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Freeze Gram (術式凍結) is an enhanced version of Zone Interference, which was developed by Miyuki with assistance from Tatsuya. It cannot stop any magic, like Gram Demolition or Gram Dispersion, but it's enough for Cast Jamming like Non-Systematic Magic.[1]

It could neutralize such types of magic as Non-Systematic Magic, area of effect magic as well as any magic that has not yet been activated. It is not capable of eliminating magic that has a specific purpose, It "freezes" the gram (Psion) in the middle of activation, thus it results in failure of target's magic activation due to incomplete magic ritual. That is, It can only counter them before magic invocation, because no magic is able to overwrite invoked magic.

Freeze Gram is more efficient against Non-Systematic Magic and most efficient against Cast Jamming, Cast Jammer and other "Psion Noises" which disturbs magic activation. [1]


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