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Halloween Party in November is the 8.5th volume in the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Light Novel series the Halloween special came from the sale of drama DVD with Volume 8.


The second Friday of November, after the Yokohama incident. Things have calmed down and Miyuki informs Tatsuya about a Halloween party being held for all students. It is Mayumi who brought up this idea “as plans for Thesis Competition have been ruined, will hold an event for the whole school as compensation”. Tatsuya is perplexed about this and questions himself that “was the Thesis Competition for fun”, or “why is Mayumi, who has retired from the Student Council proposing this”. Not only Tatsuya but almost everyone is thinking along the same lines. Tatsuya asks Miyuki that why is Halloween, which is celebrated on 31st October, being considered, as it's almost halfway through November (the current date is the 11th of November). Miyuki tells him that the permission for partying on 31st October was not granted.

Due to “Emergency Measures Act on the National Level”, one of the policies that has been introduced after World War III, nightlife is prohibited (forbidden) including vehicular traffic. Even the use of public transport after sunset has limitations. Tatsuya again asks about the reason for celebrating Halloween now, to which Miyuki replies that it is due to lack of activities in November. Also students are not allowed to celebrate Shichigosan. [1]

The Halloween party becomes a big topic for discussion in school the next day. Most students are, as expected, happy about the decision by the Student Council. The major reason for that is, there are no events for entertainment planned (Summary Note: The TL isn’t clear so it may mean that - may not be allowed because the magic schools don't have time) from the University of Magic, the event that stands out is the farewell party held after graduation, and there are no Cultural, Sports of Excursion Festivals.

For the Farewell party, First Year and Second Year students perform together, but for the Halloween party only the First Years are preparing, without distinction between Course 1 and Course 2, so any of them can participate. This can be considered as an advantage. Usually two locations are prepared for the events but this time only one location is being prepared suggesting that Blooms and Weeds will celebrate it together.

It is a costume party, Tatsuya and his friends discuss about the event (where to get masks), students will not be wearing school uniforms and hide their faces with a masks. Reason is, to eliminate distinction between Course 1 and 2 students. Miyuki is dissatisfied with the costume party (Summary Note: The TL here isn’t clear whether Miyuki is satisfied or dissatisfied). Tatsuya thinks that it will be less problematic that way. He feels that it should not be a noumenon mask. [2]

Erika forgets to give her sarcastic remark and tease Leo. Tatsuya and Erika are not the only ones thinking of having the masks handmade. Mizuki suggests to Mikihiko that she can make his mask as well when she makes her own. Tatsuya watches the four while thinking about what he should do for himself.

The Halloween Party, scheduled for Saturday, 19th November. It is the Sunday before the party and Tatsuya reviews online catalogs to shop using the I-Vision (Smart TV) room. He is using the online catalog not because he has a visit to FLT scheduled but because he is not interested to go in person. After checking articles from 5 stores he gets tired and decides on using a blanket as a cape and a black mask. But does not press the "I Accept" button, before Miyuki enters and asks him to wait before ordering, while carrying a load of fabrics. She tells him that she will be choosing his costume for the party. The fabrics/costumes are all made by Miyuki and not displayed but he agrees so as not to "throw a bucket of cold water" on his sister's smile. In this era, automatic sewing machine robots called "Tailor Machines (Machines Sastre)" are popular and it is easier to go to a fashion store and rent their use their. In high school, using sewing machine is part of the curriculum for Home Economics classes.

Seeing Tatsuya unenthusiastic, as he doesn't comprehend the reason for such activity, she asks him if he thinks it's a bad idea. Seeing such a face made by his sister, Tatsuya agrees to her plans. Miyuki tells him to remove his clothes. When he asks to confirm, she blushes and tells him to remove the clothes except his underwear so that she can take his measurements. Tatsuya considers whether Miyuki had been drinking; as alcoholic drinks aren't in the house, it could have been the wine (sake) used for cooking.

After taking Tatsuya's measurements, Miyuki goes alone to a known boutique, and even though some try to get close to her, they are sent away by her cold looks. The store she goes to is itself under the patronage of the Yotsuba family. She is guided by the store manager (and owner) to the 'Tailor Machines'.

Saturday, 19th November, 18:00 hours, Auditorium. During the Halloween Party, students can be seen in their various costumes - Gothic style, Sci-fi (Science-Fiction) style, Hunter masks, Eastern style and Western style. But most wore tunics and coats with hats and casually dressed as Western Wizards.

Miyuki initially helps, as a member of the Student Council, with the distribution of drinks, reception of students, but she is to later change into her costume and enjoy the party. Soon the students begin to dance and those that do not (due to their costumes) are either eating or chatting and with the pleasant atmosphere the party seems to be a success.

Mayumi approaches Tatsuya, who is standing near a food table wearing a Rococo style classic dress with rainbow butterfly wings and a mask, and asks him "Trick or Treat" in a funny voice. Tatsuya, though identifies Mayumi through her voice, thinks that Mayumi's disguise (costume and mask) is very good but it fails to hide her true nature. When Tatsuya answers "Treat", she asks if his disguise is "Odin" as it looks strange. Tatsuya, wearing an eye patch looks at Mayumi and says, he is not having any beard (so maybe False Odin). [3]

Even though the size of his costume is good the design is not. He is wearing a wide-brimmed hat and long silver hair wig, which does not suit Tatsuya's image and the combination of tunic and trousers don't give the image of Norse mythology. Mayumi guesses the designer of Tatsuya's outfit as Miyuki and says that he is too complacent with his sister. Tatsuya replies that it is only a disguise even though it is not perfect. Such a defensive response (excuses of a poor loser) makes Mayumi burst into laughter.

Tatsuya sees a pumpkin costume (Leo's costume), which is very striking (eye-catching) in the party. Approaching Tatsuya, Leo ask "Trick or Treat" to which Tatsuya while taking out candies from inside his robes comments that he did not expect Leo in such a costume. When Leo turns and looks around them, a number of students look away from them. As they are discussing their costumes, Erika disguised as Peter Pan with a green mask over her eyes, approaches them and asking Tatsuya "Trick or Treat", Tatsuya treats her and asks - how even she recognize him, even though his costume may not be the best. Erika replies that it was pure coincidence as only he could reply so calmly to the pumpkin costume (Leo). So Tatsuya naturally thinks that Leo's costume must be devised by Erika. But then ponders over how Leo recognized him.

As Tatsuya along with Leo and Erika moves towards the Food table, they are approached by a couple in Tyrolean country dress and a Swiss hunter style dress, Mizuki wearing a rabbit mask asks Tatsuya "Trick or Treat". Tatsuya gives heart shaped cookies to the distressed looking Mizuki and cylindrical pretzel with a pierced date to Mikihiko who has the image of a wolf (and Mikihiko's costume is prepared by Mizuki). To Mikihiko, Tatsuya jokes that he should gamble a 'trick', but notices an unexpected reaction from both Mizuki and Mikihiko and he can see even through the mask that Mizuki looks scared. Tatsuya changing the subject asks if Mizuki made Mikihiko's mask by hand and compliments it, while thinking that their relationship is progressing well, but after again seeing the change in their expressions over his guess Mizuki making the mask, thinks that they still have a long way to go.

While Tatsuya chats with his friends, Miyuki and Azusa disappear from their position, seemingly finished with their Student Council work. Then, he sees a pair of loving pirates near the emergency exit coming towards them. The girl (Kanon) asks him "Trick or Treat" with a defiant attitude. Although Tatsuya sarcastically thinks that the Public Morals Committee Chief is walking around while others are doing her work, but decides to let them enjoy as it is a party night. While being treating Isori asks if it is Tatsuya, saying that he recognized the large size of Tatsuya's hand. When Isori comments that Tatsuya's candies are really sweets, Tatsuya responds "I really thought I could have exalted students who might try to play me a trick". The 'tricks' of students in this school are not something to joke about." (Summary Note: This translation is not completely clear - so I left it in quotes as it is.) Tatsuya, during April, as a new member of the Public Moral Committee experienced some of these tricks. With this Kanon and Isori leave them and go to dance.

Tatsuya looking around finds all Committee members enjoying themselves neglecting their duties with the exception being Tatsuya and Morisaki. Tatsuya also slowly loses the motivation after seeing that everyone else has left their areas in charge.

Honoka dressed as a servant, with lots of laces, approaches Tatsuya. Her costume instead of intending to hide her identity seems to prioritize and maximize her cuteness. Tatsuya treats her with a white chocolate the size of a hand. He finds that Honoka's gaze is very passionate and Shizuku standing besides Honoka dressed as a butler nudges her and tries to bring her back to reality after calling her name repeatedly. Seeing that it is not working, she approaches Tatsuya and whispers "Trick or Treat". Tatsuya offers her another white chocolate (the same as before). Shizuku, to bring back Honoka, resorts to shock therapy and says that if Honoka doesn't want Tatsuya's treat then she will take both of them herself. Suddenly brought back to reality by Shizuku trying to take away her treat given to her by Tatsuya, she stops Shizuku and gets embarrassed and her face becomes red. To change the subject, Tatsuya says that he is amazed that Honoka was able to recognize him, to which she responds that, it is impossible for her not to recognize him. Shizuku elbowing her friend comments that, by the way, distinguishing is one of Honoka's qualities. Honoka then asks Tatsuya for a dance. Tatsuya while replying that he still has work to do as a committee member points around, but the place/atmosphere seems to cry out that, you are an idiot if you keep working. Shizuku, however, offers to help. And so Tatsuya escorts Honoka to the dance floor.

Miyuki thinking "That's ...... Honoka. Again taking the lead" finds her brother with Honoka among the crowd. Miyuki also wanted to join Tatsuya as soon as she finished with her work. She entered the room and was quickly surrounded by guys that were seeking partners. Tatsuya had been here 4 minutes ago but is dancing with Honoka now. Miyuki even though, better disguised compared to Mayumi and Honoka is unable to hide her beauty even after concealing her identity. She gets surrounded by boys trying to woo her and praising her with passionate expressions. Miyuki in this situation wishes for Tatsuya to come over and rescue her. But as she had told to Shizuku on that one night in summer that "she won't stand in the way of Tatsuya and Honoka". Miyuki seems to endure all the bad intentions from the boys around her and is trying her best to not become anxious and freeze everyone around her. Just when it becomes very difficult for her to hold back, the music stops and changes, Tatsuya and Honoka move away.

Tatsuya then removes his hat and mask and hands it over to Honoka. He's looking like one of those military generals, he wears the band of Public Morals Committee and heads towards Miyuki. Although, most of the boys surrounding Miyuki are seniors, Tatsuya has no obstruction while reaching Miyuki. After telling the boys surrounding Miyuki that "being pushy towards someone will only have the opposite effect", he turns away towards the exit, but is stopped by Miyuki's call. Tatsuya answers her by telling her he is going to go and change his costume (since revealing his identity seems to violate the rules). Miyuki had already prepared properly and so he still has extra clothes prepared kept in the locker. Miyuki informs that she will come to help him, and Tatsuya gets shocked on hearing her offer. Realizing that his thoughts were read before he put on his poker face, Miyuki hurriedly clarifies that she would be helping him with the final details.

After leaving the auditorium, Miyuki takes Tatsuya's hand asks him to walk with her for some time. They walk through the trees in the darkness, while holding hands. When they reach a small clearing among the trees, Tatsuya notices that Miyuki is still wearing mask. Walking in the dark wearing a mask without tripping is very difficult but it is due to Miyuki's trust in Tatsuya.

Brimmed hat and black coat. Knee-length skirt, lace sleeves and neck with silver ribbon, dark thigh-high stockings and low-heeled shoes. This is the costume that Miyuki is wearing, the perfect image of "Halloween Witch".

Miyuki asks Tatsuya "Trick or Treat". Tatsuya realizes Mayumi's influence over Miyuki here. Tatsuya decides to play a trick on Miyuki. While being unusually motivated Tatsuya think about the trick, when Miyuki takes one step - two steps towards him, and standing on tiptoes puts her arms around his neck, bringing their faces close that just their noses touch. Miyuki says (with a slight stutter) that this is Tatsuya's punishment. Tatsuya shocked recalls something that he did a month ago - to take Miyuki's nose (Summary Note: The TL here isn't very clear to understand). This is Miyuki's revenge and Miyuki's trick goes smoothly while Tatsuya remains shocked, although this has far greater effect on Miyuki than Tatsuya and her face becomes red with embarrassment.

They end up being late for the closing ceremony and find themselves in a difficult situation when Erika asks them repeatedly "What were you two doing?" Leo looks on with approval, Mikihiko looks away, Mizuki is completely red, Honoka is pouting and Shizuku watches with a cold stare. It takes Tatsuya a week to clear away the misunderstandings of his friends.


  1. (Note: Shichigosan (七五 三) or 7-5-3 Festival is a ritual for children in this age which is celebrated on November 15 every year, a day to celebrate the growth and welfare of children, which is why they could not use that pretext.)
  2. (Note: Masks noumenon (能 面) are a type of mask that have the face of a person used in traditional Japanese theater.)
  3. (Note:False Odin, or "The devil disguised as Odin". The costume was based on the idea of an old myth about a demon who duped a Norwegian king converted to Christianity. Of course it was not the intention of Miyuki who ignored this and just focused on the part of the "King of the Magi".)