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Double Seven Chapter is the 12th volume in the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Light Novel series.


April, 2096. Despite all the commotion they were involved in, Shiba Tatsuya and Shiba Miyuki have safely advanced to become second years. In light of all of Tatsuya's accomplishments, a new curriculum known as the Magical Engineering Course has been established, granting him a new place in school. With his new classes and position as acting student council Vice President, Tatsuya is certain that this year for sure, he'll be able to enjoy a peaceful time at school with his sister...until three new students from elite Numbered families raise hell as first years!!

Chapter 0

Minami undergoes training under battle conditions. Maya then informs her that she will be serving under Miyuki, and that she will be joining First High.

Chapter 1

Miyuki is elated at the fact that her Onii-sama now has an emblem on his jacket. This emblem of the eight-gear petal denotes the new Magic Engineering Curriculum; which technically came into being due to Tatsuya's overwhelming abilities the year before, forcing the First High administration to acknowledge that leaving Tatsuya as a Course 2 would be a detrimental to their image.

Sakurai Minami is now living with Tatsuya and Miyuki and her fake relationship is that of their cousin from their mother's side. She refers to them as "Tatsuya-niisama" and "Miyuki-neesama". She has a rigid adherence to professionalism and wishes to carry out her housemaid duties, which is challenged by Miyuki's desire to take care of her Onii-sama. By now, they have both reached a compromise on the housework chores. 

They discuss the upcoming term and the problems that may arise. Tatsuya then asks Minami to accompany them to a party at Shizuku's house later that evening. She obeys his order, looking disgruntled as she, like him, doesn't like attention.

Chapter 2

At the party, Shizuku's mother, Kitayama Benio, engages Tatsuya in a conversation. She starts off by questioning why he declined Honoka's love confession, and informs him that she did a background check on him. She claims that it is very suspicious that his Personal Data is so mundane. As she loses her cool, her husband Ushio comes to break up their conversation.

Tatsuya meets up with Shizuku, and is introduced to her little brother, Kitayama Wataru. After being asked, Tatsuya informs Wataru that even though the latter cannot use magic, he can still learn the knowledge's and techniques to help his sister.

Watching from afar, Benio informs Ushio that she is worried about Tatsuya being too talented. She is worried about the misfortune that is drawn to overwhelming power.

Meanwhile, Tatsuya's group is approached by one of Shizuku's cousin, who also brought along his "fiancee", Sawamura Maki. Tatsuya and Miyuki both feel wary of Sawamura, and decline her invitation to her salon.

Chapter 3

Sawamura Maki transitions from the smiling, perfect fiancee to scheming conspirator the moment her "fiancé" drops her off at her house, and instantly starts scheming with a new student of First High, Takuma Shippou, giving him misinformation about her meeting with the Shiba siblings at the Kitayama party. She causes him to feel enmity and hatred for the siblings by lying and telling him that they have a close relationship with Saegusa Mayumi. It is revealed that Shippou is working with Maki because of his rivalry with the Saegusa and wish to return his family to their place in the Ten Master Clans.

Chapter 4

Two young girls, Yoru and Yami, wait for their target near a beach. They are actually the Kuroba siblings, Ayako and Fumiya respectively; Fumiya is disguised as a girl.

Their targets arrive in a boat and they meet with a middle-aged man. Ayako uses Mock Teleportation to quickly move Fumiya onto the boat, where he proceeds to knock out the targets with Direct Pain.

After Fumiya suppresses the targets, Ayako identifies them as members of the humanist (anti-magician) movement in USNA, and identifies the middle-aged man as an independent congressman famous for loathing magicians.

Men in black, who were working with the siblings, come and collect the unconscious bodies.

Zhou Gongjin communicates with his master via a zombie. Zhou informs his master that the humanists have been apprehended, but that a project with the media is progressing well. His master tells him to begin his operation once he gains sufficient influence.

Chapter 5

Miyuki and Tatsuya are walking to school, walking so close to each other that they seem to be arm-in-arm. They receive a lot of disapproving looks but nobody says anything. As they walk, Tatsuya notices one gaze filled with something akin to jealousy directed towards Miyuki, which is difficult to do due to her innate qualities. 

Their friends arrive and they see Mizuki and Tatsuya's new blazers with the eight-petal flower, surrounded by a cog emblem, that signifies their acceptance into the Magic Engineering Course. Mikihiko is a Course 1 student now, but Erika and Leo are still Course 2 students. 

Erika and Leo were put in the same class, which irritates both of them. They hang out in the new Magic Engineering classroom where Mizuki is seated next to Tatsuya. Chiaki is still glaring at him, still hating him from last year, even though he has more reason to hate her than vice versa. 

As they wait for class to start, Tomitsuka introduces himself, shocking everyone as he finished the year 5th in the grades overall, so they don't know why he transferred. He explains about his inability to use long range targeting magic and how it makes it difficult to be a combatant in the eyes of his family. 

Amy walks in and cheerfully says good morning, overwhelming Tomitsuka. When Mizuki calls her Akechi-san, she gets angry and orders her to call her by her nickname. She then turns and starts snarking at Tomitsuka to use the nickname as well. Overwhelmed, he runs towards Chiaki's table and says good morning. Amy follows. 

The bell rings and in walks the teacher, Jennifer Smith, a Nordic-looking woman from the USNA, naturalised as a citizen 18 years ago. 

In the Student Council Office, Tatsuya is acting as Vice President due to the agreement between Azusa and Kanon. He hadn't argued the decision as Miyuki would have persuaded him otherwise. Mikihiko had been approved as Tatsuya's successor in the Public Morals Committee and Shizuku had been pulled over from the clubs. They are having a welcome party. 

They discuss the new teacher and the freshman's representative address, which Azusa and Miyuki look nauseous over. Apparently it is very difficult, so they organised more rehearsals than normal this year. Apparently the representative, Shippou Takuma, an ambitious boy, worries Azusa.

At home, Tatsuya and Miyuki are drinking coffee and commenting on Shippou's personality. 

Flashback time:  Tatsuya introduces himself to Shippou, who acts snotty, angering Miyuki who unleashes her Snow Queen persona. The others are at a loss of what to do and Tatsuya doesn't do anything to stop the argument. 

Cut flashback:  Miyuki comments that she felt hostile intent from him, having not seen him on the way to school that morning. Tatsuya tells her that due to the rivalry the Shippou Clan from the 18 Assistant Houses and the Saegusa Clan feel for each other, the Shippou family feel the strongest desire to join the ranks of the Ten Master Clans. He explains that Takuma probably wants to gain the spotlight, to prove that he deserves the position of a member of the Ten Master Clans, causing his hostility. 

Miyuki shows her understanding by saying that Takuma is jealous of her Onii-sama's reputation, making Tatsuya almost choke. He tells her that she is the target of his jealousy, due to her power being acknowledged by others and her position as Freshman Representative last year. He recommends caution since he is from the 18 Families.

Chapter 6

Opening ceremony:

Tatsuya is in the Student Council now, Mikihiko joins the Disciplinary Committee as his replacement and Shizuku also gets reeled into the Committee.

Tatsuya is on shepherd duty (directing lost students to the ceremony). Mayumi finds him, and they talk. Mayumi's sister, Kasumi, thought that Tatsuya was trying to hit on Mayumi, which resulted in the illegal usage of Close Quarter Combat acceleration magic. Tatsuya easily deals with it, giving Kasumi a surprise

He meets the Saegusa twins, Kasumi and Izumi. Mayumi apologizes about her two sisters and pleads Tatsuya to not report what happened. Tatsuya tells her that it wasn't a big deal, and deletes any evidence of what happened via Pixie after leaving the Saegusa sisters.

While on patrol, a lost student calls out to him. After being shown the way, and given a map, Tatsuya learns that the student's name is Kent Smith, who initially was going to attend Fourth High, but after witnessing Tatsuya's amazing accomplishments during the Nine Schools Competition, he had to get into First High so that Tatsuya would be his senior, with the goal of also getting into the Magic Engineering Department like Tatsuya. Tatsuya feels the respect and admiration is overwhelming, but tells Kent good luck (Kent reminds him of a male Honoka).

While waiting for the ceremony to begin, Kasumi asks Izumi about who the skirt chaser hitting on their sister Mayumi was. Izumi is dismayed to learn that Kasumi didn't know, and tells Kasumi about Tatsuya's previous accomplishments the year before; how, although a second course first year student, he was a representative of First High for the Nine Schools Competition as an engineer. How all the girls in his charge were practically invincible, beating out every other school, losing only to each other. He was also used as a sub to help their sister, Mayumi, in one of her competitions, despite being a first year (although she did neglect his accomplishments on Monolith Code).

Kasumi is shocked to learn how amazing Tatsuya is, but divulges that she still doesn't like him, and that Mayumi is letting her guard down too much when she is around him.

It turns out that Shippou Takuma is the new freshmen's student representative this year.

After giving his speech, the Student Council offers him a place in the council, as it is tradition, but Takuma refuses the invitation. He says that he would like to focus on activities and not managerial roles.

Mikihiko confides in Tatsuya about something that may have to do with Erika and the Rosen group.

Hattori apologizes to Azusa about the situation with Takuma, feeling bad that it looks like he stole Takuma from the Council for the Clubs, but Azusa tells him otherwise. It is revealed that like Juumonji; a scion of one of the numbered houses, Takuma will also be groomed in order to be the leader for the Club Management Group.

With the representative refusing their offer, Tatsuya is tasked with asking Izumi and Kasumi to join the Student Council. Kasumi adamantly refuses since she hates Tatsuya, but Izumi happily obliges due to her obsession with Miyuki, whom she views as a goddess.

Counselor Ono Haruka skillfully manipulates Kasumi into joining the Public Morals Committee by using Kasumi's dislike of Tatsuya and her competitiveness towards him.

Chapter 7

Club recruitment week.

Kirihara is amused at the irony that this year, he is one of the people helping to keep the peace during the recruitment week, considering that he almost got suspended the previous year for causing trouble. This pains both Tatsuya and Hattori.

Hattori tells the Shiba siblings (who are on standby to help) to go check out the conflict between the Robotics and the Biker Club.

It turns out that Kent was the cause, since both clubs wanted to gain a pretty boy mascot (similar to Erika last year). Things get blown out of proportion when Kasumi, from the Public Morals Committee, and Takuma, from the Clubs Management Group, start to argue. Luckily, everything is settled before anything serious happens.

Chapter 8

At the Saegusa house.

Kasumi tells her sister about what transpired and how annoyed she is. They wonder about Takuma's actions. The twins ask Mayumi about Shippou's father and learns that he is a practical person who would always pick the path with the least risk and could be somewhat considered a coward. They come to the conclusion that someone or something else is backing Shippou Takuma's actions.

Sawamura Maki visits the Saegusa house and tries to appease Saegusa Kouichi with honeyed words, but Kouichi reads her like a book and finds out that she has ulterior motives, but tells her that as long as it does not involve anyone from the Saegusa, then he does not care and will not meddle in her affairs.

After Maki leaves, Kouichi calls Kudou Retsu, and they conspire against the Yotsuba (Kouichi's idea, Kudou is just okay with it).

Chapter 9

At the Shiba household.

The Kuroba siblings visit the Shiba siblings.

Miyuki congratulates the Kuroba siblings for getting into Fourth High.

Fumiya tells them that he had wanted to get into First High, but they have been ordered not to since there would be too many of them in one place.

Fumiya and Ayako relays the information they obtained from their previous mission, and Tatsuya commends Fumiya on his impressive ability to utilize the Kuroba's intelligence network.

Chapter 10

Magic University.

Katsuto had called Mayumi to the cafeteria area to talk.

Their conversation was about the rise of anti-magic propaganda that's been gaining ground.

Katsuto tells Mayumi that with the Juumonji information network, they have found out that it may be the Saegusa that is funding this anti-magic campaign. Mayumi is opposed to the accusation, and resolves to setting up a meeting for Katsuto, with her father, to clarify this misunderstanding.

It wasn't a misunderstanding. Saegusa Kouichi straight out commends Katsuto for figuring it out. As a rep of the Juumonji Family and the next head, Katsuto asks that Kouichi ceases his actions, but Kouichi asks that he gets a written petition first, before he does any such thing. After Juumonji Katsuto leaves, Mayumi asks her father why, and tries to get him to stop.

Kouichi throws out Kudou Retsu's name to try to quell her argument, but she kept at him vehemently about the repercussions that it could bring. Kouichi wonders why his daughter is so adamant about her point since normally she would stop if Kudou Retsu's name is mentioned. It prompts him to ask if she was trying to protect a specific unnamed underclassmen, resulting to her inability to answer and getting cold sweats.

Chapter 11

Tatsuya gets a call from Ayako.

Ayako gives him a juicy piece of information that the anti-magic Congressman Kanda, one of the biggest anti-magic advocates, will visit First High with reporters in order to propagate that magic high schools are really just institutes to militarize magicians. Ayako then tells him that she is looking forward to what he'll do in response.

In the council room, Tatsuya relays the information of the visit to the student council. Tatsuya proposes to the Student Council about his idea of challenging one of the 3 Great Puzzles, namely the thermonuclear fusion reactor, to thwart Congressman Kanda's plans.

After disclosing the procedures and how he was going to do it, Azusa and Isori agree to his plans. They submit the experiment to the teachers, and it gets approved with the condition that a teacher must be present.

Students are choosing the individual jobs for the experiment, and the preparations start.

After school, Honoka gives Tatsuya a birthday present, and Shizuku asks him if it is alright to throw him a birthday party.

Chapter 12

On the way home from school, Miyuki tells Minami to go home ahead to prepare dinner.

Miyuki takes Tatsuya around shopping.

When they get home, it turns out Minami was preparing for Tatsuya's birthday, and Miyuki was keeping him away until it was ready.

Tatsuya opens his present he got from Honoka in his room. He finds an expensive pocket watch with the Kitayama mark on it.

Miyuki dresses up and brings wine into Tatsuya's room so they can celebrate his birthday with just the two of them. She gives him his present, which is a locket pendant with her picture inside.

Chapter 13

Shippou Takuma comes back late from Sawamura Maki's place, and finds out that his dad wanted to talk to him.

Takuma gets into an argument with his father, and is angry that his father would just be content with his position as one of the 28 Families, without even vying for the position of the Ten Master Clans. His father tells him that such things are pointless and that the Saegusas are different. His dad also warns him of the Congressman's intentions tomorrow, and for Takuma to not go to school since he is prone to provocations.

tldr: Congressman Kanda visits. Stuff goes down, the experiment Tatsuya designed was successful, causing Tsuzura sensei to get a compliment out of Congressman Kanda to put him in check.

Chapter 14

The press is praising the work of the experiment performed yesterday at First High. Everyone is happy.

All except Takuma, who was not part of the experiment.

While going home, after seeing Kasumi, Takuma jeers at her and conflict ensues.

Unauthorized usage of magic occurs and both parties are getting reprimanded, with Takuma potentially getting into very big trouble for using magic in an attempt to take out an upperclassmen (which he himself got done in first).

With Takuma in the Club Management Group, and Kasumi in the Public Morals Committee, Kanon and Hattori were both unable to make a choice. Seeing as they were both biased towards their own underclassmen, this results in having Tatsuya pick the punishment.

Instead of a specific punishment, Tatsuya opts for them to have the fight route, as he had done with Hattori in the previous year.

Takuma asks that Izumi also would be in the fight, since only then will the twins display their true strength.

After obtaining the permission slip and the place of contest, Tatsuya announces the rules of the battle between the three, and tells them that he will forcibly stop the match if he deems it necessary. Takuma sneers.

The battle goes.

The twins use multiplicative magic and conjures a suffocating turbulence.

Shippou uses his trump card and causes his book pages to shred into a million pieces, invoking his strongest magic Million Edge.

The twins add fire to the turbulence, making it a flaming suffocating turbulence.

Pages of books get caught on fire, and burn out, but most of these are still aimed at the twins.

Seeing that things are getting dangerous, Tatsuya invokes his magic and blows away all traces of any magic in the room.

The three combatants are dumbfounded.

After hearing that they all lost, due to rule violations of being unable to control their magics, Takuma starts arguing with Tatsuya.

The whining drags on, and Kasumi, who is fed up, concedes the win to Takuma, seeing that he wouldn't stop arguing otherwise.

Kasumi announces that she did not lose control of her magic and leaves. Tatsuya gives a message to Izumi, which changes Izumi's opinion of Tatsuya.

After the twins left, unable to accept the loss, Takuma challenges Tatsuya to a duel with the intention that he would defeat Tatsuya with Million Edge and not hurt Tatsuya.

After hearing such a ridiculous thing, Miyuki was going to blow up until Tomitsuka, one of the spectators, went first and struck Takuma yelling at him to "not push your luck".

Tomituska yells at Takuma and after some words by Miyuki, she calms down.

Seeing that things have been concluded, Tatsuya leaves and heads back to the Student Council room.

Not long after, Hattori comes in and requests for another permission slip for a duel.

This time; Takuma vs. Tomitsuka.

Chapter 15

Zhou Gongjin finds out that some of the press have backed out from their promises, prompting him to call on some 'friends' to get retribution.

The traitor turns out to be Sawamura Yoshio, CEO of Culture Communication Network, but due to the fact that he is away on a business trip in Paris, Zhou decides to punish his daughter, Sawamura Maki, instead.

Takuma is absent from school, rumors abound about the reason, but Tatsuya correctly infers that he is preparing for the upcoming duel with Tomitsuka.

Tatsuya, along with some help, is able to blackmail/convince Sawamura Maki into leaving high schoolers and Takuma alone.

Tatsuya is also able to thwart the attempt attack on Sawamura Maki, by incapacitating the attackers and subsequently destroying the flying ship the attackers were using.

Zhou Gongjin finds out that the attack on Sawamura Maki has failed and that it was due to interference by "...that man again." (Note: Zhou is not aware who Tatsuya is.) He decides to try and find out "that man’s" identity.

Chapter 16

The battle between Tomitsuka and Takuma is finally upon them.

With plenty of spectators, the battle commences.

Million Edge is used right off the bat, and its target is Tomitsuka, yet with a flash of light, all the papers lose their magic, and thus everyone finds out that another rare user of Gram Demolition is in the same year as Tatsuya. Albeit, his type is Contact Type Gram Demolition.

Theorizing his victory and seeing the faults of Gram Demolition, Takuma uses his skill accordingly, but unlike what he expected, the outcome was an overwhelming defeat by Tomitsuka.

With a punch imbued by magic, Takuma is defeated and the wind knocked out of him. After somewhat regaining his cognitive abilities and with the question from Tomitsuka if he was alright, he thanks Tomitsuka, and obediently moves to the wall to rest and recuperate after being told to do so by Tomitsuka.

After seeing Takuma reaching the wall, Tomitsuka looks at Tatsuya and asks for a fight.

Seeing it as troublesome, Tatsuya asks why, which Tomitsuka replies "I want Shippou-kun to witness Shiba-san's strength". When Tomitsuka's request looked like it will be rejected, Hattori throws in some help, saying that it is to show the levels of an accomplished magician.

Instead of accepting, Tatsuya says that Sawaki and Hattori would be a better match if that was the case, which leads to Miyuki jumping in to address her brother and that it is about time he showed his strength.

Seeing her like that, Tatsuya accepts.

The match is totally different from the previous match as Takuma can see. It was not a one-sided beat down, but a martial brawl between two very high-level magicians. Even though he can use the same magic as them, the application of the magic was on a whole different level, leading him into shock even further. Seeing that the Course 2 student that he looked down on fights evenly with a Course 1 student and even defeating him decisively, Shippou runs out of the contest area.

Hitting his fist against a tree in anger, Kasumi yells out to him and bandages his bloody knuckles.

Unable to bear it, he cries out and asks why the seniors are so strong, even though they are only one year apart.

Kasumi gives him her thought, and a tear of regret forms in Shippou's eyes. She leaves him, and he goes back to hitting the tree. This time with his palm.

Tatsuya is in the council room. He issues an order to Pixie to modify what had happened during the match.


Tatsuya and Fujibayashi are having a telephone conversation in his room.

The subject was the flying ship they encountered last night. This was an investigative report on whether the ones responsible for the suicide attack on Tatsuya were terrorists or part of a criminal organisation.

Fujibayashi told him that the attackers were affiliated with a Chinese criminal organisation and some of them were from the remnants of 'No Head Dragon', which Tatsuya had a history with.

They come to the conclusion that last night's incident was beyond the capability of such miniscule forces and there should have been some kind of support from someone who is not yet identified for such incident to become possible.

The situation appears to be far graver than Tatsuya had imagined. An attempted attack on the heart of Tokyo and a supporter that even Fujibayashi could not identify. Tatsuya hopes that this troublesome issue won't affect Miyuki and him in the future.

◇ ◇ ◇

In the middle of the night, Nakura Saburou (representing the current head of the house, Saegusa Koichi) meets up with Zhou Gongjin in a small shop down an alley.

Zhou expresses that his master would like to have a friendly relationship with Nakura's master, which Nakura responds that his master said that there would be no problem agreeing with Zhou's proposal, as long as he (Zhou) follow the basic proposal that his master has put forward. Zhou responds that he understands and would not do anything that would harm 'Saegusa-sama' since they do not share the same interests as the Great Asian Alliance (GAA).

After getting the cue from Zhou, the servants withdraw from the room while Nakura and Zhou enter into further discussion in detail.

(end of epilogue)


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