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Invasion Chapter is the 26th volume in the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Light Novel series.


When Lina escapes to Japan, the Parasites start to invade again. Will it develop into a magic battle that could shake the entire world――!?

Seventy-one hours before Lina told Tatsuya what happened. Due to the rebellion that occurred at the STARS Headquarters base in New Mexico, Canopus, the number-two of the unit, is driven into a corner.

On the other hand, with the guidance of Tatsuya and Miyuki, Lina moves her hiding place to "Miyaki Island." It is floating on the sea about 50 kilometers east of Miyake Island and is practically dominated by the Yotsuba Family.

Thus, again, Minoru begins to attack the hospital in order to retrieve Minami. Can the three Saegusa sisters who will confront him be able to stop him!?

The invasion threat——, penetrating malice——.

When magicians all over the world try to clash with each other, Tatsuya's power will be tested!!

Chapter 1

It was an unimaginable event.

Early in the morning of Tuesday, June 18th, 2097.

An insurrection occurred at STARS headquarters. They are magicians under the direct control of the USNA Joint Chiefs of Staff, located in the suburbs of Roswell, New Mexico.

STARS are divided up into twelve units, each with a First-Class Star as Captain. Three of the twelve units have rebelled under the leadership of their commander. Fortunately, only a small number of senior officers took part in the rebellion. However, the situation was far from trivial.

◇ ◇ ◇

Lina had already arrived in Japan. At STARS headquarters, a battle was still in progress. The ones who had attempted to assassinate Lina were Captain Alexander Arcturus, First-Lieutenant Jacob Regulus, Captain Charlotte Vega, and Second-Lieutenant Leila Deneb.

[Pg.29 Illustration]

The individuals responsible for aiding Lina in her escape were Major Benjamin Canopus, Second-Lieutenant Ralph Algol, and Second-Lieutenant Ralph Hardy Mirfak. Mirfak had already fled after driving Lina off the base to make her escape.

Canopus was dealing with Arcturus, Regulus and Vega while Deneb, who tried to follow Lina, was currently engaged with Algol. Vega tries to convince Canopus of Lina’s betrayal but he was aware that the Third, Sixth, and Eleventh Units have become parasites with the exception of Second-Lieutenant Shaula. When it comes to defending against mental-interference magic, she was exceptional. If what she said was true, Vega and Deneb are not parasites, so they must have been given false information.

It is no secret that Vega isn’t fond of Lina. The same could also be said for a few other STARS members. It is likely the parasites used this feeling to turn them against Lina.

Canopus tries to convince Vega of Lina’s innocence but is answered by her magic called “Double Press.” It is a magic that can apply pressure from two different directions at the same time and is usually used onto opposite sides in order to compress a target from both sides. Canopus counters with weight-type magic “Press” to offset Vega’s magic.

Vega was surprised that Canopus was able to counter her magic. He moved in to disable Vega but had to instantly invoke “Mirror Shield.” Laser beams sent by Regulus were reflected right back at him. Regulus’s specialty shared a similar trait to that of a sniper. The moment he casts his magic, he could be found instantly. It frightened Regulus that Canopus was able to reflect his own magic attack right back at him.

Lina’s “Mirror Shield” is capable of deflecting projectiles straight to the ground in order to spare allies from being hit by the recoil. Canopus’s “Mirror Shield” is able to reflect the projectiles at nearly a 180-degree angle. If Canopus was able to reflect the projectiles at an exact angle, Regulus would have been hit for sure.

Approximately two hundred meters away, Deneb and Algol were engaged in a one-on-one battle. Deneb is armed with a hand gun and Algol is armed with fighting knives. As soon as Algol closes the distance, Deneb equips herself with knives as well and they engage in hand-to-hand combat. They are both close-range type magicians with Algol using acceleration-type magic and Deneb constantly using move-type magic combined with gravity-control magic. This is an applied version of flight magic developed by Taurus Silver.

Deneb believed in Lina’s betrayal from the bottom of her heart and is furious that Lina betrayed the name of Sirius. The title of Sirius holds a very special meaning for magicians of the USNA, and Lina’s betrayal defiles the pride of magicians associated with it.

Despite being engaged in a three-on-one battle, Canopus couldn’t afford to let this situation drag out any longer. Currently, he is cancelling out Vega’s magic by using the same type of magic, reflecting Regulus’s attacks back at him with “Mirror Shield” and intercepting Arcturus’s “Dancing Blades” with “Molecular Divider.” Arcturus’s attacks are the most troubling for Canopus due to the fact that he remains hidden and is constantly repositioning after casting his magic.

Canopus prepares to take at least one person out of this fight but just then, Regulus fires an energy bullet at him. Canopus retaliates using the 180-degree reflection with “Mirror Shield” and takes out Regulus. At the same time, both Deneb and Algol fall to the ground. The two had inflicted wounds onto each other but in the end, Algol was victorious. Canopus was left wondering how Algol was injured.

Just then, a specialized armament capable of using “Molecular Divider” is thrown at Canopus in the form of a javelin. After evading the attack, Canopus traces it back to person responsible. It is First-Lieutenant Spica. The nature of this attack is troubling for Canopus and he is forced to back off. Arcturus then fires off “Tomahawk,” forcing Canopus to jump to the side in order to avoid it. He is unable to locate Arcturus so he moves to engage Spica and Vega. With full knowledge of the nature of Spica’s attacks, he concludes that closing the distance between them would be his best bet at handling the situation.

However, before the fight could continue, two more members of STARS show up. It is Second-Lieutenants Ian Bellatrix, and Samuel Alnilam. The two are part of the Sixth Unit who had already become parasites. They say that they have secured Shaula and use her as a hostage in order to stop Canopus. He surrenders and is guaranteed that Shaula and his men will be safe.

◇ ◇ ◇

Contrary to his expectations, Canopus is taken to a private room used by senior officers. Essentially, all of his weapons and armaments have been taken. Now while it may seem necessary to have a CAD to use magic, that is not the case. Despite this, Canopus never made any attempt to leave the room or escape.

Between Canopus are the members from the Sixth Unit, and seated to the side are Arcturus, Vega and Major Capella from the Fifth Unit. Seated at the desk in the room is Base Commander Walker. To Canopus’ surprise, Walker informs him that he, alongside his officers, are suspected of helping Mirfak escape the base. After reading his expression, Walker seized this moment to impart knowledge of Major Sirius being ordered to leave Roswell by Colonel Balance and that he isn’t at fault for that.

Walker moves on to talk about Tatsuya and asks whether or not Canopus is aware of the stance the higher ups within the USNA have regarding Tatsuya, in which Canopus confirms. Walker says that they should get rid of Tatsuya and that Arcturus and Vega have the same opinion.

“Commander, there are some important concerns regarding their health.”

“Major Canopus. It is true that they have become parasites, but their loyalty to this country has not changed. That is my core belief.”

Canopus was convinced that at this point, Walker was under the influence of the parasites. It wasn’t a complete domination like most of them but rather his way of thinking is definitely being influenced. Walker mentions that Canopus doesn’t seem to agree with the assassination of Tatsuya.

They move on to the sentencing of Canopus. Walker wants to skip the court-martial phase and asks Canopus to take a plea deal. A public court-martial might generate unneeded friction and may cause another confrontation between the two groups. Canopus doesn’t disagree with his conjecture. Walker charges Canopus with inflicting injuries on Regulus, in addition to Algol and Shaula being punished as well. Walker proclaims that they will all serve a year imprisoned and that this incident will be treated as a penalty during an undercover mission. This way, it will not damage his military record and won’t bring any damage to his family as well.

Canopus agrees and asks for two conditions. His first condition is to be transferred to the Midway Prison, and the second is that both Algol and Shaula be imprisoned there as well. Walker agrees to his terms.

The official decision was made very quickly, causing a few people in the Pentagon to be suspicious. Despite this, no one, including Colonel Balance, sought to prevent the decision.

Chapter 2

Sunday morning of June 23rd, 2097.

Angie Sirius, the Head-Captain of STARS is currently on board a small VTOL plane. She is a member of a military unit that has assimilated with parasites and was labeled a rebel.

The Kuroba Family, a branch family of the Yotsuba, helped her escape to Japan. She spent her first night in Japan at Tatsuya and Miyuki’s home but is now moving to her new hiding place on Miyaki Island. This entire island is privately owned by the Yotsuba Family, but to be precise, it is owned by a real estate company controlled by the Yotsuba. Regardless of technicalities, it’s all the same.

Originally, this was a supply base for the Japanese Navy. But due to volcanic activity, it was abandoned in the 2050’s. After the end of WWIII, it became a secret prison exclusively for military magicians and was entrusted to the Yotsuba Family as they were the only ones capable of managing magicians of military caliber. Eventually, the Yotsuba acquired the private rights to the entire island, but due to recent volcanic activity, the prison had to be relocated to a different side of the island. As of last month, prisoner transfers were completed and facilities were refurbished, in addition to new buildings meant to be magic laboratories being built. This will also be the site for the ESCAPES project.

In the last month, Tatsuya has made a number of visits to this island to familiarize himself with the geography and climate, in order to ensure it is the right spot for his project.

Hyougo has informed Tatsuya, Miyuki and Lina that they will be landing soon. Lina is impressed with the view and asks Miyuki if she has been here before. Miyuki says that the last time she was here was four years ago. She also mentions that when she visited, it only had the prison with some surrounding facilities. However, this island now has an airport, geothermal power plants and many miscellaneous facilities. Tatsuya was also surprised at how much it has grown. In particular, he was interested in the stone refinement plant as it is very similar to one of the buildings found at the FLT laboratory.

Seeing this, Tatsuya is convinced that this was meant to be another home for the Yotsuba Family. Maya had already informed Tatsuya of her plan to start building the necessary facilities should the need arise for the family to live on the island.

They land on the short runway. It was big enough for VTOL’s and other small jets, but not big enough for larger planes to land. After traveling around the volcano, they arrived at the residential district for prison management. Lina looks at her new residence and says that it is comparable to a condominium rather than a hotel. Tatsuya shows Lina all the equipment in her room, after which Hyougo asks if they would like to tour the other facilities.

Tatsuya turns to Lina waiting for her confirmation. This tour today was to see whether or not Lina would agree to the living conditions. However, Lina was under the assumption that she didn’t have a choice in the matter. If she found this island unsuitable, Tatsuya was going to make other arrangements for her. After the tour, Lina asks if it is alright for her to live here, and Tatsuya is glad that she likes it. Lina is mentally fatigued, all the necessary facilities were here and there wasn’t anything missing that she could think of. Apart from the fact that she can’t leave the area, she finds it more comfortable then her place at STARS headquarters.

They head back to the airport, where Hyougo is making the preparations to depart back to Japan. Not only when it was time to tour the facilities, but whenever it came to transportation for Tatsuya, Hyougo took the initiative to take care of it himself. In the two months that Hyougo served Tatsuya, it seems he has found something that is worth dedicating his loyalty to Tatsuya.

The last stop before the airport is the stone refinery plant. Induction Stones are the heart of CADs, the manufacturing technology is widely known. It has never been patented and was publicly disclosed. Despite being this, the refinement process for high-performance Induction Stones is difficult.

Induction stones are a component meant to connect psion signals and electrical signals. However, not all Induction Stones are the same and have to be adjusted depending on the design and efficiency. The designs of the stones are a significant intellectual asset of each company and nation. It is normally impossible to show an outsider an Induction Stone refinement plant. Lina is well aware that she won’t be able to go inside this facility.

Tatsuya hands Lina a gold key card, which gives Lina access to all the facilities on the island. He then goes on to warn her, saying that if she were to lose it, it would be difficult to re-issue. Lina holds onto the card tightly. Tatsuya tells her that if anything happens, the fixed-terminal in her room is connected to his, Miyuki’s, Ayako’s and the Yotsuba Family's terminals.

◇ ◇ ◇

Tatsuya looks at Miyuki, after which she steps forward to shake Lina’s hand. They both say goodbye to Lina and mention that they will be coming back to see her again.

[Pg.70 Illustration]

Hyougo tells Tatsuya that he would like to show him something else as well. Aside from visiting the island, Tatsuya doesn’t have any other plans today and follows Hyougo. He takes Tatsuya and Miyuki to a garage near the runway, where a peculiar four-wheeled vehicle is located. As Tatsuya looks it over, Hyougo tells them that this is an “Air-Car.” Tatsuya was surprised to hear this. Hyougo goes on to say that this has been in development for the past two years, alongside the flying motorbike “Wingless” that Tatsuya had already used before.

The vehicle itself can be registered as a self-propelled vehicle, allowing it to be used on public roads as well. Tatsuya asks if this vehicle is capable of traveling from his home in Japan to this island. Hyougo says that anytime Tatsuya calls him, he can make it there with this “Air-Car.”

Miyuki suggests that Tatsuya test it out, but he declines and decides to head back home for the day. He will test it out tomorrow when he comes back to the island. He concluded that waiting until Miyuki is back at school before testing the new vehicle would be the best course of action as he didn’t want to neglect Miyuki while getting caught up testing it out.

◇ ◇ ◇

When Tatsuya and the others were visiting Miyaki Island.

Despite being Sunday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Defense were hit by a disturbance.

A confidential demand from the USNA to Japan was made through diplomatic routes.

The demand entailed for cooperation in searching for Major Angie Sirius, whose last known whereabouts was in Japan. Upon discovery, Japan will protect and hand her over to the embassy.

The Japanese government protested against the USNA for having such a high-ranking officer enter without prior notice. Though it was argued that her visit wasn't for military purposes, even if it was a lie, it was clear that no one could be blamed anymore.

The Japanese government promised the USNA to search for and protect Angie Sirius.

"The demands of America are bold, and its believed to be too good at the same time. However, why do you have to deal with it? Will the 101st Brigade be required to get involved?"

"Lieutenant Colonel Kazama, I'm too tired. Can't you stop pretending not to understand?"

"Excuse me."

Following Saeki's reprimand, Kazama attempts to fix his prior incognizance with a quiet face.

However, just by moving the facial muscles, feelings of irony leaked out from his pupils.

As the person in question whose face suffered from mental fatigue ── In other words, with a look of exhaustion, Saeki glared at Kazama.

However, no further apology came from Kazama.

Saeki was the one who took the initiative.

"I know that Major Sirius is protected by the Yotsuba Family."

"When the Yotsuba Family reported it, you heard it from them?"

"It was more of a warning rather than a report."

"Angie Sirius is under their protection. The National Defense Forces aren't to get involved... is what they're saying."

"That would likely be the case."

Saeki nodded with a bitter expression. This time, Kazama was also in sync with her.

"In your opinion, do you think that Special Officer Ooguro is involved?"

"Yes, Lieutenant Colonel. I think so."

Tatsuya, as "Special Officer Ooguro" in winter of last year, and Lina as "Angie Sirius," when regarding exchanges that occurred between them, both Saeki and Kazama knew about what took place.

The USNA's nationally recognized Strategic-Class Magician "Angie Sirius." The only reasons for why the Yotsuba Family would want to protect her was because of Tatsuya’s involvement. That was Kazama's reasoning. ──Though his reasoning isn't wrong, it is unlikely that Kazama, who doesn't know about the connection between the Yotsuba Family and Colonel Balance, would think so.

"Special Officer Ooguro... No, are you going to request for Tatsuya to hand over Major Sirius?"

"Ultimately, she will be handed over to the USNA."

Despite Saeki giving a formal answer, it didn't answer Kazama's question. However, Kazama was fully aware of Saeki's true intention’s with this response.

In other words, she won't be handed over immediately but eventually.

The plan is to use Lina as a bargaining chip.

"Sirius" is a nationally recognized Strategic-Class Magician. Being one of the trump cards of the USNA.

It’s impossible for the U.S. military's trump card to be Sirius alone and it becomes a threat when it’s passed into the opponent's hand.

Getting it back ── disposing of it ── if so, there is a possibility of drawing out a small concession.

"...Why did Sirius end up deserting?"

Strategic-Class Magicians are individuals who may become a threat to the state. They should be carefully managed to the extent that such things don't happen.

Kazama's question was right to ask.

"Unfortunately, detailed information isn't available."

The National Defense Forces have sent spies to the United States. Even if there is an alliance between the countries, it didn't mean that they wouldn't engage in intelligence gathering activities. People who think that alliances are eternal and absolute aren't qualified to be involved in military or political affairs.

However, that same awareness can be applied to both sides. Just as Japan is wary of American spies, even more so, America is also wary of Japan's spying activities. Information related to the escape of a nationally recognized Strategic-Class Magician isn't supposed to be easy to obtain.

"Isn't it dangerous to act without knowing the circumstances?"

"It is, that's why it’s best to ask the person yourself."

Securing Sirius and asking questions directly. Saeki seems to think so.

Kazama learned of a vague danger associated with the idea given by ​​his superior officer, but wasn’t able to explain his basis.

"I'll ask Tatsuya if I’m able to meet Sirius."

"Why do you need to ask?"

Kazama couldn’t understand what Saeki wanted to say at the moment and was left wondering.

Saeki conveyed the order irrespective of Kazama's confusion.

"Lieutenant Colonel Kazama. Order Special Officer Ooguro to hand over Major Angie Sirius."

"How shall we deal with Tatsuya's refusal?"

"Tough measures aren't preferable. However, the will of the National Defense Forces is that Sirius cannot be kept inside the country. Please tell him that as there’s no room for misunderstanding."

In other words, even if the government or foreign forces attempt to take Sirius, the 101st Brigade won't lend its power to Tatsuya.

"I understand."

From the beginning, Kazama didn't expect Tatsuya to rely on them.

In addition, he understood in theory that genuine soldiers aren’t candidate’s as foreign officials whom the government would admit asylum for.

However, Kazama didn't think that this was the correct answer.

◇ ◇ ◇

After returning to Tokyo and briefly stopping by their house, Tatsuya and Miyuki went to visit Minami at the hospital. Along the way, they passed through quite a few magicians from the Juumonji Family. Tatsuya didn’t mention it but it seemed the main priority was to capture Minoru, and not to protect Minami. Miyuki, on the other hand, voiced her displeasure in the lack of protection around Minami’s room.

When Tatsuya and Miyuki enter Minami’s hospital room, two other guests are present. Kasumi and Izumi came to visit her. Kasumi still has a disgruntled attitude whenever Tatsuya is around while Izumi is extremely happy to see Miyuki.

Tatsuya asks how Minami is doing without asking anything specific. The Saegusa twins are still unaware of the reason Minami is hospitalized. Her recovery is evident since she no longer requires the auxiliary exoskeleton to move around and Miyuki was relieved to see this. The doctor has informed her that she will be able to leave the hospital in a fortnight.

As far as rehabilitation goes, Tatsuya is wondering if he should bring Pixie back home in order to help Minami. Miyuki tells her that if need be, they will help her with it at home and Minami tries to refuse. Izumi then volunteers to help with the rehabilitation as well. Tatsuya believes there is an alternative motive for her kindness but keeps his comments to himself. However, Kasumi has no problem revealing that and scolds her for using Minami for that purpose. Kasumi follows up by saying that she will come over as well, in order to keep Izumi in line.

Miyuki was glad to hear this because the Saegusa Family is only here because Minami was being used as bait for Minoru. She was glad that some members actually cared about Minami’s well-being. Tatsuya on the other hand, didn’t see anything wrong with what the Saegusa Family was doing since it was a decision made by the Ten Master Clans. He also believes that neither Mayumi, Izumi nor Kasumi are suited for the Ten Master Clans. Mayumi isn’t as bad as the twins but that is because they seem to put priority on human kindness rather than position and duty. Despite this, he doesn’t think it is a bad thing.

They turn the subject to Minoru. It has been one week since the incident at the hospital. Although Minoru never confirmed it, he has inherited the knowledge of Zhou, which isn’t just limited to magic knowledge. Tatsuya wonders if he should ask Maya to help him search for a way to seal the parasites. Miyuki guesses what Tatsuya is thinking and asks if he thinks that Minoru will try to acquire more parasites. Tatsuya says that Minoru will not attack people at random, but he will require more power in order to overcome his difficult situation.

Miyuki then brings up something that Tatsuya had not considered. She mentions having a discussion with Erika and the rest of their friends. They’re friends with Minoru and if they aren’t informed of the current situation, they would most likely aid him considering Minoru is able to hide the presence of the parasite itself. Miyuki asks Tatsuya to allow Honoka, Shizuku and Mizuki to come to this meeting as well. Even though they aren’t acquainted with Minoru, it would be better to let them know as well. Miyuki says that they will meet at their favorite café and that she will talk with the master of the establishment in order to rent it out.

The topic moves to Minami, and they ask her whether or not she likes Minoru. Miyuki says that it’s obvious that Minoru likes Minami. Minami is flustered and says that she has never thought about him in that kind of way. They mention that if she likes him, she must prepare herself for the upcoming conflict.

Tatsuya wants to confirm Minami’s feeling for Minoru. If she doesn’t have any feelings for him, then they are prepared to kill him if necessary. If she does like him, they will search for a way to stop Minoru without killing him and that by doing so, it may increase the risk of casualties. Minami replies and says that she doesn’t quite understand her feeling for Minoru.

Chapter 3

Monday, June 24th.

Tatsuya went back to visit Miyaki Island. The main purpose of the visit was to test the “Air-Car,” but there was nothing worth mentioning about the test itself. Tatsuya was surprised that the “Air-Car” could even dive underwater, in addition to the technicians saying that there wouldn’t be an issue even if it was used in space.

“I don’t intend to go up into the stratosphere or dive into the sea in an ‘Air-Car’ unless I need to.”

As Hyougo was listing off possible uses for the “Air-Car,” Tatsuya couldn’t help but smile at his excessive specifications. This new vehicle is meant to be a new and easy form of transportation that is capable of traveling from Japan to this island. In addition, Tatsuya has all the necessary licenses to drive this vehicle.

Suddenly, a remark is made from behind Tatsuya. It was Lina. Tatsuya asks her what’s wrong, and she asks if she can really go home after this. Tatsuya is confused, and Lina follows up by saying that he is showing her a secret military-type vehicle. Tatsuya explains that the Yotsuba Family is a private organization and as such, the “Air-Cars” are not considered a “military secret.” After hearing this, Lina becomes flustered and attempts to argue that the Yotsuba Family is a fighting force for Japan, which makes them part of the military.

“That is a misconception. We are not a military organization. It’s true that the Yotsuba Family gets paid for certain acts of “violence,” but that’s only a side job. To put it bluntly, the Yotsuba Family is a research organization.”

“What kind of joke is this? For someone to be feared around the world for their side job?!”

Lina goes on to say that he has the power to destroy a fleet, base and port all in one attack. Tatsuya corrects her, clarifying that this is his own strength and not the Yotsuba Family’s. Lina could not believe Tatsuya’s words. He has the power to destroy tens of thousands of lives and easily calls it the power of an individual. He is essentially taking full responsibility for killing that many people without trying to share the burden.

Lina decides to give up on the subject and confirms that since this isn’t a military secret, she can leave the country. Half of the reason she abandons the subject is because she herself is a Strategic Class Magician.

Lina changes the subject, and asks him for a favor. Tatsuya says that it will depend on the favor, but wants to hear her request. Currently, they are still in the hangar where the “Air-Car” is being developed. Tatsuya leads Lina to a table nearby where Hyougo serves them tea.

Tatsuya asks what Lina wants, and Lina is a little frightened at his inquiry. She still views herself as a prisoner on this island and asks Tatsuya to confirm that she isn’t. Lina asks for her CAD, and Tatsuya asks why she wants it. She says that she is uncomfortable without having it around. Tatsuya teases her about how she actually feels, but eventually says that he can’t accept her request. When Lina asks why, Tatsuya says that he can’t let her use a USNA CAD here in Japan. There could be a way to track her CAD that even she doesn’t know about.

Tatsuya says that there is another way to accommodate her, and says that he wants to protect this facility. He has no problem giving her, a magician from the USNA, an alternative CAD if it’s used for self-defense. Lina makes a smart comment about his terrible personality. Tatsuya says there is a CAD adjustment facility here, and Lina asks if he is going to be the one to do the adjustments. Tatsuya says he is more than capable, and Lina says that Tatsuya was "half" of Taurus Silver. They both finish up their tea and head for the CAD facility.

◇ ◇ ◇

Tatsuya leads Lina to the CAD facility; this facility was built next to the stone refinement facility.

“I think I will have Lina use this.”

Before entering the control room, Tatsuya shows Lina a gold choker along with a silver bracelet. Lina guesses that this was a thought-controlled device, and Tatsuya praises Lina for her correct answer. Lina says that FLT’s fully thought controlled CADs was quite the popular topic in the States. Germany’s Rosen MagiCraft was the first to come out with this device, but FLT’s version of the fully thought controlled CAD has been dominating the market as of late.

Lina mentions that the USNA had tried to make their own version, but nothing has come to fruition yet. This was surprising to Tatsuya, considering the USNA had a scientist capable of making the Brionac. Tatsuya didn’t know their name but their technical ability was unquestionable because he had seen Brionac in person.

Tatsuya explains the function of the choker which is an auxiliary supplemental device for the bracelet CAD, and it completely controlled by psions. Tatsuya explains that all she needs to do is incorporate the magic number she wishes to use as a variable into a non-systematic magic formula, and the desired formula will be transferred to the bracelet CAD as the output.

“...In other words, just by thinking “What magic number do I want to use?”

“Roughly speaking, yes.”

Lina is excited because the trouble of manipulating a CAD is a hindrance for magicians who engage in hand-to-hand combat.

FLT’s fully thought operated CAD was a tool specifically made to solve these issues. FLT’s devices, unlike Rosen’s devices use two devices in conjunction with each other. While this may seem to be an inconvenience to use two devices, it also means that you don’t have to use your hands at all to manipulate the CAD.

Tatsuya moves to the CAD adjustment room, while Lina moves to the preparation room right next to it. The facility has the regular device that uses the headset and hand panel but Tatsuya found that when using a brand new CAD it should be measured using the bed-type device. Lina had gone to change her clothes to prepare for it.

When Lina entered the room, she was wearing a long white shirt that only covered the top portion of her thighs.

[Pg.107 Illustration]

Her hair wasn’t tied up and fell down her back, she was also wearing slippers that you would find used in hospitals. Lina crosses her arms around her chest, she is hesitant and shy.

“Haven’t you used this type of measuring device?”

“It was obligated that we should take more precise measurements once a month.”

This means that STARS have a similar machine on base, but once a month isn’t enough in Tatsuya’s opinion. Miyuki, who’s magic power is still growing requires more precise measurements at more frequent intervals. While it will be less frequent for those in their twenties, and even more so for those above their thirties.

Tatsuya asks if she would wear a swim suit during her monthly measurements and Lina confirms it. Tatsuya is still wondering why she is hesitating so much, considering a long t-shirt should be less embarrassing than a bikini. Tatsuya thinks that perhaps she isn’t wearing anything underneath her shirt. Tatsuya never gave her instructions to take off her underwear, and there isn’t anyone in this facility that would have said that either.

Since neither of them wanted to discuss her outfit, Tatsuya asks her to lay down. During the exam, his suspicions deepened even further that she hadn’t worn any underwear. Tatsuya’s eyes caught evidence of it through the thin cloth, but he did not stare.

With the adjustments complete, Lina is now wearing the gold choker-style device. The choker suited her very well, and at first-look appears to be a beautiful necklace. Tatsuya says that he will be coming back tomorrow, and asks her to let him know if there are any inconveniences with her new CAD.

Hyougo shows Tatsuya to his “Air-Car”, and he started to drive off, just hovering a short distance above the sea.

◇ ◇ ◇

When Tatsuya arrived at their favorite café, Miyuki and his friends were already there. Erika and Honoka greet him almost instantly. Tatsuya greets them and sits next to Miyuki, he notices that there aren’t any other customers in the café. Miyuki tells him that she had the entire place reserved for them today. As soon as Tatsuya entered he could tell that a sound barrier was placed in the café as well.

Tatsuya gets right to the point and says that Minoru has become a parasite. Mikihiko, Erika, and Leo who were acquainted with Minoru shouted out in disbelief. They ask him why, and Tatsuya says that he isn’t sure, but it is clear that Minoru has abandoned his humanity and became a parasite on his own. Leo and Erika both want to know the full story and Tatsuya explains the situation with Minami. He also tells them that Minami’s condition can never be fully cured. And when Leo asks for more information on Minami’s condition, Tatsuya says that he doesn’t have the intention to explain.

Tatsuya tells them that Minoru became a parasite in order to try a method to cure Minami. Mikihiko asks if Minoru used himself as a guinea pig and then intends to give Minami a parasite in order to save her. Tatsuya confirms that Minoru says this himself. His friends guessed that Minoru came to take Minami already and Tatsuya had to fight him off. Tatsuya also confirms this, he mentions that he wasn’t an easy opponent and isn’t confident that he could win against Minoru.

Tatsuya moves on to mention that Minoru might reach out to Erika, Leo or Mikihiko, in order to help him kidnap Minami. Leo admits that if Tatsuya didn’t mention this to them, that he might have helped out Minoru.

Tatsuya says that Mikihiko might be better at sensing parasites than him but the Kudou Family has magic that can disguise themselves. He goes on to say that even though he has become a parasite, he still retains the magic of “Nine”.

They ask Tatsuya how a parasite came to be in Japan again, and ask if it came from the USNA again. Tatsuya explains that the Kudou Family took one of the sealed parasites from the time they were at First High’s forest. Tatsuya drops some more unexpected information, and informs them that Lina has come to Japan as well. Miyuki was very surprised to see Tatsuya reveal this information, however he says that Lina’s visit to Japan is related to the reoccurrence of the parasites in the USNA.

Mikihiko asks if Tatsuya has a way to neutralize the parasites, and says that he would be willing to help Tatsuya come up with a method. Tatsuya tells him that he will ask Retsu to provide charms to help seal the parasites, but also says if he doesn’t like the method than he will be relying on him. Considering Minoru is part of the Kudou Family, he might know the methods Retsu would use to seal the parasite.

Mikihiko says that he will be of use to Tatsuya. Countermeasures against spirits are a specialty for Ancient Magicians, and he incorporated that into his reponse.

◇ ◇ ◇

Tatsuya didn't come to Einebrise using his amphibious car the "air-car". Once the air-car he used to come back from Miyaki Island with it was placed in the garage of the apartment, where after he reached the nearest station using public transportation. Naturally, it was an individual-type car.

While in the individual-type car, Tatsuya and Miyuki exchanged a few words. It's not impossible not to be wary of eavesdropping in their current respective positions, but that isn't the main issue. As they talked intensively before he arrived at Einebrise, the reason for his tense feelings grew stronger.

Although it is rare for these two people to come home without talking to each other, returning to their own house helped relax them. When Miyuki talked about school events, Tatsuya talked about his impression of the air-car and when Miyuki asked about the drive the usual atmosphere returned.

However, the atmosphere was killed by the sound of a phone ringing.

It wasn't the call itself, rather it contents.

"──In other words, where Angie Sirius requested protection, the National Defense Forces are requesting for her to be handed over?"

"I don't want to get into a dispute."

On the screen of the visi-phone, Kazama moved his hands to appease Tatsuya.

"To hide Major Sirius who is a solder of the USNA in a private organization, its without saying that the National Defense Forces can't accept it."

"It is reasonable. However why is the Lieutenant Colonel telling me such an obvious story that I already knew."

"Tatsuya, I know that you’re protecting Major Sirius. Yotsuba Family informed me of it."

So it's useless to feign ignorance... Kazama said this with a gaze.

"Please make your request to the Main House."

Although Tatsuya remained indifferent. He didn't affirm nor deny what Kazama said, nor did he nod upon the request.

Kazama's stern eyes became visible towards Tatsuya's non-cooperative attitude.

"Special Officer Ooguro."

From Kazama's own words, the friendly tone aimed at his younger friend disappeared.

"Even if your position has improved within the Yotsuba Family, the contract between the National Defense Forces and the Yotsuba Family concerning you is still valid."

Tatsuya silently looked back at Kazama on the display.

"With the exception of being Shiba Miyuki-sama’s escort, you must give priority to the orders of the National Defense Forces."

"Lieutenant Colonel Kazama. I want you to stop misinterpreting the contract between Yotsuba Family and the National Defense Forces."


From Tatsuya's voice, his facial expression had vanished.

"With the exception of being Miyuki's escort, the Yotsuba Family acknowledges Shiba Tatsuya's priority order right to the National Defense Forces. That is the contract between the Yotsuba Family and National Defense Forces. There is no existing arrangement that I must obey the National Defense Forces."

"Special Officer. Are you rebelling against the military?"

"That is also wrong. The position of Special Officer given to me, is a way for the National Defense Forces to use me. Five years ago, the oath of entering under the command of the military at Okinawa, it only applied to that one instance."

"...Tatsuya. The National Defense Forces, they don't approve of civilians protecting Major Angie Sirius. I want you to understand this."

"Lieutenant Colonel Kazama. I'm not sheltering Major Sirius. If you are saying that the Yotsuba Family are protecting Angie Sirius, please send your request to the Main House.

In the end, both Tatsuya and Kazama avoided a definitive breakdown.

It was the result gained from mutually recognizing the value of each other.

◇ ◇ ◇

The new building that had recently become the home for Tatsuya and Miyuki, was built as the Tokyo headquarters for the Yotsuba Family. It not only included residential areas, but also included various other facilities. One such example is a room for magic training in the cellar.

Tatsuya borrowed this room in the middle of the night, using the title of “son of the family head”. Tatsuya was going to use this room to develop a magic to seal parasites. While he could learn a method from Maya, or the Kudou Family, it would most likely be a technique that he himself couldn’t use. Even if his position in the Yotsuba Family has improved, it didn’t mean he could use magic other than “Decomposition” and “Regrowth”.

Tatsuya, however had not given up on the possibilities his abilities granted him. While his abilities label him as a “fake” since he can’t use modern magic to alter events. However, he can still manipulate psions to create magic that is recognized. His ability to manipulate psions is only second to certain other gifted magicians, but it still surpasses “first-class”.

However, when it comes to parasites, the ability to sense and manipulate pushion waves becomes important. So Tatsuya was wondering if he could find a way to seal the parasite with Non-Systematic Magic.

Tatsuya decided to go consult with Yakumo, even though he is reluctant to do so. But this situation calls for some guidance, he decides to go to Yakumo’s temple tomorrow.

◇ ◇ ◇

Tuesday, June 25th.

Tatsuya arrived at Yakumo’s temple first thing in the morning. He didn’t contact Yakumo in advance this time, so he wasn’t going to complain if Yakumo wasn’t here. However, the usual unexpected welcome awaited Tatsuya.

His new home in Chofu wasn’t that far away but Tatsuya still used his bike “Wingless” to arrive here. Instead of his normal bike wear, he was wearing the “Freed Suit” developed by the Yotsuba. Tatsuya didn’t bring his specialized CAD this time but planned to use the fully-thought operated CAD that is integrated into the “Freed Suit”.

Tatsuya is suddenly attacked and counters it with “Gram Dispersion”. However, this attack was something that Tatsuya wasn’t familiar with. It was an independent entity, that he think could be similar to a “familiar” or “evil spirit”.

In a rare case in the world, Tatsuya has heard from an Ancient Magician who trained him while he was at the Yotsuba Family house. This Ancient Magician mentioned that an independent information body that made up of a large amount of dense psions naturally formed. The old person called it God, fearful of calling it a Demon, in addition originally being called Spirit Magic or Summoning Magic based on it, and then devised a magic that uses an independent information body which modifies the event.

Tatsuya was able to discern two things from the attack, one was that this “spirit” is an independent information body made up of “wind”. Second, this “spirit” is controlled by human will.

(Is it his doing?)

This attack was would be deadly even for Tatsuya. So in order to deal with the threat in front of him he tried to eradicate “the spirit of the wind” by decomposing the magic sequence. However, before he uses his magic, Tatsuya decided to use his Non-Systematic Magic and began to compress psions in his hand. He formed the psions into a form of a net and threw it at the “spirit of the wind”. It tangled up the “spirit” for a second before the net was torn apart. It then turned into the form of a blade and attacked Tatsuya.

Tatsuya jumped to the side, but his left arm dripping blood, and his clothing near his shoulder was ripped open. This “opponent” is a transparent air blade, and if he wasn’t wearing his “Freed Suit”, his left arm might have been torn off. But this wound was only visible for a few seconds, he had already healed from his wounds and his clothing was back to the way it was before the fight. This was the effect of Tatsuya’s “Regrowth”.

This would normally surprise any normal magician, but the “spirit of the wind” keep attacking without letting up. Once again the blade rushes towards Tatsuya, and he makes a shield made of highly compressed psions. This was able to hold off the “wind blade” and prevented it from tearing another part of his “Freed Suit”.

Tatsuya’s psions then begin to surround the “spirit of the wind”, this psion cloud reaches the size of a large passenger car, and then became the size of a large ball that could fit in his palm. This spherical ball with no substance that is invisible to the naked eye looked like a crystal ball. The “spirit of the wind” was now confined in it.

As Tatsuya began to check his surroundings, his momentary lapse of attention almost failed to recognize what the “spirit of the wind” was doing. It began to release a large amount of pressure, and Tatsuya threw the ball straight up into the air.

[Pg.128 Illustration]

The spherical ball then exploded, and sent out shockwaves above Tatsuya’s head.

Yakumo suddenly emerges and greets Tatsuya. And Tatsuya tries to get a hint about what Yakumo made there, but Yakumo immediately says that Tatsuya probably came here to ask how to seal a parasite. Tatsuya asks him if he has heard about Minoru, and Yakumo says that he knows what has happened in the USNA, and that this time will be even more difficult than last time.

Tatsuya asks if Yakumo could teach him how to seal the parasites, and Yakumo immediately answers no. Tatsuya still calls him “master” but their relationship hasn’t changed so Yakumo can’t teach Tatsuya any magic. However, he hints that during their fight that if he could modify that technique that he used during his fight to capture the “spirit of the wind”, then he might be able to accomplish it.

Tatsuya doesn’t ask what to do next, but this is very familiar kind of conversation for both of them. As Tatsuya was about to leave Yakumo mentions that he should practice with the second son of the Yoshida family.

Chapter 4

"I want to see Miyuki-senpai's face..."

"What are you saying?.. You just met her this afternoon in the Student Council Room."

"But Kasumi-chan, isn’t it more positive to have tea time together when we just wait here?"

The mansion where Tatsuya and Miyuki lived wasn’t that far from the hospital where Minami was admitted. Quite the distance to walk, but using a car would only take less than 5 minutes. Since she heard that from Minami, she quite often grumbled like that.

"I don't want to go. He’s at the Prez's house."

And that's Kasumi's answer. Somehow, it has become her typical answer.

Both of them were in small restaurant beside Chofu-Aoba Hospital where Minami was being treated. Ever since the role was decided after the last Ten Master Clan conference, the Saegusa have been reserving this restaurant. This restaurant’s business model made it only available for reservation in the first place, so having a temporary base in this restaurant is the most suitable course of action that didn't disrupt its economic activity.

The Saegusa's role was to ambush and capture Parasite-Minoru. In case capturing him proves difficult, they were permitted to execute him instead.

The Ten Master Clans decided that letting a parasite loose in society was a sin and that killing the culprit is something that couldn't be avoided. Both Kasumi and Izumi didn't want to kill him if they could, but they're convinced that if he was to be left like that, killing him is something that couldn't be helped. Tatsuya thought that those two weren't suitable to be a member of the Ten Master Clan’s, but now there is no doubt. They're definitely educated as a Ten Master Clan member.

"Anyway, will he really come?"

They weren't debating the issue of whether to kill Minoru or how to capture him, they had already accepted that this is something unavoidable.

"I think he will."

"Really? ...Even Minoru isn't that foolish."

"I think he is even smarter than Kasumi-chan."

"It's true that Minoru is smarter than me, but Izumi's school rank isn’t much different with mine!"

"Then I don't have to help you with general-study homework anymore, right?"

"W-wait! That's unfair! We're not talking about that!"

"You said that’s unfair..."

"What I wanted to say was even Minoru should be wary about the ambush!"

Kasumi said that before Izumi finished her line.

Izumi chuckled and stop teasing her twin sister.

"That's obvious. Maybe he even knows that we're staking out here."

Kasumi felt relieved that Izumi stop teasing her with saying "right?" to her.

"Even so, I think Minoru still will come."

"Eh? Why?"

"It's because he’s had a sickly body since childhood. He doesn't have much attachment to things."

"...Right. I remember he often said that he wanted to be more selfish."

Kasumi and Izumi didn't meet Minoru that often. Also, compared to other children they knew, his personality wasn't so attached to things.

From their point of view, Minoru lacked the willfulness of a child.

"With that kind of personality, Minoru even discarded his humanity for Sakurai-san. That intense feeling... Unfortunately, we won't able to understand it. What I can understand is that he definitely won't give up."

"So, Izumi doesn't know it too..."

"Right. As a girl, that's really unfortunate."

"Girl... Yeah, Izumi is a girl but I think that feeling should be the same whether you’re a boy or a girl. Leaving aside feelings matter, the most obvious problem is Sakurai-san is guarded by the Yotsuba, Juumonji, and Saegusa, right? Will he really come despite the enemies? Or is he that blinded by love?"

"Kasumi-chan, 'blinded by love' isn't like that."

"Eh? Is that so? Isn't it feelings of love that makes one lose their reasoning and common sense?"

"The dictionary indeed worded it like that. To lose reason means to lose the ability to know the opponents' weakness. To lose common sense means to lose the ability to reflect relative one self’s position between himself, opponent, and family in society.”

"Oh, so it's like that."

"What makes me think that Minoru will still come despite knowing about the ambush is not because he's losing himself in a panic.”

"...So, why?”

"Because Minoru-kun definitely..."

Izumi then tried to hide her voice. Not only with her voice volume, but her expression clearly meant "Something that can’t be said loudly."

"He's not scared of the Yotsuba, Juumonji, and Saegusa. That's what I think."

"...Minoru-kun wasn't such an overly-confident person from what I know."

Maybe it was because of Izumi, she also spoke with a low volume voice too.

"With his ability, it isn't necessarily overly-confident."

"That's... Well if it's us (Saegusa family), maybe he could do it."

"The current Minoru-kun, has the parasite’s power. In addition, whether or not it’s true, he even has a mainland ancient magician’s ghost."

"...Ghost may be just too far-fetched?"


Even Izumi didn't really believe in the case where he absorbed Zhou Gongjin. She didn't thread down Kasumi's objection.

"I believe Minoru has definitely become stronger.”

But at the same time, she didn't express the necessary things to emphasize their vigilance against Minoru.

In the end, it wasn't clear whether Kasumi agrees or disagrees with Izumi.

"Izumi-chan, Kasumi-chan, he's here!"

The two stopped their discussion the moment Mayumi called out to the both of them.

"What about Sakurai-san?!"

Kasumi asked Mayumi whose voice she heard from the back of gallery-room door about Minami's safety.

It seemed that instead of Izumi, who worked together in Student Council Room, Kasumi was closer to Minami as her classmate. Or maybe, it's that Kasumi was just a simple person.

"It's okay. He will be captured before sneaking into hospital."

"By the Juumonji Family?"

Izumi asked that. But if she didn't ask it, Kasumi would.

"No, by our subordinates."

Kasumi was like "good job" with her facial expression and the light of her eyes. But then she expressed with her eyebrow after she heard that "It seems they couldn’t hold their feet for even one second. Currently, the Juumonji Family are moving towards the scene. They should somehow be able to hold him back. They contacted their father but it's taking some time before he's able to come to the scene. Juumonji-kun already notified them but he won't be there for another in 5 minutes."

"In other words, our role is to hold him back, right?"

Kasumi and Izumi weren’t just passively listening to what Mayumi was saying. They were taking out their bracelet CADs and putting them on their wrists, communication-goggle to their eyes, donning protective vest ー bullet-protection, slash-protection, and impact-mitigation feature protection.

"Preparation complete." (Kasumi)

"Me too." (Izumi)

"Okay. Let's go." (Mayumi)

Mayumi fully opened the remaining half of the already opened door and went to the scene with Kasumi and Izumi following her.

When Mayumi and the twins arrived at the scene, the fighting had already ended.

There were four magicians laying down on the road. Kasumi and Izumi got closer in order to check their pulses and breathing.

"They're alive!"

"This side too. They aren't heavily wounded."

"Where did Minoru-kun go?"

Mayumi lifted her goggles and put it on her forehead, as she asked the two magicians who then stood up.

"The last time we saw him, he was in the right lane. We were both ordered to protect them here."

The right lane had no gate that lead to hospital. Whether he wanted to break the window or sneak from the rooftop. In any case, Mayumi thought it's obvious that Minoru didn't run away.

"Okay. I'm joining the chase too. You two, please go back to your post."

The two magicians that Mayumi asked were from the Juumonji Family. All the magicians that were lying down on the road were from the Saegusa Family.

"Please do so."

The magicians from the Juumonji Family bowed and went back to the front of the hospital back door. The task that was given to them was to prevent any intrusion. They came here to help the Saegusa Family, but considering their task, their current position was too far from hospital back door.

"Please look after these two."

"Onee-chan, are you going alone?!"

"That's dangerous!"

Kasumi and Izumi wanted to stop their sister, but Mayumi answered with serious face.

"We can’t just leave injured people here. Even though it's not a critical injury, they are unconscious. Also, there’s no guarantee that Minoru won't come back to hospital back door."

Leading people to believe where he went and then attacked the least guarded posts. That was a common pattern. Those two couldn't refute what their sister said.

"...Roger that, onee-chan.”

"Onee-sama, please be careful."

"Yeah, you too."

Putting her goggles back on, Mayumi went towards the right lane of the hospital road.

◇ ◇ ◇

A sudden surge of magic is what Mayumi chased after, running along the road leading to hospital.

Lightning sparks flashed through the air.

The distance is about 50 meters. The night sky was filled with a thick cloud, releasing lightning from the darkness.

The target was two magicians. They were people who Juumonji had introduced to her.

One of them was wounded and bled from one of his feet. He crouched to cover the wound.

The other guarded and deployed a magic barrier to defend from the lightning attack.

Usually, the release-type magic would end after being blocked. Modern magic attacked from the starting point to the target’s position in order to make it effective, regardless of the opponent's magic phenomenon rewriting. And it's just only for that.

But this lightning wasn't simply just a flow of electricity. It flowed at a slant for several meters, giving off the impression of a snake. It wasn't breaching the magic barrier but crawling around it from the top to the side.

Giving form to the phenomenon. In exchange for using high resource magic by mimicking lifeform movement, it's a technique that also gave the magic high degree of control. It’s an ancient magic technique which is not available in modern magic. In this case, the dispersed lightning kept being re-used.

It was definitely a high-level technique, but no matter how you looked at it, it seemed more effective to have several lightning strikes. Mayumi, who looked at that moving on top of the magic barrier as if it were a snake, immediately realized that it was just her perception.

The magicians from the Juumonji Family’s magic made the barrier in the form of half-sphere dome. Even as it crawled to the side, it wouldn't breach the barrier. But when she thought the lightning-snake was ineffective, it made a ring on the outer barrier and bit its own tail, fixing itself in that position.

After seeing this, Mayumi finally understood the target of this magic. This magic was to stop them.

Just looking at the effect of the lightning snake, it would be ineffective against a magic barrier. But if the barrier was cancelled, the people who took shelter within it would be immediately attacked by lightning.

The lightning snake seemed to make a ring on top of the barrier but instead, it fixed itself to this position. If the barrier caster wanted to move the barrier around, he would have to fight with the lightning snake.

There was one more lightning attack from the cloud. There was more to it than just the first attack. It continuously made three attacks.

The lightning attacks also took the form of a snake and joined the siege against the Juumonji magicians trapped in the magic barrier.

The magic barrier was tied up with three encirclements. The first lightning snake has disappeared but the consequent attacks dropped to six different positions and entangled themselves to encircle the magic barrier.

Mayumi shot a psion-bullet to lightening’s target position.

Mayumi's psion-bullet was just like Tatsuya's Gram Demolition but with less power.

However, her skill for precision when shooting a target is second to none. She lived up to her nickname precisely as the "The world’s leading expert at casting remote precision magic.”

Mayumi's psion-bullet precisely got to the position of the established platform. It's the singularity (or discontinuity) caused by long range magic invocation. Mayumi's psion-bullet took down that information body’s structure platform.

Mayumi's magic, other than four systematic and eight types of modern magic, her psion-bullet which classified as non-systematic magic, along with her special inborn sensory magic. Long range visual sensory magic "Multiscope.” It's classified as magic, but in Mayumi's case, its ability was an inborn specialty to her. It can also be used as an "ESP" or extra sensory perception, which is a superpower type of magic.

For her, this was exception. ESP had the same root as magic. However, for many people, wielding magic and ESP at the same time should be impossible. ESP, by just using thoughts to rewrite phenomenon and bend it to its caster's will. In exchange, it's limited to several patterns of phenomenon rewriting. Modern magic has been achieved by adjusting the functions of the mind used from supernatural powers so that they can be applied to a variety of event modifications. But other than using thoughts, it depended on many other factors and steps to invoke magic.

Looking at a similar view point, Tatsuya's "Regrowth" and "Decomposition" are close to superpowers. With the limitation of the inability to invoke other patterns of phenomenon rewriting, it too matched Tatsuya's situation. Just like explanation of superpower/ESP before, Tatsuya's ability to rewrite phenomenon was limited to things while his inability of phenomenon rewriting versatility fit the description of superpower/ESP holder.

But Mayumi was able to use both. She might be classified as another irregular magician just like Tatsuya.

Mayumi was currently using her "Multiscope" in full power. The information currents that flowed to her from different angles placed a huge burden in her mind. Since the full power usage would make her mind misty, even in just several minutes, she rarely used it like that.

She used it despite knowing the consequences because she believed Minoru was hiding around that area.

No matter the irrelevance of distance when it comes to casting magic, usually it's impossible to have such a high density and high technique lightning attack invoked from afar. He must be around here.

(Found him!)

Did her tenacity yield results?

Or did her strong thoughts show the result.

Within her unique power, "Multiscope,” she saw the back of a boy.

She didn't see his face. Even though it was only his back, there's a shadow of someone who was both beautiful and suspicious.

Mayumi moved her viewpoint to see the face for confirmation.

Just when she "saw" the face, whether it's a coincidence or he felt the sight, he turned to the side.

However, that single moment was enough.

Mayumi ran her fingers across her CAD that was on her wrist

The magic she invoked was the same as her nickname, "Magic Sniper,”

She created platforms in the air and from there, invoked bullets of dry ice. (EN: platforms: mid-air gun batteries)

Three platforms which all fired at Minoru.

Using long range sight, she was sure that she got Minoru.

Mayumi then found he wasn't there.

Mayumi's "Multiscope" didn't lose track of Minoru.

He was in the air.

Mayumi created new platforms and invoked dry ice once more.

But the shadow in the air used complicated steps to dodge most of bullets.

Minoru landed on the hospital rooftop.

Mayumi left only the bird-eyes view angle from her “Multiscope,” and prepared magic that would capture Minoru as she leapt to a higher floor.

Mayumi left her allies who were still trapped by the lightning-snakes and headed to hospital rooftop.

◇ ◇ ◇

"Will Onee-chan okay?"

"Even if the opponent is Minoru-kun, Onee-sama won't be easily defeated..."

Kasumi asked and Izumi replied without much confidence but regardless, there was no sign of her uneasiness. Voice-volume wise, she wasn't worried.

Currently, the strongest Saegusa magician was probably Mayumi. Their father, Kouichi never really compared their children in term of power so it isn't known for sure. But compared to their brothers, it's proven that Mayumi was the most powerful. Even if Kasumi and Izumi fought together against Mayumi, they still couldn't win. Using their combined power and their trump card, "Multiplicative magic,” they still wouldn't be able to win.

They were nonchalantly talking because other than talking and guarding around the area, there wasn’t really nothing to do. Their father’s subordinates had their emergency treatment already. After all, they weren’t fatally wounded in the first place. Looking externally, there wasn't any indication that they broke their bones. There’s one who hit his head but there's no brain damage. The part where it's swollen was iced down and instead of seeking treatment from the ambulance, they were waiting for the relief team to arrive. They didn't say it loudly, but if the relief team came too late, they would bring those two to the hospital instead. Both of them were thinking the same thing.

"Anyways, they're still not coming."

"Not coming indeed..."

Soon enough, those two became impatient. It was obvious from Kasumi’s appearance, but Izumi too had a fickle personality. Maybe it was Izumi who often went at her own pace. Whatever it is, they were at their limit as far as patience was concerned.

They both looked at each other to confirm whether or not they had the same thought.

Just like they confirmed with each other, both of them headed to the hospital backdoor together. As they were asked to help carry the injured, at that very time, they shouted a different word.

"Look out!”

Instead, the warning proved to be counterproductive. The two people guarding the backdoor looked at Kasumi and Izumi instead.

They were distracted as magic was casted from the darkness.

Blazing Sparks fell from the sky above. Magic that forcibly draws electrons out in the extreme, "Spark.” It seemed like basic release-type magic but required high phenomenon rewriting power. For common magicians, the quality of spell is usually very low. Having ionization of vapor gas within a fixed volume is the best they could do.

On the other hand, the "Spark" that attacked these two people engulfed them and entirely converted to plasma. Precisely, it engulfed them from chest to foot while their heads were left unharmed. They lost control of their body, convulsed and laid down on ground.

"Who's there?!"

Kasumi shouted that while invoking magic. An intense flare shone through the coiling darkness between the street lights.

She shouted "who" but she was convinced that it was Minoru. If it wasn't Minoru and instead, another person, she wouldn’t have been as surprised to shout like that.

The bright flare that should take away his resistance power, against the flare, but Minoru just narrowed his eyes without covering them with his hand.

The strong light made a shadow of him, which emphasized his inhumane beauty.

"Minoru, stay still!"

Kasumi invoked "Freeze Air Bullet.” The air cooled down and compressed, then used as a bullet as it loses its heat.

Like Mayumi's favorite magic, “Dry Meteor,” but instead of using carbon dioxide, it was just using air. Although the compound element uses nitrogen and oxygen as the main ingredient has lowered the freezing point lower than carbon dioxide, the compressed bullet has a different effect than dry ice bullet.

Simultaneously, Izumi deployed zone interference around them for defence.

The flare's light went out and once again, Minoru's body sunk into darkness.

Kasumi's "Freeze Air Bullet" hits a magic barrier and was crushed. The air that was confined using magic expanded, along with a sudden temperature drop by several tens of degrees below freezing.

But that sudden temperature drop also couldn't enter Minoru's magic barrier. The invisibility of the magic barrier lost when the air became mist and latched onto the magic barrier. It was known then that Minoru's magic barrier had a fixed hardness.

Minoru attacked at the same time that Kasumi's "Freeze Air Bullet" was crushed. The zone interference that Izumi deployed worked. Zone interference wasn't magic. It's a defense technique that uses one’s own phenomenon rewriting power used continuously.

If the enemy casted magic on it, they should have hard time getting past it.

Izumi was using her full power to neutralize Minoru's magic. But her effort was easily overcome.

An electrical discharge was moving through the air. Just like the attack on the Juumonji people, "Spark," however this time the power was toned down due to Izumi's zone interference.

But even so, the enemy's magic wasn’t less dangerous. The spark discharge from plasma attacked Kazumi and Izumi.

Kasumi diverted the plasma as a way to defend them from Minoru's attack.

"Izumi, are you okay?!"

Running to Izumi who had lost the battle of zone interference, Kasumi held Izumi.

Izumi grabs Kasumi's hands which held her shoulder.

"Kasumi-chan, we can't go separately."

"I know, Izumi."

Kasumi didn't misunderstand what Izumi wanted to say.

In this situation, it was 2 vs 1, not by attacking one by one. They're fighting with cooperation.

What Izumi meant wasn't simply a number advantage. They weren’t fighting as two people but rather combining their power into one. Unless they did that, they wouldn't have any chance at defeating Minoru. And Kasumi understood her perfectly.

The twins entangled their fingers. Kasumi's right hand and Izumi's left hand, perfectly matching their palms.

The twins then faced each other as their other hands did the same.

From Kasumi's left hand to Izumi's right hand, psions flowed in.

From Izumi's left hand to Kasumi's right hand, psions flowed in.

From their locked hands, two people’s psions circulated in their bodies.

Minoru invoked magic above the twins.

But Minoru's magic failed. The zone interference around the twins defended them with incomparable strength as opposed to before.

"Get ready.”

Izumi whispered.

"Leave it to me!"

Kasumi answered.

Izumi operated her thought operated CAD on her wrist.

This "multiplicative magic" didn't decide who the main or who the sub is. In many cases, it was Kasumi who invoked magic while Izumi created zone interference. But in this "Multiplicative Magic,” even if the roles are reversed, the effect is still the same.

A light source appeared within the darkness. Minoru’s body is illuminated by the light but it isn’t strong enough to blind him. It only served as an illumination.

Minoru made a confused expression. Confused because such magic didn't have any attacking power.

Of course, this was only preparation. It is a procedure that makes it easier for targeting the magic.


Next, magic was invoked. Minoru didn't just stay still but the confusion made his decisions slower. This time, Izumi was faster.

There was squall (sudden gust) swirling above Minoru. The air, while keeping it at current temperature, was being compressed in an instant.

Izumi didn't shoot that compressed air at Minoru but released it downward.

Due to adiabatic expansion, the air flowed with a sudden temperature drop and attacked Minoru.

"Cold Storm,” Izumi created her new magic because of her admiration towards Miyuki and her freezing magic.

"Ouch, so cold!"


Izumi answered her with a stiff face. It's because both of them felt the cold. She has only just learned "Cold Storm" so she hadn't perfected the defense for it.

"It's okay. So, did we get him?"

Kasumi didn't have to ask Izumi because Izumi was also looking closely at Minoru.

Minoru, under the light, just stood there.

No movement.

But he didn't go down either.

If he didn't have any more power, it would be strange for him to not have fallen down. If his body became rigid, it's still impossible for him to stand still like that.

"Kasumi-chan, once more!"

At the same time Izumi shouted that, there's a change in Minoru.

The frost that overwhelmed his hair and his shirt suddenly disappeared.

Even with the disappearance of the frost, he was entirely dry.

Minoru stretched his right hand to Izumi.

"Let's go!"

Kasumi shouted that to Izumi impatiently. But unlike before, it's Kasumi who took the initiative. Compound element which consist of 90% nitrogen, blew towards Minoru.

"Nitrogen Storm.” Magic that reduces oxygen concentration to an extreme and blows the air to induce oxygen-deficiency syndrome.

Minoru defended against "Nitrogen Storm" with his shield and neutralized the downstream draft.


Izumi saw Minoru move his lips. Kasumi didn't realize it and because of the downstream, Izumi didn't hear what he said.

But somehow, Izumi knew that Minoru said "This time it’s my turn.”

Izumi felt the sudden magic invocation. At the same time, there's a breeze blowing.

Izumi then impatiently deployed an anti-physical barrier.

The wind stopped at the outer barrier. However, it started blowing again from inside the barrier. There's no way wind could slip the anti-physical barrier. Kasumi and Izumi were already too late when they felt the wind.

Kasumi starts to collapse.

Izumi was shocked and tried to hold Kasumi. She was purposely holding her breath but due to this, she started to inhale again.

After that, Izumi's consciousness was engulfed in darkness.

Before Izumi and Kasumi dropped down on the road, something invisible caught their bodies. With that, they were put down gently on the road.

The one who caught and also made them unconscious was Minoru. Using move-type magic to stop them and weight-type magic to cancel out gravity. Using convergence-type magic to decrease oxygen concentration. This is basically the same as “Nitrogen Storm” that is used by the twins. These two magics weren't used to break through the twin's defense, but he made use of the same type of magic to make it harder for the enemy to recognize the attack. This technique was something he got from Zhou Gongjin.

Minoru increased the oxygen concentration and blew the air into twin's nose. This was a way to forcefully send oxygen into their lungs.

Those two coughed and started to breath normally again.

Minoru used the following magic. Against the twins, which are now in a half-conscious state and lack the power to resist, he used ancient magic to make them sleep. Those two closed their eyes. They're breathing was normal which was the opposite from when they were unconscious.

Minoru breathed a sigh of relief after seeing that. He had no intention to harm those two. Even he was reluctant to use offensive magic.

He knew why the Ten Master Clans wanted to catch and subjugate him. But he didn't have any intention to antagonize them into a direct conflict.

All he wanted was to just save Minami. After confirming Minami's will, he would make Minami a parasite if she accepted. And then both of them would hide and live in peace. He would happily return her to the Yotsuba too, if that’s what she wanted. He believed that the Yotsuba would stand to protect their kin, whatever the other clans complained about. That's why, whatever the attack, he wanted to solve it as peacefully as possible. Toward Kasumi and Izumi, who were his childhood friends, he was in distress when it came to attacking them. He would attack them with the least painful attack and defeat them. The pain he caused could be treated simply with an emergency kit box and he didn't think that as an acquittal from his guilty feeling.

With the persistent bad after-taste, he headed towards the hospitals backdoor.

His intention was to kidnap Minami so there's no sugar-coated word for that. Today, he intended to bring her with him regardless of her will. After all, he thought that there was no time to convince her otherwise. He calculated that Tatsuya should already be on his way here.

Minoru stretched his hand to grab the hospital backdoor handle but he suddenly leapt backward a great distance.

Dry ice bullets shot through his afterimage.

"Minoru-kun, surrender!"

Minoru looked above where the voice came from.

"So, the illusion has broken down..."

Minoru whispered that in response. Mayumi was looking down at Minoru from the rooftop of the hospital.

◇ ◇ ◇

Mayumi, who chased after Minoru, jumped up to the rooftop.

She arrived at opposite edge of rooftop.

The moon and stars couldn't be seen because of the dense clouds. From this height, one could see the clouds in the center of the city due to the city lights. With this dimmed light, Minoru could be seen rising upward.

Minoru still had his back to Mayumi.

Even when she emitted psions as a sign for her to attack, Minoru still didn't face her.

"Minoru-kun, stay still! If you don't resist, nothing will happen to you! Your problem, I will listen to you!"

Even after Mayumi shouted that, Minoru didn't react. Let alone preparing to attack, he didn't even try to defend.

Mayumi was at a loss. Even she was hesitating to attack a defenseless enemy.

But she couldn't just let this slide. Minoru had become a parasite. She hasn’t confirmed with her own eyes but she didn't believe Tatsuya would lie. She just didn't think Tatsuya had a bad personality, bad enough to lie about this. And a parasite couldn't be left like that.

"Minoru-kun, put down your CAD and raise your hands up!"

Mayumi decided to press Minoru to surrender.

Minoru reacted for the first time. He only moved his body to side and looked at Mayumi. His side face showed a suspicious, wicked and also unworldly beauty smile towards Mayumi.

Correction, not unworldly but inhuman.

Mayumi didn't doubt the fact that Minoru became a parasite.

But this time, she really was convinced that Minoru changed and became an inhuman existence.

She no longer hesitated.

From twelve established platforms, she created them to corner Minoru, and they unleashed dry ice bullets.

Shoulder, chest, stomach, hip, thigh pierced by bullets ー no, they slipped through.

(Illusion!? So this is "Parade"!?)

"Parade." Kudou's magic that created a fake existence in the information dimension in order to disorient the enemy's magic attack.

After their role was decided, Mayumi was told about this magic from her father, Kouchi.

Just what she heard, she couldn't really differentiate between real and fake. Mayumi, as "Magic Sniper," saw Minoru from 6 different angles. But there was no difference from all angles.

(If I can't find his real body, then!)

Mayumi's favorite magic was long range precision sniping. If the target couldn't be found, she couldn't use it.

But she's not only "The most outstanding long-range precision sniping magic user" but also had the "Versatile" nickname, the eldest daughter of Saegusa, the strongest of them. Mayumi couldn't use a "pinpoint" attack.

("Parade" is magic that creates a phantom in one's position around that area in order to slip through enemy's magic...)

Mayumi heard about "Parade’s" characteristics.

(Then, Minoru's real body should be around this rooftop!)

Mayumi prepared other magic. She used magic one step before it changed to be dry ice, "Dry Blizzard."

Area of effect magic that made carbon dioxide within 3 meters upward and hailed down at negative eighty degrees Celsius.

It covered about two-thirds of the rooftop area. But even with that attack, Minoru didn't show any indication of having been damaged.

However, Mayumi only used that to narrow down her target. Mayumi shrunk her make-shift cage to lock down the vapor gas. It was to prevent the vapor from leaking out.

Within that, the dry ice sublimated instantaneously.

Carbon dioxide concentration was high and it made the temperature several tens below zero degrees Celsius as it covered half of rooftop.

Mayumi gradually let the gas leak while narrowing down the cage. She simultaneously sharpened her mind to that area.

If Minoru was within that area, he would have to defend. Even if he could fake his information, he shouldn't be able to fake the singularity created by magic invocation. ーThat's what Mayumi thought.

But the opposite of what she deduced, there was no indication of magic invocation.

In exchange, she found out that familiar powerful magic was invoked on the ground.

The position where the magic was invoked was the hospital backdoor. It was here sisters.

It was Kasumi and Izumi’s "multiplicative magic.”

(ーーI've been deceived!)

Mayumi finally realized the gimmick. Minoru's real target was to enter from the hospital backdoor. Minoru's illusion was a dummy to make her distance herself from the backdoor.

The illusion feature was a full virtual visual projection, isolated magic platform, and maybe with magical sense jamming. Without wavelengths from the powerful "multiplicative magic," there's no way to know about that psion isolation wall.

Mayumi left the vapor gas cage as it was and ran to the backdoor of the hospital.

(Kasumi-chan, Izumi-chan!)

Mayumi made an effort to not shout. Kasumi and Izumi were taken down. The worst possible prediction was coming real.

But now, her priority was to capture Minoru. At least, if she didn't repel him, her sisters couldn't be treated.

The target was Minoru who hold his hand to grab the door handle.

Mayumi secured a large amount of carbon dioxide on the rooftop and shot dry ice bullets.

Minoru leapt back a large distance. Mayumi's attack only hit his afterimage.

"Minoru-kun, surrender!"

As Mayumi shouted that, Minoru looked above.

Minoru didn't answer and he didn't make any sign of obeying Mayumi.

Mayumi didn't hesitate to shoot him with dry ice bullets.


Her attack passed through Minoru's body and broke down as they hit the ground. This was Parade. Mayumi knew it immediately.

Mayumi compressed carbon dioxide without making it fixed. Ten meters into the air within four directions made a sphere with a diameter of ten meters.

She threw that sphere at Minoru.

As soon as it touched the road surface, the ten-meter air ball expanded in a five-meter radius.

It didn't scatter more than that. Her sisters were outside of its radius. Mayumi didn't forget to do that.

Carbon dioxide concentration was about mid-level poison. If the parasite has the same functionality as a human, then the parasite should have to inhale this air. Minoru shouldn't able to evade that.

Mayumi made a weak breeze within that half-sphere. It wasn't even the level of a gentle wind. Its direction wasn't in one direction either. It looked random, but actually, it was a complex regulated weak air draft.

That current stopped at a certain point. At a height of one hundred seventy to one hundred eighty centimeters and at a width of fifty centimeters. About Minoru's size.

Mayumi made the platform within that half-sphere dome and concentrated fire to that point.

Minoru's hidden presence started to appear.

Within the dimmed city’s light, a boy was seen standing there.

Parade was broken.

Mayumi increased the power and density of her shooting. She prepared an abundance of carbon dioxide for the next attacks. The bullets that were prviously used sublimated and have become a new resource.

Unexpectedly, Minoru raised his right hand.

Mayumi wondered if it's a sign for surrender.

Within that motion, it couldn't be said it didn't result in some sort of opening.

That's why, Minoru's counter-attack was carried out regardless of Mayumi’s circumstances.

Minoru's illusion that was hit by Mayumi's “Dry Blizzard” already disappeared.

Mayumi didn't look at the disappeared illusion anymore.

That's why she didn't realize that there was large shadow that appeared in its place.

The shadow had four legs.

The neck and head formed, with a narrow tail on its opposite side. That silhouette looked just like a tiger.

Fangs grew from its open mouth and released thunder instead of a roar.

Mayumi was disrupted and looked at it.

The shadow beast that was cladded with thunder was already in front of her.

Mayumi couldn't do anything as the beast pushed her down.

The beast bit Mayumi with its fangs.

Blood didn't gush out from Mayumi's body because she was attacked by an electrical discharge which made her unconscious.

Mayumi's body, which seemed like it had been snapped, was wobbling.

"Oh no!"

Minoru shouted it.


Mayumi's body was falling down.

Minoru was thinking about saving her as he started to invoke gravity control magic in order to catch her.

But before he could deploy his magic, a person caught Mayumi's body as she fell.

Mayumi falling down was completely outside of Minoru's calculation.

He impatiently tried to deploy magic to save Mayumi.

But before he did that, she was saved by a person with someone an imposing physique.

Mayumi's body was held in mid-air as that person was controlling gravity and inertia to land on the road’s surface without making any noise. That person literally shut out all noise when landing. But in Minoru's mind, he heard it as if the landing made the earth tremble.


That person was the current head of Juumonji Family, Juumonji Katsuto.

Katsuto shows his back to Minoru while still holding Mayumi.

He gently put Mayumi's body on the road.


Minoru didn't attack Katsuto from behind. ---No, he couldn't.

He was overwhelmed with Katsuto's back as if he wanted to say, "Wait a minute.”

Katsuto stood up and turned around.

Minoru activated Parade at once and left only his illusion.

But even if he evaded, it would be meaningless.

An invisible wall came out from Katsuto. With the size of two tatami, about one-point-eight meters in length and width, a hardened transparent magic wall chased Minoru fiercely.

Minoru impatiently leapt to the right.

The wall didn't affect anything except physical objects and it didn't give any influence on physical energy. But because of this "solid object won't be able to pass through invisible wall" feature, it's known that illusions don't exist in physical space. Katsuto's wall broke down Minoru's illusion and grazed Minoru's body as he disappeared into darkness.

Having evaded Katsuto's attack, Minoru prepared for his next magic. By absorbing Zhou Gongjin, Minoru used his newly found magic to mislead direction, Ghost Walker.

At the same time, he ran to the left. If Ghost Walker succeeded, Katsuto would see him running in the opposite direction.

But his magic only worked for two seconds. He was stopped by an anti-physical wall.

(Ghost Walker is not effective?)

Minoru thought that but immediately knew it's his misunderstanding.

Katsuto's magic wall had a width-diameter of four meters and a height of two meters in the form of a dome.

The wall that closed off all directions.

The magic that had to mislead the direction like Ghost Walker became useless.

From above, the wall descended. The cylindrical cover was dropping downward.

Against the pressing magic wall encirclement, Minoru deployed an anti-physical barrier to resist.

Against the wall with a width-diameter of four meters, he focused all of his might on his shield size of fifty centimeters.

Katsuto's wall and Minoru's shield broke simultaneously.

Minoru leapt to escape the "cage.”

The moment he landed, his one thigh was pierced. Katsuto, who had the nickname "Iron Wall," attacked Minoru. Katsuto dispersed his power to a wide area wall as Minoru was just barely able to offset the power difference by countering him with a concentrated small area wall/shield. In order to combat such fighting power, Minoru was required to use a great amount of his own magic power.

But Minoru didn't have time to wait for his power to recover.

Katsuto also wasn't so naive to give Minoru a break.

Before the consequent attack came, Minoru already invoked his magic.

“Cloudless Thunder.”

Among his favorite release-type magic, this magic was the most powerful anti-personnel magic. For the already exhausted Minoru, this magic wasn't something that he should use lightly. In spite of that, any half-hearted attack wouldn't be effective against Katsuto.

A large amount of air molecules was changed to plasma. Then, an electron shower fell towards Katsuto.

But it didn't reach Katsuto.

Just in that small lapse of time, the surge of negative ions were obstructed by a magic barrier.

That was within Minoru's calculation.

It wasn't a bluff. Minoru knew from the start that Cloudless Thunder wouldn't be able to damage Katsuto. This way, Katsuto would stop his continuous attack for a moment and he would then use this opportunity to take the initiative.

(What do you say to this one!)

Minoru took out a talisman ー Commanding Sign, and it started emitting black light from his pocket towards Katsuto.

From Commanding Sign, a black beast with four legs leapt out and attacked Katsuto.

It was a Shadow Beast that Zhou Gongjin used as offensive magic which was arranged to resemble western ancient magic, Hell Hound. If classified with modern magic, it could be said to be an outer-systematic magic because the damage would come from fangs and claws which would result in creating the fact of wounding the victim.

(This is an astral-side attack of outer-systematic magic. An Anti-physical shield wouldn't be effective!)

The black compound body was coming to attack Katsuto.

But the jet-black Shadow Beast didn't touch Katsuto's body as it disappeared the moment it touched a magic wall.

(...Juumonji's magic wall contains a feature that not only defends against any physical phenomenon, but also includes one to maintain the original phenomenon.)

Minoru didn't panic with this result and instead, he calmly analyzed it.

Juumonji's magic wall, Phalanx. Instead of the defense power it had, Minoru was warier for its zone interference power.

The caster was able to deny any phenomenon rewriting that occurred within the interference zone.

Illusion and compound body too, were magic that projected an image. Without power that overcame Katsuto's power, it wouldn't able to pass through Katsuto's barrier. Even though Minoru had adsorbed Zhou Gongjin's technique and the speed invocation that came with his parasite body, his power was still as same as before. Minoru possessed strong phenomenon rewriting power but unfortunately, it was still not enough to breach Katsuto's barrier.

Minoru scattered his clones and nimbly ran around. This wasn't Parade but just illusion magic. The reason for that was to preserve his power. As Katsuto was distracted, he invoked several magic.

ーSpark, Cloudless Thunder, Plasma Bullet, Hot-wind Blade.

The magic he is most used to.

ーNitrogen Storm, Dry Blizzard.

Using the Saegusa siblings magic to surprise Katsuto, Minoru was using various magic’s to attack.

Regardless, all of his attacks couldn't breach Katsuto’s barriers.

And within the small time span in-between those attacks, he deployed offensive type Phalanx.

Not concentrating at one point but instead, scattering to all the phantoms.

One of them successfully hit Minoru.

Offensive type Phalanx was a pinpoint invisible barrier that deployed continuously to attack and breach the enemy defense. If it was only one, it wouldn’t be much different from weight-type magic. Minoru used an anti-physical barrier to offset Katsuto's attack.

Because of the offensive-type Phalanx. He couldn't use Ghost Walker.

Minoru released his shield and at the same time, he invoked acceleration magic.

Katsuto’s attack-type barrier deflects off of Minoru’s body.

Minoru held the pain that almost made him lose consciousness and used the momentum from the impact to fly upward.

Several bones broke, with his internal’s heavily wounded, Minoru casted anti-gravity magic on himself.

Minoru ascended into the darkness using the momentum.

Despite his wounds, he broke through the low altitude of clouds to escape.

◇ ◇ ◇

Mayumi and the Saegusa twins were taken to the hospital where Minami was. When Miyuki and Tatsuya arrived, Kasumi and Izumi were still asleep. Mayumi had never completely lost consciousness so she was already awake.

Tatsuya comments that Minoru doesn’t seem to be completely evil and that he was glad everyone was okay. Minoru’s only purpose is to escort Minami out of the hospital. Tatsuya asks Mayumi if they are still following Minoru and she says that the Juumonji Family is still in pursuit. Mayumi was depressed that she lost in her fight against Minoru.

Tatsuya compliments Juumonji in the fact that he was able to drive off Minoru without getting harmed. Miyuki says that while his skills are excellent, if he hadn’t run into the Saegusa twins and Mayumi, it would have been much more difficult for him.

Mayumi laughs and thanks Miyuki for her comment.

◇ ◇ ◇

When Kasumi and Izumi woke up, Tatsuya and Miyuki spoke to the both of them before returning home. They were later informed that they were going home, and Tatsuya wonders if it would have been better for them to stay overnight at the hospital.

Miyuki makes a smart comment about whether or not they could get a good night’s rest knowing that the Yotsuba “own” the hospital.

Miyuki asks Tatsuya if he thinks it will be possible to capture Minoru. Tatsuya says that Juumonji’s magic is well suited for defensive battles, but it will be unlikely that they can capture Minoru. Miyuki reminds herself of the roles attached to the Ten Master Clans during the “Vampire Incident.” Tatsuya says that everyone has their strong and weak points.

Tatsuya says that Minoru’s sole purpose was to infiltrate the hospital without causing damage to the hospital itself. As such, his only choice was to use the doorways, back doors, or roof top entrances. Juumonji would have had a better advantage if he’d waited until Minoru jumped into their trap. Miyuki tells Tatsuya that with Minoru’s “Parade” and “Ghost Walker,” it would be difficult to grasp his position. Tatsuya corrects Miyuki by saying that it isn’t necessary for Juumonji to know where Minoru is exactly. He says that the use of magic barriers isn’t just about protecting the inside from what happens on the outside, but Juumonji can also keep things locked in and out of his barriers as well. Tatsuya goes on to say that it is easier for Juumonji to capture something coming after or towards him opposed to capturing something that is running away, which becomes much more difficult task.

Tatsuya also adds that he wouldn’t be able to capture Minoru while he is running away with his combination of “Parade” and “Ghost Walker.” He deduces that the quickest way to capture Minoru would be to add more manpower, in order to create the appropriate “net.” He hopes the Saegusa Family and the Kudou Family can create that for them.

◇ ◇ ◇

Minoru sits back on a seat in an individual compartment on the train. Uttering words of regret with a sigh of relief. It was only ten minutes ago that he was running away from the pursuit unit led by the Juumonji Family.

Because of the parasite’s healing ability, the injuries suffered during his fight with Katsuto had already been healed. Minoru was currently hiding his appearance using “Parade,” and it seems like nobody was able to see through this using the security cameras. Minoru was now reflecting on his failure tonight.

Minoru didn’t intend to underestimate the Ten Master Clans, however, the results from tonight clearly showed that he had. He believed it was possible for him to take Minami all by himself. In reality, he couldn’t even make it into the hospital. He was able to take out the three sisters of the Seagusa Family, but the head of the Juumonji Family prevented him from getting to Minami.

Mayumi, Kasumi and Izumi were not easily defeated. It might have seemed like a crushing victory but they were all much stronger than he had anticipated. Both Kasumi and Izumi shouldn’t have given him such a hard time if they were by themselves. Even if they both faced him it shouldn’t have been a threat. But the moment the two used “Multiplicative Magic,” it had pushed Minoru into a corner.

Izumi’s magic, “Cold Storm,” which had made her own body freeze, was enough to make him lose his sense of security. If the parasite he adsorbed had not had a healing ability, then he probably would have been held back at that stage.

Mayumi was even stronger than Kasumi and Izumi. It was completely unexpected that Mayumi would be able to defeat his “Ghost Walker.”

And lastly, Juumonji Katsuto. Minoru didn’t know much about him since he only shared mere greetings with him but Katsuto was indeed an “iron wall.” Looking back at it, he didn’t know how to break through his defenses.

Even though Minoru had expected the Saegusa sisters tonight, it was no excuse that he could tell himself about losing to Katsuto. Even if he didn’t face the Saegusa sisters, he wasn’t sure how he would beat Katsuto.

(...For me, Tatsuya may be an even stronger opponent...)

Minoru was depressed while riding the train back to his hideout.

Chapter 5

The day after Minoru attacked the hospital, Tatsuya received a call from Maya.

He boarded a VTOL that Hyougo was driving and then through the underground passage, Tatsuya arrived before noon at the Yotsuba Villa.

Maya informs him that she has received information from their Pentagon collaborators and that she wishes to discuss the information with him. Even if there are changes within the USNA, the Pentagon will remain the same as it was.

“I didn’t know there were any collaborators in the Pentagon.”

Ayako never informed Tatsuya about Colonel Balance. She clearly distinguished her love for Tatsuya from her professional morality as an information gatherer of the Yotsuba Family.

“I will introduce them to Tatsuya in due time.”

Although Tatsuya’s status as being the son of the family head was recognized, he still hasn’t been informed of the Yotsuba Family’s dealings.

“They say the STARS have sent out an execution team.”

It was almost certain that the STARS would send out a tracker team to locate Lina. It has been a week since she has escaped, if anything Tatsuya thought this response time was rather delayed. But for the purpose of the mission to be an assassination, that was unexpected. Lina is a nationally recognized Strategic Class Magician, and while the USNA has one of the strongest military forces, she is still a valuable asset.

“It wasn’t the Pentagon’s decision.”

“Is it the STARS using their own authority?”

Tatsuya mentions that the USNA must be struggling from a serious internal conflict. He is still unaware of what kind of confrontation it is, but if the STARS see Lina as a nuisance, than it is inevitable that they would want to assassinate her over exiling her. It was clear that Maya had more information about the USNA’s internal affairs but didn’t feel it was necessary to explain it there on the spot.

“Do you know the exact route of their intrusion?”

“If you knew, would you be able to handle it?”

Maya answered Tatsuya’s question with another question.

“If you insist, I will take care of it.”

Tatsuya didn’t hesitate in his reply. Maya couldn’t help but smile when she heard his answer. Both of them would show no hesitation when it comes to murder.

STARS were attempting an illegal act of assassination in another country, so there would be no complaints if they were killed. Maya says that they are unsure of where they will be coming from, but they do know when they will arrive. When Tatsuya asks, she says it will be this evening, and Tatsuya now understands why they won’t be able to find their location in time.

Maya says that they will have surveillance set up at the airports and air force bases, however, they can’t make a show of it in order to not draw attention to the situation either. Tatsuya has no objection to this statement.

Maya tells Tatsuya that she will inform him when she gathers information regarding their whereabouts. His mission is to capture them. Tatsuya rises and bows to Maya before leaving.

◇ ◇ ◇

After escaping from the Juumonji pursuit team led by Katsuto, Minoru got off the train and entered a private café. He waited to see if he was still being pursued or not. This café was fully automatized and was monitored through a network of cameras.

However, Minoru had changed his appearance so he has no fear of being seen by the cameras. Even if you try to avoid the cameras, you wouldn’t be able to walk in public spaces. Minoru decided to use this time to use a fortune-telling device that was gained from Zhou’s knowledge.

The device told Minoru a number of abstract words, including “good fortune,” “southwest,” “island,” “sky,” and “port.” Putting those words together, Minoru deduced that it referred to an airport on an island southwest of here. Two airports came to mind. He then used the device to find out the timeframes, and what appeared was “today” and “night.”

Minoru still had time to spare but didn’t have the exact location. So, he decided to make his preparations and head out early. Minoru left the café and headed back to the private train that went to the airport.

◇ ◇ ◇

The sun was just setting in Kansai. Had the sky been clear, it would still be faintly light out. However, due to cloud coverage, it became dark fairly quickly.

A direct flight from Los Angeles had just arrived at Kansai International Airport. One man and a boy exited the plane. There were other American passengers as well but this Anglo-Saxon appearance was quite inconspicuous.

The information that Maya had told Tatsuya was correct. The only mistake was that this was not an execution team but an advance team. Lieutenant Regulus, the young man who wore sunglasses, and if you looked closely, you would find that his right eye is artificial. The boy with him was Raymond Clark. This visit wasn’t an order given to him by his father. It was decided through “discussions” by the parasites.

Raymond became a parasite with a distorted obsession to bring Tatsuya down. With that strong desire, he took the initiative of ordering the parasites to assassinate Tatsuya.

Regulus asks Raymond through telepathy if he would like to grab a train to move to their next destination, but Raymond was silent. Regulus asked again but this time, he suggested grabbing a car. However, Raymond told him to be quiet. Regulus realized his mistake and apologized. By using telepathy, you don’t have to worry about microphones on audio capturing devices. But on the other hand, you run the risk of magicians or other “supernatural beings” being able to notice it.

Microphones are limited to a certain distance, a limitation that does not apply to telepathy. The extent to which a person can catch it depends on their ability, but it is technically the same as magic in which it is not bound by physical distance. But the number of people that can talk telepathically is very small, and it would be very easy to pick up on their true identity if they continued to speak this way.

Therefore, before leaving the country, they had agreed to not use telepathy. But this is the natural form of communication between parasites, so Regulus just thought it to be normal.

◇ ◇ ◇

A team of Japanese police are currently monitoring the Kansai Airport. One of the officers reports that they have picked up on telepathic transmissions and that the likely suspects are the ones that had just arrived from the USNA.

The officer in charge is called Kurosawa. He asks for verification on the passengers to see if any of them are magicians. However, its noted that there shouldn’t be any aboard this plane, so they deduce that they probably forged their passports. When asked for confirmation of which passengers, they are described as a man wearing sunglasses and a boy with blonde hair.

He orders them to be followed and for pictures to be taken in order to confirm their identities.

◇ ◇ ◇

“Raymond, we are being followed by the police.”


Regulus was the first one to notice that they were being tailed. It would seem that an undercover policeman is following them. Raymond was an amateur when it came to this kind of thing so he didn’t notice. Regulus apologizes again because this was most likely caused by the use of telepathy. He is an elite magician from the USNA’s STARS, so he was able to quickly determine that they were being followed.

They discuss what they should do next as even these two couldn’t sneak weapons past international customs checkpoints so they arrived unarmed.

Their current plan is to run to the USNA embassy. They confirm that they have their passports and begin to run, leaving behind their suitcases.

◇ ◇ ◇

The policemen inform Kurosawa that the pair have abandoned their suitcases and have begun to flee. He requests that the suitcases be photographed and then brought to him. The policemen then ask for permission to use magic while in pursuit, which Kurosawa allows.

◇ ◇ ◇

“Stop right there!”

A uniformed police officer jumps through the air. Raymond was the first one to notice and called out a warning to Regulus. He was surprised that a police officer decided to make such a flashy move while in the middle of a big crowd of civilians.

It is rare for this movie-like scene to play out, especially since Japan and USNA have similar standards that includes using magic as inconspicuously as possible while in public. As the policeman approaches, he is suddenly blown away. It is Raymond’s power of psychokinesis which he obtained after becoming a parasite.

Regulus was surprised that Raymond decided to use his powers like this but it couldn’t be helped anymore. He began to sense the signs of magic from multiple different areas. They didn’t expect to be hunted as soon as they landed in Japan, given they specifically chose this airport because they were least likely to stand out here.

Regulus regrets that they didn’t make contact with local collaborators before entering the country. He tells Raymond that it can’t be helped and that he will help them breakthrough the encirclement. Regulus uses self-acceleration magic and makes a dash through the crowds. Raymond follows closely behind him using the same magic.

They plan to look for a taxi that they can steal to get away from the police officers. However, as they move towards the taxi, it suddenly turns into a black luxury sedan.

“Get in!”

Raymond and Regulus look at each other. The voice now was broadcasted telepathically, as it became evident that it was from another parasite. They decide to get into the car immediately and as soon as they do, a strong magic covers the car.

“Is this... Parade?”

Regulus mutters in telepathy.

“Yes, but please refrain from using telepathy.”

Speaking in a calm voice, Regulus focuses on the source and finds another boy sitting next to him. He was surprised when he observed this boy, for he was just as beautiful as Angie Sirius. However, Lina’s beauty exudes a sort of friendliness that is easy to approach while this boy gave off the impression of being difficult to approach.

Regulus thanks him for saving them and introduces himself.

“You’re welcome. My name is Kudou Minoru.”

Raymond also introduces himself and asks if Minoru is a member of the Ten Master Clans.

“Yes, and are you a member of the “Clarks” that are responsible for the Dione Project.”

Raymond confirms his identity, after which Minoru asks them where they would like to go. Regulus mentions that the hotel they booked is most likely under surveillance now.

Minoru offers to provide them with new passports and a different place to stay. Regulus was surprised that he would go so far out of his way to provide them with all this help. When Regulus asks why, Minoru responds.

“Because I am one of them.”

Regulus understands the meaning behind this and Minoru follows up by saying that there is something that he would like them to help him with. Minoru mentions that there is a girl that he “wants to be with.” Raymond asks if it is a lover. Minoru says that it is currently one-sided, but he also doesn’t plan to force her to do anything. If she doesn’t want to accept his proposal, he plans to give up.

Regulus is surprised at this development. Normally, when it comes to a parasite, they would never show such a human-like mentality. Furthermore, they can’t read his thoughts or feelings like they would normally be able to with other parasites.

(There is no doubt that Minoru is a parasite, that goes without question. However, Minoru is clearly different from us.)

◇ ◇ ◇

The illegal immigrants using telepathy broke through the police siege and fled the scene. It was reported to the Futatsugi Family through the police, and this information was shared to the Ten Master Clans.

Maya had Hayama report to Tatsuya. It’s also mentioned that the Kuroba family has taken charge of the search. Maya’s orders to Tatsuya is to go about his normal duties in Tokyo and Miyaki Island. Tatsuya mentions that if the illegal immigrants are STARS, then their aim is probably Lina and that he will be on the lookout.

“I am sending you a photograph of one of the passengers that was taken by the police. It is Raymond Clark.” (Hayama)

Tatsuya is surprised by this information. Hayama continues to say that through the psion observation cameras, it is most likely that he has become a parasite as well. Tatsuya asks how they were able to tell that he has become a parasite and Hayama says that it was thanks to him that this is possible. The captured parasite that the Yotsuba family obtained during the “Vampire Incident.” Through their research, they were able to obtain a way to track the parasites.

“Can’t you find Minoru using this method?” (Tatsuya)

“We are adjusting the radar that Kurebayashi created for Kudou Minoru. Please wait a little longer.” (Hayama)

Kurebayashi is the third butler of the Yotsuba Family and is the general manager of the Yotsuba Family’s technical department. He is also an excellent magician and was one of Tatsuya’s first teachers who taught him magic.

Hayama asks how Lina is doing and Tatsuya says that she doesn’t seem too bored yet. Hayama says that if she requires anything, to let him know and he will take care of it. They both say their goodbye’s and the screen goes blank.

Tatsuya took this call in his own room, so Miyuki wasn’t observing. His thoughts turn to Ayako since the Kuroba Family will be in charge of searching for Minoru. Considering their strengths, it is likely that Ayako and Fumiya will join Tatsuya when it comes to capturing the parasites.

Tatsuya isn’t concerned about Fumiya, considering his “Direct Pain” will work very well against the parasites. However, Ayako has no effective means to attack the parasites. Now while you can damage the body of a parasite normally, it isn’t an effective counter-measure. If she was facing a member of STARS, then she would be fine. But even if the situation is ever unfavorable, she would be able to run away.

(However, if they encounter Minoru...)

(...Maybe I am thinking too much.)

The Kuroba Family was only ordered to search for the parasites and STARS who entered Japan illegally. They aren’t searching for Minoru.

Tatsuya wasn’t aware that the advance team had already joined up with Minoru.

◇ ◇ ◇

Minoru took Raymond and Regulus to Chinatown, one of Zhou’s former hideouts. Minoru is told that the reason that they are here is to search for Angie Sirius, who has escaped here to Japan. Regulus says that he would like to take out Sirius by himself but that it will be difficult and that he will wait for his companions to arrive.

Minoru asks when they will arrive. He says in four days and that they will arrive at Zama military base. But due to the Japanese surveillance, it will be unlikely that they can move off base immediately.

Due to their last operation where Canopus led a team to assassinate Gu Jie, the Japanese have put extra security and surveillance on all USNA movements in Japan.

Minoru says that he will have some men start looking for Sirius. Raymond mentions that Minoru isn’t the eldest son of the Kudou Family and wonders how much authority he actually has.

“You are very well informed; did you learn that through the Hliðskjálf?” (Minoru)

Raymond was shocked to hear this statement.

“You know about Hliðskjálf?” (Raymond)

Minoru laughs and mentions that he has access to a lot of resources.

Regulus says that he would like Minoru to cooperate with their search and that in return, they can help him get his “girlfriend.”


Minoru mentions that she is a member of the Yotsuba Family, and Regulus asks for confirmation that it is “that” Yotsuba Family. Minoru confirms that it is the “Untouchables” but that she is more of an employee of the family. However, she is closely acquainted with the next head of the Yotsuba Family.

Raymond mutters that she is a close friend of Miyuki. Minoru says that she is currently in a hospital in Tokyo and that the Ten Master Clans are gathered there in order to capture him since he has become a parasite.

“You mean it’s not only the Yotsuba Family but the other families from the Ten Master Clans as well?” (Regulus)

Minoru nods and says that in particular, it is the Saegusa and Juumonji Family’s. Minoru goes on to say that the most troublesome one will be the last person they will need to get by, whom is Shiba Tatsuya. Regulus has a particular reaction when his name is mentioned. Minoru continues to say that once Tatsuya joins the fight, he will not be able to reach Minami.

The other day, it was a draw. Yet, Minoru knows for himself that Tatsuya wasn’t serious. If they both had the intention to kill each other, then he didn’t have the confidence to beat Tatsuya. Minoru didn’t have any intention to compete with Tatsuya, but it is inevitable in order to get to Minami. However, if he does fight Tatsuya seriously, it will not help his chances in convincing Minami so Minoru was conflicted by this dilemma.

Minoru learned many tricks from Zhou so he might be able to face Tatsuya in an evenly matched fight. But knowing Tatsuya, he is probably working on a way to counter parasites. Also considering that Tatsuya has the backing of the Yotsuba Family, he has far more resources available compared to Minoru.

Regulus asks if he wants them to take care of Tatsuya, but Minoru says that all they need to do is lure him away from Minami so that he can take her without any resistance. Raymond gets a little annoyed and says that this will just provoke Tatsuya to come searching for them.

Minoru says that he doesn’t mind and by that time, Minami will either acquire a parasite or he will personally deliver her back to the Yotsuba Family. Once again, Raymond gets upset and says that he should just take her and make her a parasite. Parasites are driven by their goals and will do whatever it takes to accomplish them. This attitude shown by Minoru is an anomaly unfamiliar to the parasite Raymond.

Regulus tells Raymond to calm down and apologizes to Minoru. After collecting his thoughts, Raymond decides to give priority to Minoru’s desire to kidnap Minami. In addition, Regulus mentions that if an opportunity arises where he can take Tatsuya out, then he will take advantage it as well. Minoru doesn’t mind.

◇ ◇ ◇

On this day, Tatsuya spent some time in the morning on Miyaki Island and then went to First High School in the afternoon. He headed to the Public Morals Committee Headquarters.

“Mikihiko, are you here?” (Tatsuya)

Mikihiko was surprised to see Tatsuya come to school. As he enters the room, someone smaller than him passes by.

“Kasumi, how are you doing?” (Tatsuya)

Kasumi says that she is fine and that she is sorry to have concerned him. She bows to him and quickly leaves the room. Mikihiko asks if something happened. Tatsuya says that it isn’t anything serious and asks Mikihiko for a favor.

Tatsuya reminds Mikihiko about their talk in the café concerning Minoru and goes on to say that Minoru showed up at the hospital the other day. Mikihiko was surprised and quickly got up to shut the door to the committee room.

Mikihiko guesses that the Saegusa Family fought against Minoru the other day, and Tatsuya confirms it. Tatsuya also says that nobody suffered any major injuries and instead, they were rendered unconscious by oxygen deficiency.

Mikihiko clarifies if Tatsuya’s request involves capturing Minoru. If it was, he would be willing to help. Mikihiko has had a firm belief from the very beginning that dealing with parasites is a job for an Ancient Magician. Tatsuya says that he may ask him to help him with the parasites later but for now, he would like Mikihiko to help him with some magic practices.

Tatsuya explains the contents of the training and that he would like to practice it here at the school. After Tatsuya says that it can take place after his committee duties, Mikihiko says that he will take a leave of absence from the Public Moral Committee. Tatsuya was surprised by this and Mikihiko smiles, saying that it is about time for him to decide on his successor.

◇ ◇ ◇

Generally, it is found that magicians can work either in daylight or at night. But for parasites, they prefer not to be in the sunlight. Also, when you become a parasite, you don’t experience jet lag either.

Raymond knocks on the door to Regulus’s room. He wants to have a discussion about Minoru, and Regulus wonders why. Raymond mentions that their telepathy won’t be able to communicate beyond national boundaries. However, when their telepathy is shared, then they should share the same intentions. But Minoru is a host that is different from them.

Raymond and Regulus became parasites after the black hole experiment, while Minoru became one by acquiring a parasite that had its soul split by the Kudou family.

“Why does Minoru disagree with us?” (Raymond)

“Is this about Shiba Tatsuya?” (Regulus)

Raymond says that they should have been united in the fact that they want to assassinate Tatsuya, but Minoru seems to have other priorities. Regulus reminds him that they had this discussion while they were in the USNA and that there wouldn’t be any way for Minoru to hear them.

Regulus goes on to say that Minoru’s strong will at this moment revolves around Minami. Raymond is still upset and says that no matter what, their priority should be Tatsuya. Regulus is driven by the goal to bring down Tatsuya, but not for the same reasons as Raymond. He believes Tatsuya should be neutralized because his Strategic Class Magic is a threat to the USNA.

While the parasites have united with similar goals, their reasons can differ. It is certain that the individual with the strongest “wish” will take the initiative but this doesn’t mean that all the parasites are governed by this “wish.” For example, Minoru’s involvement in this operation does mean that Regulus and Raymond will not be ignored if he takes the initiative.

Raymond decides that he will talk with Minoru tonight through telepathy. This is the characteristic of someone that is going to take the initiative so Regulus has no reason to stop Raymond.

◇ ◇ ◇

Suddenly, Minoru woke up in the middle of the night due to a telepathic communication.

Raymond asks if he is awake, and Minoru asks why he is reaching out to him in the middle of the night. Minoru also didn’t recognize him as “we” like the other parasites do.

(You aren’t surprised? I think this is the first time we’ve talked in this collective consciousness.)

(This is the first time I’ve spoken here, but it isn’t the first time I’ve heard your voice.)

(It can’t be.)

Minoru laughed at Raymond’s surprise.

Minoru explains that their idea is wrong and that telepathy can reach across borders. The proof is that his intentions haven’t been interfered by Raymond and the others. Regulus, who was listening in on the conversation, was surprised as well.

Originally, the parasites that came to Japan were united by a deep sense of consciousness. Even now, Minoru can sometimes hear the cry of the parasite that was captured by the Yotsuba Family. But even though he wants to go help, the Mental Interference Magic of the Yotsuba Family is something that is dangerous for parasites. Plus, he can’t figure out where this parasite is being held.

Minoru moved on to ask why Raymond was reaching out to him. Raymond mentions that they are living creatures and that they must have one united will. Minoru understands but doesn’t choose to follow their will. His purpose is to help Minami overcome her condition, if she wishes for it.

Raymond says that they must eliminate Tatsuya, and his intentions are sent through to Minoru. However, Minoru dispels these thoughts by reminding himself of his own purpose. He has no intention to leave Minami the way she is right now. He just wants to save her from her fate. This was the reason that he abandoned his humanity.

Personality is formed by nature. It is shaped by following and rebutting the desires and impulses at the core of the mind. Minoru was able to maintain his “self” even though it wasn’t “for himself” but for “someone else’s sake.”

It was a long battle. (TLN: Battle of the minds)

It was Minoru who was still standing at the end of this battle.

(Raymond, you’ll help me, won’t you? First, we’ll get Minami. Tatsuya comes after that.)

(I/We will obey Minoru’s will.)

Minoru continued to be himself until the end. Human beings will be affected if they continue to hear the same thing a dozen times or even a hundred times. Even if you deny it, your empathy will gradually decrease.

Minoru wasn’t immune to this but he continued to strengthen himself by reminding himself of his goal. But even so, he had been exposed to hundreds of whispers to get rid of Tatsuya.

(We will deal with Tatsuya-san afterwards.)

Before he knew it, Minoru’s consciousness was also guided and deteriorated. (TLN: Minoru won the battle of the minds but in the process succumbed to the idea that Tatsuya must be assassinated as well.)

Chapter 6

There was some trouble with the entry of illegal immigrants through the Kansai International Airport and yet, Japan was mostly peaceful. Though a fierce battle took place between Minoru and Raymond in the spirit dimension, the general public was none the wiser. The recent aggressive protests from anti-magic organizations are in a lull.

The handing over of Major Sirius to the USNA wasn't strictly required, whereas the Great Asian Union couldn't afford to meddle with the Nansei Islands section. On the surface, matters pertaining to diplomacy were quiet despite the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Defense both feeling uneasy. Regarding the Great Asian Union, a reason that would shake the world was announced on Friday, June 28th.

Tatsuya and Miyuki are watching TV while eating breakfast when a newscaster announces that the Great Asian Union and New Soviet Union are at war.

The newscaster mentions that the Great Asian Union invaded along the Lake Khanka border, where they started advancing south towards Ussuriysk. The New Soviet Union mobilized the military in the Far East that was stationed in Vladivostok. They collided 30 kilometers from Ussuriysk and the battle still continues. The aim of the Great Asian Union is to capture the southernmost part of the Primorsky Krai Region. The region, especially Vladivostok, is geopolitical meaningful to them as it allows them to remove the threat of a knife at their throat and paves the safe removal of the threat to the Goryeo Autonomous Region.

After a map is displayed, the newscaster is asked why Vladivostok is being aimed for via the current route, invading down south, when forces in the Goryeo Autonomous Region is closer and could have been mobilized. They go on to state that after the Great Asian Union suffered a massive loss to their naval forces because of the Yokohama Incident, they haven't recovered enough to attack Vladivostok from the south; though if forced to would use the navy from there which is indispensable.

The newscaster goes on to say that they think the Great Asian Union had started preparations for a full-scale attack more than a year ago. Basically, after the Nichia Peace Treaty was signed. In addition, a rumor that had been going around the last few days via military officials mentioned that the central government of the Great Asian Union needed a military achievement to restore its prestige.

The news correspondent talks about the military capabilities of both countries, taking into consideration that the New Soviet Union wins in terms of quality and the Great Asian Union wins in terms of quantity. In addition, the military forces of the New Soviet Union are widely spread out in East Asia, Central Asia and Eastern Europe. The Siberian military is located further north than the rest of the troops. The Great Asian Union calculated that so long as the Strategic-Class Magician (aka Igor) isn't able to fight, then they have enough forces to attain victory due to hearing a rumor that Igor is either dying or unconscious; since nothing has been said about or from him since the incident in Tokyo at First High. Finally, its asked whether or not the Great Asian Union will use Strategic-Class Magic and if the newscaster thinks that that will be enough to introduce Liu Li Lei to the battle.

Even though discussion about the current story continues, Tatsuya and Miyuki leave as he escorts her to school from the house. On the way while in the car, she asks him what he's going to do. He tells her that since he hasn't received a call from Lieutenant Colonel Kazama, he'll go to FLT instead.

◇ ◇ ◇

During a call with Kazama, he tells Tatsuya that it’s regrettable how the situation from before that damaged the trust they have in one another continues on. Though he does ask if Tatsuya will come by the base any time soon and Tatsuya tells him that he will. To Kazama, the request seems to have gone well, with Tatsuya nodding in reply after having returned to his apartment. Kazama thinks that even if Tatsuya were to fight against the National Defense Forces, nothing good would come of it and that in such a case, there isn't any reason to fuss over such a matter. He apologizes, lowering his head, while not knowing Tatsuya's feelings on the matter.

◇ ◇ ◇

At the same time Tatsuya was watching the news about the military conflict going on in the Far East, Minoru, who had won the fierce battle the night before, didn't imitate as if he had gone to sleep. Both Raymond and Regulus hadn't awoken yet, due in part because of the nature of the Parasites and not because of jet lag.

Minoru tells Raymond telepathically about what's going on (Minoru thinks that it could lead to opportunities). He goes on to say that if the military conflict is prolonged, the Ten Master Clans would have to move their attention to the Sea of Japan, where if something were to happen in the southern portion of the sea, they'd end up having to deal with it instead of focusing on Minoru himself.

If the TV commentator is correct, the war was triggered by Tatsuya's counterattack by Igor, which gravely harmed him. Minami, who was injured by an attack of Igor and the influence of Igor's defeat which still floats about, could cause Tatsuya to lose his chance to defend Minami.

Raymond says that it would be ironic with how casual Tatsuya would respond to the claim, whereas Minoru thinks that as well.

◇ ◇ ◇

Tatsuya cancelled his scheduled visit to Miyaki Island and FLT and headed towards Kasumigaura Base, the Headquarters of the Independent Magic-Equipped Battalion.

Of course, Tatsuya reported this to Maya, whom he talked to directly, in which she thought it be a good thing that relations with the National Defense Forces be restored. This was partially because it would be difficult to let go of the ability where the National Defense Force could mobilize soldiers in great number.

Kazama is present with Fujibayashi nearby as his adjutant when Tatsuya greets him by saluting. They get down to business and Tatsuya asks about Igor wanting to hear about him. When the villa in Izu was attacked, Tatsuya found out that Kazama knew that the individual responsible that was taken care of wasn't Igor. However, what happened as a result of the attack on First High wasn't reported to the military. It was reported to the Main House. Tatsuya never spoke again about the information, whether it was passed on from the Yotsuba Family to the National Defense Forces, of which it was not.

Tatsuya tells them that he didn't directly attack Igor but in his place, he decomposed a large CAD that was in operation. Therefore, it is possible that Igor was injured. Kazama asks if it was a train-type CAD and Tatsuya says that is was. Kazama continues, asking that when it was decomposed, if Igor could have suffered mental damage through his Magic Calculation Area when he was connected to the CAD. Tatsuya concurs by saying that its likely since they haven't been attacked by Igor since then. Kazama goes on to ask if it’s possible Igor is dead and Tatsuya tells him that the likely hood that he is dead is less than one percent.

It's believed by Kazama that if Igor does reappear in time during the invasion by the Great Asian Union, the New Soviet Union's military leadership believes that they themselves, with Igor, would be enough to see sufficient battle results within the day that he is mobilized. Kazama asks Tatsuya how long would it take for Igor to recover and he gauges that based off the past, it'd take ten to twenty days based off Igor being injured from a forced disconnection from the CAD (today is Friday and the attack from Tuman Bomba on First High took place the Thursday before). Thus, another attack could come in a few days or another week.

Tatsuya moves the conversation forward by mentioning that Japan is once again exposed to the Parasites. Kazama thinks that he's talking about Minoru but Tatsuya tells him that new Parasites have appeared in the USNA, surprising Kazama (the National Defense Forces have no knowledge of what's transpired in the USNA). Tatsuya tells him that there was a rebellion within STARS at their base headquarters the week before and that it’s a fact members of STARS are possessed by Parasites. Kazama asks if its information Tatsuya received from Lina and he tells him he'd heard it from Kudou Retsu, who is a relative of Lina's (Tatsuya continues to deny that he's in contact with or is hiding Lina). Finally, Tatsuya mentions that at least two Parasites have entered Japan. This further surprises Kazama, wherein Tatsuya tells him that the police that were in Kansai discovered two individuals who had run away after illegally entering the country. Tatsuya tells him that it’s likely one of them is from STARS, which makes Kazama think that he should tell Saeki this information and Tatsuya concurs.

The police in the Hanshin area didn't keep the information to themselves. It was reported to Central (the National Police Agency), where it was then reported to the Ten Master Clans. Whether the police would share information with the military is a subtle thing. At times, it’s not a good thing for the police to borrow the power of the National Defense Forces. So in all likely hood, there isn't a low possibility of Saeki eventually purchasing the detailed information through a private route.

Kazama asks who the other person is and Tatsuya tells him that it is Raymond Clark. Kazama isn't sure if it’s true until he's told that there is no mistake based off of proof from a photograph taken by the police. Fujibayashi then interjects, asking if Raymond is related to Edward Clark. Tatsuya replies, saying that he is his son and the creator of Project Dione. He goes on to add that Raymond is one of the "Seven Sages" who uses the information collection system "Hliðskjálf," which is the backdoor to Echelon III. Tatsuya continues, explaining that he also used the system to reveal his identity as Taurus Silver. Though when he tells her all this, it’s an information overload for her, but he refuses to let her rest from her whining. As things progress, Tatsuya, a member of the Yotsuba family, formally requests for cooperation with the National Defense Forces' Independent Magic-Equipped Battalion.

Tatsuya tells them that it’s highly likely the Parasites that have entered Japan are going to collaborate with Minoru (when he mentions Minoru, a touchy subject for Fujibayashi, her face goes pale. She already likely knows about Minoru, but in the end, Tatsuya felt that there was no need to take her feelings into consideration). Tatsuya further explains that there are bound to be more people that were sent because of the illegal activities that STARS is conducting in Japan and that it can't just be one person sending them. He excludes Raymond as one of the possible people, though he isn't taking Raymond lightly, for he thinks that as a Parasite, Raymond has acquired a power that can't be ignored. In the end, he guesses that Raymond isn't one of the people and it’s just the power of STARS that'll be counted.

Kazama says that reinforcements should be sent without fail and that some should be in the immediate area. Tatsuya concurs and goes on to say that Minoru's purpose is to take Minami (thus, he moves the topic from STARS over to Minoru). He tells them that if STARS were to join Minoru in going after Minami, it’s possible that she can't be defended with the power of the Yotsuba Family. Kazama asks if Tatsuya is asking for soldiers and he says no. He goes on to say that if STARS were to invade either the military bases in Zama or Yokosuka, the military would step in to stop their intrusion.

The Yotsuba Family monitors the private and metropolitan airports and air bases. but it’s only the National Defense Forces who can monitor outside, for even if they can't get inside, it would take time and effort to do so in the current situation. Whereas its more reasonable to trouble the military to monitor the bases to prevent the intrusion of foreign troops for illegal activities, for it is something they should do for being allies.

Kazama says that he understands and will let Saeki know to pass it on as a military order. Kazama didn't mention any alternatives since he understood that it’s the duty of the National Defense Forces to do as requested.

Thus, closing the discussion on those subjects, Kazama asks Tatsuya what he thinks about the war going on. Tatsuya clarifies, wondering if he meant who would win and who would lose. Kazama tells him so, and Tatsuya responds that it'll be the New Soviet Union (he responded immediately as he had time to think it through while on his way to the base). Kazama asks for his analysis, where Tatsuya goes on to say that the invasion of the Great Asian Union is based off uncertain information about the absence of Igor. This means that the very thought that Igor isn't going to appear is wrong. The moment he joins the battle, the morale of the soldiers of the Great Asian Union will fall; more specifically, the moment Tuman Bomba is used.

Kazama asks him if there is no possibility for them to settle things before Igor returns. Tatsuya tells him that there is no definite difference between the military forces of the two sides, whether it be the military of the New Soviet Union deployed in the Far East or that of the Great Asian Union's military. Even then, if the Great Asian Unions were to use "Thunderclap Tower," it would be difficult to win in such a short period of time and that only time would tell who would be victorious.

Kazama interjects, saying that if the New Soviet Union were victorious, they would plan to invade Japan. He personally asks Tatsuya if the military can count on him while looking straight into his eyes. Without any hesitation, Tatsuya tells him that there's no problem and that he can count on him. To deter the military campaigns of other countries, Tatsuya knew to consider borrowing the power of Toudou Aoba. With Kazama, even if he weren't asked by the 101st Brigade, he had already intended to take necessary measures. To Tatsuya, there was no need to be honest, and let Kazama believe that he was "borrowing" Tatsuya's power.

◇ ◇ ◇

The day after the invasion into the territories of the New Soviet Union by the Great Asian Union, in the New Soviet Union's coastal region of the Far East, the New Soviet Union's forces were on the retreat. The world was paying attention to the conflict and among them, it’s said that Japan has been observing with strong interest and vigilance.

The rules prohibiting the use of ABC weapons since World War III by the International Magic Association are still in effect. Conventional weapons are still widely used for this reason, though for the militaries that can afford them, electromagnetic weapons and laser weapons are also utilized. Thus, in order for one side to defeat the other in a short period of time, weapons that the other side don't possess are needed.

The source of victory is Liu Li Lei, the user of "Thunderclap Tower," a Strategic-Class Magic. The Great Asian Union predicted Igor couldn’t make a move, which is exactly what military experts have also deduced. Victory wasn't settled in just one day. The Great Asian Union introduced her on the first day to promote dominance on the battlefield. However, "Thunderclap Tower" isn't a magic that can encompass every battlefield. Even with the existence of such a magic, its use is difficult to utilize in land battles where the enemy is approaching friendly forces. As such, Strategic-Class Magic isn’t always as convenient as other people in the world believe.

The day being Saturday, Tatsuya had dropped Miyuki off at school in the morning and Minami was still in the hospital with no set date for her release by the Yotsuba Family. Despite Tatsuya no longer being a "Guardian," he still accompanies Miyuki to school as a bodyguard. Even though Tatsuya doesn't need to be in close physical proximity to Miyuki in order to protect her, he still feels weary about Igor's attack from the time before. Therefore, escorting her is an effective countermeasure every morning, and because of his strong personality, he likes doing it.

After escorting her to First High, Tatsuya went back home to change out of his school uniform and into more rough clothes. He then took the air-car straight to Miyaki Island. His first goal was the magical research laboratory, as he was worried about keeping his eyes off Lina for too long. Sure enough, she had already begun to get bored.

Lina is beside him while he is working. Out of boredom, she asks him what he's doing. Tatsuya tells her he's creating a new magic. She asks why only with computers. He asks her if it’s so surprising that he's doing so and continues by asking if the engineer who created the "Brionac" does something similar. Tatsuya feels strongly about the creator of the "Brionac" as his opponent and deeply within his heart wants to meet the person.

"Surely Abby is also remodeling magic at her own desk." (Lina)

Is the engineer who developed the Brionac an "Abby?" ── Tatsuya secretly wrote down the name in the heart of his notepad.

"Although when you create a new magic, don't you repeatedly experiment?" (Lina)

The engineer, it seems that they're still creating new magic. ── Tatsuya also adds this to the heart of his notepad.

"Even this magic, it's not created from scratch." (Tatsuya)

Every time Tatsuya would hear "Abby" the engineer, he would get interested, all while answering Lina's questions.

Since Tatsuya had the chance to see "Tuman Bomba" a while before, he thought that he could apply it to another magic to use since Tuman Bomba is too complex to easily use. Tatsuya had a feeling that a large-scale device is needed and can't easily be used. However, Lina interpreted his words as the magical power required is too high and can't easily be used. Though her interpretation isn't wrong either.

"...Eh?! Wait a minute… The magic you are trying to create, is it a Strategic-Class Magic?" (Lina)

In a single beat ── another beat jumped, also saying ── Lina spoke out of tone.

"The classification is as such." (Tatsuya)

Whether Tatsuya had gotten used to it, there was no such thing as him laughing out loud.

"Amazing." (Lina)

Lina's shoulders sharply rise while laughing, "I'm amazed."

"Great Bomb... No, I wonder if it's 'Material Burst'. Even though you also have a deterrent magic, are you trying to acquire a new Strategic-Class Magic? Are you going to become a Demon King?" (Lina)

"Is Lina a gamer?" (Tatsuya)

"Even if you don't play g-games, everyone knows what a ‘Demon King’ is of course!" (Lina)

The number of people who wish to treat him as a Demon King have increased, and Tatsuya was starting to get a little tired of it.

"I myself won't be using the magic." (Tatsuya)

"Eh, is that so?" (Lina)

"It's as you say, Lina. Strategic-Class Magic, it's not enough to have one. Such a thing, even though it’s useless due to its limited use, it comes with catches like a mountain." (Tatsuya)

"I know." (Lina)

Lina ignored the context and strongly agreed.

"When it's completed, it will be used by another magician." (Tatsuya)

Tatsuya hid his wry smile with a seemingly plausible expression.

"I know that there are those who can use it. If his or her name were mentioned, they would become a new "Apostle" and the depressing things will decrease a little." (Tatsuya)

"Well." (Lina)

Lina was distracted by his "shamelessness" to be able to pay attention to the essentials.

A new nationally recognized Strategic-Class Magician is to be born in Japan and in one word, it will bring great change to the military balance of the world.

◇ ◇ ◇

Tatsuya only stayed on Miyaki Island during the morning.

The new Strategic-Class Magic isn't complete yet. Tatsuya doesn't think highly of himself, that he doesn't have the ability to be able to create a new magic in a day or two. Besides, he has a new magic that's already necessary for use than that of a new Strategic-Class Magic.

That Saturday afternoon, Tatsuya asks Mikihiko to train with him as his partner in the exercise forest after school. Tatsuya was still tackling the issue of completing the "Seal Ball" that Yakumo suggested.

The magic would compress the Parasites that are expelled from the body and confine them within the mind. The "Seal Ball" is a physical seal by means of having the Parasite confined by getting sucked into it like a curse; where the spirit of the Parasite is decomposed and then incinerated. Even then, further steps in the process are required. But once trapped, Tatsuya's job is finished and an expert can take over. Overall, the training itself is self-explanatory in words.

Mikihiko summons spirits and deliberately pours in power to create a runaway state. Tatsuya would then go and restrain them with Non-Systematic Magic to compress the spirit, putting it into a stable, frozen state. In addition, the Information Body is covered with Psions that are then mixed with the spirit, combining everything together. A separate container, an object for sealing, needs to be prepared beforehand. Thus, enables the preservation and storage of the Parasite that would then later be separated from it, processed and rendered harmless. This prevents the Parasite from flying and eroding the mind of other humans.

Tatsuya had started on Thursday and was far from completing the magic. He was getting there little by little while tinkering with it. While training, Tatsuya tells Mikihiko that things look good for now and Mikihiko praises him. Tatsuya doesn't respond to the praise like old times and knows that the magic has progressed since his time compared to when he visited Yakumo. Tatsuya is told to have some confidence in himself. They continue with the training again and again.

Chapter 7

It was Sunday morning when Tatsuya received word from Fujibayashi.

She mentions that the USNA military has sent more troops to Zama Base, and that they will be flying in from Hawaii tomorrow evening.

As expected of STARS, they used their agreement with Japan in order to send more reinforcements to find Lina. However, given the fact that this request came directly from STARS shows that the influence of the parasites has grown considerably within the USNA. Fujibayashi has a very concerned look on her face.

Fujibayashi asks if Tatsuya will be okay handling this by himself, and Tatsuya mentions that his is working with someone to create a countermeasure against the parasites. When Fujibayashi asks who it is, Tatsuya gives an ambiguous answer, without mentioning any names.

Fujibayashi reminds Tatsuya to be careful, and that Yanagi will be on standby in case he needs any support. And Tatsuya says if that happens he will be counting on him. But Fujibayashi understood from Tatsuya’s statement that he wouldn’t be relying on them.

After the conversation is over Miyuki begins a conversation with Tatsuya.

“Onii-sama... What should I be doing tomorrow?”

Six months ago, the old Miyuki would have never had asked this. She would have either expected to tag along with Tatsuya or make up an excuse to join him no matter what. But Miyuki has since realized that she is one of Tatsuya’s weaknesses and she doesn’t wish to be a burden to him anymore.

“Look after Minami.”

This was Tatsuya’s decision. He doesn’t believe that Miyuki needs to fight against STARS. It’s not that he thinks she is inferior to them but given the situation he doesn’t want Miyuki to take any unnecessary risks, considering how desperate the parasites are.

If the parasites are attacked then you must expect a counterattack, so he hopes to keep Miyuki uninvolved. However, the situation with Minoru is different. If she defends Minami from Minoru, it won’t get her involved with the USNA.

“We still haven’t confirmed Minoru’s whereabouts. I want you to keep an eye on things at the hospital, while I am fighting another battle.”


Miyuki understands Tatsuya’s intentions and promises to follow his instructions.

◇ ◇ ◇

Minoru, who had left Regulus and Raymond behind, headed to Nara alone. Zhou still has some connections in Nara that Minoru was able to use. But this particular connection was with non-magicans, and he is staying at a private house owned by them. Zhou was a formidable adversary but now thanks to him, Minoru was able to move around comfortably.

He made it as far as he could safely, but he is now about to enter the territory of the Kudou Family. His destination was the Ninth Laboratory, where he intended to take more of the sealed parasite dolls that were kept there.

After the fight against the Saegusa and Juumonji families, Minoru strongly realized his limitations. Even though he made an agreement with Raymond and Regulus, they had their own work to do. That was when he realized that he should use the parasite dolls. Even though the production of the parasite dolls was stopped, it didn’t mean that the Kudou Family stopped perfecting the ones they already had.

Even after the Kudou Family stepped down from the Ten Master Clans, the Ninth Laboratory still remained under their control. And considering the current situation, it is likely to be heavily guarded.

His grandfather Kudou Retsu must be waiting for him. But Minoru thought to himself that it was a necessary risk to walk into the “tiger’s den”.

◇ ◇ ◇

The head of the Yotsuba Family, Yotsuba Maya, entrusted the investigation of the illegal immigrant to the Kuroba Family. Kuroba Mitsugu, the family head of the Kuroba Family had two excellent twins.

The older sister, Kuroba Ayako. And the younger brother Kuroba Fumiya. They were both second year students at Fourth High School.

Ayako and Fumiya had come to Kansai Internation Airport. They were here to listen to the reports from the witnesses about the illegal immigrants. Their direct contact in this case was Kurosawa, who was the one to discover Regulus and Raymond.

Ayako became aquainted with Kurosawa three years ago when she was working in the area. So she had invited him out to lunch along with Fumiya. Ayako had helped clear out a criminal organization that was brainwashing children, and turning them into operative for the criminal organization.

“But this didn’t give us any clues, did it? (Fumiya)

“It wasn’t without any clues.” (Ayako)

Ayako explains that the two men suddenly disappeared from sight after they closed in on a manned taxi. While two men were recorded leaving, they had a different appearance than what was recorded at the airport. Fumiya deduces that magic was used and that is was the Kudou’s “Parade”. Ayako confirms and says that Minoru is most likely helping to conceal them. Ayako and Fumiya reported to their father that they highly suspect that Minoru is helping to conceal the parasite STARS that have entered the country.

Fumiya wonders if the Kudou Family is also helping. He is reminded of the situation where the current head of the Kudou Family had used Zhou’s connections to help strengthen the parasites. However, they both believe that “His Excellency” and his subordinates wouldn’t do something like that. To them the Kudou Family has two “sects”, one following the Kudou Makoto, and the others follow Kudou Retsu. Also, Ayako and Fumiya now call Retsu “His Excellency” after hearing that Tatsuya does.

It was already dark by the time that Fumiya and Ayako had arrived at the Ninth Laboratory. As expected, Retsu was the one in charge of the meeting. Things are currently tense within the Kudou Family, they are quite upset with Minoru’s actions. However, Retsu is still very fond of him and pity’s his situation and what drove him to it.

After Retsu explains the current situation of the Kudou Family to Ayako and Fumiya, he invites them to have a meal.

◇ ◇ ◇

(The sun will be setting soon...)

Minoru was hiding in the shadows, while observing the Ninth Laboratory from a distance. He began to go over his objective. He knows that there are only a few Ancient Magicians that can bind parasites to a body. And most of those magicians have left back to the mainland by using Zhou’s connections.

Tatsuya and Katsuto have no way to bind a parasite completely. They may have other means to subdue a parasite, but in that case it would escape by using the method of igniting itself. This self-destruction does destroy the body, but the parasite itself will not be destroyed.

Minoru moved forward and destroyed the gate in front of him.

◇ ◇ ◇

Ayako and Fumiya who had just finished their meal looked towards the direction of the Ninth Laboratory. Retsu did as well but it was only Fumiya that jumped up.

They are wondering why the alarm didn’t go off. There was a magic barrier that was supposed to be practically undetectable.

“Your Excellency! I think Minoru has come.” (Fumiya)

“If it is Minoru, his aim must be the Parasite Dolls.” (Retsu)

“Do you mean the humanoid weapons that were tested at last years Steeplechase Event?” (Ayako)

“Did you know?” (Retsu)

“Yes, I had some involvement in it.” (Ayako)

Retsu says that the parasite dolls are sealed in the warehouse on the north side, and asks them to support him. They have no real reason to obey him but Minoru is an adversary of the Yotsuba Family. If Minoru is going for the parasite dolls, then his aim must be to build up his own military strength. So it is the natural duty of the Yotsuba Family to prevent an enemy from obtaining more military strength.

Retsu must head to his study first, while Ayako and Fumiya begin to head to the warehouse.

◇ ◇ ◇

Even with Minoru’s new powers, it wasn’t easy for him to get through the security of the Ninth Laboratory. However, this is nothing compared to Mayumi and Juumonji.

It only took a short while but Minoru arrived at the warehouse where the sealed parasite dolls were kept. As Minoru approached the gate with an electric lock, he felt that he was being careless. He then uses “Golden Electron Silkworms” from a distance and as the silkworms reach the lock, a powerful electrical discharge occurs.

The voltage seemed to be set at a lethal level, and if Minoru had attempted to get close, he would have been incapacitated for a while. This trap was most likely setup by Retsu, known as one of the craftiest magicians of his time.

Minoru once again used the “Golden Electron Silkworms” to open the lock from a distance. The electronic discharge earlier should have destroyed the console. The silkworms were able to activate the signal to open the door.

As soon the door was opened, Minoru was attacked by six magicians. These magicians lost their consciousness very soon after facing Minoru. The battle was over in less than a minute.

◇ ◇ ◇

Fumiya and Ayako did not go directly to the warehouse, they went to a nearby parking lot where their personal vehicle was. Fumiya grabs his CAD that best brings out his “Direct Pain”. A man dressed in black approaches them and asks what’s going on.

Fumiya informs him that Minoru has begun his attack, and that he should contact his father and the Yotsuba Family head. Fumiya then tells him to secure their retreat and wait here. Fumiya takes the black knuckle-duster and puts it on his right hand.

Fumiya and Ayako decide to go with their usual formation, with Fumiya engaging and Ayako backing him up. Ayako prepares her “Mock Teleportation” for Fumiya, he disappears and is then seen running on the rooftops eight meters away.

◇ ◇ ◇

Minoru sensed powerful magic being used towards the warehouse.

(Mock Teleportation?)

It isn’t a magic used for direct attacks but more often used to send fighters to certain locations faster.

Minoru noticed a person heading his direction, but he is more focused on making a hole through the roof of the warehouse right now. He is using “Oxidation Decay”, this kind of magic is a specialty for him. It removes electrons from solids and deprives them of intermolecular bonding. Although it’s power wasn’t as great as when Minoru used it himself, with his new abilities through the parasite, the magic has become more practical to use.

“Kuroba Fumiya!”

Minoru watches as this figure jumped to the other side of the hole he just made. He recognized him from last year’s Rookie Monolith Code event.

Fumiya didn’t respond to Minoru and thrusted his fist out from over ten meters away. Minoru was confused and didn’t know what Fumiya was doing.


On Fumiya’s right hand is a black knuckle-duster that looks like a glove.

Suddenly, Minoru was struck by immense pain.

(Was I struck in the stomach somehow?)

However, it was obvious that Fumiya’s fist never reached that far, and it doesn’t look like air bullets or anything like that was fired.

Minoru changed the controls of his body, more directly the connection between the brain and the nervous system in order to cut off the pain.

(The pain won’t go away!)

However, his abdomen is still in pain. Feeling threatened by this unknown attack, Minoru fired off a series of ionized air bullets called “Plasma Bullets” at Fumiya. However, Fumiya quickly shot down all of the “Plasma Bullets”, and once again thrust his right hand towards Minoru.

This time the pain was concentrated on his right eye, to Minoru it felt as if someone was crushing his eyes, but he was able to confirm that his eye was fine.

Minoru kneels down in pain.

In his desperation, and in order to achieve his goal, Minoru released a self-destruction spell. (TLN: He killed himself without an explosion)

◇ ◇ ◇

Fumiya’s “Direct Pain”, which directly damages the mind, was very effective against parasites.

It was unexpected that he couldn’t defeat Minoru with one blow, but he was kneeling down with two shots. Even if someone was looking at this from the outside, it would have been clearly shown that Fumiya was one step away from victory.

However, when Fumiya was about to launch his third “Direct Pain”, he felt a strong sense of danger. It wasn’t just his intuition, he could tell that a large area around the warehouse was caught up in Minoru’s magic.

(Really!? NOx Out!?)

Fumiya couldn’t believe that Minoru used this magic. “NOx Out” is a magic that causes NOx, or nitrogen oxide, to appear in the “Out” state. Specifically, it is an absorption magic that forces oxygen and nitrogen in the air to combine.

The compounds produced avoid nitrogen dioxide, which is extremely toxic, and are mainly used with magic to create nitrogen monoxide. However, nitrogen monoxide is also toxic. If you breathe it in, you lose consciousness in a few minutes. Because of this feature, it is called “NOx Out” or “Knockout”.

The effect of this magic on humans is not only a loss of consciousness due to nitric oxide. By consuming a large amount of oxygen in the air it also creates an oxygen-deficient condition. In enclosed spaces, this magic can cause a large amount of damage.

Minoru designated the whole warehouse in his range and released his magic. He didn’t need to specify any safe zones around him, which one would normally do.

(Are you trying to commit suicide!?)

Fumiya couldn’t believe that Minoru resorted to this, but he had yet to take in the fact that parasites rely on their vitality and healing power.

Fumiya jumped down from the roof and headed towards the warehouse, fortunately the traps setup by Retsu didn’t go off. Fumiya decided to keep his distance, just in case.

◇ ◇ ◇

Minoru’s body had stopped working after the nitrogen monoxide affected his central nervous system and he was exposed to oxygen deficiency. But the parasite within him did not lose its ability to recognize what was going on around him.

(You guys, go!)

Minoru ordered the sixteen parasites to start fighting.

Minoru has just released all their seals. They were only frozen in the first place, so once unfrozen they were ready for combat. In the meantime Minoru returned the nitrogen oxide in the warehouse back to normal oxygen and nitrogen.

When the air became breathable, his healing ability started working automatically. He collapses face down and begins to raise himself with his own hands.

“If I had been a human being, I would have been defeated.”

Minoru muttered this in a bitter and weak voice.

◇ ◇ ◇

It took Ayako only a minute to travel fifty meters.

Ayako’s ability is not suited for direct confrontations. Her ability to use wide-area magic is great, but this isn’t the right situation for it. Nevertheless, she wasn’t about to hide or run away. She is capable enough to support the magicians fighting alongside her.

The parasite dolls that came out of warehouse moved around like controlled dolls. Ayako is reminded that Minoru has the ability of hypnotic suggestion.

Before Ayako makes her move, she notices Fumiya running out of the entrance of the warehouse. The parasite doll leading the attack on him was a female doll, that was familiar to her when she had investigated them during the SteepleChase incident. A number of parasite dolls follow after the female parasite doll.

A group of dolls rally to attack Fumiya, while another group splits off and faces Ayako.

◇ ◇ ◇

Fumiya shouldn’t be trying to defeat the parasite dolls. Minoru is the one who is in control of the group. These dolls are an autonomous weapon, so if you were to defeat Minoru, you can overwrite their previous orders with the help of the Ninth Laboratory.

However, even if Fumiya tried to slip past the parasite dolls in order to get to Minoru, the parasite dolls will not allow it.

As soon as jumped in the air in order to escape, two parasite dolls followed after him at an even greater speed. Fumiya noticing the signs of magic, jumps to the side, but the parasite dolls took notice of his movements and mirrored his own actions.

These parasites specialize in specific magics. In respect to that, they are closer to being supernatural-power users than magicians. The mobility of one of these parasite dolls is specialized and clearly surpasses Fumiya’s skills.

Fumiya launches “Direct Pain” at the approaching parasite doll. But there was no change in the behavior of the parasite doll. Fumiya was shocked at this development, and two parasites used this hesitation to catch up to him.

One of the parasite dolls waved their left hand, and steel threads extend out from inside its wrist. Fumiya casts a shield to deflect the attack. The steel threads, hidden in the darkness, wound around Fumiya from above the shield. The other parasite doll held two short blades and rushed towards Fumiya.

In order to escape Fumiya heads straight towards the parasite doll that cast the steel threads. The threads loosen as he gets closer, and by rotating himself counter-clockwise, he unwound the steel threads.

The other parasite doll is coming up from behind Fumiya, with their blades drawn. Fumiya leans forward to avoid the blades, but in the next moment the parasite doll with the steel threads wrapped its arms around Fumiya.

The parasite doll falls to the ground with its arms still wrapped around Fumiya. Fumiya tried to use “Direct Pain” on the parasite that clung to him. But it still doesn’t have any effect.

(This won’t work on them!?)

Fumiya finally figured it out, his “Direct Pain” is a magic that directly attacks the mind and makes the body feel pain. The parasite dolls cannot feel this pain, because it is housed inside a humanoid machine, with no pain receptors.

Before the impact Fumiya casted “Inertia Control” but it was insufficient. He was only able to reduce the damage enough to avoid fracturing any bones.


Ayako’s desperate scream stopped Fumiya from thinking about his current situation. When he looked in Ayako’s direction, she was completely surrounded by three parasite dolls.

Her “Mock Teleportation” has no function that allows you to slip through physical obstacles, so she is unable to get away. Ayako had called out to him because she was concerned about his fall, even though she herself was in danger.

“Get out of my way!”

Fumiya was able to shake off the parasite doll attached to him but using “Acceleration Magic”, the other parasite doll was struck in the face as Fumiya passed by it. He quickly reached one of the parasite dolls that was surrounding his sister. Right before his fist made contact, a repulsion field was cast on that parasite doll. But Fumiya was able to break through it using his knuckle-duster CAD.

Ayako used this opening to cast “Mock Teleportation”, and they both disappear from the area. And right before Fumiya left, he thought he had heard Minoru scream.

◇ ◇ ◇

Minoru recovered from his paralysis with the healing powers of the parasite inside him. He now turns his attention to the outside of the warehouse.

The battle continues, and it’s clear that none of the parasite dolls have been destroyed yet. It seems that using the parasite dolls against Fumiya was the right call. Minoru’s goal today was to strengthen his fighting force, so he has no need to win the fight. He plans to make his escape while the parasite dolls keep his opponent occupied with “Ghost Walker”.

Minoru heads towards the entrance of the warehouse, and suddenly feels sluggish as if he was drunk.

(Is “NOx Out” still in effect?)

Minoru doubted so, but this is without a doubt a symptom of nitric oxide, and it was magic used by someone other than himself. “NOx Out” is normally a very small scale magic, so this would need to be in effect in the vicinity of Minoru’s head. He had perfected this intricate magic without it being taught to him by others.

Minoru generated a descending air current and blew the nitrogen oxide and oxygen deficiency that was occurring around him. And as he searched for the magician who attacked him, he senses someone near him.


The man stood not more than two meters away from Minoru.

Minoru couldn’t believe that Retsu was able to appear so close to him without realizing it.

Retsu says that he never expected Minoru to notice his magic and says it’s regrettable.

“I didn’t really appreciate you, did I?” (Retsu)

Retsu was filled with remorse and sorrow.

“I don’t think you have realized your worth. You never really understood what you were looking for.” (Retsu)

“I loved you.” (Retsu)

“I felt sorry for you.” (Retsu)

“I thought, at least, that I must protect you.” (Retsu)

“But…..” (Retsu)

Retsu was angry with himself, and it seemed like he was holding back his own tears.

“I must have been mistaken.” (Retsu)

Minoru wanted to say that it wasn’t true. He wanted to say that his grandfather was wrong. However, Minoru couldn’t tell his grandfather that. He felt that he is no longer to talk to his grandfather like that when he is no longer human.

Retsu goes on to say that he knows that Minoru is a man who wished to accomplish something with his life, rather than stay sick in bed. Retsu continues to say that his affections must have felt like a burden to him.

Retsu’s tone suddenly changed.

“But Minoru….. I can’t accept the way you are now!”

Retsu says that he can’t say that he is human anymore, and that he will not overlook the existence of this demon that looks to take revenge on the world.

“The Ten Master Clans have decided to capture you without killing you, but if you are to be imprisoned, it likely that you will be treated like experimental animal. It would be too much for me to bear.”

Minoru was shocked to hear all of this from his grandfather, and he also understood his grandfather’s intentions.

Retsu says that it is a pity, but that he will guide him to the netherworld himself.

The signs of magic could be sensed.

Minoru’s human heart tried to accept what was coming.

But his spirit as a parasite refused to perish.

Minoru suddenly regained consciousness. Or it might be better to say that he has regained his sense of reality.

The fighting was still going on outside the warehouse. The time spent listening to his grandfather didn’t seem like it lasted more than a few minutes. He looked at his own body and his clothes were torn and scorched. But his wounds were already healed, even now the parasite’s healing power is working.

As Minoru looks ahead of him, a lone figure is lying on the floor of the dark warehouse. It took Minoru a second to figure out who it was.


Minoru ran up to him and shook his body, but he understood. His grandfather was dead. Minoru screamed as his heart felt like it was breaking.

Minoru, who attacked the Ninth Laboratory, left the institute with fifteen parasite dolls.

◇ ◇ ◇

“His Excellency Kudou has died….” (Fumiya)

Tatsuya learned about what happened at the Ninth Laboratory late that night when Fumiya called him. Fumiya blames himself, but Tatsuya stops him and tells him that he didn’t do anything wrong.

Tatsuya says that in addition to Minoru, he had to deal with a group of parasite dolls, and that their withdrawal was inevitable. Tatsuya goes on to say that they shouldn’t worry about “His Excellency”, this was originally an issue for the Kudou Family, and that there is no need for the Yotsuba Family to take responsibility for what happened.

This helped to comfort both Ayako and Fumiya, and he then hung up the phone.

This call was taken in Tatsuya’s room, so Miyuki wasn’t there to hear the news. It was already late in the evening so he decided to tell her tomorrow. Tatsuya also wanted to analyze the information given to him while it was still fresh in his mind.

Minoru stole fifteen parasite dolls.

Tatsuya is familiar with the parasite dolls fighting abilities. They can share a single will with their telepathic abilities, and become a stronger fighting force when they work together.

Moreover, it is the parasite Minoru, who has these same abilities, is leading the group. It isn’t too hard to imagine, but this will not be an easy opponent to deal with.

Chapter 8

On Monday at First High, the entire school and possibly the other Magical High Schools are mourning the death of Kudou Retsu, respected as an "Old Master" whom was a symbolic existence to the Japanese Magic Community.

Earlier in the day, during lunch, Tatsuya was at a lunch table discussing about Kudou Retsu with his friends. Mizuki mentions she didn't know Retsu was sick and Honoka asks Tatsuya if he knew. He tells them that he didn't and that even on visi-phone that Retsu didn't look sick when he'd seen him. The cause of death was announced to have been death from illness, as it would be a plausible reason, although it couldn't be said that he was killed by his grandchild where then that child would be made out to be a monster by others.

They accept the reason and Erika asks if Tatsuya and Miyuki will attend the funeral. They aren't sure why they'd be invited and its mentioned to them that since Miyuki is a member of the Ten Master Clans and since Tatsuya is her fiancé, that he too would attend if invited. Leo nods in agreement with Erika, convinced. Tatsuya then tell then that if he's invited, he will attend to pay his respects to Retsu in thanks to being indebted to him for the Golden Electron Silkworms magic during the Nine Schools Competition the year before last.

When Tatsuya mentions that years competition, Shizuku remembers the matters of that time immediately. She remembers how she was defeated by Miyuki. Though this years competition was canceled at the reason can't be unrelated to Tatsuya, in a sense the subject of mourning was Retsu, though Erika expressed what Tatsuya was also thinking, which is the reverse with her, that Retsu enjoyed the Nine Schools Competition.

Lunch break had ended and everyone was getting up from their chairs. On the side, Erika tries to talk to Tatsuya and Miyuki and finds it difficult to do so in front of everyone. Mikihiko mentions that they should head to the Headquarters of the Public Morals Committee since it would be empty. Tatsuya and Miyuki agree along with Erika, finding no problem with the idea and head over.

As was mentioned by Mikihiko, the room was found to be empty when Miyuki used her ID card as Student Council President to get Erika, Tatsuya and herself into the room. Miyuki then creates a sound insulation field that covers the entire room. They sit down at the long table and its noted that its completely clean going of Mikihiko's personality to keep things tidy compared to the mess that existed when Tatsuya had first entered the room.

Erika begins by saying that she'll keep things short since she has to leave rather soon. She tells them that she'd heard about what is going to go on during the night from Mikihiko. Miyuki turns to look at Tatsuya who responds that he isn't surprised at all in particular. Tatsuya hadn't even talked to Miyuki about what he had planned. Miyuki tells him that she plans to accompany Minami until he comes back. She's told to watch out for Minoru.

Erika asks if she can join along. Erika mentions that she knows that Leo is going in order to protect Mikihiko from being defenseless. Tatsuya asks if she knows what she's getting herself into and she tells him that she knows (its noted that she is just as brave and foolhardy as Leo). Erika had anticipated opposition from Tatsuya, but is relieved when Tatsuya agrees that its fine. Erika turns to Miyuki and asks if she's fine with it all. Miyuki tells Erika that she doesn't intend to protect her and she tells her its the other way around. Miyuki leaves the decision of what is to be done to Tatsuya and while looking at Erika, he tells her to be prepared for what's to come. To Tatsuya's provocation, Erika responded with a fearless smile. Though this is Tatsuya's bluff and he believes that Minoru won't be making a move on the hospital based off the events of the day before and that the ones at a higher risk will be Mikihiko and Leo.

◇ ◇ ◇

That night, near midnight, its a starry sky out while the moon hadn't come out yet.

Tatsuya is at a parking lot, at a large park two roads across from Zama Base. Its on the other side of the base where the base isn't visible from the parking lot. Leo had just arrived in tandem with Mikihiko and Tatsuya asks Leo if he's good. Tatsuya responds with a quip saying that he doesn't need to worry about Mikihiko and that Leo won't need to push himself for his sake. Leo is dissatisfied with what Tatsuya says. Tatsuya says that he long ago didn't want to involve the two, but Leo asks him as if in a telling manner that his strength is needed. Tatsuya reluctantly says okay.

Though Mikihiko uses distance magic, by use of a spell, if he were to get attacked in a counterattack it would be up to Leo to get involved in an attack with magic. At the moment, Leo is more reliable than the Independent Magic-Equipped Battalion while needing to be conscious things while in the base.

Both the "Freed Suit" and the motorcycle "Wingless" that Tatsuya is wearing and riding on are developed by the Yotsuba Family. The strategy for this night is supposed to be unrelated to the 101st Brigade. Though reinforcements have been deployed, they won't appear unless under a real emergency, otherwise they are set-up in hidden positions. Tatsuya tells the two he'll be back and closes his helmet visor and starts up his motorcycle.

A USNA military transport airplane had just arrived where it had slowly been moving down the runway. Fujibayashi had looked before at the arrival and departure records and found nothing and that no other military aircraft had landed in over a week and that this is the only one.

Tatsuya could tell with his Elemental Sight that there was definitely a Parasite on board, and that in all there are four and just one possesses a high level of magical power. He did this all the while on his motorcycle passing along the road beside the base and chose to switch "Wingless" to its flight function before the Parasites get off the plane.

◇ ◇ ◇

Getting off of the transport aircraft that landed at Zama Base is Alexander Arcturus, the Captain of the STARS' Third Unit.

He can feel that there's movement nearby, but can't make visual contact with line of sight. He feels that there's something not right and with the magic, "Multi-scope" that allows the user to monitor without blind spots from various angles, but its made out to seem like a number of relay cameras in the air are searching. It is the same as being monitored simultaneously by multiple magicians, it doesn't mean though that there is no direction. Arcturus could vaguely feel that there was a gaze from far away. Though for him, it seemed as if he were staring at a God or Devil. To him it seemed like this was why he was distracted by this "gaze". Arcturus didn't become conscious of the fact that a strange flying object was approaching him until he heard someone raise a voice not knowing what it is or if its a motorcycle.

In the plane, on a monitor, outside a small silhouette could be made out. Using an automatic zoom function, it could be seen that an object was approaching the transport aircraft; a single person riding on the motorcycle flying in the air. The person raised their arm that looked like it was holding a handgun and then a hole appeared in the transport plane. Then the person jumped off of the motorcycle, landing on the plane and going inside.

◇ ◇ ◇

Tatsuya who was flying towards the transport aircraft pulled out his specialized-type handgun CAD "Silver Horn Custom 'Trident'" from his suit holster. He used his "favorite CAD" to activate "Decomposition". He created a hole just large enough for him to jump through into the plane. While he jumped off of "Wingless" he turned on the automatic pilot function before landing on the floor of the plane and immediately after in a prone position the hole that appeared, disappeared; it was repaired with "Regrowth". He locked himself in the room of the plane so as not to let any Parasites out. An American soldier (a Parasite) in the cabin who was sitting down didn't know what to do in the situation and neither did Tatsuya at that moment. Tatsuya rushed at the Parasite holstering both CADs away.

The Parasite who was sitting down took started to activate a magic meanwhile Tatsuya had a thin, short, needle-like knife that he held with his right hand that on the narrow blade had a fine pattern carved onto it. While approaching Tatsuya pulled back his right hand and before impacting the Parasite with a clenched left fist, he opened it. At point blank, the Parasite was defeated with an "Armor-Piercing Psion Bullet". The Parasite let out a scream before Tatsuya pierced it under its left clavicle with the knife in his right hand.


◇ ◇ ◇

In the parking lot, two roads across from the base, a seal that Mikihiko had prepared reacted, allowing him to find out that there is a Parasite nearby. The thin, short, needle-like knife Tatsuya had, was the tool that on the blade had a curse. In Mikihiko's left hand is a fan, the paired cursed item with the knife. He pulls out a charm that's reacting in his right hand and activates a sealing technique.

◇ ◇ ◇

The Parasite that had been convulsing, stopped as if it were like a puppet who's strings had been cut. The Parasite collapsed on the floor still with the knife pierced through under the clavicle. The inside of the body had been disturbed by Psions from the "Armor-Piercing Psion Bullet", meanwhile the sealing technique was causing the spiritual and physical links to start trembling as it was flowing in. Even if the knife were removed, the sealing technique couldn't be removed since its been engraved into the bone. Without the magic skills of someone older, Mikihiko was able to have the Parasite remain asleep in a state of suspended animation.

The American soldier's who heard their colleague scream, they all at once reached for their waist at once to pull their guns without any hesitation. Tatsuya then decomposed more than 20 assault carbine and sub-machine guns at the same time. Once they lost their guns, in their heart the American soldier's drew a blank in their hearts. Tatsuya then went on to "process" the second Parasite in-between this, and thus the repeated convulsions and weakness appeared with it being sealed. He then moved onto the only owner of the magical power that was alarming.

◇ ◇ ◇

Arcturus couldn't understand what was going on in front of him when a hole opened up inside of the transport and disappeared as if it were a dream, although the intruder that appeared through it hadn't disappeared. A distance away, newly added colleagues, former Stardust members were sealed in a short time. Those from Stardust with an experimental body are just waiting for death, whom were supposed to be able to escape from their inevitable deaths when becoming a Parasite. When they became Parasites they had already become as good as dead.

The friendly soldier's on-board aimed their guns at the intruder. They weren't Parasites, but to them it looked as if the intruder had killed on of their own even if it was in a sealed state. The number of muzzles pointed at the intruder was over 20. No one would be able to escape from within such a narrow plane. Even if one were to be wearing a bulletproof vest, at close range one wouldn't be okay when shot at. Though at that moment a powerful magic was used throughout the cabin, it wasn't just powerful, it was accurate, with no waste, and artistic magic.

More than 20 assault carbine and sub-machine guns fell apart into parts. The magazines spit out bullets and rolled out bullets. No bullets were fired from the guns. Once again, the unexpected situation that Arcturus was seeing, is the killing of his friends again because of a marvelous magic. Thus his second friend as sealed and then Arcturus took out his Tomahawk to slash at the intruder. His forte is to fight at mid-range with "Dancing Blades". Though he is originally is well-known for his use of Spirit Magic to remotely control weapons to attack his enemies, for this magic of the Mental-Interference System isn't great for direct attacks. Fighting in such a narrow space as a magician isn't good, but he isn't a weak "magician" that can only use magic. He was inexperienced in melee combat with a Tomahawk until he joined STARS.

Wielding his Tomahawk, grasping it and swinging it down in intervals, he thought that even though the intruder wouldn't be defeated with a single blow they wouldn't be able to avoid the timing of the swings. However, not only did the intruder not get hit, they disappeared from right in front of Arcturus. He turned back to look and saw that a third fellow was grabbed and a knife was stabbed under the left clavicle in his right hand where then the individuals body started to convulse.

Therefore, Arcturus' last friend was sealed. It wasn't the intruder in front of him that was using magic to seal them, for even if he were to defeat the intruder in front of him, the sealing wouldn't stop. This thought ran through his mind when he threw the Tomahawk in his hand that broke through the wall of the transport and it flew out into the sky.

◇ ◇ ◇

Tatsuya looked back at the sings of a strong magic. The third seal had completed and there was nothing more to do beyond that and it was only natural for him to go after the last one, the strongest Parasite. Though the magic used wasn't directed at him from the fourth person. Unbelievably the Tomahawk broke through the wall of the transport and flew out into the sky. Wondering what the person was trying to do, Tatsuya used his Elemental Sight to trace the Tomahawk. He then pulled out his knife to attack the person, his opponent being Alexander Arcturus, the Captain of the STARS' Third Unit.

(When consciously releasing Elemental Sight, the information appears in Tatsuya's "eyes". Unlike with Lina and Minoru, he doesn't possess the ability to camouflage his information body.)

At point blank range, Tatsuya "Decomposes" a knife Arcturus tries to attack him with by using a fully thought-operated CAD in addition to his holsters CAD that's incorporated into his "Freed Suit".

An ordinary soldier, not a magician nor a Parasite appeared from behind Tatsuya where he turned his body and threw the soldier at Arcturus from where he had been. Arcturus catches the soldier, meanwhile Tatsuya releases a penetrating shock-wave from his fist upon the back of the soldier.

In martial arts, Tatsuya's technique is but an imitation with magic combined compared to what a master is capable of even though the power is the same. From this, Arcturus' bulky body at a height of 185cm is knocked back.

Tatsuya reaches out pulling the soldier by the neck thus then in reaction thrusting his left hand at Arcturus with an "Armor-Piercing Psion Bullet". This results in Arcturus' body convulsing. Tatsuya who moves to try and pierce through Arcturus' left clavicle with his knife is stopped by a left handed block. Though the "Armor-Piercing Psion Bullet" is effective, it wasn't enough to make Arcturus lose his combat strength. In fact, he started to collect plasma on his right hand that would result in an lighting strike from Ancient Magic. Before it was released, Tatsuya tries once again and strikes at Arcturus' solar plexus. This causes Arcturus' body causing the magic to disappear. Once again Tatsuya had repelled Arcturus, managing to allow for him to pierce under the left clavicle with the knife in his right hand.

Confirming the operation of the sealing technique. Tatsuya then escapes from the transport through a hole in the floor without looking down.

◇ ◇ ◇

Mikihiko yells that somethings coming and while he tenses up, Leo utilizes his five senses while asking, "What?" when his ear catches the sound of something cutting through the wind.

An object approaching at high-speed, at 200 km/h even though the speed is nothing compared to a bullet or missile. It was moving quicker than a baseball that's been hit or even slightly faster than a tennis ball that's been served at high-speed.

Leo had decided to apply his experience in dealing with such speeds. Leo's eyes grasp that a Tomahawk, the something that Mikihiko yelled about was approaching. As the Tomahawk was rotating, he didn't wait for the soldiers that he saw who started to appear from where they were hiding, in order to do something. It was an instinctive behavior for him to standout in front of the Tomahawk for Mikihiko.

It was his instinctive behavior. Not a survival instinct. It is his fighting instinct! Thus he activated Siegfried and reached out with both of his hands roaring while a hand grasps the Tomahawk, thus receiving Arcturus' "Dancing Blades". The product an Ancient Magician strengthened, Leo was able to catch it with a reinforced body with Siegfried. As a result, Leo's Convergent Reinforcement Magic was able to overcome the trump card of Alexander Arcturus, the Captain of the STARS' Third Unit.

Leo had confirmed that he had completely stopped the Tomahawk and are some rice cakes. Nevertheless, he didn't release the Tomahawk. Mikihiko didn't look at Leo had had become his shield. He concentrated on sealing the Parasites. It must have been due to him being convinced that Leo would protect him.

Thus, Arcturus who tried to intrude through Zama Base was sealed along with three other Parasites.

◇ ◇ ◇

An aircraft carrier makes port at Yokosuka Base where U.S. Armed Forces are stationed. They arrive at night due to departing for training and arriving at night in advance, which is reported on the Japanese side.

The state-of-the-art multi-seat VTOL fighter aircraft that was on the flight deck of the carrier was launched from a super-large sized submarine with a flight deck. The Japanese military wasn't informed of this and didn't know that the aircraft that was supposed to have a radar interception officer and a weapons system officer had in fact female officers aboard the three multi-seat fighter aircraft. The three women being Charlotte Vega, Zoe Spica and Leila Deneb.

The female officers from STARS were turned into Parasites after Lina left the USNA. They infiltrate the Yokosuka Base on Monday night of July 1st, 2097.


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