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Cocytus (コキュートス) is a Mental Interference Type Magic of the Outer-Systematic Type unique to Miyuki. Unlike her other Freezing Magics, this doesn't have a noticeable effect on the surface, such as frost or cold temperature. Rather than the targets physical bodies freezing, it is their consciousness or soul that is frozen.[1] It can also be fathomed as a magic that froze the time of the realm of a target's soul.

This is a very exclusive magic that only Miyuki has known to have the ability, features and magic power enough to use this magic.

When Miyuki demonstrates this magic in front of her comrades during Scorched Halloween, it creates great fears and awe in both friend/enemy's sides as it is a very powerful magic which can be used on a large area scale.[2]

Miyuki can use this magic on an area while choosing and control the targets for her Cocytus that are mixed in it. To be simpler, it means she can pick a target among people if she wishes to use the magic upon it.

Cocytus is also useful against Paranormal Parasite[3]

It is a very beautiful, nightmarish, and formidable magic as it is a very silent and clean magic when used upon her targets.

The bodies bound by their frozen minds could not even die. They could only collapse like a row of statues, forever captured in the postures before the frost came.

—A Description for Cocytus, Volume 7, Chapter 12

Miyuki's Cocytus destroying the Parasites


  • Cocytus is the name of one of the five rivers of the Underworld in Greek Mythology. It is also used in the Italian poet Dante Alighieri's famous Divine Comedy, in which it is an icy lake in Hell where the souls of traitors are frozen, at depths corresponding to the depth of their betrayal. Inferno is also another one of Miyuki's spells inspired by the Divine Comedy, as it is the name of its first part which takes place in the Christian Hell (called Inferno in Italian).
  • Partial crystallisation of the victim's physical flesh is sometimes observed as a side effect due to the interaction between mind and body.