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First High School places heavy emphasis on self-determination, thus, the Student Council (生徒会, Seito-kai) has been granted vast powers within the confines of the school. It is stated that most of the other schools in Japan have also adopted a similar doctrine.

After the Okinawa Defense Navel Battle in 2092, self-determination has become the theme of society, and so the old centrism that led to the diplomatic disadvantages and internal unrest before have been swept out.


Student council
  • Student Council members must be selected from among the Course 1 students. To change this requires a special amendment meeting with the attendance of the full student body and a cloture carried by a two-thirds majority.
  • The Student Council of First High School has an annual tradition, which is to invite the 1st Year Representative of the incoming class to the Student Council, with the intent of training them to become a potential successor.
  • The Student Council selects a candidate to be placed on the Public Morals Committee.
  • During Mayumi's last year in First High, she made the students vote to permit Course 2 students to become a Student Council Member.



The President is elected by the student body and has a term period that lasts from October 1 to September 30 of each school year. Between this time, the President has the right to appointment and remove any officers.