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Isshiki Airi (一色 愛梨) appears in the spin-off manga, Mahouka Koukou no Yuutousei. She is a student of Third High School, and a student of the main magic course.

Appearance and Personality

Airi has long blonde hair and purple eyes. Airi is initially shown to be prideful and stuck up. She has a superiority complex towards others due to her pedigree of being affiliated with one of the 18 Assistant Houses. She was brought up this way because her family was worried about people taking advantage of her status and using her. Thus, she only makes friends with other people from Numbered Families, to reduce the possibility of someone taking advantage of her or only being her friend because of her status.[1]

Most of it is related to her being a lonely only child that's also half foreign. She did not have many friends before coming to Third High. She loves her friends she met there and is very encouraging to them. Her mother is originally from abroad and married into the Isshiki Family and is very doting towards her. Her mother was present at the Nine Schools Competition to see her daughter competing. It's the typical childhood friend/protective friend scenario from Airi. [2][3]


While in middle school, Airi won a number of Fencing Tournaments. [2]

Airi is a close friend of both Kanou Shiori and Tsukushiin Touko. [2]

She placed 1st in Crowd Ball in the newcomer's division.[4]


Lightning is a spell that uses magic to perceive information that can be recognized and directly used without intervention from the brain and nervous system in order to directly move the body and spirit. [5]


Pendant-shaped Specialized CAD

Airi's CAD for Lightning

When Airi uses Lightning, the cross on her CAD emits light that contains the bare minimum of magic. [6]