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Divine Earth Magic (神祇魔法 Shingi mahou) of the Yoshida Family is an Ancient Magic that belongs to the Shinto System and more specifically the branch concerned with Earth Deities within the Shinto System. The user summons's independent Information Bodies commonly called "spirits" to interact with other Information Bodies. These spirits are how the user can cast their spells.[1]

Known Users:

Summoning Magic

Divine Earth Magic utilizes "Summoning Magic" in order to summon spirits, to then cast the spells. Thus, allowing them to use Spirit Skills, such as Echo Maze and Sense Tuning.[2]

Magical Mist and Barrier


Near the end of the Newcomers' Division finals of the Monolith Code event against Third High School, Mikihiko to defeat Kichijouji continuously activated five different magics that combined in sequence.[3]



Earthshaker (地鳴り Jinari) is an Oscillation Type Magic that creates illusions, which when applied to the ground, gives the impression that the earth is shaking.[4]

Earth Splitter


Earth Splitter (地割れ Jiware) is a magic that creates the illusion of the earth splitting in half. The ground does not physically tear apart, but separates by the force exerted within.[5]

Wild Hair

Wild Hair and Antlion's Larval Pit

Wild Hair (乱れ髪 Midaregami) is a technique that commands the air currents that brush over the earth's surface to create the image that something was wrapped around a target. It gives the illusion of being entangled.[6]

Antlion's Larval Pit

Antlion's LArval Pit (蟻地獄 Arijigoku) magic spell creates an illusion where a target feels like they are being pulled into the earth.[7]

Earth Pit


Earth Pit (土遁陥穽 Doton-kansei) is an Ancient Magic that Mikihiko used during a ten-against-one mock battle with Katsuto in preparation for the AD 2095 Thesis Competition. It is a spell that plummets the enemy into an earthen tunnel, disrupting the senses and hampering movement, enabling the caster to buy time to escape. Against an inferior opponent, this technique is sufficient to completely restrict their movement and capture them.[8]

Karura En

Karura En (迦楼羅炎) is an Anti-Demon magic, specifically designed to counter anything except for Information Bodies. The Independent Information Body forms "flames", which shoot towards designated coordinates. It's a magic launched against the detached Information Body that brings harm to Parasites.

Exorcism Cut


Exorcism Cut (切り祓い Kiriharai) is a Anti-Demon magic, though its strength pales in comparison to ritual magic, the magic’s speed rivals that of the arts used by Magicians of the Forbidden Sect. It forms a blade made of Psions that shreds the threads of a Parasite in its information body form.


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