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Igor Andreivitch Bezobrazzoff (イーゴリ・アンドレイビッチ・ベゾブラゾフ) is a scientist at the Soviet Academy of Sciences and at the same time a Strategic-Class Magician of the New Soviet Union. [1][2][3] He is known by the epithet "Igniter". [1]

Appearance and Personality

He is said to look young while being in his forties. [3]


Igor is a leading magical researcher at the Soviet Academy of Sciences. While not being a public official, he holds political power comparable to that of the Minister of Defence. [2]

Igor was born through artificial insemination, basically a "test-tube baby". He wasn't genetically altered and is the best success of those who were produced from countless fertilized eggs. Those who were cloned from him through biochemistry are called his "sisters", Anna Andreevna and Veronica Andreevna. [4]


Tuman Bomba

While this magic is one step outclassed by the USNA's Angie Sirius' Heavy Metal Burst in power, it is said to possess the greatest destructive radius out of the Thirteen Apostles. [1]


  • Arithmetic Auxiliary Super Computer
In order to use this magic over long distances Igor uses an Arithmetic Auxiliary Super Computer to help assist him in the invocation of Tuman Bomba. This Super Computer is linked to a helmet that Igor wears. [5]
Is a large specialized CAD used by Igor. Igrok's purpose is help supplement extra magic power for the use of Tuman Bomba and to extend the range by using the clones called "Andreevna". [4]
Is a large CAD that connects to and operates the Igrok's. [4]


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