interferes with the consciousness and makes you think "nothings there," rather than shielding or disturbing light or sound waves.[2] 
Kazama Ability-0


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