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Kanon Ability

Chiyoda Kanon (千代田 花音) is a graduate of First High School. [1] She is the fiancée of Isori Kei. She was one of the lead representatives of her cohorts during the Nine Schools Competition in 2095. She was the Chief of the Public Morals Committee after Watanabe Mari. She was succeeded by Yoshida Mikihiko in that position.

Appearance & Personality

Kanon has short, dark purple hair with sharp bangs more down on her right side than her left side. She has fair skin and blueish-gray eyes.

She often appears tagging along with her boyfriend and fiancé, Isori Kei, and is described as someone who changes a lot depending on whether Kei is present or not. She is very protective of Kei and is rarely seen without him. Kanon is rather impulsive and has a tendency to react without thinking.


When the schools 'student executives' terms ended, Kanon succeeded Mari as the Chief of the Public Morals Committee, making a compromise with then Student Council President Nakajou Azusa, to let Tatsuya remain on the Committee until the end of the year, before letting him transfer to the Student Council at the start of the new school year.


Magic Abilities

Kanon is a member of the Chiyoda Family, which is one of the Hundred Families. In her family name, there is the number Thousand (千).

The Magicians of the Chiyoda Family specialize in using Long Range Solid Matter Oscillation Systematic Magic, particularly when it comes to using Earthshaker magic.

Mine Genesis

A Long Range Solid Matter Oscillation Systematic Magic that creates a powerful oscillation that can be applied on any material such as dirt, rock, sand, or cement as long as the solid matter is recognized as the "Earth's surface". The applied area will suffer vertical vibrations that run perpendicular to the epicenter as the affected "Earth's surface" groans under the magic.
Mine Genisis

Chiyoda Kanon Mine Genesis (Anime)


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