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The Hundred Families (百家, hyakke) are magic families which, like the Ten Master Clans, possessed numbers on their names. Talented Magicians from prestigious families were the true representation of this title. [1]

Just as the hundreds digit followed the tens digit, the same meaning applied in that they were "families that were second only to the Ten Master Clans". Thus, all families bear a number larger than 11 in their name, signifying this. [1]

While the strongest of the strong became the Ten Master Clans with the other 18 Assistant Houses as replacements, they were followed closely by the authentic "Hundred Families". [1]


Magicians that belong to the Hundred Families are usually known for their own magic specialties and enjoy comfort provided by the government, hence like the Ten Master Clans, they have a strong sense of responsibility towards helping the nation (military aspect). It is emphasized that the students who bear numbers on their names have a sense of responsibility to uphold. [2]

The Hundred Families Houses are: