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Enrollment Chapter VII is the seventh episode of the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei anime.


Tatsuya and his friends confront the terrorists in their hideout. Tsukasa Hajime, leader of the Japanese branch of Blanche, confirms to Tatsuya that he manipulated Sayaka's memories. He tries to hypnotize Tatsuya using the Evil Eye magic; when it fails, he tries to flee, but eventually gets subdued by Kirihara who chops off his arm. After the terrorists are taken into custody, Tatsuya and his friends visit Sayaka at the hospital after she was discharged. Afterwards, they return back to their normal school life.

Meanwhile, the whole incident reached Ichijou Masaki, who makes preparations to confront Tatsuya and the students of First High in the upcoming Nine Schools Competition.


As Tatsuya and the others speed along in their car towards the enemy stronghold, Katsuto asks him to take charge since the operation is his idea. He orders Leo and Erika to secure their retreat and deal with any escaping enemies, whilst he and Miyuki take the front and Katsuto enters from the rear exit with Kirihara. As they arrive Leo uses his Fortification Magic to reinforce the car and they ram though it into the compound. Inside Tatsuya and Miyuki slowly advance until they reach a large room where they are confronted by Blanche's leader Tsukasa Hajime and number of armed men waiting in ambush. Hajime introduced himself as the leader of the Japanese branch. Tatsuya advises that they surrender. Hajime laughs it off and tries to recruit Tatsuya for his Antinite free Pseudo Cast Jamming and uses magic to try and hypnotise him into defecting using Evil Eye. Tatsuya calls out his use of hypnotism and asks if it’s what he used to replace Sayaka’s memories. Realising his attempt failed, Hajime orders his men to fire, but Tatsuya disassembles all their guns at once with magic. Seeing this Hajime flees, and Miyuki has Tatsuya pursue while she deals with the disarmed terrorists. One of the terrorists pulls a knife and tries to stab Tatsuya in the back but is frozen by Miyuki before he can strike, before freezing all of the men at once with Niflhiem. Meanwhile Juumonji us using the Phalanx to advance under enemy fire so that Kirihara can get close enough to take the terrorists down in close combat, whilst ensuring Kirihara doesn’t go to far and kill them. Tatsuya pursues Hajime where he is waiting with another ambush. Tatsuya uses his Elemental Sight to disarm all the terrorists before entering the room. Hajime and some of his men use Antinite to use Cast Jamming on Tatsuya. The sheer amount of Antinite, a rare military resource, tips Tatsuya off that Hajime is being supplied by Ukraine-Belarus and backed by the Great Asian Union. Hearing this deduction, Hajime orders his men to kill Tatsuya, but the Cast Jamming doesn’t work on him and he uses Partial Decomposition to neutralise all the terrorists bar Hajime himself. Hajime backs off demanding to know why Tatsuya can still use magic when Kirihara cuts through the reinforced door behind him. Hearing Hajime is the leader of the terrorists, Kirihara is enraged and cuts off his arm with the Antinite bracelet but is stopped by Katsuto before he kills Hajime. Juumonji stops Hajime’s bleeding and asks Tatsuya is that’s all of them and he confirms it should be.

Later on, the police arrive and arrest the terrorists. Erika and Leo bicker about being left on the side-lines when Tatsuya emerged from inside and Miyuki rushes up to him to check he’s ok. She is about to confess something but is stopped by Tatsuya who says it’s fine and she thanks him.

Tatsuya visits Sayaka in hospital and they discuss how she and Tsukasa Kinoe are hospitalised due to having their memories altered. Tatsuya informs her the other students won’t be punished for their involvement because of this, especially since the school wants to keep it quiet. Tatsuya asks when she’ll be discharged and asks her to inform him and he’ll come to visit again then. As he leaves Tatsuya meets with Hayama Tadanori in the corridor.

That night, Hayama reports to Yotsuba Maya that Tatsuya was only acting within his role as a Guardian in this incident.

On the tenth of May, Sayaka is discharged and the Shiba siblings come to visit her for her release. There they find she’s with Kirihara and Erika informs them that he’s been visiting every day. The three head over to speak with Sayaka and her father asks to speak with Tatsuya. He thanks Tatsuya for helping his daughter even where he couldn’t. Mibu lets slip he heard of him from Kazama Harunobu, an old army buddy, and assures Tatsuya what he’s heard will stay confidential. Tatsuya returns to the other and when Sayaka asks what her father wanted, Tatsuya brushes it off by saying they have a mutual acquaintance. Erika uses this as an excuse to ask Sayaka why she jumped ship to Kirihara rather than Tatsuya. Sayaka confesses she did like Tatsuya for his unwavering strength, but she felt she’d never be able to catch up with him but Kirihara is someone she could stand beside. Erik moves on to try and tease Kirihara, asking him how long he’s liked Sayaka for. Kirihara tries to change the subject but Tatsuya jumps in and comments all that matters is how smitten with Sayaka Kirihara is and mentions how Kirihara looked so gallant cutting down Blanche’s leader that Tatsuya knows he can never compete. Kirihara swears Tatsuya to secrecy and while he and Erika mess around, Tatsuya signals Miyuki and the pair leave. As they walk down the street, Miyuki tells Tatsuya she will remain by his side no matter what happens. Tatsuya counters saying she’ll be the one leaving him behind. Tatsuya heads back to school to avoid missing the practical lesson, which leads Miyuki to ask if he’s happy going to school when he doesn’t need to all for her. Tatsuya tells Miyuki he’s happy because he can go to school with her, and the pair walk hand in hand as they return to school.

On the sixteenth of May, at Third High, Ichijou Masaki is training when Kichijouji Shinkurou tells him about the terrorist attack on First High. Masaki is confident the students at First High will be fine though the terrorists won’t as there are direct decedents from the Juumonji and Saegusa families as well as many talented students there. Kichijouji comments that even if that’s the case none compare to Masaki, the Crimson Prince.