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Enrollment Chapter (I) is the 1st volume in the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Light Novel series.


The year is 2095. Magic has been tamed as another form of technology, and the practice of magic is now a rigorous discipline.

Brother and sister Tatsuya and Miyuki Shiba are just about to start their first year at the renowned First Magic High School of Japan.

But the school's ironclad rules mean that the brilliant Miyuki enters the prestigious Course 1, while her older brother, Tatsuya, is relegated to Course 2--and that's just the beginning of their troubles!

Magic High Schools

Information about the 9 Magic High Schools along with their location and the brief details of their curriculum is mentioned.

Chapter 0

Magic is explained to be a technology. The first recorded date for Magic being used the first time is AD 1999 - it was when police officers possessing special powers stopped a nuclear act of war. The term 'Supernatural Power (Superpower)' was initially used synonymously for Magicians as their ability was then purely inherent, but the term is now no longer synonymous to Magicians because the magicians are now a product of sudden mutation and has been spread around due to 'systematization as a technology'.

Details are given about First High School, which sends most of its graduates to National University of Magic every year. It is informed that the world of magic is - Thoroughly talent-driven, Harshly competence-oriented. There is a disparity right from the start, difference between high-achievers and low-achievers within First High School.

Chapter 1

Miyuki complains about Tatsuya's placement in the Course 2 despite the latter achieving the highest score in the entrance exam (theory). She adamantly states that her brother should be the first year representative instead of her, but is reprimanded by Tatsuya. He comforts her by saying that he is looking forward to her speech.

Tatsuya looks for a place to rest and finds a bench in the courtyard. He is reading on his mobile terminal when a few upperclassmen mutter some ill-meaning words about Tatsuya being a Course 2 student while passing by. He remains calm and ignores it.

The terms Blooms and Weeds are briefly explained.

Thirty minutes before the entrance ceremony, Tatsuya is about to leave when a female student greets him and asked if he's a new student, also reminding him of the time. The female student introduces herself as the Student Council President, Saegusa Mayumi, of the Saegusa Family from the Numbered Clans. Tatsuya's introduction elicits an enthusiastic reaction from Mayumi, who knows him through his outstanding grades on the Theory part of the Entrance Exams. In contrast to her bright attitude, however, Tatsuya chooses to excuse himself without waiting for her reply.

In the auditorium, Tatsuya takes an empty seat, and just as he is about to take a short nap, someone calls out asking if the seats beside him are reserved. The girls are Course 2 students like him. They introduce themselves as Shibata Mizuki and Chiba Erika. Tatsuya takes notice of the former's glasses and thinking that they are probably Aura Cut Coating Glasses for Over-Sensitivity to Spirit Particle Emission. He again realizes the surname Chiba which is again one of the Numbered Clan.

The terms Psions and Pushions are briefly explained.

After his sister's speech, ID cards are issued and Tatsuya, Mizuki and Erika have now become classmates. Erika invites both Tatsuya and Mizuki to take a look at their homeroom but Tatsuya declines as he has plans to meet his sister, Miyuki. Mizuki comments that he and Miyuki have the same aura, to which Tatsuya remarks that she has good 'eyes', which confuses Erika who thinks that the comment is ironic since Mizuki is wearing glasses. Mizuki is surprised and stiffens but Tatsuya decides to drop the topic for now.

Miyuki arrives where the three are standing, with the Student Council and a few lurkers following her. Miyuki immediately questions if Tatsuya has already started dating, to which Tatsuya reprimands her. Miyuki, Mizuki and Erika then introduced themselves, and the three somehow quickly acquired mutual understanding. Tatsuya interrupts Miyuki to ask if she has completed her business with the Student Council. Mayumi, however, says that they are just there to say 'hello' and is about to leave when the male student beside her complains about the schedule. Mayumi refutes the complaint, saying that they do not have any prior appointment with Miyuki and if Miyuki has plans already, then they should not interfere and she excuses herself. The male student glares at Tatsuya before leaving.

Miyuki apologizes to Tatsuya because she feels that the students are having a bad impression of her brother because of her. Tatsuya tells her that it's not something she needed to apologize for and comforts Miyuki. Erika and Mizuki are confused with this weirdly close relationship between the siblings. Erika invites everyone to have a cup of tea and they accept.

The term HAR or Home Automation Robots is briefly explained.

After they finish lunch in the French Cafeteria Erika brought them to, the Shiba siblings go back home where they live alone. Miyuki busies herself in the kitchen, preparing coffee for her brother. While drinking, the two talk about the entrance ceremony and the Student Council's invitation for Miyuki to join them.

Chapter 2

It's the second day of school and Tatsuya woke up early. He went downstairs to find Miyuki already up and preparing breakfast. After eating, he was about to go out when Miyuki said she was coming with him. Tatsuya asked if she was coming with her uniform on, and Miyuki said she haven't reported about school enrollment to their master yet.

Miyuki was wearing roller-blades, and Tatsuya was jogging but each stride went as far as 10 meters, needless to say, both their speeds were abnormal because they were using magic.

Tatsuya and Miyuki arrived at their destination, a Temple. While Miyuki entered without hesitation, Tatsuya was met with a violent reception as he passed through the temple gate; about twenty disciples were ready to have a sparring with him. On the side, a merry voice greeted Miyuki. Their master, Kokonoe Yakumo hid his presence to surprise her. He praised her uniform. Tatsuya attacked Yakumo but was blocked, and the two exchanged blows.

After their practice, the disciples went back to their own exercises and Miyuki offered Tatsuya and Yakumo cups of water and towels. Miyuki knelt beside Tatsuya and asked if he was okay, in the process dirtying her skirt. She took out her CAD and performed a magic that cleaned her clothes. She invited both men for breakfast.

While eating, Yakumo praised Tatsuya's martial arts skills, the latter denied it however, to which Miyuki commented that he should be proud.

Miyuki and Tatsuya were commuting to school together and boarded a small vehicle called the "Cabinet". Inside, Miyuki struck up a conversation and told Tatsuya that she received a call 'from those people'. Tatsuya realized his sister was talking about their father. Seeing Miyuki's reluctant way of speaking, he asked if their father said anything to anger her again.

Miyuki mentioned that they congratulated her on her admittance to First High School and asked Tatsuya if they did for him as well, he replied that it was the same as always. It angered his sister and the temperature in the car plummeted, in the process activating the heaters.

Tatsuya squeezed Miyuki's hand to get the flow of magic under control. The latter calmed down and apologized to him. He reasoned with Miyuki and while reluctant, she gave him a nod and Tatsuya was relieved.

As Tatsuya entered the first year Class E classroom, he was greeted by Erika and Mizuki. He walked over to them and noticed that his seat was next to them, as the seats were sorted alphabetically. As he performed an information check, he noticed his neighboring classmate staring, surprised by his use of a keyboard input. After Tatsuya replied, saying that it was not that uncommon, the neighboring classmate introduced himself as Saijou Leonhard, or Leo. In response to a question about his magic specialization, Tatsuya replied, saying he plans to be a Magic Engineer. After this Erika and Leo started arguing but were calmed down by Mizuki and Tatsuya respectively. Tatsuya thought that both Erika and Leo were quite compatible.

As orientation started, an integration counselor, Ono Haruka, entered the room and greeted the students. After an introduction of her and her partner, she advised those who had finished registering electives to leave. Even though Tatsuya had finished, he remained seated, and only one student left. After a few other students left, Leo invited Tatsuya to the Workshop, which sparked an argument between him and Erika, who felt Leo was better suited for the Arena due to his lively outdoors look. In the end, they all left, as few other students remained in the classroom.

Later that day, Miyuki's classmates argued with Tatsuya's over who Miyuki should be with. After school, one of her classmates, Morisaki Shun, began to use magic after Mizuki confronted them. However, Erika stopped him until another one of Miyuki's classmates also began to use magic. Mayumi stopped this and the Public Moral Chief, Watanabe Mari, tried to find out the cause. Tatsuya protected everybody, even the instigators, from punishment.

Morisaki left, but not before stating his resolution to Tatsuya. As Tatsuya and his friends prepared to leave, two Class A girls stopped him and one, the second person who tried to use magic, introduced herself as Mitsui Honoka, apologized, and asked if they could walk with them.

The six of them, and Honoka's friend Kitayama Shizuku, headed for the station. On the way Tatsuya's skill with CADs and Erika's strength are discussed.

Chapter 3

On their way to school in the morning, Tatsuya and Miyuki encountered Mayumi, who invited them to the Student Council Room for lunch, with a noticeable difference in treatment between the two.

Tatsuya and Miyuki entered the Student Council Room and saw Mayumi, Mari, and two other members of the Student Council, Nakajou Azusa (the secretary) and Ichihara Suzune (the accountant). Miyuki was invited to join the Student Council, however she tried to get them to invite Tatsuya as well. A compromise was made, Miyuki would enter the Student Council and Tatsuya would enter the Public Moral Committee, even though Tatsuya vehemently objected this latter.

During that day's assignment Tatsuya and co. were made to move a flatbed car and even though no one else knew, Tatsuya was aware of his own disappointing performance.

Later that day, as Tatsuya and Miyuki again entered the Student Council Room, they were confronted by the vice-president, Hattori Gyoubushoujo Hanzou. Hattori objected to Tatsuya's appointment to the Public Morals Committee, angering Miyuki. Tatsuya, to calm her down, challenged Hattori to a duel.

Tatsuya and Hattori's battle lasted only seconds leaving Tatsuya the winner. Tatsuya explained to the bewildered Student Council members and Mari how he had won until Hattori recovered and apologized to Miyuki.

Mari led Tatsuya to the Public Morals Committee room where Tatsuya, surprised by the mess, started to clean up while they discussed the reasoning behind his appointment.

Mayumi entered the Public Morals Committee room and started a conversation with Tatsuya and Mari during which Tatsuya came to understand Mayumi's personality better.

Tatsumi Koutarou and Sawaki Midori, two members of the Public Moral Committee, returned to the club room and introduced themselves to Tatsuya. They acknowledged his strength after hearing he had beaten Hattori and Sawaki testing him as well.

Chapter 4

Back at home at night, Tatsuya adjusted Miyuki's CAD to integrate more magic similar to the one Tatsuya used to beat Hattori. Miyuki, who was angry with Tatsuya's interaction with Mayumi and Mari, punished him a bit (We also find out about a mysterious Restoration magic, which is used by Tatsuya to recover from Miyuki's punishment. The narrator calls this magic "Tatsuya's personal magic, his curse."). Next morning, Miyuki reflected on her family and her brother's relationship.

Chapter 5

In the Student Council room, Mari explained the troubles of the following week in which clubs would be recruiting members through live demonstrations of magic. After Tatsuya is told about his tasks, he is told about Azusa's specialty magic.

Tatsuya met up with Erika and agreed to look around the clubs with her after they discussed the respective clubs Mizuki and Leo had joined.

Tatsuya and Morisaki conflicted again when they met during the briefing about club recruitment week. All members were told about the areas they were to patrol during club recruitment week. After the briefing, Tatsuya and Morisaki received the equipment necessary for being a member of the Public Morals Committee.

Outside the Public Morals room, Morisaki got angry at Tatsuya, believing he was fooling everyone and mocked him for using two CADs believing it was impossible.

Erika wandered around the school campus, as she was someone who wasn't tied down by promise, until Tatsuya found her using the tracking device on his mobile terminal, surprising her by apologizing even though she had been the one who had not been at the chosen place.

Erika got caught up in a crowd of recruiters, who simply wanted a beautiful girl to join their club, and in the process of saving her, Tatsuya embarrassed her by catching a sight of her undergarments.

Inside the gym, Erika commentated on a match between two kendo members to Tatsuya. Mibu Sayaka, the winner of the match, is interrupted by Kirihara Takeaki, a member of the Kenjutsu club, who believed he could help demonstrate the strength of the kendo club better. They started to fight and he lost. Angered by this loss, Kirihara used the fatal magic, Sonic Blade. This made Tatsuya disarm him with magic and shove him to the ground.

Enraged by the idea of a Weed ordering them around, the other Kenjutsu club members engaged Tatsuya in a fight. Mibu tried to help but was stopped by the captain of the kendo club, Tsukasa Kinoe, who watched Tatsuya intently.


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