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Enrollment Chapter VI is the sixth episode of the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei anime.


Tatsuya and his friends fought the terrorists and stopped them before they gathered classified data. Sayaka tries to escape, but is then defeated and captured by Erika. With the remnants of the terrorists taken custody, Tatsuya and his friends learn of Sayaka's reasons for cooperating with the terrorists. Tatsuya decides to attack the enemy hideout in order to help clear her name and strike back at them for using her and invading the school, assisted by a few other students.


Tatsuya and Miyuki reach the practical skills building and assist Leonhard and Erika. Ono Haruka shows up and tells them that practical skills building is diversion and they are aiming for the library, but refuses to explain how she knows that. She tells Tatsuya that Sayaka is there and to give her another chance, but Tatsuya refuses and indirectly tells Haruka that her unnecessary compassion won't hurt just her.

Heading towards the Library, they see students fighting the terrorists and Leonhard decides to join the fight, while Tatsuya and the rest continue towards the Library. Reaching it, Tatsuya scans the location of the enemy and reveals their position. Erika goes and takes the enemy on the first floor, while Tatsuya and Miyuki continue towards the four enemies at the special browsing room on the second floor.

Inside the browsing room, Sayaka wonders why they need the newest magic research, while all she wanted is to abolish the discrimination in school. The terrorist manage to get access and start copying information, but Tatsuya and Miyuki break the door and Tatsuya destroys their device. Tatsuya tells Sayaka that a world where everyone is treated equally doesn't exist and that she was used. She tells him that he must have been compared to his sister, insulted and looked down. Miyuki states that she don't despise her brother and no matter what others think or say, that won't change. Miyuki says no one acknowledged Sayaka's abilities, but that wasn't her only benchmark as Tatsuya noticed her, her sword skills and her beauty and in the end, the one who hated her the most for being a "Weed" is herself. Sayaka is shocked of the realization. The terrorists tell her to use her ring, which creates cast jamming, but Tatsuya easily defeats the terrorists in physical combat. Sayaka then runs, however Tatsuya tells Miyuki to leave her as Erika is covering the exit.

Sayaka ends up facing Erika, who recognizes her for placing second in kendo tournament two years ago. Erika decides to fight her. Seeing the Self-Acceleration ability of Erika, Sayaka is reminded of Watanabe and uses the ring to Cast Jamming. Erika still breaks her weapon and gives Sayaka a katana. Sayaka then throws away the ring and takes the katana, telling Erika she will defeat her by her own strength. Erika comments her technique is a bit different from Watanabe. In an instant, Erika defeats Sayaka, fracturing some of her ribs. She congratulates her, explaining that she is from Chiba family and had to go all out on her. Erika comments that Watanabe Mari is their pupil, but Erika hold higher level certification than her. Moment later, Sayaka loses consciousness. A bit later, the Public Morals Committee confronts Tsukasa Kinoe, stating they know everything. He attempts to run, but is easily caught.

Sayaka explains that the Kendo Club captain, Kinoe, had been convincing them to get rid of magic-based discrimination. Due to being discriminated soon after entering the school, she got lost in Kinoe's words. Tatsuya asks her about the discrimination incident and Sayaka explains that she was awed by Mari magic skills and wanted to practice with her, but Mari was cold and told her to find someone of her skill level. Mari remembers the situation, but explains she didn't mean that. With magic, Mari believes she was better, but by pure kendo skills, she was no match for Sayaka, so she meant Sayaka to find someone stronger for practice. Sayaka realizes she misunderstood it and feels she wasted a year due to grudge, but Tatsuya comments she didn't waste a year, as like Erika stated, she became stronger and had polished her skills.

Tatsuya wonders about the remaining Blanche members, commenting that he can't let the police as that would mean turning Sayaka for attempted robbery and that he will destroy anyone trying to harm him and his sister. He doesn't intend to get the Student Council involved, but Miyuki, Erika and Leonhard decide to join him. Tatsuya then opens the door, revealing that Ono Haruka was listening and asks her to give Blanche's location. Learning the location, Juumonji Katsuto decide to join them. He goes to prepare a car and Kirihara Takeaki, who had secretly listened to their conversation with Sayaka, asks Katsuto if he can join them. Katsuto declines at first, wanting to know his actual reason and Takeaki reveals he loved Sayaka's swordmanship, but at some point her intentions got muddled. As that made him sick and angry, he wants to take on the man that took advantage of Sayaka and vent his anger. Katsuto agrees, commenting that's a good reason to risk his life.