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Enrollment Chapter IV is the fourth episode of the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei anime.


Tatsuya finishes his report about the incident. The group, consisting of Erika, Leo, Mizuki, Miyuki and Tatsuya go to a cafe, where they talk about Tatsuya's cast jamming.

Mibu asks Tatsuya to join the kendo club, but Tatsuya declines, Mibu then tells Tatsuya that the non-magic specialized clubs plan to join together to tell their thoughts about the Course 1, Course 2 discrimination. Tatsuya asks Mibu what she plans to do after telling her thoughts to the school.

Now at the Student Council room, Mari embarrasses herself by defending her boyfriend. Tatsuya makes Mayumi blush, and Mari teases her about it. Miyuki gets angry and things get frozen. The siblings go home and Tatsuya shows Miyuki information about Blanche.


Shiba Tatsuya gives a report on the incident with the Kendo and Kenjutsu clubs to Watanabe Mari, Saegusa Mayumi and Juumonji Katsuto. Tatsuya states he didn’t see who it started it. As Kirihara Takeaki was repentant, Tatsuya decided no further measures were needed and let the Health Committee take him. Satisfied, Mari leaves the incident in Katsuto’s hands. They ask if others used magic, but Tatsuya says they didn’t, not mentioning he was cancelling it out.

Tatsuya meets up with Shiba Miyuki, Saijou Leonhard, Chiba Erika and Shibata Mizuki after school and treats them at Einebrise as an apology for taking so long. There they discuss the incident and Miyuki makes it clear she’s confident in Tatsuya’s combat prowess and goes on to mention Tatsuya is an expert in counter-magic. They start acting like a couple and when Leo comments on it Miyuki takes it further to tease the group. Leo brings up the cast-jamming and Mizuki comments you need Antinite to use it normally. Tatsuya reveals he used a imitation of cast jamming that uses the interference caused by when two CADs are used at once to block magic of the same type. Leo asks why it needs to be off the record, so Tatsuya explains the implications of Antinite free cast jamming are too great to risk revealing it, though Miyuki counters saying he’s worrying to much as the ability to identify the opponents spell is needed, which is almost impossible for others.

On the fourth day of the recruitment week Tatsuya is working when he gets a call there is an incident at the gymnasium, but he is attacked by a unidentified man who escapes with magic. At the end of the week Tatsuya is glad it’s over and Leo comments Tatsuya has built a reputation after the incident with Kirihara. Miyuki visits the class and they walk to the student council. On route Mibu Sayaka asks to speak with Tatsuya and they agree to meet in the café once he’s dropped of Miyuki. Tatsuya says he’ll be in the Library and Miyuki asks about Sayaka. Tatsuya dismisses it as a club invitation but Miyuki reveals she is concerned about why Sayaka wants to speak to Tatsuya, thinking it’s more as now Tatsuya has a reputation others will want to use him. Tatsuya assures her she’ll be careful.

Tatsuya meets with Sayaka in the café. She thanks him for his actions in the incident, which helped diffuse the situation. Sayaka goes on to say people are trying to use the incident for their own ends, such as the disciplinary committee members trying to score points. Tatsuya states he’s a committee member and apologises. Sayaka quickly says she didn’t mean him and gets flustered. Tatsuya asks her directly what she wants and Sayaka asks him to join the Kendo club. Tatsuya declines and asks why she wants to recruit him. Sayaka brings up the discrimination against Course 2 students and how she hates everything being denied do to practical scores. She then tells Tatsuya of the plan to form a new group to bring their complaints to the school and again asks for his help. Tatsuya makes a passing comment she’s not just a pretty girl, embarrassing Sayaka, before asking what they plan to do after taking their complaints to the school. Tatsuya’s question surprises Sayaka.

During lunch on the next day Mari asks about the events in the café as there are rumours Tatsuya was flirting with Sayaka. Tatsuya objects to her choice of words and when she says he’s the only one who treats her like a lady Tatsuya counters by criticising Mari’s boyfriend, flustering her much to Mayumi’s amusement. Mari returns to the topic of Sayaka and says she has witnesses that confirm Sayaka was bright red and embarrassed. Miyuki’s magic leaks upon hearing this, freezing everyone’s lunch in seconds, and Tatsuya quickly assures her it’s a misunderstanding. He explains what they discussed, and Mari says that the Public Morals Committee is honorary so there are no points to be scored. Mayumi mentions that someone seems to be manipulating people’s opinions against the school, leading Tatsuya to ask if it’s Blanche. This shocks Mari and Mayumi as it’s classified information. Tatsuya expresses his dissatisfaction at the governments handling of the situation and Mayumi agrees as despite their being an anti-magic organisation it’s being kept secret. Tatsuya them comforts Mayumi saying it’s not her fault. This makes Mayumi blush, and Mari comments Tatsuya’s ability to drive her to the brink and follow though on his own makes him quite the gigolo. Miyuki’s magic leaks again upon hearing this. Mari asks how Tatsuya plans to deal with Sayaka and he says he’s waiting on a response and will decide after hearing it.

Later on, Tatsuya is called in to speak with the councillor Ono Haruka. She greats him and when she tried to fluster Tatsuya, he criticizes her attire pointing out it goes against the modern dress code. Haruka asks him to participate in an ongoing counselling as part of the ten percent of freshmen monitored to allow the school to get a grasp of the year’s psychological tendencies. Tatsuya agrees and Haruka beings her assessment. At the end of the appointment Haruka asks if Tatsuya was really asked out by Sayaka. He states no but asks where she heard that from, but Haruka cannot answer.

Sayaka meets with Kamono Kinoe who insists Tatsuya must be recruited.

That night Tatsuya shows Miyuki some intelligence about Blanche. He tells her they are really a terrorist organisation. He reveals he saw a member of Egalite, a subordinate organisation at the school. Tatsuya goes on to explain that on the surface, Blanche doesn’t reject magic and is against discrimination, focusing on the median income which is an unfair metric to use due to being skewed by a small number of people with critical skills. Tatsuya points out those struggling at First High can easily be swayed by ideals of equality, ignoring the price paid by those at the top. Tatsuya points out, had he not a unique ability which others cannot copy, he too might be swayed by such talk. Tatsuya concludes that behind it all is a group aiming to eradicate magic from Japan. They siblings agree they must act or the Ten Master Clans will, which will reveal to all that the pair are from the Yotsuba. Tatsuya reassures Miyuki he’ll handle it before that happens if need be.