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Group of Magicians during World War III

A Magic Technician (魔法技能師), or Magician (魔法師) is an individual imparted with magic (魔法). Magicians are able to manipulate Psions which makes it possible to alter the Eidos. In the past called "Supernatural Power Users", the name changed once magic became a technical skill, thus making them "Magic Technicians." [1]

It is said that only 1 in 1000 teenagers have magical talent which becomes 1 in 10000 adults after taking into consideration the loss of power due to stress during the growth process. [2] However, this is only counting those with practical level magic — those with combat level magic are undoubtedly rarer. 


The power of a Magician is partly based in their genetics, with a child born from two strong Magicians being likely to become a strong Magician, while it being a rarity for those who are not Magicians to have a child capable of casting magic. Furthermore, the sooner a Magician is born generation-wise, the greater the tendency for them to wield innately powerful magic, thus Magicians are encouraged (required) to marry early. [3] Latent magical talent can be measured as early as the age of 3. [4] ( Yotsuba Eisaku had the ability to foresee the magic potential of even newborn babies )

What makes a Magician different from other humans is the Magic Calculation Area in their brain. Without it, a Magician is not be able to have the fine Psion control necessary for magic. Furthermore, Magic Sequences and rituals usually have the strength, targets, and ending requirements of spells determined by the Magic Calculation Area, allowing for variability in magic even if the same Activation Sequence is used. A person, even if they are a genius, will be unable to cast even a simple single process spell without having a Magic Calculation Area.

A Magician's abilities can change reality, but they must also be grounded in reality. Someone who doesn't have a firm grasp of the world around them cannot alter it. It is rare to have a truly delusional Magician because of this. A Magician must have a will and confidence in their magic. For instance, if the Magician loses confidence in their ability to use magic, such as in the case of magic related trauma or accident, it can render them unable to use magic permanently.[5]

  • The Activation Sequences are a type of Psion. But they alone cannot affect reality. The Psions produced by the user would scramble and then return. This is the function of CADs, to take the Psions initially provided by the activation sequence, and form them into Psions the magician can use to rewrite phenomena: the magic ritual (sequence). [6]


After expansion, the expanded activation sequence is read by the magic processing area in the subconscious and variables such as coordinates, output, and duration are inputted, the result is inserted alongside the activation sequence and gives rise to the completed magic ritual. This complete magic ritual is taken from the operations area of the subconscious and transferred to the lowest level of the conscious, the 'root', from the area between the conscious and the subconscious, the 'gate', whereupon it can be projected upon the outside world, as the magic ritual projects and targets 'information events' — in the study of modern magic, these are named 'Eidos' from Greek philosophy, and refers to the event where the information of the target is temporarily overwritten. [6]

Magic Power

Main Article: Magic Power

Magicians are ranked based on the abilities from Rank A to E. The Magic Power of a Magician is assigned according to International Standards and are evaluated based on: [7]

  • Interference Strength (Strength of their Magic Sequences for rewriting Eidos)
  • Capacity / Scale of Magic Sequences (Magic Tolerance)
  • Processing Power of Magic(Speed of Magic Design and Eidos rewriting)



Main Article: Series Magician

Series Magician are magicians produced with forged and altered genes in order to strengthen certain disposition in magic. There are currently three revealed Series Magician Families:

  • Fortress Series
  • Sakura Series
  • Bard Series
  • Watasumi Series


Main Article: Strategic-Class Magician

Strategic-Class Magicians are people who have magical abilities surpassing all conventional weaponry/magic and can cause an enormous amount of change or damage in a large-scale area.

Shiba Tatsuya,the first Strategic-Class Magician introduced in the series

The term "strategic" presumably is a reference to strategic nuclear warheads, which are designed to be used on targets as part of a strategic plan, causing tremendous wide-scale damage to factories, army bases, cities, and must be/are delivered from a long distance away. This is in contrast to tactical missiles, which are much smaller in scale and range but are used to support troops in combat. Thus, it may be possible for a Strategic Class Magician to be defeated in conventional combat (where such large scale attacks are impossible without killing the caster) against a non-Strategic Class Magician.

It has been said that there are around 50 people who have Strategic-Class Magic. However, only 13 people who possess Strategic-Class Magic have had their identities revealed to the world for the sake of national prestige. These people are known as the Thirteen Apostles; however, Liú Yúndé died with the Great Asian Union's fleet at Scorched Halloween, bringing the number down to twelve. List of Strategic-Class Magicians


Main Article: Elements

Elements is the name given to the Magicians who first practiced magic in Japan, before the establishment of the Numbers.

Apart from the Ten Master Clans, there were other laboratories operating from AD 2010 to AD 2020 that sought to develop the Elements; all are currently shut down.

Before the organisation and classification of the four systems and eight types, a classification based on the traditional attributes of 'earth', 'water', 'fire', 'wind', 'light', and 'thunder' had been used.

Apart from these ten there are other laboratories operating from 2010-2020 that sought to develop the Elements; all are currently shut down. There are also HQ-affiliated secret research groups put up in AD 2002 by the JSDF itself that are currently continuing their research.

Born-Specialized Magicians

Main Article: Born-Specialized Magician
  • BS Magicians, also known as BS ability users, could also be called innate ability users or innate magic specialists. This was because they excelled at a particular ability, but because of this extreme specialization, they were unable to use magic techniques like other Magicians of the same level.
  • BS Magicians occupied a lower social stratum than normal Magicians, but their unique ability was practically impossible for other people to imitate. Even if someone could accomplish this, they were unable to replicate the same level of quality BS users were capable of. If properly matched with their specialty, they often outperformed the generic "omnipotent" Magicians. [8]

Superpower Users

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  • Generally speaking, "Superpower Users" can only use one type; any more would only be variations of the original.
  • Specialized magic, if refined to the point where it is on par with Superpowers wielded by Magicians, could be activated by pure thought without the need for intent or will.
  • While Magic Sequences are processed in the subconscious, it still operates with intent, because unintentionally creating a Magical Sequence and subsequently activating it is impossible.
  • If a Magician capable of multiple types of magics unintentionally activated magics...
  • Even after expending the bulk of the "Superpower", the remainder still had the phenomena rewriting ability to change "reality".[9]

Experimental Reinforced Psychics

They are only Reinforced Soldiers with Magical Abilities.

The reason for scrapping the plan and concluding that the development project for a Reinforced Army of Artificial Psychic was a failure lies in the fact that their ability range is only 30 cm. In other words, they can only use weapons that are within a 30 cm radius from their body. They cannot sustain the magic required for event transformation at longer distances. They can only project Idea Information, but it had no effect on events.

It may not be fully proven, but the ability to preserve youth must have been a side effect of their strengthening. They are considered as a failure of Magician Development that couldn't become Magicians.

The detention facility for Reinforced Psychics is in the Matsumoto Base. Nearby the Matsumoto Base, there is a single facility for a relatively low threat level group, and Reinforced Psychic Body Treatment is accommodated there.

They are the black ops of the JSDF who are detained at the JSDF Facilities based on the threat of their power after the war.

Reinforced Psychics have a grudge-like jealousy against the Ten Master Clans. They are used as pawns to fight against the Yotsuba Family (Miyuki's Entourage in Volume 16).


Reinforced Psychics were developed in the first half of the repeated 20 years of World Wars, but were never completed, and now they should be more than 60 years old. Germany tried to achieve this goal with genetic manipulation, but Japan used drug reinforcement.
During the 20 year long Global War, in order to create a quick force, as part of the Magician Development Research, Reinforced Psychics were subjected to strengthening processes to squeeze out their specific ability for battle. [10]


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