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Japan (日本 Nippon) is a nation made up of an archipelago.


Japan's territory is a bit larger than before, as they took a few islands during World War III.


Okinawa Defense Naval Battle (2092)

Due in part to the loss of strength by the New Soviet Union in the Far East after The Arctic Hidden War, their military presence declined significantly over several years. Thus momentarily the threat of the New Soviet Union in the north began fading away, which opened up the opportunity for the Great Asian Union to gain motivation to invade Okinawa, culminating in the Okinawa Defense Navel Battle. [1]

Invsion of Sado (2092)

Is a event In 2092 where The New Soviet Union invaded Sado, Japan. They attacked facility that Kichijouji Shinkurou parents worked at. Ichijou Masaki and Ichijou Gouki joined the the battle and they annihilated the enemy with rupture.

Yokohama Incident (2095)

The Yokohama Incident is a battle that took place in Yokohama, between Japan and the Great Asian Union on October 30th from 3:30 P.M. to 6:00 P.M. The Great Asian Union launched a surprise attack on the Yokohama Bay area, however Japan was able repel their attack.

Scorched Halloween

Scorched Halloween refers to the explosion that took place at Jinhae Naval Port and the offshore Geojedo Base, destroying it in seconds and wiping out an entire fleet stationed there on October 31st.

Southern Sea Conflict (2097)

Renegade forces from the Great Asian Union, backed by Australia and William McCloud attempted to sabotage a new seabed extraction facility on the Japanese artificial island.[2]


  • They have few Magicians but are very advanced in Magic Technologies as a result of past experiments.
  • The Ten Master Clans are the leaders of the Magician Community and Magicians are considered a national asset and as such can't travel outside of Japan. It's the price to pay to have many privileges.
  • Their lineages of powerful Magicians are considered the most refined in the world. 
  • The Juumonji Clan are considered to be the best defensive Magicians in the world. 
  • They possess the strongest Magician of the current age, Yotsuba Maya
  • They possess the Yotsuba clan, who are feared around the world as the possible harbingers of World War IV.