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Georg Ostburg (ゲオルグ・オストブルク) is an individual from the Fortress Series (Burg Folge) and served as a bodyguard for the Rosen. [1] Upon marriage as the son-in-law of the Saijou family, he became Saijou Georg (西城 ゲオルグ).

He is Saijou Leonhard's most beloved relative.


Georg Ostburg was a German genetically modified magician for the use of Convergent Systematic Reinforcement Magic as a member of the Rosen Magicraft developed Burg Folge (Erste Art-First Type). [1]

When expected heir Lucas Rosen was fourteen years old, he chose the young Georg as his bodyguard and let him flee to Japan during a terrorist attack in the United States. [1]

Fortunately, the German military officials judged that since all the other "First Types" had died prematurely due to Burg Forge, they decided that there was no reason to pursue him.

In Japan, Georg later moved to Sōka, Saitama Prefecture and married into the then Saijou yakuza family, with the marriage condition that the Saijou family stop being yakuza.

Unlike other "First Types", Georg lived a fulfilling life and eventually gave much love and advice to his grandson, the only inheritor of his Burg Folge Erste Art genes. Georg also passed down his old generation gauntlet CAD to him, teaching his grandson convergent systematic reinforcement magic with his own experiences.

Georg passed away due to natural causes before his grandson entered First High School.