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Hirakawa Chiaki (平河 千秋) is a student of First High School, a Course 2 student, and the younger sister of Hirakawa Koharu, who was one of the representative auxiliaries of the AD 2095 Nine Schools Competition.[1]

Appearance and Personality

Chiaki blames Tatsuya for the incident that occurred during the Nine Schools Competition Mirage Bat match. That incident made Kobayakawa Keiko lose her magic powers. Her older sister received a shock, which weakened her mental state, leading to her withdrawal from the Thesis Competition. Chiaki believes that Tatsuya could have stopped it from happening.[1]

Ever since, she has nursed a grudge against Tatsuya, and ended up helping terrorists in order to "make him show a regretful face", although her plan did not work. She was spared imprisonment (hacking is a crime) by Tatsuya's intervention.[1]


Chiaki harbors contempt towards Tatsuya, who she deems being a selfish man who didn't do anything during Kobayakawa's fall during the Mirage Bat event, the player her sister was responsible for.[1]

Despite her dark feelings towards him, she accepted the theoretical help of Tatsuya in constructing a new magic for Tomitsuka Hagane, who she holds dear, to use in the AD 2096 Nine School Competition pair Shield Down event.[2]


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