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Isori Ability

Isori Kei (五十里 啓) is a graduate of First High School. [1] He served as the Student Council Treasurer and is also Kanon's fiancé.

Appearance and Personality


Kei is described as a handsome youth with a delicate, androgynous-like appearance, coupled together with a slender figure, that if he exchanged slacks for a dress, would perfectly fit the description of a "tall schoolgirl". His hairstyle is also one that can be used by both males and females.


He was one of the 8 engineers selected to be part of the technical support team, also known as the auxiliary team or technician team, for the Nine Schools Competition in AD 2095. That year he also participated in the Thesis Competition/First Year team.


Isori is ranked first in Magic Theory for the Year 2 class as well as one of the foremost Magicians with technical skills in First High School. Isori is an expert on magic utilizing delayed activation conditions. He also has observation skills sharpened from his sensory systematic magic to the point that he can immediately sense if something is off.

A Release Systematic Magic that alters the electrons between the tires of a vehicle and the road, using the concept of Coulomb's Law to devour any acceleration, in order to reduce the friction to nearly zero. The calculations necessary to actually realize this Magic Sequence are absolutely terrifying.[2]
Is a Release Type magic that exerts control over the Coulomb Force, making the electromagnetic repulsion within a field to be lowered to 1/10,000th.[3]
The Isori Family specializes in Engraving Magic. This makes them often the business partner of the Chiba Family in the development of magic weapons. Kei is very interested in all of its varieties and creates such tools himself.[4]


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