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Continuation Reminiscence Arc - Frozen Island was given out for free in Japan during fifth week theatrical screenings of the The Irregular at Magic High School The Movie: The Girl Who Summons the Stars from July 15th to July 21st, 2017.

The 80-page novel's story centres on middle school students Miyuki and Tatsuya visiting Miyaki Island for special training of Miyuki's Niflheim magic.


December 2092. Four months after the events in Okinawa and Shiba Miya sets Miyuki a task for winter break. To prove her worth as a succession candidate by mastering her typed-magic specialisation. She and Tatsuya head to Miyakijima where Miyuki must attain the skill to use Niflhiem, whilst Tatsuya has a task of his own to complete.

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December 2092. Christmas is getting closer, and the city is full of lively music and voices.

However, inside the suburban hospital, it was wrapped up in a quiet silence.

Miyuki is wearing her middle school uniform and is passing through the hallways of the hospital. She is described as being a young beautiful girl but has a very depressing look on her face. She is thinking about her mother who is currently hospitalized here.

Miyuki knocks on the door and tells her mother that it is her. After hearing her mother tell her to come in she enters the room to see Shiba Miya sitting in the hospital bed. Miya seems to be in a better mood than yesterday, after returning home from Okinawa her condition worsened.

Miyuki believes the primary reason for her current condition is the loss of Sakurai Honami, although Miya would never admit to it. Honami was a servant in the eyes of the Yotsuba but they had been together for awhile, and Miya found her to be a trustworthy subordinate.

However that might not be the only reason for Miya’s depression. Miyuki has continued to call Tatsuya, “Onii-sama”, regardless of their being a third party person or not. Miyuki finds her own behavior to be somewhat rebellious, but since that day she felt that the treatment of her brother is unfair. She finds him to be superior to her and an excellent magician, even after four months have passed her attitude towards Tatsuya hasn’t changed. She feels a little guilty about it since Miya is sitting in a hospital bed, but this issue involving Tatsuya is not something she wants to compromise on.

After the closing ceremony at her middle school, winter break has begun and Miyuki is spending as much time with Miya and Tatsuya as possible.

Miya asks how her magic exercises are progressing. Miyuki says that she has mastered all of the magic she has been practicing besides Niflheim. Miya used to be Miyuki’s teacher when it came to her magic exercises but since she tends to get sick from the overuse of magic and it has become a much heavier burden on her body. So another tutor was sent by the Yotsuba to help Miyuki train.

Miya stresses the importance of mastering Niflheim as being crucial for Miyuki to establish herself as a Yotsuba magician. She says that Cocytus is a trump card and that it shouldn’t be used lightly. Miya asks Miyuki what she thinks is the issue is and she responds by saying that she is hesitant because she doesn’t have complete control over the radius of the magic.

Miya then tells Miyuki that she will need to practice Niflheim during the holiday in order to master it. Niflheim is one of the highest ranked magics, the sequence itself isn’t very complicated but it requires interference strength of a large magnitude or the control becomes much more difficult. Miyuki thinks that it isn’t something that she will be able to master in two weeks, but she was raised to be an excellent magician and saying that she “can’t do it”, is not something that she can tell her mother.

◇ ◇ ◇

The next morning Miyuki is departing from her home in Tokyo with Tatsuya and their father.

Shiba Tatsurou is sitting in the drivers seat of the company sedan and tells Miyuki to not push herself too hard after pulling up to the airport. Normally Miyuki would decline using a private car to get to the airport, especially since they are taking a private plane, and along with the fact that Tatsuya will be handling all the luggage. But with it being a private plane it isn’t possible to miss, it can be scheduled for a later take off time if need be.

Miyuki accepted this favor by the person who is trying to act like an actual father.

Tatsurou turns to Tatsuya and tells him that his is responsible for watching over Miyuki, to which he replies in a voice devoid of emotion. When Tatsurou tries to scold Tatsuya, he asks him if something is wrong. Tatsurou has an irritated look on face. In the Yotsuba Family, Tatsuya is considered Miyuki’s Guardian, but even still this means that Tatsuya is apart of the Main Family. Which is higher than Tatsurou’s own position in the Yotsuba Family.

Tatsuya is not mad at his father. Since his emotions for parental attachment have been erased, he doesn’t feel it necessary to have any contact with Tatsurou.

Miyuki cuts in and says that it’s time to go and asks Tatsuya to come with her. For her Tatsuya was already more important to her than her father, especially after she found out that her father was still seeing Furuha Sayuri.

Tatsuya bows and starts to push the cart with their luggage, with Miyuki following right behind him.

◇ ◇ ◇

The private aircraft carrying Miyuki and Tatsuya landed on an island about 190 kilometers from Tokyo and about 50 kilometers from the Tokai region, it is a small island called Miyaki Island. This island was formed by submarine volcanic activity in the year 2001. It is also called the “21st Century New Island” because it was made in the first year of the 21st century.

The island, formed from cooled lava, is about seven square kilometers. At the time of World War III, the Defense Forces established a base on the island, but it was abandoned due to repeated eruptions in the 2050’s, and the facilities that are used to imprison criminal magicians have be placed at the western end of the island.

This is the place that has been chosen as a practice range for Miyuki because this island is the private property of the Yotsuba. In name the Defense Forces are responsible for the management of the magician prison but in actuality it is entrusted by the Yotsuba Family. This is not a known fact among the Ten Master Clans.

Even though this prison is under the jurisdiction of the Defense Forces, it is a remnant of the era where magicians are treated as weapons, there are also certain circumstances that have led to a large number of foreign operatives to be sent here. These foreign operatives are illegal agents that aren’t protected by the law and therefore pretty much don’t exist. If they are killed nobody can complain about it, due to this fact the prisoners are always looking for a way to escape.

The magicians sent to this island are strong men who must be isolated from civilians with the barrier of the ocean. To prevent them from escaping and to suppress those who resist the guards must also be fairly skilled. This is one of the reasons that the Defense Forces struck a deal with Yotsuba Family.

On the Yotsuba side, dealing with criminal magicians who try to escape is valuable practice for their combat training.

The situation of the world is still far from stable, even in Japan. A few months ago, Okinawa and Sado had become a battlefield. Nonetheless, there aren’t always battles happening in Japan. These rare occasions are a great way to acquire battle experience where you are put into life and death situations. This island is a precious stage for that.

Miyuki calls out to Tatsuya in the airport lobby. Her tone is still a bit awkward when she calls Tatsuya “Onii-sama”. It has been only four months since this change occurred, before that they haven’t had a single conversation as a brother and sister. On that day, foreign forces had invaded Okinawa. And from that day on Miyuki has been treating Tatsuya as an older brother. Miyuki is still analyzing his emotions, and still feels embarrassed about certain things. She believes this embarrassment is temporary and that it is integrated with the nature of having affection towards your immediate family. Until she gets used to this new feeling it can’t be helped, because her relationship with Tatsuya has only just started. Miyuki has convinced herself of this.

Tatsuya: “What is it, Miyuki?”

Tatsuya’s voice while responding to her is normal, however she can tell there is a gentle tone to it and she can sense some affection as well. This confuses her and causes her heart to tremble.

She asks Tatsuya if he has been to this island before. He replies that it is his third time. Miyuki knew the reason why Tatsuya has been to this island before, not in detail but she knows the general outline.

This island is a prison for criminal magicians, and with the majority of the staff being dispatched from the Yotsuba Family. There are different rules that apply here that you won’t find in most places.

Tatsuya’s training here on this island involves homicides. There are specific facilities located here in the base which focus on removing hesitations when it comes to homicides. If you hesitate when it comes to hurting and killing people, it may result in exposing your escort to danger. This training is done by all the Guardians of the Yotsuba.

Fortunately, Tatsuya doesn’t feel anything when it comes to murder due to his stronger emotions being removed. He has completed this training two times, with a total of seven magicians being “dismissed”. Compared to the battle he was involved in this summer it isn’t a big deal, in the Yotsuba Family anyway. The general public would probably have a different view on the subject. However, this time around Tatsuya isn’t here for this training.

This time he is here to help Miyuki with her wide area cooling magic Niflheim. There is no need to purposely jailbreak prisoners in order to hunt them. Miyuki feels sorry for Tatsuya, she still doesn’t know that Tatsuya doesn’t avoid murder.

◇ ◇ ◇

The official name of the prison on this island isn’t “Miyaki Island Military Prison” because it also accommodates Japanese criminal magicians. It is mostly used for criminals that are considered powerful magicians. There is also a reason that formal prisoners of war are not housed here even if they are magicians.

Miyuki is greeted by the director, who is the chief executive of the prison. They are guided to their room by a women officer who is serving as a secretary. In this dormitory, there are rooms in a separate building from the prison, it is clearly used for the higher ups. The room is very familiar to Miyuki, and she is surprised. With this facility being under the influence of the Yotsuba, and since she is also a candidate to be the next head of the Yotsuba, Miyuki suspects that either her aunt had something to do with the arrangements.

The women officer leaves the room and is returning to the prison, leaving Tatsuya and Miyuki alone in the room. Miyuki stares at the closed door awkwardly, and when she tries to talk to Tatsuya she can’t quite speak clearly.

Tatsuya answers for Miyuki since she has fallen into a state of confusion. He says that since he is her Guardian that he will be staying in the same room as Miyuki. Miyuki is a little embarrassed about this arrangement, even though they are middle school students and are brother and sister.

After getting settled in and eating lunch Miyuki started practicing Niflheim immediately. The area she is practicing at is on the east half of the island. Tatsuya is the only one to accompany Miyuki, and drove her to this location.

Although Tatsuya is aware of what Miyuki is trying to do, he doesn’t know why and wasn’t given any information about how he should help her in the training. Miyuki keeps stealing glances at him to as if she is looking for advice. He takes the hint and asks her to show him what she is capable of doing right now.

Tatsuya uses his “eyes” to view the magic invocation process. He can tell that this is a very strong technique that involves vibration magic. Miyuki’s face shows disappointment and shame as Niflheim fails to activate, she turns to Tatsuya as he starts to explain why the magic failed. He explains to her that the reason Niflheim didn’t work was because the boundaries for the event modification weren’t clearly defined.

Miyuki is surprised at such a precise answer, although she doesn’t doubt what Tatsuya is saying she is still very confused. Tatsuya notices that he hasn’t fully explained his magic abilities yet. He tells Miyuki about his special sight, and how it is more of a “super power” than a magic ability and also tells her that he can only use two magics, Decomposition and Regrowth. Miyuki is really surprised to hear about this ability, Tatsuya decides that they should take a quick break and talk. They sit down in the car that they drove out here.

Tatsuya gives an explanation about modern magic with the use of CADs. He goes on to explain that depending on the magician, there is a limit to the number of magics that can be maintained at the same time. For ordinary magicians they have a system built in that allows them to use multiple types of magic. But for Tatsuya his Magic Calculation Area is dominated by his two types of magic, he is a BS magician and because of his two specialized magics he can’t use other types of magic.

Miyuki reminds him that she has seen him use self-acceleration magic before along with a few other types of magic. Tatsuya says that it is due to his artificial Magic Calculation Area that he can use those magics. Miyuki is reminded of the conversation she had in Okinawa with Miya, where she said that Tatsuya is a defective magician.

Miyuki apologizes to Tatsuya after turning towards him and lowering her head. Tatsuya reaches out to Miyuki and puts his hand on her cheek and gently raises her head, Miyuki’s face turns red but she didn’t try to escape from Tatsuya’s hand. After he removes his hand from her cheek, Miyuki seemed to not want it to be over so soon and turned even more red. But Tatsuya at this time hasn’t reached the point where he can guess the reason why Miyuki is acting so shy.

Tatsuya returns to his explanation and says that he doesn’t rely on his artificial Magic Calculation Area, and uses his Decomposition and Regrowth to directly interfere within the Information Dimension. Miyuki is once again surprised and amazed at this revelation. Tatsuya goes on to say that he can decompose physical structures and in addition he can disassemble and invalidate Magic Sequences through the Information Dimension.

Miyuki knew that Tatsuya could cancel magic through Gram Demolition, but it cancels magic by using his psions to blow away the Magic Sequence but there are ways to get around that. However to be able to directly decompose magic in the Information Dimension, there is no way to prevent that from happening. Miyuki is once again amazed by this information.

Tatsuya goes on to explain Regrowth next. Going back 24 hours in time he can confirm any specific point in the Eidos and overwrite it as well, he can make any changes without any external factor trying to interfere and revert it back to its previous stage. Miyuki doesn’t seem to fully understand this explanation at first but she says that it was this magic that saved her and Miya. Tatsuya praises Miyuki for understanding his explanation, Miyuki believes that this ability is a miracle and that it is almost god-like.

Tatsuya explains that in order to master Decomposition and Regrowth, he had to first be able to identify the Magic Sequences and information that is in the Information Dimension with his Elemental Sight. When he says “Elemental Sight” Miyuki isn’t familiar with this term and asks if it is a type of perceptual magic. Tatsuya explains that while it is magic, it isn’t magical in a sense, it allows him read and understand the information in the Eidos at a more advanced level than other magicians, most magicians can only recognize changes in the Eidos. He says that by using Elemental Sight he was about to see why Niflheim failed and that she could trust him.

Miyuki says: “Of course I trust you Onii-sama.”

◇ ◇ ◇

After the first day, while there had been some progress in mastering Niflheim, it wasn’t anything outstanding.

Tatsuya and Miyuki are eating in the dining room, Tatsuya is giving Miyuki some encouragement. After finishing up their meal Tatsuya goes to clean up but Miyuki stops him and says that she will do it. Tatsuya tries to make tea next but was once again stopped by Miyuki so that she could make it herself. Next they debate over who is going to take a bath first, Tatsuya thought that Miyuki would want to go first so that she could go to bed right away but she insisted that he go first. Tatsuya is slowly learning that it is meaningless to argue with Miyuki.

After Tatsuya shuts the door to the bathroom Miyuki breathed out a sigh of relief, her expression was stiff because practice today didn’t go that well. But also tonight, she is going to be staying in the same room as Tatsuya alone, she starts to get tense and her heart starts to beat violently this time.

After Miyuki finishes bathing, Tatsuya is getting ready to sleep on the sofa, Miyuki wants to argue about this arrangement but Tatsuya says that surely he isn’t going to sleep in the same bed as her. He meant it as a joke but he mainly wanted to persuade her to drop this argument. Even if they are middle school students and siblings she can’t help but be aware of their genders.

After finishing brushing her teeth, and combing her hair Miyuki heads to bed. However she can’t fall asleep, her body is tired but her heart is still racing. Even though they are separated by being in different rooms she is still too excited to sleep. She keeps turning over again and again, she is suddenly thirsty but realizes that she would have to pass through the living room in order to get to the kitchen, in other words she would have to pass by Tatsuya. She turns over one more time and starts to count sheep and finally falls asleep after exceeding a thousand sheep.

◇ ◇ ◇

On the morning on the second day, Miyuki is working on some of her middle school homework. Tatsuya hands her a headset device, when Miyuki asks what it is Tatsuya says that it is a virtual terminal device. It has large lenses showing images that overlap with the real landscape. Tatsuya tells her to try it out, Miyuki is a little confused but puts on the headset. Tatsuya then tells her to try aiming inside of the cube that is shown through the device. Miyuki is hesitant to use the virtual device because it is known to adversely affect magicians, but she believes that Tatsuya would never try to intentionally cause her harm.

Miyuki started the invocation for Niflheim and aimed using her consciousness, she was able to successfully invoke Niflheim over a wide area with much better control. Tatsuya says that it was a success and that brought Miyuki back to reality, there is a cold mist drifting in the air still. Her success rate is now about 70 percent, however compared to yesterday it has raised by 20 percent which is a big step. Miyuki finally believes that she can actually master Niflheim during this winter vacation. The anxiety she feels when she is around Tatsuya is slowly disappearing.

◇ ◇ ◇

The practice continues the next day, with Miyuki practicing Niflheim once every 5 minutes for 3 hours a day. So about 30-40 times a day depending on the situation, normally this would be impossible for an average magician. However Miyuki is full of enthusiasm after the previous day, she can now control it up to about 90 percent while using the virtual terminal device. Tatsuya asks Miyuki to see how stable it is without any assistance, Miyuki is still a little bit nervous but in order to reassure her mother who is still bedridden in the hospital she had to master Niflheim.

With her continuous training in this area, the lava field has been cooled down to create a large area of surface that is colored black. Tatsuya tells her to designate an area and to concentrate on it. Miyuki uses her CAD and begins the Magic Sequence, and a box filled with white ice begins to manifest but then suddenly failed.

Miyuki asks Tatsuya what went wrong and what should she do to improve it. Tatsuya tells her that she is doing well, while she is happy that he is trying to support her but she can tell by the tone of his voice that he isn’t satisfied with the result. She asks him with a sad voice for his honest opinion and Tatsuya was taken back by this development. He then tells her that she is too conscious about precisely defining the area in which her event interference power is being used. The lowest temperature that she has achieved so far has been about 30 degrees below zero, but once she gets the event interference power back to normal she could reach temperatures around 200 degrees below zero.

Tatsuya frankly points out the missing points of the technique. He feels that Miyuki has lost sight of Niflheim’s true purpose.

Tatsuya was unsure of how to respond at first because he wasn’t sure how this would affect Miyuki. He then tells Miyuki to try again in the same spot and to make it the same size.

As Miyuki is activating the magic she unconsciously says “Freezing”, this time she activates Niflheim almost perfectly, the area designation and cooling were correct but she was unable to control the power unleashed this time. Gusts of cold air start to rush towards Miyuki, Tatsuya calls out to Miyuki and hugs her while shielding her from the cold air. Miyuki immediately erected barrier magic to block them from the cold air, it would normally be very difficult to control a barrier like this but she was able to do so.

The atmospheric pressure dropped greatly due to the temperature lowering drastically, along with liquid nitrogen being created. The violent winds began to die down, but the surrounding air didn’t return to normal temperature right away. It is about 10 degrees lower than what it should normally be, the cold air begins to spread out but Miyuki maintains the barrier. Except for the two meters around them, the black sandy beach is covered in a white frost.

◇ ◇ ◇

Practice was cut off early due to that incident. Tatsuya and Miyuki returned to their lodging and were warming themselves up with some drinks. Tatsuya is trying to comfort Miyuki, but she is depressed by what happened, but he isn’t really sure what to do to make her feel better.

Her last attempt can’t be called a complete success but the only issue was the power used was too much for her to control. Also they learned about a secondary effect of Niflheim that wasn’t apparent during the earlier practices. Tatsuya goes on to say that Miyuki protected him so there isn’t anything to worry about, when he says this Miyuki reacted strongly and brought her face close to Tatsuya’s. Although it wasn’t close enough to touch, Tatsuya still fixed his posture to sit upright in order to move his face further away. Miyuki asks for confirmation that she really did help him out, and when he confirms she grabs his hands and holds them in front of her chest and smiles.

This behavior is still very new to Tatsuya, it isn’t possible for him at age 13 to be able to tell what is going on in his sister’s heart. Tatsuya loves his sister, it is the only real feeling left within him, all of his other emotions seem empty to him unless it involves Miyuki. There is an awkward silence that follows afterwards, but seeing Miyuki’s mood change for the better is good enough for Tatsuya.

Miyuki once again realizes that it’s just the two of them here, with her mother in the hospital and her father busy with work and entertainment during the holidays. It isn’t very often that she is alone with him but she is very pleased with this new environment.

But just when the atmosphere started to become comfortable again an alarm started to ring out through the facilities. Miyuki asks if this alarm is due to a volcanic eruption, Tatsuya heads over to the communication device and dials in a number. On the other line is Yanagi, who is currently stationed on this island. He is a Lieutenant in the Defense Forces who fought alongside Tatsuya in Okinawa, he was transferred here just after the battle of Okinawa.

Tatsuya asks what they should do, and Yanagi says that there is a danger of a major eruption and that they should evacuate immediately. Tatsuya asks for a prediction of when the eruption is going to occur, and Yanagi says that at the earliest it will be an hour from now. Tatsuya glances at Miyuki real quick and sees that she has covered her mouth to hold in a scream. He then says that it will be difficult to evacuate in time, Yanagi confirms and says that it will be difficult and that it will be even worse for the prisoners. In other words the prisoners will probably be left behind, it is unavoidable with only an hour to act.

Tatsuya asks Yanagi to give him 20 minutes, to which Yanagi says that he can afford to give him 20 minutes but asks what Tatsuya plans to do with that time. Tatsuya replies that there are certain experiments that can be achieved with this opportunity and that he won’t interfere with the evacuation. Yanagi asks if he will need to have a car prepared for them, to which Tatsuya says no and that he will be conducting the experiment from the vicinity of their lodgings.

After hanging up with Yanagi, Miyuki asks Tatsuya if it is was her fault that the volcano has started to erupt. Tatsuya says that he has never seen any theory that a rapid decrease in temperature on the surface to lead to a rise in underground magma. Miyuki was relieved to hear this, however Tatsuya had thought of another possibility without it being shown on his face. He can’t rule out the fact that magic may have affected this outcome by affecting the law of energy conservation. (There is an explanation about the effects of thermal energy and kinetic energy that can be affected by magic). But Tatsuya believes that this eruption was not caused by Miyuki’s practice.

Tatsuya tells Miyuki again that this wasn’t due to her, but that with her power they can stop the eruption for happening. Tatsuya doesn’t say that it is a guarantee but that it’s worth a try. Miyuki nods with confidence that she wants to try.

◇ ◇ ◇

It has been five minutes since the alarm started to ring out.

While Miyuki’s cooling magic was never intended to interfere with underground magma, along with the possibility that it might have an adverse reaction, Tatsuya would normally advise against using it. However, Tatsuya believes that he can help Miyuki by adjusting the Magic Sequence while she is casting it. It is a technique that should be tested beforehand but with only an hour to spare there is no time to do a test run.

A magician is very vulnerable when they input a Magic Sequence into a CAD, if the sequence isn’t done correctly it can be harmful and the magician can lose their sense of sanity after a mistake. Of course Tatsuya has no intention to let Miyuki be harmed in any way, if he needs to he will eliminate this threat with his full power. But at the same time the best option is to assist Miyuki with a newly created Magic Sequence.

Tatsuya asks for Miyuki’s hands, she is slightly confused but Tatsuya takes her hand and raises it to about shoulder length. Tatsuya looks directly into Miyuki’s eyes and tells her to start her Magic Sequence in her mind, and to build up the sequence to use on the underground magma.

Since Tatsuya’s Magic Calculation Area is occupied by two magics, he can’t use any other type of magic. To overcome this his mother and aunt planted an artificial Magic Calculation Area within him, although it’s power is inferior to an average magicians it still allows him to use other magics. With his artificial Magic Calculation Area being implanted in his subconscious he can read Magic Sequences instantly and also acquired Flash Cast. Flash Cast allows him to bypass the normal process for assembling Magic Sequences which allows him to activate magic faster.

Tatsuya’s evaluation in the Yotsuba Family is that he is a great SB magician, but at the same time a third-rate magician since he doesn’t fulfill the definition of an actual magician. Although he was labeled as unqualified, he still received training from the Yotsuba Family so that he could fulfill the role of a Guardian.

By using his Elemental Sight, he was able to master his unique magics as well as develop other unique abilities and acquire intelligence that labeled him as a master magician at the age of 13 years old. Normally it would be impossible to assist another person with their Magic Sequence directly, but Tatsuya and Miyuki have a very unique connection.

Miyuki didn’t question Tatsuya’s method, but she was blushing and only nodded to Tatsuya. Using the unique magic from the Yotsuba Family, Tatsuya is able to modify Miyuki’s Magic Sequence for Niflheim directly. It is a very risky process since Miyuki’s mind is in vulnerable state, if Tatsuya messes up it could cause permanent damage to Miyuki. Tatsuya asks if Miyuki is okay, to which she says that she is surprised but that she is fine. Miyuki is surprised at what she is currently seeing, through this connection she is able to see what Tatsuya sees when using Elemental Sight. Tatsuya is amazed that Miyuki isn’t overwhelmed by this, which shows amazing composure and talent.

Miyuki can see that Tatsuya is adjusting the Magic Sequence for Niflheim, as soon as it is completed Tatsuya tells Miyuki to “go”. Even though Tatsuya is the one assembling the magic, Miyuki still needs to be the one to cast it. There is no way to completely stop the eruption, but when the magic designed by Tatsuya is released underground by Miyuki, the uppermost part of the lava was instantly cooled and turned into a new mass of rock. It was also applied in a way that forces the eruption and lava to the east side of the island, and away from the prison. As the lava flows into the sea it evaporates the sea water to create a lot of white steam as it cools down.

Tatsuya thanks Miyuki for her hard work and suggests that they return back to their room. While they are heading back into their room, a large number of soldiers are coming out of their rooms to see what had happened.

◇ ◇ ◇

The eruption was nearly an hour earlier than what the predictions had said, and the eruption of lava occurred at an unexpected point on the eastern side of the island. Therefore, damages to the existing facilities were limited, but just to be sure Tatsuya still decided to evacuate with Miyuki.

Tatsuya and Miyuki boarded a helicopter. Tatsuya is greeted by Yanagi, and he asks Tatsuya about what happened, and also adds that it’s purely for his own curiosity and that he won’t spread this information to his disadvantage. Tatsuya says “Is that so”, to which Yanagi asks if their magic experiment was the reason why the eruption was accelerated. Tatsuya answers no, which is a lie but at the same time not a lie. Tatsuya had known that the eruption was going to happen, but he used Miyuki’s magic to stop the eruption from harming anyone and to keep damages to the existing facilities to a minimum.

Yanagi asks what kind of magic they were experimenting with, and Tatsuya answers that it was magic to cool underground bedrock. Yanagi asks again if this was the cause of the eruption, Tatsuya answers that the other two volcanoes on the island are silent. Yanagi seems to notice what Tatsuya is trying to say and his intentions, which makes Yanagi laugh. Yanagi then asks if Tatsuya had predicted this situation, to which Tatsuya says that if he knew this was going to happen then he never would have come here in the first place. Yanagi nods with a happy expression, it was as if he had just heard a funny joke.

◇ ◇ ◇

The evacuation order having been lifted within the day, Tatsuya and Miyuki stayed overnight at the airport lounge where their treatment was better than what soldiers and prisoners would receive.

In the meantime Tatsuya rewrote the Magic Sequence on his terminal, meanwhile Miyuki was watching while waiting for some tea.

After resuming practice two days later, Miyuki would never fail using Niflheim again. She thought it was thanks to Tatsuya having rewritten the Magic Sequence, but Tatsuya decided not to burst her bubble of confidence since he had a different view of things.

Tatsuya created a mechanism to alleviate the imbalance in the energy balance by adding a description of the process for restoring the velocity of gas molecules to their original state at the end of using Niflheim. Regardless is a fact that Miyuki finally got better at using Niflheim. Both the Magic Sequence and another Magic Sequence are what causes an intense air current to form by leaving an imbalance in the energy balance.

Due to Miyuki practicing Niflheim on the eastern end of the island where new lava was erupting, the land became quickly usable. At this point the eruptions increased the area of the island to 8 square kilometers, thus increasing the area of the island by one square kilometer.

Thus Miyuki is safe and sound before the beginning of her third semester in middle school during her first year; having acquired the wide area cooling magic Niflheim.


It was confirmed that there would be no impact to the safety of the prisoners after the eruption on the eastern region of the island, thus that night the prisoners were returned to their prisons.

A small lifeboat is floating south of the island at sea. Not a rubber boat, but a boat made of fiberglass.

Inside the boat are two magicians speaking Cantonese, whom were captured agents from the Great Asian Union. The two talk about informing the media about the situation pertaining to conditions at the prison, thus leading the world to condemn Japan for the treatment of abusing prisoners.

Soon enough a small submarine starts to surface. Behind the two men in the opposite direction from the submarine, a voice speaking Japanese is heard.

As the submarine was generating small amount of air bubbles from its ballast tanks in order to dive as the hatch is opened. Without looking behind them the two men jump into the ocean out from the unstable boat. As they moved towards the submarine it was suddenly decomposed, causing the two men to feel fear. While the overturned boat is on the ocean, the two men are decomposed leaving no bodies behind.

Only the figures of two people could be seen. First-Lieutenant Yanagi thanks Tatsuya for his cooperation in disposing of the prisoners.

Tatsuya asks if it was okay to erase them, when Yanagi with a bitter smile tells him that it was better to dispose of them since it would be undesirable if bodies remained.

(Yanagi feels that it's unbelievable that a 13 year-old from the Yotsuba Family could kill so many people.)

In 2093 A.D., First-Lieutenant Yanagi joins the 101 Independent Magic-Equipped Battalion of the 101st Brigade as an executive, along with being promoted to Captain.

Not long afterwards a Special Officer named Ooguro Ryuuya joins the Independent Magic-Equipped Battalion at the strong recommendation of Major Kazama and Captain Yanagi.