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Enrollment Chapter V is the fifth episode of the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei anime.


Mibu tells Tatsuya that they are planning to let the school know their thoughts about the discrimination among the students.


In the Magic Practice Room, Shiba Tatsuya manages to activate his magic under one minute after his third try and Shibata Mizuki congratulates him. Mizuki comments that if he was good at practical skills, he would be too perfect and seem unapproachable. She tells him he can activate faster during an actual combat as she saw him discard his magic sequence and rebuilding it in an instant. Tatsuya confirms it, commenting she indeed has good eyes and explains that with basic single-system level, its possible to activate faster by directly constructing a magic sequence. Hearing his interest in magic is not for combat, Mizuki gets inspired and comments she originally started studying just to learn to control her eyes and didn't think if she wanted to do something with magic in the future, but now will think about her future. As she keeps getting excited, Chiba Erika interrupts her, making Mizuki realize she was loud and gets embarrassed.

Tatsuya meets with Mibu Sayaka, who gives him her answer, stating that they want better treatment from the school. Tatsuya comments that the biggest difference is the availability of teachers and if Sayaka wants the school to hire more teachers, but she denies it. He comments that her Kendo Club gets same amount of time to use the gymnasium as the Kenjutsu Club, and wonders what exactly they want. Tatsuya then explains he doesn't really want school to change much and is fine with being able to get hold of classified documents and graduate from the Magic High School. Having different principles, he stands and leaves.

Later using the school radio broadcasting system, group of students calling themselves the Sympathizer Alliance, had taken over the broadcasting room and want to abolish the discrimination in the school. The Student Council gathers at the broadcasting room door and Juumonji Katsuto states that he is ready to listen. Tatsuya then calls Sayaka, who explain she is also in the broadcasting room. He tells her that that the Student Council is ready to negotiate and guarantees her freedom. As he hangs up, he tells the rest to prepare to restrain the other students as he only guaranteed Sayaka's freedom. They end up restraining the other students, but Saegusa Mayumi tells them to release them, explaining they are not going to run away and calls Sayaka to come with her and discuss the details for the upcoming negotiation.

The next day, Tatsuya speak with Mayumi, who explains that Sayaka wants better treatment, but doesn't know how to accomplish that and feels like she wants the Student Council to find a way. After that, there was a heated discussion and in the end they decided to hold a public debate tomorrow with only Mayumi participating from the Student Council. Tatsuya later sees a man that previously attacked him and is member of Blanche to speak with Mizuki. As he chases him away, Mizuki explains that he is the captain of the Kendo club, Tsukasa Kinoe and had similar hypersensitive eyes. That evening, Tatsuya and Miyuki visit Kokonoe Yakumo, who explains the ancestry of Kinoe and his connection to Blanche due to his brother Tsukasa Hajime.

During the public debate, Mayumi easily defeats her opponents and speak of how the Student Council is trying to abolish the discrimination. She tells them that when she steps down, she wants to change a rule that prevents 2nd Course students from being in the Student Council. She ends up being supported by everyone, but in that moment, multiple explosions occur outside. Terrorists try rushing the debate hall, but the Student Council deal with them. Tatsuya decides to go and check the practical skills building where the explosion happened and Miyuki decides to go with him.