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"I didn't get rid of it. Because it was your mother's favorite villa".

—Maya to Tatsuya, [1]

Izu Villa is a residence belonging to the Yotsuba Clan located on the mountains of the Izu Peninsula, Japan.

Tuman Bomba manifesting above Izu Villa


Izu used to be a an air defense base during World War Three but was converted to a golf course afterwards. As Shiba Miya's condition worsened, she is sent to Izu Villa which is necessary due to its location being quite far away and is ideally suited for a role of a "quiet" environment where no one will be disturbed [2]. During her stay in Izu, there were three attempts to abduct her. But all the attempts were repelled by the security provided by the Yotsuba Family.[3] Around Izu Villa, there is a barrier to keep people away. The hut that controls it is operated by the Tsukuba family. [4]

Isolation Chapter

When Shiba Tatsuya's identity as Taurus Silver is revealed and is invited to participate in Project Dione, Yotsuba Maya orders Tatsuya to stay in the Izu Villa while the matter blows over while Shiba Miyuki and Sakurai Minami stays in Chofu Villa.[1] Due to the pressure from the USNA, the Japanese government pressures the Magic Association to force Tatsuya to join the project and sends Juumonji Katsuto as their representative to Izu Villa to persuade Tatsuya. [5]

Seeing this an opportunity to "re-educate" Tatsuya for his recent raid on their camp containing USNA prisoners and anticipating that a fight is inevitable, the National Defense Army Intelligence Department plots to capture Tatsuya who should be weakened enough to resist capture after his battle against Katsuto. But Kuroba Fumiya and Kuroba Ayako reports this to Tatsuya and Miyuki respectively and are also told that the Yotsuba will not aid Tatsuya. [6] Miyuki is predictably angry at this and heads to Izu Villa and asks Tatsuya to permanently remove Pledge on both of them so he can fight without restraint which he did and resulting to Tatsuya gaining his freedom. [7]

Tatsuya using Baryon Lance on Katsuto

Katsuto along with Saegusa Mayumi and Watanabe Mari visits Tatsuya at Izu Villa where Miyuki and Minami are also visiting and is also unable to persuade Tatsuya so he tells Tatsuya step outside and settle the matter with a fight. Mayumi and Mari are shocked by this but Tatsuya tells them to get ready as well and they all move to an abandoned golf course. Seeing the fight about to begin and is expecting Katsuto to win, the Intelligence Department's troops moves in led by Tooyama Tsukasa. After withstanding several attacks, Tatsuya severs Katsuto's left arm with Baryon Lance causing Mayumi and Mari to join the fight. But Miyuki neutralizes Mayumi's Dry Meteor with Freeze Gram then uses Zone Interference to stop any other use of magic causing Mari to draw a hidden knife but Minami restrains her with a pistol. [8]

Katsuto surrenders despite Mayumi and Mari telling him not to then Tatsuya restores his arm with Regrowth and says that he will let him return home with his hand this time, but if there is a next time he can’t guarantee that. Katsuto accepts but warns Tatsuya that he will be isolated if he insists on not participating. Tatsuya then reveals to them the real intention of Project Dione but Mayumi suggests that he pretend to participate in tears. Tatsuya's friends who just defeated the Intelligence Department's troops joins in and tells them they will not let them isolate Tatsuya even if he becomes a criminal or isolated that they will not abandon or isolate him causing Katsuto to say that Tatsuya has some good friends and that he is a little jealous then he heads back to his car with Mari and Mayumi. [8]

Escapes Chapter

Minami activating her Barrier Magic similar to Honami to protect Tatsuya and Miyuki

With Project E.S.C.A.P.E.S announced by Tatsuya and making it harder to force him to participate in Project Dione, Igor Andreevich Bezobrazov uses Tuman Bomba on Izu Villa in an attempt to assassinate Tatsuya but is protected by Minami's Barrier Magic the same way Sakurai Honami has done during the Okinawa Defense Naval Battle and leaving her unconscious due to overheating her Magic Calculation Area.[9] After dealing with the attack, Tatsuya tries to revive Minami with Regrowth but remains unconscious then senses Kazama Harunobu is nearby, being questioned by Tsukuba Yuuka and goes to them. Tatsuya takes over the questioning from Yuuka and asks Kazama if the National Defense Force know that a surprise attack would occur and why he is here. Kazama indirectly answers causing Tatsuya to guess and Kazama's silence confirms his guess thus the mutual trust between Tatsuya and the National Defense Force is broken. [4] Minami is hospitalized in Chofu located in the immediate vicinity of Chofu Villa where Miyuki lives and Tatsuya moves there afterwards. [10]