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First High

City Hachiōji, Tokyo
Region Kantō

First High School is a National Magic University Affiliated High School located in Hachiōji (八王子市 Hachiōji-shi), Tokyo in Kantō. It is an upper-level, magic institution known to send over a hundred graduates who either enter the University of Magic or enroll in a Magic Technical Institute of Specialized Higher Training every year and an elite school that churns out the largest number of excellent Magicians and Magic Technicians.


First High also boasts the most difficult entrance examination among the Nine High Schools.

In this school where only elites are accepted, right at the start of enrollment, the students are already divided into high achievers and low achievers. First High currently accepts 200 new students per year. Both Course 1 and 2 will have 100 students each and there are 4 classes of Course 1 students and 4 classes of Course 2 students. Since April 2096, for 2nd & 3rd Year students, First High has 4 classes of Course 1, 3 classes of Course 2 and 1 class of Magic Engineering (since the new academic year which started in April 2096)[1]. However, as of April 2098, the Course 2 system was abolished due to Shiba Tatsuya's achievements whilst at school shedding doubt onto the validity of the system.[2]

Magic education is a trial-and-error thing and accidents, which go beyond the level of minor mishaps, can easily happen directly through magic slip-ups from practice training and experiments. Students sometimes lose the ability to use magic after such accidents. Such vacant places are filled up by Course 2 Students as replacements. Although accidents resulting in deaths or handicapped bodies have been eradicated due to an accumulation of know-how, the number of students who drop out being unable to use magic is not small.[3]

Final exams for magic high schools include theory and practical skills examinations in magical subjects. Language arts, math, science, sociology and other mundane topics are graded based on daily homework. As it is an institution that focuses on high-quality training for Magicians, so from the school's perspective, having the students focus too much on subjects outside of magic is redundant.[4]

Course 1

Main Article: Blooms

Course 1 students, referred to unofficially as 'Blooms' at First High, are the students who topped the entrance exam for the Magic High School, primarily scoring higher in practical skills which are considered more important than theory and carry heavier weighting in the exam scores.

Course 2

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Course 2 students, mockingly referred to as 'Weeds' at First High, are people who succeeded to enter the Magic High School, but were lacking in practical skills compared to their Course 1 counterparts. Due to the lack of teachers, they are forced to learn with the use of computer lessons rather than an educator. Due to the second courses incorporation into the school been rushed the school was unable to get the school emblem embroidered on the extra uniforms in time which caused the two courses to unintentionally have distinctly different uniforms and were subsequently left different in following years[5]. This course was finally abolished in the April of 2098 due to the overachievements of one of its members.[6]

Magic Engineering Department

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New Curriculum with Magic Engineering

Magic Engineering Class places emphasis on magic engineering in the curriculum compared to the original magic study classes. Currently, there is only one Magic Engineering Class.

The new Year 2 Students have the option to choose between the original Magic Study or Magic Engineering Classes. Students who choose to continue with original Magic Study will still be divided into 4 classes of Course 1 Students and 3 Classes of Course 2 Students. On the other hand, students who choose Magic Engineering Course will have to pass an examination in March before joining the newly established class.

Student Hierarchy

Student Council

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Public Morals Committee

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Club Management Group

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School Year AD 2095

First Year

Course 1
Class 1-A: Angelina Kudou Shields (Short-Term Exchange Student), Kitayama Shizuku, Shiba Miyuki, Mitsui Honoka, Morisaki Shun
Class 1-B: Akechi Eimi, Tomitsuka Hagane, Sakurakouji Akaha
Class 1-C: Takigawa Kazumi
Class 1-D: Satomi Subaru
Other Students: Igarashi Yousuke, Kasuga Nanami
Course 2
Class 1-E: Saijou Leonhard, Shiba Tatsuya, Shibata Mizuki, Chiba Erika, Yoshida Mikihiko
Class 1-G: Hirakawa Chiaki

Second Year

Course 1
Class 2-A: Nakajou Azusa
Class 2-B: Hattori Gyoubushoujo Hanzou
Class 2-D: Sawaki Midori
Other Students: Isori Kei, Kirihara Takeaki, Chiyoda Kanon, Okada
Course 2
Class 2-E: Mibu Sayaka

Third Year

Mayumi,Mari and Katsuto the First High Triumvrate

Course 1
Class 3-A: Saegusa Mayumi
Class 3-C: Tatsumi Koutarou, Hirakawa Koharu
Other Students: Izumi Rika, Ichihara Suzune, Juumonji Katsuto, Sekimoto Isao, Watanabe Mari, Kobayakawa Keiko, Igarashi Tsugumi, Asano, Kinoshita
Course 2
Class 3-F: Kamono Kinoe (Tsukasa Kinoe)

Unknown Year

Other Students: Ishida, Murakami

School Year AD 2096

First Year

Course 1
Class 1-A: Shippou Takuma
Class 1-B: Saegusa Izumi
Class 1-C: Saegusa Kasumi, Sakurai Minami
Other Students: Kajiwara, Senkawa
Course 2
Class 1-G: Kent Smith (Sumisu Kento)

Second Year

Course 1
Class 2-A: Kitayama Shizuku, Shiba Miyuki, Mitsui Honoka, Morisaki Shun
Class 2-B: Akechi Eimi, Sakurakouji Akaha, Yoshida Mikihiko
Class 2-D: Satomi Subaru
Other Students: Takigawa Kazumi, Igarashi Yousuke, Kasuga Nanami
Magic Engineering Course
Class 2-E: Tomitsuka Hagane, Shiba Tatsuya, Shibata Mizuki, Hirakawa Chiaki
Course 2
Class 2-F: Saijou Leonhard, Chiba Erika
Other Students:

Third Year

Course 1
Class 3-A: Nakajou Azusa
Class 3-B: Kunisaki Kumiko, Hattori Gyoubushoujo Hanzou
Class 3-D: Sawaki Midori
Other Students: Isori Kei, Kirihara Takeaki, Chiyoda Kanon, Okada, Chikura Tomoko, Minakami Kerry
Course 2
Class 3-E: Mibu Sayaka
Other Students: Agata Kenshiro


Tsukuba Yuuka, Saegusa Mayumi, Tatsumi Koutarou, Hirakawa Koharu, Izumi Rika, Ichihara Suzune, Juumonji Katsuto, Sekimoto Isao, Watanabe Mari, Kobayakawa Keiko, Igarashi Tsugumi, Kamono Kinoe, Asano, Kinoshita



  • Principal: Momoyama Azuma - He is in his 70's and is well known for Magic Education reform. He is someone to be feared and it's also because of him that the segregation between Course 1 and Course 2 student continues to exist.



  • Yanagisawa (柳沢) - He is in his 30's and is a counselor to the students.