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Shotgun! was first published in Dengeki Bunko MAGAZINE Volume 42.

This short story follows Akechi Eimi and Kunisaki Kumiko during the 2096AD Nine Schools Competition, as they prepare for and enter the competitions new Rowers and Gunners Event together.

Shotgun! was later released as part of the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei SS Light Novel.

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Akechi Eimi is teamed up with Kunisaki Kumiko, a third year in Class B from the Canoeing Club, to participate in rowers and gunners event, with Tatsuya and Azusa as their engineers.

Kumiko volunteers to be the rower and while Eimi volunteers to be the gunner. During practice, the team decides to test kneeling for stability instead of standing and sitting to see if the small boat would capsize.

Kumiko is nervous around Tatsuya, which Eimi notices and asks about. Kumiko admits that she is uncomfortable talking to men because she thinks that males are aggressive. Kumiko is reluctant to participate in the event and originally wanted to help on the sidelines like Azusa, but Eimi reassures her that Tatsuya isn’t a bully. Kumiko agrees and states that if Tatsuya was a bad person, the 2nd years wouldn’t be following him around. Kumiko feels that Tatsuya is not bad guy, despite what happened in Yokohama.

Eimi is depressed because on the first day of practice, they capsized twice before finishing the race. Tatsuya and Eimi discusses what other position they can use before finally deciding on kneeling on both knees. After another round of practice, Eimi and Kumiko felt they had improved because they didn’t capsize.

Because the gunner’s vision is prioritized, the seat of the rower is lowered, impairing the rower’s vision. To remedy this, Tatsuya suggests that Kumiko familiarizes herself with the course during the practice round on the day of the race. While Tatsuya's humility makes him reliable, his mysterious plans make Eimi feel uncomfortable. She remembers the impact of her first time getting tuned by Tatsuya; it felt as though she was totally seen through and the completed CAD brought out her true potential. While she was happy with the result, Eimi overexerted herself because of this and became tired during ice pillar break last year.

At the next practice, Azusa brought a spectacle modelled navigator to record the test run and display the course during the actual race. Eimi asked whether it is within the rules to which Azusa answered that there were only rules against propulsion. Kumiko wonders if the idea was from Azusa. Azusa replies that the idea came from Tatsuya, but she was the one who programmed the navigation system. Instead of some amazing magic, it was an electronic device which anyone can operate being used, leaving Eimi feeling underwhelmed. Eimi was previously worried that Kumiko might be used like a lab rat for new magic. Now Eimi is expecting an amazing new high level magic, but she understands that it takes time to learn new magic. Since it is more reliable to use familiar magic, Eimi decides to improve what she has now. After half a day of practice, Eimi approaches Tatsuya for help with target practice while moving because she was having trouble aiming at so many targets. Her not being able to aim multiple targets was within Tatsuya’s expectations, and the countermeasure was already thought of. However, due to the burden of learning new magic, he would have preferred not to use it if it wasn’t necessary.

Tatsuya went and brought a gun shaped CAD, similar to the one Eimi is currently using, which contained the sequence for invisible bullet. Tatsuya explains that the reason why invisible bullet is not widespread is due to its limited usage; it applies pressure but does not change the state of the object. Eimi asks for the reason of using it and notices that it is modified to a scatter shot version.

First day of the Nine School Competition, First High is the first to race. George sees the navigator and is unhappy that the device is allowed. Masaki consoles George by saying that the boat size, kneeling position, and the height of the rower were conclusions that both he and Tatsuya arrived at, and that their school does not need a device to help them steer. Masaki thinks that they should focus more on what route First High took, so that they could learn from it. They think First High went fast to test out their fastest speed. They also notice that first high prioritized steering skills over magic. Third high was shocked at the speed they were going, and that their magic can hit multiple target with a randomized program; it used loop cast to cast multiple invisible bullets so as to reduce misses. George finds out that it was a modified form of invisible bullet and is angry that his magic was used and modified.

Both Eimi and Kumiko are happy that First High ended with a result that was better than expected. Third High did not get first despite being the favourite. Most people think this is due to the unique strategy of seventh high, while some that think that it was the shock from the first high girls using invisible bullet.[1]


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