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Enrollment Chapter III is the third episode of the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei anime.


Everyone is surprised at how quick Tatsuya defeated Hattori in the duel. Tatsuya begins his work as part of the Disciplinary Committee. Meanwhile, Miyuki starts showing more mixed emotions towards her big brother. Azuwa also shows great interest in Tatsuya's CAD, silver horn of the silver series, created by the genius Taurus Silver.


Everyone was shocked that Tatsuya defeated Hanzou so quickly. It is revealed that he used physical abilities from his Ninjutsu training to get behind Hanzou and used a basic oscillation type spell "Compound Waves" that causes hallucinogenic effect, which is using Silver Horn CAD's Loop Casting feature and a complex multivariable processing in its execution, to knock Hanzou down. He concluded that the school's entrance practical exam can't evaluate Tatsuya's true ability properly because multivariable isn't one of its grading criteria.

After regaining consciousness, Hanzou properly apologized to Miyuki, however he leaves the room without a word to Tatsuya feeling bitter over his quick defeat. Tatsuya officially becomes a member of the Public Moral Committee after everyone saw his skills. In the Public Moral Committee headquarters, Tatsuya is introduced to Tatsumi Kotaro and Sawaki Midori.

The next day, Tatsuya and Morisaki, whom caused trouble at Tatsuya and his friends during the first day, was introduced to the whole committee and do a briefing to do a normal patrol during the club recruitment day. Morisaki still shows his resentment towards Tatsuya as a Weed before he leaves to patrol.

In the middle of the patrol, Tatsuya helped Erika who was swarmed by many school club member recruiter. And then, both of them went to the school's gym and witness a quarrel between the Kendo Club and the Kenjutsu Club. Mibu Sayaka of Kendo Club and Kirihara Tateaki of Kenjutsu Club had a duel which is won by Mibu.

However, Kirihara who didn't accept his defeat, activated the spell "Sonic Blade" to attack Mibu which causes Tatsuya to stop him using a counter magic using two CAD at once and immobilized him. Because they can't accept the fact that Tatsuya, a weed is a member of the Public Moral Committee and taking custody of Kirihara, The Kenjutsu club members attacks Tatsuya at once even some of them uses magic although Tatsuya dodged their attacks effortlessly and dismantled their magic instantly. On the other hand, The captain of the Kendo Club, Tsukasa Kinoe, is impressed by Tatsuya's skills.