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Enrollment Chapter (II) is the 2nd volume in the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Light Novel series.


Tatsuya and Miyuki Shiba are brother and sister, but they share a bond that transcends mere blood relation. Despite the fact that they're siblings who attend the same school, their lot in life couldn't be more different.

Miyuki's a Bloom, one of the elite students of Magic High, while Tatsuya's a Weed, with low expectations and even lower levels of respect.

But having skillfully diffused a tense situation, Tatsuya finds himself recruited by the school's disciplinary committee and soon discovers there's more to Magic High than he realized...

Casting Assistant Device

Casting Assistant Devices (C.A.D.’s) are used by magicians to improve the activation time of spells and provide an alternative to charms, spell books and incantations. They come in one of two types: general purpose and specialized and are an essential device required in order to master modern day magic.

A C.A.D.’s hardware and software have a huge impact on the scale and variety of spells that can be deployed with even the most basic of C.A.D.’s can increase the power of a magician’s magic calculation area. In general, the processing power of the C.A.D. is the primary constraint on how fast magic can be activated.

General C.A.D.'s place emphasis on diversity and can install up to a total of 99 activation sequences of any type. Specialized C.A.D.’s emphasize speed at the expense of diversity and integrated targeting subsystems are mainstream. As such Specialised C.A.D.'s only allow the installation of 9 sequences of only one type of magic.

Chapter 6

Tatsuya was giving a report about what happened between the Kendo and Kenjutsu club during the demonstration to the Student Council President, Saegusa Mayumi; Public Morals Committee Chief, Watanabe Mari; and Club Management Group Leader, Juumonji Katsuto. While explaining, Tatsuya's awareness was focused on Katsuto who assumed a listening position. They asked more about the incident and Tatsuya told them he handed over the apprehended Kirihara to the health committee and judged that no further actions were needed. Katsuto, however, thought that suspension was inevitable. The case was closed and Tatsuya left the club headquarters.

After coming out of the club headquarters, Tatsuya headed towards the Student Council room to return home with Miyuki. He reached the main entrance and saw his friends waiting there with his sister. After apologizing for making them wait for him, Tatsuya proposed to treat them all and everyone accepted.

Tatsuya, Miyuki, Leo, Erika, and Mizuki discussed various occurrences before settling on the subject of Tatsuya's disarmament of Kirihara. Tatsuya tried to play it down but Miyuki showed off her pride in her brother explaining his skill. Reluctantly Tatsuya revealed the magic he used, an application of Cast Jamming, as well as the reasons he had for keeping it a secret. Their conversation ended as Miyuki replies saying her brother is overthinking things.

Tatsuya, who was now considered an enigma by many students, went over the events of club recruitment week in which students, who were displeased with a Weed beating a Bloom, set up many traps for him, in which they caused a commotion, then fired magic at him when he approached.

On his way to the Student Council Room with Miyuki, Tatsuya is called out by Mibu Sayaka who asked him to accompany her. Tatsuya declines and says that he will meet her (Mibu Sayaka) in the cafeteria after accompanying Miyuki to the Student Council Room first.

At the entrance of the Student Council Room, Tatsuya talked with Miyuki who was worried about him meeting Mibu. Tatsuya tried to calm her down saying he was merely being scouted but Miyuki still wasn't sure.

Tatsuya met and conversed with Mibu where she thanked him for his help and invited him to join the Kendo club because she wanted him to help with a plan to equalize the standing of Weeds and Blooms by telling the school management their ideas. Tatsuya refuted her, asking her what she would do after telling her thoughts to the school.

Chapter 7

In the Student Council Room, Tatsuya and Miyuki were eating lunch with Mari, Mayumi, and Azusa when Mari asked Tatsuya about his meeting with Mibu. Tatsuya revealed what Mibu had said and confronted Mayumi and Mari about the true masterminds behind the plot, who he had deduced to be Blanche. Mayumi became depressed due to her limitations to deal with the issue, of which Tatsuya pointed out in an attempt to cheer her up. Mari and Mayumi started fighting because Mari pointed out Mayumi was being wooed. As Tatsuya and Miyuki left, Tatsuya asserted he would do his utmost to resolve the current situation.

Tatsuya was in the Public Morals Committee Room, writing and organizing the reports about the incidents during Recruitment Week when he noticed that he had been summoned by a member of the faculty staff, Ono Haruka.

In the Counseling Room, Tatsuya pointed out Haruka's attire, claiming it was "overkill". Haruka, who had been trying to use a temptation method against him, was surprised at his lack of emotion in his response and decided to reveal her true reason, asking him to partake in an experiment. After a short survey, Haruka asked Tatsuya about his relationship with Mibu, implying something troubling might happen around her.

Back at Tatsuya and Miyuki's home, Tatsuya looked over Blanche's data files and hypothesized that members of their subordinate organization, Egalite, were students in First High School. As they discussed the reasoning behind members of a magic school being part of an organization, that is anti-magic and the ideals of the anti-magic organization Blanche, they eventually came to the topic of magical talent and the Ten Master Clans.

Chapter 8

The chapter starts with Tatsuya's class getting serious about technical skills. It is noted that another reason for the separation of the Course 1 and the Course 2 students is to avoid one side from feeling that they are unable to keep up with the others - that is, abandoning the Course 2 students entirely. 

Tatsuya finally completes the Single Systematic compiling speed test after the third time, with his partner Mizuki. She notes that he is surprisingly bad at technical skills. She remarks that if it were her, she would feel upset over being marked as someone with no skill despite his clear demonstration of talent (the Kenjutsu club incident). 

This is when Mizuki notes that in a combat situation, Tatsuya has a way to improve execution speed, something that he is wary of. Her noticing this is due to her special "eyes". It's noted that this is a classified secret, so he tells her that it is a Systematic talent, and he can only use that skill for spells under 5 processes (which the majority of combat spells are). 

She accepts this reason but starts gushing about how admirable he is, due to his learning of magic to further his own goals, not just to show off. Mizuki explains that she only wanted to learn magic to control her eyes but she "would think about it carefully now!"

Watching this, Tatsuya thinks that he never had a chance at a life without magic and that he became a Magician precisely because he couldn't use magic. It was a curse placed on him at birth. 

Tatsuya and Mizuki stay back to help Leo and Erika who are struggling over this exercise. Tatsuya teaches both of them obvious tricks to pass the exercise. As they are working, Honoka, Shizuku and Miyuki walk in holding bags. Tatsuya had organized them to get lunch. 

As they were eating lunch, Miyuki's bro-con personality is in full display. To change the subject, Erika asks about 1-A's practical lessons, to which Miyuki showcases clear displeasure. Erika notes that the separation between gifted and non-gifted students was also practiced by her own dojo - "a little bit of old styled kenjutsu - but that's just a side job." 

Tatsuya also then displays his evil personality, before Miyuki is asked to display her talents to the others. Her score for the same test compared to the rest is ridiculously fast, and everyone froze in shock. Tatsuya and Miyuki look disappointed and he tells her that the school CADs' software was very out of date so her "slow" score couldn't be helped. 

Tatsuya waits for Sayaka to come to lunch after her "homework". She displays resentment or a similar emotion when seeing Mari lurking around. She explains that she wants the school to improve their treatment but had no more than abstract ideas on how that should be achieved. He points out the illogical nature of what she was saying and says that he doesn't expect the school to change; only that he wishes to learn magic to achieve his true dream; building a fully functioning Thermonuclear Fusion Gravity Control Type Magic Sequences Reactor, one of the "Three Great Puzzles" of Weight Systematic Magic.

One week later, the Public Announcement system is seized and the "Aspirants' Alliance" spoke over it, declaring their intention to remove discrimination and demanding to negotiate with the Club Management Group and the Student Council. Tatsuya is summoned to the scene of the "crime".

Outside the Public Announcement Room, where the Alliance members barricade themselves in, the Public Morals Committee Members along with Mari, Katsuto and Suzune have gathered. Mari and Suzune showcase conflicting opinions, which Tatsuya solves by asking Katsuto for his opinion. He then pulls out his mobile terminal and calls Sayaka to discuss the issue and asks her to open the doors, displaying once again his evil personality. Miyuki is more interested in why he saved her number into his personal terminal. 

When the doors are opened, all except for Sayaka are seized, but Mayumi enters before anything can occur and says that the Faculty has entrusted the issue with the Student Council. Everyone leaves. 

Chapter 9

Tatsuya and Miyuki leave early and met with Mayumi as she is walking to school. Tatsuya asks about the results of the conversation between her and Sayaka, and is told that they had agreed on staging an open forum on the inequality between Course 1 and Course 2 students. She will be the only speaker. 

The next day, Tatsuya stops Tsukasa from harassing Mizuki into joining the Alliance. The members of the Alliance had been busily scouting sympathizers to join their cause and had tried to convince Mizuki to join as they could help her with her eyes. Mizuki had declined their invitation. 

Later, Tatsuya and Miyuki headed towards Yakumo's temple. Yakumo comments on their spiritual auras, but is warned to stop that train of thought by Tatsuya. Yakumo is already aware of Tsukasa Kinoe and tells him that his brother is the head of the Japanese branch of the Blanche organisation. 

Before they leave, Yakumo asks pointedly if Mizuki's sight is worrying him, and tells his disciple that even if she could see his inner aura, she wouldn't be able to understand it. 

Chapter 10

Tatsuya, Miyuki, Suzune and Mari are talking in the auditorium about the students that have gathered there and members of the Alliance.

The forum-style discussion begins. Faced with the questions raised by the Alliance, Mayumi represents the Student Council's rebuttal. The Alliance insists on the equal allocation of the budget and cessation of unfair treatment towards Course 2 students. Having no plans to show their proposal, the forum rapidly dissolves into a platform for Mayumi to deliver her speech. She says she is unsatisfied with the situation and wants to dispel it. After a while, in reaching her main point, she says that when she steps down as the president, she will remove the rule that only allows Course 1 students to be on the student council. This wins the favor of both Course 1 and 2 students.

A loud blast (further away) shakes the students in the auditorium.

A smoke grenade shatters a window and enters the auditorium but Hattori takes care of it. Several invaders wearing gas masks swarm in, but due to their difference in level, they are quickly subdued. The situation was completely brought under control without throwing the auditorium into a panic.

Tatsuya and Miyuki head towards the origin of the blast.

The place, which was under attack by the invaders, is the Practical Skills Building. Miyuki and Tatsuya run into a confused Leo. Miyuki operates her CAD, blowing away the men surrounding Leo. Tatsuya explains the situation to Leo while Miyuki converses with the teachers. Erika arrives and brings Leo his CAD. After a conversation, as well as Erika and Leo's bickering, they realize that this attack is a distraction. Haruka appears and tells them that the actual target is the library and asks Tatsuya to give Sayaka, who is also there, a second chance which he ruthlessly rejects.

In front of the library, the invaders and 3rd year students are fighting. Leo immediately charges in to join the fight. Tatsuya and Miyuki discuss Leo's CAD and his magic while Erika is making mocking remarks, but Leo can't hear any of it. They proceed to enter the library leaving Leo behind.

Inside the library, there are no encounters. Tatsuya assumes Haruka is correct and thinks that there were no people seen because the defenders have already been subdued. To be safe, he begins to scan for life signs: "There are four in the Special Browsing Room on the second floor, two at the foot of the stairs, and two at the top...". Tatsuya discerns that their objective is to steal the classified research materials held by the Magic Universities which displeases Erika and her imagination of a "high school youth revolt" but she still offers to take care of the ambushers at the stairs. Erika takes care of the two students at the foot of the stairs and Tatsuya and Miyuki, after taking care of one person on the top, charge towards the Special Browsing Room leaving Erika behind, on her own will, to deal with the remaining person.

Inside the Special Browsing Room, Sayaka is questioning herself about what she is doing but she pulls herself together. She then starts questioning what her accomplices are doing: "However, our goal is to abolish the differential treatment brought on by magic, so why do we need the most cutting edge magical research?", persuading herself that "No, research data that can benefit people who can't use magic must exist, and it is hidden here..." even if she doesn't believe those words. Tatsuya and Miyuki breach the door. Miyuki and Sayaka have an argument until a smoke bomb explodes. Tatsuya takes care of the intruders but lets Sayaka run out of the room, saying that she will run into Erika anyway.

Sayaka runs towards the exit but is stopped by Erika. They have a short conversation, Sayaka picks up a stun baton and they engage in a fight. After shattering the stun baton, Erika allows Sayaka to pick up a short-sword. Sayaka's fighting spirit gets riled up, throwing away her Antinite ring this time relying purely on swordsmanship. Erika wins, cracking Sayaka's bone. She introduces herself as a Chiba and tells her to be proud, just before Sayaka falls down unconscious.

Erika, Tatsuya and Miyuki are bickering at the foot of the stairs.

Tsukasa, learning about the failure of the mission through his portable terminal, is trying to meet up with his brother for further instructions. He is called out by Tatsumi, who also tells him that they have proof of his wrongdoings. He tries to escape but he is stopped and taken into custody by Sawaki.

In the Nurse Room, Sayaka tells her part of the story. She was emotionally scarred from Mari's harsh rejection when she tried to get some lessons from her. However, it turns out Mari said that she was actually no match for Sayaka because Sayaka is too good for her in pure swordsmanship. Tatsuya tries to fix Sayaka's mood and she lets out tears, burying her face into his chest. Tatsuya then wants to go to the Blanche headquarters, convincing everyone that if they leave it up to the police, they will also have to arrest Sayaka for her crime. Not knowing where Blanche is located, Tatsuya opens the exit door in front, in which he finds out that Haruka is eavesdropping. Haruka then takes out her information terminal and provides them the location of Blanche headquarters. Together in a vehicle, Tatsuya, Miyuki, Kirihara, Leo, Erika, Katsuto drive towards the headquarters. Mayumi having to stay behind, pulls Mari with her so she won't be the only one staying behind.

Chapter 11

Using Leo's fortification, the jeep smashes through the fence of the factory (which is used as Blanche's headquarters). Tatsuya tells Leo to stay behind on guard and Erika to help him take down anyone who tries to flee, Katsuto and Kirihara to go to the back entrance and he and Miyuki will enter from the front. Entering from the front, they meet commander of Blanche's Japanese branch, Tsukasa Hajime and his forces armed with guns. Hajime uses Consciousness Interference Type External Systematic Magic Evil Eye but Tatsuya sees through it, removing a small portion of its activation sequence and makes the connection that it was also used on Sayaka. Hajime runs to the back room, Tatsuya pursues him while Miyuki takes it upon herself to punish them for trying to hurt Tatsuya.

"If you had not raised your hand against Onii-sama, I had planned to go easy on you." Miyuki freezes all the armed forces using Niflheim on them, easing out her frustration of them in trying to touch Tatsuya.

Before entering the room, Hajime ran into Tatsuya uses his Decomposition magic to get rid of the guns the opponents are using. Entering the room, he is greeted by Antinite rings. Tatsuya decomposes the design of the Psion noise caused by Antinite and changes the oscillations of the Psion noise much to Hajime's bewilderment about what is going on. Just then, Kirihara splits the wall behind Hajime open and when Tatsuya tells him Hajime's identity, he cuts of his arm in fury, from the elbow down. Katsuto appears using magic to burn Hajime's flesh to stop the bleeding and he falls unconscious.

Chapter 12

The cleanup of the case was handled by Katsuto. Information about 10 MC houses is given. The leader of the kendo club, Tsukasa, is considered innocent because he had been under the influence of serious mind control. Tatsuya comforts Miyuki when she feels bad about usage of Niflheim, even if no permanent damage was done.

It is May, the day of Sayaka's discharge. Tatsuya and Miyuki visit the hospital to celebrate. There, they find Kirihara and Sayaka, and Erika also approaches them. They all chat and tease each other. Sayaka's dad talks to Tatsuya (in private) thanking him for saving Sayaka and surprising him when he says he knows Major Kazama, saying he is a close friend of him. Returning back to the group chat, more teasing from Erika towards Kirihara happens. Afterwards, Tatsuya and Miyuki make their way home together, holding hands.


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