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Futatsugi Mai (二木 舞衣) is the Head of the Futatsugi Family, which is one of the Ten Master Clans.

Appearance and Personality

Mai ties up her hair while she wears an elegant kimono. [1]


Mai currently lives in Ashiya, Hyōgo at the Futatsugi Family Main House. [1]

She is a shareholder of multiple Chemical Engineering and Food Engineering companies. [1]

During the first day of the Master Clans Conference, Kudou Retsu appeared during the meeting and confessed to the fact that the Kudou Family was guilty for partnering with Zhou Gongjin who offered Taoist techniques for creating weapons with Parasites and learning how to control them in order to test them during the Nine Schools Competition in the Steeplechase Cross-Country event against students. After this, the Kudou Family voluntarily withdrew from the Ten Master Clans. This made Mai the oldest member among the Family Heads, and she became the new facilitator in charge of the meeting (as due to the common understanding between the heads of the 10 Master Clans that the eldest present would be the facilitator). [1]


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