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Enrollment Chapter II is the second episode of the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei anime.


Honoka and Shizuku, a pair of first year Course 1 girls, introduce themselves to Tatsuya. Miyuki joins the student council, while Tatsuya is invited to the Public Morals Committee by Mari, the chairman of the committee. Hattori challenges Tatsuya's qualifications, leading to a duel between the two. Tatsuya wins with ease.


Mari is convinced to overlook the incident by Tatsuya, Mayumi, and Miyuki. Morisaki and the Course 1 students back down. Honoka and Shizuku approaches Tatsuya and apologizes. They join the Course 2 students on their way home.

As they walk, the group discuss about how Tatsuya maintains Miyuki's CAD, and about how Erika's baton is actually also a CAD.

The next morning, Mayumi invites Tatsuya and Miyuki to the student council room for lunch. There, Mayumi and Mari introduce the pair to Azusa and Suzune. Mayumi, Azusa, and Suzune are all members of the student council, while Mari is the chairman of the Public Morals Committee.

Miyuki accepts an invitation to join the Student Council. When she brings up her brother, the others inform her that Course 2 students are forbidden from joining the Student Council. Mari, however, invites Tatsuya to the Public Morals Committee. Though Tatsuya protests, he is asked to discuss the matter further after school.

In class, Tatsuya discusses his invitation to the Committee with his friends. They are practicing using magic to move a cart back and forth. Even among Course 2 students, Tatsuya is slow. Partly due to this, he plans to decline the invitation.

After school, Tatsuya and Miyuki enters the Student Council room again. The last member of the Council, Vice President Hattori, introduces himself to Miyuki, but completely ignores Tatsuya. When Mari invites Tatsuya to tour the Public Committee headquarters, Hattori interferes and protests Tatsuya's invitation to the Committee. After Miyuki speaks up to defend him, Tatsuya challenges Hattori to a duel.

The duel is arbitrated by Mari, and witnessed by the Student Council Members. Due to Tatsuya's weak practical skills, Hattori plans to complete his spell before Tatsuya, and knock him unconscious with a movement-type spell. However, once the duel starts, Tatsuya quickly moves behind Hattori and takes him out.