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It is a product of neither legends nor fairy tales, but instead has become a technology of reality since a time unknown to people.

Volume 1, Chapter 0

Skilled Magic Technicians, capable of suppressing even nuclear weapons, are powerful assets to a country. [1]


The first verifiable record dates back to AD 1999. The incident, in which police officers possessing special powers stopped a nuclear act of terror carried out by a fanatic group in order to fulfill the prophecy of destroying humanity, became the first verifiable case of magic in modern times.

Magic Particles


Main Article: Psion

Psions (Thought Particles) are non-physical particles that come under the dimension of psychic phenomenon, an information element that records the result of cognizance and thought. They are similar to Pushions in that Pushions are the particle manifestations of emotions from intention and thought, while Psions are the particle manifestations of intention and thought. [Note: This is still at a hypothetical stage.]


Main Article: Pushion

Pushions (Spirit Particles) are substance-less particles (non-physical entities) that come under the dimension of psychic phenomena. Their existence has been validated, however their true form or function has yet to be clarified. They are similar to Psions, in that Psions are particle manifestations of intention and thought, while Pushions are particle manifestations of the emotions from the intention and thought. [Note: This is still at a hypothetical stage.]

Magic Power

Main Article: Magic Power

International Standards rank Magicians according to their abilities, from E to A. Currently, Magic Power standards are calculated by:

- Interference Strength (Strength of their Magic Sequences for rewriting Eidos)
- Capacity / Scale of Magic Sequences (Magic Tolerance)
- Processing Power of Magic(Speed of Magic Design and Eidos rewriting)

The Magic Power is the combination of the three. Magic Power is not indicative of combat ability.


Main Article: Eidos
Eidos refers to the event where the information of the target is temporarily overwritten. Information is associated with events. If the information is rewritten, the event will be rewritten. As the nature of phenomena is written in Psions, modifications to these will result in real world events being temporarily modified as well. [2]


The term 'Supernatural Power (Superpower)' was initially used synonymously for Magicians as their ability was then purely inherent, but the term is now no longer synonyms to Magicians because the magicians are now a product of sudden mutation and has been spread around to the public due to 'systematization as a technology'.

Magic Calculation Area

Main Article: Magic Calculation Area
The Magic Calculation Area (魔法演算領域), or magic processor, is the part of the subconscious mind responsible for the use of magic. The Magic Calculation Area's transforms the imagined reality into data and produces a Magic Sequence for the desired spell. Generally speaking, target coordinates, strength and ending requirements are all set as variables to be executed by the Magic Calculation Area; all other essentials are incorporated into the Activation Sequence, which is then sent to the Magic Calculation Area and translated into a Magic Sequence.
In short, the target and power of the spell are determined by the Magician's mind whereas the nature of the spell is determined by the Activation Sequence.
After expansion, the expanded activation sequence is read by the magic processing area in the subconscious and variables such as coordinates, output, and duration are inputted, the result is inserted alongside the activation sequence and gives rise to the completed magic ritual.

This complete magic ritual is taken from the operations area of the subconscious and transferred to the lowest level of the conscious, the 'root', from the area between the conscious and the subconscious, the 'gate', whereupon it can be projected upon the outside world, as the magic ritual projects and targets 'information events' — in the study of modern magic, these are named 'Eidos' from Greek philosophy, and refers to the event where the information of the target is temporarily overwritten. [3]

Abilities & Equipment

Magic Casting Techniques

Main Article: Magic Casting Techniques
Magic Casting Techniques are ways that magicians can cast magic in a faster or more efficient way. The most commonly used way magicians cast magic is with the use of Casting Assistant Device (CAD), but throughout the series we see other ways that magic can be cast and used. For other techniques please refer to e.g. Flash Cast, Million Edge.


Main Article: Casting Assistant Device (CAD)
Magic or Magic Sequences can be cast with various tools that assist in the activation and casting of the magic or magic sequence. Commonly used tools are CADs (which come as Generalized or Specialized) for Modern Magic, Charms, Sutras, Talismans, etc. for Ancient Magic. These tools store the Activation Sequences.
  • The Activation Sequences are a type of Psion. But they alone cannot affect reality. The Psions produced by the user would scramble and then return. This is the function of CADs, to take the Psions initially provided by the activation sequence, and form them into Psions the magician can use to rewrite phenomena: the magic ritual (sequence). [2]

Magic Classification

Main Article: Classification of Magic

Magic is generally categorized into Modern Magic, Ancient Magic and Superpowers. Modern Magic is further categorized into Systematic, Non-Systematic, Outer-Systematic, and Sensory type magic with further classification in Systematic category. Ancient Magic also contains various categories such as SB Magic (Spiritual Beings), Divine Earth Magic, etc. Other categories includes magics based on theory (such as FAE, Cardinal Codes and Decomposition) and Area of Effect (AOE) Magic.

Modern Magic

  • Systematic Magic
    • Acceleration - Weight
    • Movement - Oscillation/Vibration
    • Convergence - Dispersion
    • Absorption - Release
      • Separation Type Magic
        • Decomposition Magic
  • Outer-Systematic Type Magic
    • Mental Interference Type Magic
      • Emotional Interference Type Magic
  • Non-Systematic Type Magic
  • Perception Type Magic
  • Barrier Magic
  • Healing Magic
  • Strategic-Class Magic

Ancient Magic

Counter Magic

Main Article: Counter Magic

Counter Magic (無系統魔法) is magic used to neutralise or obstruct opposing magic. There are various forms, though most are categorized as Non-Systematic Magic.

Magic Engineering

Magic Engineering refers to the research, development and manufacturing of machinery that amplify, strengthen and assist the magic spell and the magician. The most common area for this being the CAD. Those who work within this field are called Magic Engineers or Magic Artificers. They are considered to have a lower social standing than the regular Magicians, but there is a far greater demand for Magic Engineers and their income can easily surpass that of a top Magician. Therefore it is not uncommon for magicians who lack in practical abilities like Shiba Tatsuya to aim to become Magic Engineers. [4]

As stated by Tatsuya, a person must be a Magician to be an Magic Engineer, but can still study Magic Engineering and make Magic technologies like CADs without being able to use Magic, but it is very difficult to do CAD maintenance without getting a feel for Magic. [5]


Anti-Magician Movement

This section needs additional information and proper references.
It is perfectly normal human behavior to be afraid of the unknown and unpredictable. It is also perfectly normal that subgroups of people strive to seize control over their group. These human traits gave birth to movements against Magicians. Although they are probably more numerous than the novel reveals, there are three groups exhibiting such tendencies mentioned in the story so far.


Main Article: Blanche
This is an international Anti-Magician organization which seems to operate mostly in Eastern Asia. It has a Japanese branch organization called Egalite, which once gained popularity among the Course 2 students in First High School.


This organization seems to operate in the USNA, where they are responsible for at least street protests against Magicians.


Although these Japanese organizations are not exactly following Anti-Magician ideologies, they should be mentioned too, because of their enmity towards Modern Magicians who are the mainstream, therefore most influential magic practitioners in Japan.


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