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Credit: Tieba, from FB group
Spoiler for preview {{spoiler| Credit to mashingan AS
Spoiler for preview {{spoiler| Credit to mashingan AS

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Spoiler for preview

Credit to mashingan AS
  • It's the detailed scene on how Tatsuya came to save Miyuki cs, when they were exposed to cast-jamming. The effect cast-jamming was really tough to Minami because of the noise, seeing Minami was in pain, Miyuki almost lost control because that reminded her about Honami in Okinawa.
  • Minami calmed down Miyuki by saying she's fine, and reminded her Tatsuya's order to Miyuki should refrain of using magic when the opponents are non-magicians due to her position as next leader of Yotsuba. Tatsuya said to Miyuki to rely on Minami as possible when he rushing to rescue. (This is from volume 18 though) Miyuki then calmed down, and made an encirclement of psion cloud which acted as cushion to reduce the effects of cast-jamming's noise.
  • And then Tatsuya came the scene. This scene is about Tatsuya playing with Humanist and on how he disabled 5 people in 3 seconds. Cameras caught everything that happen. Tatsuya even did say to Humanist to cease the confrontation and pointing to the camera that all proofs are there.
  • Tatsuya said this for his alibi. In his defence, he will be able to say his act was a proper self-defense. He disabled all Humanist purely with physical combat skill. No magic invoked and there's Fujibayashi in case of emergency. She will be able to remove any trace of magic that Tatsuya used just like she always did
  • Last paragraph, the humanist that lost the will to fight suddenly under control of spirit magic, and Tatsuya immediately disable that magic using gram demolition.

By A Wikia contributor

  • That scene Tatsuya and Miyuki is in swimming pool, Tatsuya tried to soothe her, telling her everything will be okay, Miyuki's being nervous after she and her friends got attacked by a humanist group last volume, she was feared that Minami would end up like Honami and it brings back bad memory.

Credit TA

  • After the humanist leader lost consciousness, he stood up again while raising both of his arms forward. On his hands, there are spiritual beings (SB), which is also called as element. But, it has an ominous purple flame, so Tatsuya thinks, "evil spirit"(邪靈) may be better name than "element".
  • The humanist leader had two weapons: Stun Whip and a handgun. A handgun is illegal, and a stun whip can only be gotten from a police or a supplier who supplies weapons to police force.
  • Once, Tatsuya has a visual contact with a person, Tatsuya can track him or her. But, if Tatsuya uses this power, Tatsuya has to stop monitoring Miyuki and concentrate on Gu Jie. Tatsuya thinks, Gu Jie is not worth enough for Tatsuya to stop watching over Miyuki.
  • Tatsuya can look into past for 24 hours prior to the present time (the time when he uses his eye to look into the past.)
  • Tatsuya cannot foresee the future. In this event, Tatsuya had a gut feeling that Miyuki may be in danger, and he was right.

Full spoiler

Credit by Mashingan AS

Chapter 1

  • Miyuki, Minami, and Izumi would be really in trouble if Tatsuya didn't rescue them.
  • The hand of Humanist gang leader was tattooed as that tattoo became spirit magic beacon point. So the spirit magic immediately re-deployed even after blew out by Gram Demolition.
  • When Tatsuya re-trace back the "purple magic", he converted his eyes to see in Ideo Dimension, but was cut when Gu Jie killed Oumi Kazukyo (or Oumikazu Kyo? ). It was not Gu Jie's skill, but simply a gut feeling because of experience running away from many masterful practitioners.
  • Juumonji invited Shiba (half) sibling to meeting, with agenda of asking permission to assign bodyguard to Miyuki, which actually their intention (their I mean Juumonji, Ichijou and Mayumi) to make Miyuki as a bait to capture the remnant of Blanche and Egalite that infiltrate Humanist Movement.
  • When Tatsuya asking to Ichijou whether it was their intention or not, Ichijou strongly said that he could be a bait instead of Miyuki, hence their intention was spoiled unintentionally (The picture where they were in restaurant and Ichijou standing up)
  • Tatsuya didn't mad when the three of them tried to use Miyuki as bait. Only to ascertain their actual intent. But because the Humanist target was Izumi, the talk then changed to assign the bodyguard to Mayumi, as she's eldest daughter of Saegusa.
  • There's no indication of decision whether they're to assign bodyguard or not. Although Mayumi said she indeed has bodyguard but Juumonji then asked back that he never saw a person like that in campus, Mayumi then said she simply couldn't let them into campus.
  • Toudou Aoba was former owner of Magician Development Lab No. 4, said Yotsuba are not his underlings and he simply as Yotsuba's sponsor.
  • Also, Yakumo is not his underling or his right hand. Aoba was asking help and wanted to borrow his power. He specifically said to Yakumo to help Shiba Tatsuya in mission of repelling Gu Jie from Japan (dead or alive). Yakumo asked back Tatsuya wouldn't have a hard time dealing with Gu Jie, Aoba said not Gu Jie. Yakumo again said is it Canopus? Tatsuya is still stronger that Stars Numbers. Aoba said, indeed if it's unlawfully and simply fight to kill. The reward for helping him is 100 million yen.
  • He said to Yakumo that "Shiba Tatsuya is still useful". It meant there's still any chance to gather more data on Tatsuya' skill. Lawfully meant Tatsuya wouldn't be able to use Mist Dispersion, Partial Decomposition, etc which considered military secret. All he able to use is Gram Demolition.
  • Yakumo declined that amount of sum but the I forgot what Yakumo's excuse and what Aoba said with Yakumo's excuse. I remember that before Aoba leaving Kyuujouji, Aoba said to Yakumo, "The tea is bad as usual" with Yakumo only laughed it off
  • "Even though it's an accidental by products, he's just a part of the final/ultimate. I'll have him be more useful." Yakumo knew the meaning of those lines and felt sympathy for Tatsuya. Toudou old man's line "useful" means, Tatsuya is useful as guinea-pig for collecting many more data.

Chapter 2

  • For Tatsuya-Miyuki shipper, you should read chapter 2 to know to what extent Tatsuya's feeling to Miyuki

This timeline for this chapter was from Shiba (half) sibling coming back from restaurant to the next day 6 pm.

After Tatsuya and Miyuki coming home, Minami said there's announcement from school that school would be closed for whole week because of Humanist attack (the info actually from chapter 11).

At midnight, Tatsuya came to Miyuki's room to ask her something. Miyuki was in her negligee and revealing night gown. Tatsuya asked her to come to experiment room in underground at 4 am. Tatsuya said that with a subtle embarrassing face. He asked her to come whether in night gown, or swimsuit and asked before coming to shower first. Miyuki asked what should she do, but Tatsuya deferred to explain, said that he would explain in that room.

Miyuki came with her swimsuit, and found Tatsuya was in half-pants swimwear too.

Before asking something to Miyuki, he explained even though he had eyes to see Ideo Dimension (Information Dimension), it was not a type like clairvoyance. He said he moved the filtering process to his subconsciousness to order to lessen the burden on his resource (magic resource). In exchange for that he couldn't selective choose the info of what he want to see. With the resource he had, he could see anyone within the country however he currently didn't able to do that. The reason was half of his resource focused to Miyuki. Hearing that Miyuki said this strongly, "Onii-sama, then please let your eyes off me because I'm here, I'm safe and near you". However Tatsuya only said "I understand...", "I understand but, I can't do that" Tatsuya revealed that, even though he could see Miyuki in physical eyes, unless he maintained Elemental Sight on her, he wouldn't feel at ease. The moment he let his eyes off from Miyuki, he felt as if he was going to crazy.

Then Tatsuya asked Miyuki to make him at ease and he embracing Miyuki from behind while he focused his eyes to search Gu Jie.

Gu Jie at that time was still sleeping and when he felt the sight, he immediately woke up and deploy magic barrier circle. At first the barrier destroyed and he redeployed it. But no second time. There was no any wound in Gu Jie's body but he knew his position was already detected.

Before morning practice in Kyuujouji, Tatsuya explained to Miyuki he intended to catch Gu Jie instead of eliminating him that's why he only break the first barrier. Tatsuya actually put the psion marker to Gu Jie's Eidos so he could always track Gu Jie at will.

At the morning with usual practice, after training, Yakumo said/asked on how Tatsuya's mission progress. Tatsuya said "still no good" (with exclusion of what he did together with Miyuki at dawn). Yakumo then said that he would help if Tatsuya asking him. At first, Tatsuya thought Yakumo was joking so he took the bait and asking for help. Surprisingly (to Tatsuya), Yakumo agreed to help Tatsuya.

The next actually info about how another school following the 1st high and 2nd high to close the school, Fumiya and Ayako visited their home be Miyuki's bodyguard for one week. And Tatsuya's conversation with Mayumi

  • It actually Tatsuya requested something, but it seemed funny on how he teased (bully?) Mayumi

Tatsuya requested Mayumi to mobilize the police. Mayumi knew the intent but she still couldn't accept so easily. Because Tatsuya request was at noon (no indication of time though) and the requested time for mobilization was at night.

She asked why to her? Tatsuya replied, because Saegusa had close relation with police. Hearing that she couldn't hide her bad mood because she need the power of her father. She then joked to Tatsuya to ask his "girlfriend" instead of her. She meant by "girlfriend" was Erika. Tatsuya replied back, "If Saegusa-senpai permitted it then I'd do so", immediately Mayumi said "Please, I beg you don't do that". Tatsuya then asked to confirm, "but the mobilization would be this night", she replied "I know, I know. I'll have it mobilized at dusk so please stop bully me anymore" (Actual lines 「分かったから!夕方までには手配するから!だからそんなにじめないで!」)

Chapter 3

  • The pursuit 10MC were the members that decided in 10MC meeting, Saegusa Tomokazu, Juumonji Katsuto, Shiba Tatsuya and Ichijou Masaki.
  • The pursuit team divided into two, the first was consist only Tatsuya and Masaki which tasked to wait/ambush Gu Jie in his possible destination while Katsuto and Tomokazu pursuit/trail directly. Saw the teams division were not balanced, Katsuto suggested to send his men to be included in Tatsuya-Masaki team. Tomokazu didn't object it (or rather he welcomed the suggestion, in that way Saegusa could save their face by capturing Gu Jie)
  • In other hand/at the same time, Canopus who was waiting in Destroyer just outside Japanese sea territory started to order unlawful operative agents to disrupt the pursuit. Gu Jie was in back seat of car and assured by John Doe (alias, his actual name will be revealed later) that he already made preparation in case of pursuit. The disruption was in form of wagon which attacks with hand grenade launcher and big trailer that obstruct the intersection. The pursuit team failed miserably with many officers need to be brought with ambulance and the operation cars were destructed.
  • Tatsuya-Masaki ambushing in port but Doe changed their direction into beach (I didn't look up the kanji to know what its name). Tatsuya and Masaki pursued that car. However, Gu Jie ordered one of his corpse soldier to murder all the pursuer. That soldier, jump from car and attacking when in midair. Cutting Tatsuya's bike into two. Tatsuya ordered Masaki and Juumonji's men to continue the pursuit. When light came to soldier face, the soldier was Toshikazu. Tatsuya asked why Toshikazu as member 100 families helping terrorist. But Toshikazu didn't answer. Tatsuya "saw" Toshikazu's Eidos and he was certain that Toshikazu already dead. But why Toshikazu still be able to use magic? He was hesitant to blow the vital damage to Toshikazu because of lack analysis. However, he couldn't do the full analysis under the attack of skillful swordman.
  • So he only tried to ask whether Toshikazu's consciousness is there or not. Still no answer.
  • When he tried partial decomposition, Toshikazu discard Tatsuya's magic with Gram Demolitionn which surprised Tatsuya. He never heard the first son of Chiba was able to use Gram Demolition. He then looked it again, the Gram Demolition was actually the psion flood that flowed from Toshikazu's body. Tatsuya realized that Toshikazu's existence becoming thinner each time the psion flood. He understood that it was Toshikazu's life-force that became source of magic. Toshikazu was a corpse in middle of dying.
  • Understanding this, Tatsuya was angry toward Gu Jie that makes a magician/life-force as a play plaything (I hope I didn't misread it, or misinterpret it).
  • Toshikazu rotated the blade grip and changed slash the direction. The blade of long sword that already lost its form then mow down Tatsuya's stomach. "Gh!" Blood flowed from Tatsuya's stomach. He spontaneously spilled the pained voice. He then saw the source of psion was in Toshikazu's chest and put the vital blow to Toshikazu's chest. He was able to do that because Tatsuya received the blow first, canceled his auto-restore, and immediately deploy his partial decomposition with his fist.
  • Yakumo came afterward, Tatsuya questioned him but Yakumo reminded Tatsuya to heal his wound first. However Tatsuya realized that no proper answer could be taken from Yakumo he then asked Yakumo to do something with the lying corpse and continued to pursue Gu Jie.
  • Inagaki vs Masaki, Inagaki was the same ability to wield Gram Demolition. But Masaki already trained with many simulation especially with opponent who wield Gram Demolition after he suffered defeat in hand of Tatsuya. He deployed Rupture repeatedly faster than Inagaki's ability to flood the psion from his body so Inagaki was defeated.
  • John Doe was an alias, his actual name was Joseph Dow, an agent from USNA. When it was estimated the Gu Jie wouldn't be able to leave Japanese sea territory. He was ordered to kill Gu Jie but instead turned into Generator by Gu Jie. But because the lack of preparation, time and ritual, Joseph Dow didn't able to speak. He intended to interrogate Dow at first, but because Dow couldn't speak he discarded in intent.
  • The last is Canopus exercised Molecular Dividier using device in form of Japanese's sword. The sword area about length 700 meter with width (no exact indication) kinda narrow compared to the length. It just one slash cut. As soon after Molecular Divider destroyed the ship which Gu Jie's in, the psion marker disappeared.
  • Tomokazu wasn't involved in any battle, he couldn't continue the pursuit because the operation car was destroyed. Yakumo didn't involved in any fight. He even didn't help a hand when Tatsuya was fighting with Toshikazu. The car Katsuto was in didn't destroyed because he was slightly left behind to defend the team from hand grenade launcher. So that's why he was able to continue pursuing Gu Jie. Katsuto had a quite significant battle, especially with unlawful operative agents. The illustration picture Katsuto and Masaki was the scene when they were discussing what to do with captured agents.
  • Toshikazu's body is cremated/buried by Yakumo. He said this to his disciple 「弔ってあげなさい]. (the exact translation of "tomurau" is memorial service, or mourning. Maybe it can be interpreted as buried or cremated)

Chapter 4

  • Tatsuya was coming back together with Yakumo. Since he didn't have his bike anymore, he had to came back together with Yakumo.
  • He then complained to Yakumo why Yakumo stopped him. Yakumo asked back why Tatsuya lightly wanted to that. Tatsuya seemed in bad mood with word lightly and explained to Yakumo that he and magicians in general needed capture Gu Jie. Yakumo then said "and you want to cancel Canopus' magic?" Tatsuya surprised with 2 points from Yakumo's question. 1st was he surprised why such a high Numbers doing with that mission. 2nd how Yakumo knew it was Canopus. Yakumo continued if Tatsuya did that, the USNA would identify him as a target that needed to be disposed and sent assassins to him. In that he would expose any danger to Miyuki. Tatsuya then couldn't refute back.
  • In the home, he explained to Miyuki, and Kuroba twins that the mission failed. He felt down about it but Miyuki encouraged him that his safety was her priority.
  • Later before going to sleep, Ayako talked to Fumiya and recognized that Tatsuya looked better after Miyuki's encouragement.
  • At the next morning, Tatsuya, Yakumo and his disciples, and Masaki went to Chiba house to give Toshikazu's body. They came to explain the situation and to give their condolences, not for asking forgiveness.
  • The family member available were Jouichirou (Head of Chiba), Sanae (Toshikazu's sister from same mother), and Erika. Naotsugu wasn't there. Sanae was crying. Other were in mourning attire only Erika wore her school uniform. Yakumo then explained everything from the start to Tatsuya gave Toshikazu a vital blow. After that, Erika asked Tatsuya to follow her to dojo. She asked about whether Toshikazu was strong when fighting Tatsuya (Erika still said "baka-aniki"). Tatsuya confirmed it. She then asked about Gu Jie, Tatsuya explained back everything.
  • Shen then asked to Tatsuya for duel. Just after she raise one of her feet from seiza position, Tatsuya immediately kicked her to the wall. She picked near wooden sword near the wall, attacked Tatsuya (but lacked her usual sharpness). Tatsuya grabbed wooden sword with his hand and throw it together with Erika. Erika admitted defeat and then crying. Erika complained that to Tatsuya, that he so brutal after crying.
  • After that, he was coming back together with Yakumo. Yakumo asked what would he do after this. He said he would go back to home and report to Maya. Tatsuya said he would be scolded but Yakumo had different opinion. Yakumo didn't explained to Tatsuya that Aoba's request actually was "Observe and prevent Shiba Tatsuya from doing excessive".
  • After that, Tatsuya, together with Miyuki and Kuroba twin went to Magic Association in Kyoto. Because Maya was there so he would report to Maya directly.
  • Maya then questioned Tatsuya on how Tatsuya tracked Gu Jie. Tatsuya explained he developed new magic. But why takes so long? Maya doubted it. Tatsuya answered because he need fulfill certain condition. Maya tried to asked it but Tatsuya hesitated to answer. (Of course he couldn't say, "it's the magic that can't be used unless he embraces Miyuki") so he answered the condition was perceptive-wise so he couldn't explained it well. Maya then somehow understood it after seeing Miyuki's red face and somehow smiled amusingly.
  • There he explained too about life-force as source of magic which gave a new idea to Maya of new realm of experiment.

Chapter 5

  • Tatsuya reported the whole mission and its result to Kazama. He then added that it was fatal for military to have another country operative agents to do what they like in the country. Kazama asked back whether it's opinion of a 10MC member? Tatsuya said it's personal opinion. After Tatsuya went out of the room, Kazama admitted that if military were to help, Gu Jie would be captured successfully without any sacrificing two excellent detectives. However he didn't feel any guilt because that was his mission.
  • Kyouko was tasked to convert the voice-recorded report to written report however she didn't felt like to type any word after hearing the report. She thought of it and regretted about it. However she didn't feel any romantic feeling toward Toshikazu, nor feel any lost. At most she just felt the lose of good coworker. The whole deal was the result of Toshikazu's carelessness. Toshikazu should have already info that Oumi was descendant of Daahan refugees but failed to use that info as a warning. After that thought, she then continue to work on her task.

For Masaki's diary, it was actually his daily impression about his life in Tokyo.

  • He was living in home in Tokyo. His father bought it about 10 years ago.
  • At first day, he got info that Shizuku was Informal Public Moral Committee President (影の風委員長)
  • Masaki surprised to find out Tatsuya was a 2nd course student. In 3rd High, equal term for "weed" was "normal" student. He felt the gap was too much between him and Tatsuya. He was wondering what education Tatsuya did in Yotsuba.
  • Public Moral Committee had better social student standing than Student Council in 3rd High. The most excellent new student was scouted to Public Moral Committee instead of Student Council.
  • After the mission ended, he intended to come back immediately (it was only about 1 week after moving to Tokyo) but his father said Masaki should finish it as planned (so Masaki had to spent two weeks more in 1st High).
  • His father informed him that Akane would visit him and ordered Masaki to bring her to tourist spot.
  • He conflicted to whom he would ask for advice. He afraid to disturb Miyuki, he didn't want to have any debt to Tatsuya, he doubt whether Yoshida and Saijou knew the tourist spots that makes middle school girl happy. In the end he asked to Mayumi which he regretted later.
  • He got the info but in exchange of mental exhaustion after going back from Saegusa's mansion.
  • Akane came together with Kichijouji which makes him really happy.
  • Akane asked to meet Miyuki, but with condition that Tatsuya was able to go together.
  • After meeting with Miyuki, he asked Akane on how her impression. She said she was scared with Tatsuya. No reason but she was scared. She only said to him to be careful.
  • The last week, 2 days before going back, he was to brave himself to invite Miyuki to movie theater. Tatsuya asked is it to date? Masaki confimed it. But Tatsuya allowed with condition, to bring Minami together.
  • The movie he chose was romantic-love story. The story took place in 1990, the love story between esper girl and normal guy.
  • After movie, he and Miyuki found Tatsuya just outside the theater. Not only Tatsuya, but all usual member of Tatsuya's gang in school cafetaria + Saegusa twin.
  • He retorted why everyone here, only Mizuki and Honoka cowered but all other members were it with casual face. Erika said they came to fetch Miyuki. Didn't the permission only given to watch the movie?
  • He was dumbfounded with that and made a conclusion that even Tatsuya's friend really as bad as Tatsuya.
  • He didn't say which time he would go back but Miyuki came to the station. He asked whether she came alone but Miyuki just looked to back and he found Tatsuya was standing with his back leaned on the wall.
  • He made decision that he would choose the same Magic Univ as Miyuki and together with her to embark a campus-life. Masaki said everyone chose Magic University. Masaki thought that Saijou would choose Magic Military Academy but he chose to be Mobile Police Officer.
  • In bowling scene, it was the first time Masaki to play bowling. No magic allowed. Masaki and Miyuki were suck at it. Tatsuya, Leo, Erika and Yoshida all of them were good players.
  • In karaoke, Masaki was better singer than Tatsuya, so Masaki felt good about it.

  • The seventh post (Answer to question):
  • First, once Tatsuya put psion marker on Gu Jie, does it work similar to Nakura's blood in Zhou during Kyoto Arc?
  • Yes, it was explained that the idea same as Nakura's blood. But because Tatsuya couldn't just simply send his blood so he sent some distinctive lump of psion and put it in Gu Jie's Eidos. Gu Jie didn't notice that. In chapter 13, Gu Jie was adept at controlling life-force which make Tatsuya really angry to him. So I think it was safe to say Eidos didn't related to life-force.(Eidos was written like this right? 体情報, literally it means object information)
  • Second, did Gu Jie realizes that he was marked later in the volume?
  • Yakumo didn't touch that subject, although Yakumo said with disgust even he didn't want to be involved any worldly matter, he just couldn't do that easily.

Credit By Lord Odin93

  • Here's what I just found in Chapter 13; some interesting information about the younger Saegusa brother, Saegusa Koujirou (七草 孝次郎) along with some more information about Saegusa Tomokazu.
  • We already know that Koujirou lives and works at the Seventh Research Institute owned by the Saegusa Family. Another thing, Koujirou is three years younger than Tomokazu who is turning 27. What may interest everyone is that Koujirou is more powerful than both Tomokazu and Mayumi, but is less dexterous than Tomokazu.
  • Now on to more about Tomokazu. He happens to look very similar to Kouichi, although obviously without the sunglasses. Good thing is that even though he has a serious personality, its no where near being as bad as Kouichi's. The last thing is, he cares for Mayumi and his sisters unlike their father.

Credit by TA

  • Gu Jie thinks, Chiba Toshikazu has potential that he has never seen for a human material.
  • Gu Jie needs one more day to make Toshikazu as a generator, but after he sensed somebody(Tatsuya) was tracking magic of Oumi Kazkyo, he decides to move out of Oumi Kazkyo's house. (Of course, Oumi Kazkyo was killed by Gu Jie while Tatsuya was tracking him. When the scene changes from Tatsuya to Gu Jie, Oumi Kazkyo was already dead, so he never made an actual entrance in the novel. )
  • Toshikazu is not a generator but a soldier prepared to die (死兵). Seems like, a generator can be used longer.
  • Gu Jie has a dagger with complicated decorations. He killed Oumi Kazkyo with it. After he decides to give up turning Chiba Toshikazu into a generator, Gu Jie heads to the room where Toshikazu and Inagaki were laying down with this dagger.
  • After Momosaki (head master) and Yaosaka (vice head master) heard the story from Izumi, and Momosaki assumed, humanist attacks are no longer targeting students randomly since they noticed Izumi as a daughter of Saegusa and Miyuki's student president. Momosaki suspended the school until 23rd (saturday).
  • Mayumi was the one who suggested placing protection details (bodyguards) on Miyuki. The idea was rejected because regardless of Mayumi's honest intention, bodyguards would be chosen and sent by Saegusa Koichi. Later, the idea of placing Saegusa clan's protection details was completely abandoned because this idea of using Miyuki as a bait was based on the assumption that Miyuki was targeted because she is a heir of Yotsuba, but Miyuki proved, she was targeted because she is the student president while Izumi was being targeted because of her family background. So, Katsuto asked about Mayumi's safety. At the end, the discussion ends with Mayumi trying to explain that she is safe and does not need additional protection.
  • In the meeting, it was not directly mentioned who came up with the idea of using Miyuki as a bait.

From Illustration number 2, From Right to Left;

  • Gu Jie: "We didn't lose them. What are you planning now?" [Also known as Jiedo Heigu. A magician who swore to revenge on Japanese magic society. A survivor from Dahan's military occultists and Kunlunfang Institute]
  • Jo Du: "Heigu Daren(sir), You shouldn't worry" [A man who is planning to help Gu Jie to escape Japan. He is a meticulous man who plans thoroughly with various ways to escape.]
  • Ichijou Masaki: "I will leave it to you" [He is 2nd year student from 3rd high school, but he is studying at 1st high school. The heir of Ichijou clan. Requested a formal engagement to Miyuki]
  • Juumonji Katsuto: "Ichijou, follow Gu Jie" [A formal leader of the Club Management Group. Currently enrolled in Magic University. He is the leader of Juumonji Clan, which is one of Ten Master Clans. According to Tatsuya, he is a man like a huge rock]
  • Shiba Tatsuya: "Leave it to me. And, go." [A older brother of Shiba siblings. He belongs to 2nd year engineer class at the first high school. "Secretarial Chief" Secretary. He does not care anything except Miyuki who he recognizes as something to protect as a "guardian".]

  • Saegusa clan suffering from a bad image after the 10 MC meeting in 17 and Koichi's plots being exposed.
  • Humanist who attacked Miyuki and the group was under the control. (The name of magician who controlled them may be Oumi Kazkyo. I am not sure about his name because I can only got "Oumi".)
  • Tatsuya detected the magician (Oumi Kazukyo?) who controlled Humanist group, but Gu jie realized somebody detected the location of the magician, so Gu jie killed the magician who controlled Humanist group.
  • Juumonji, Ichijou, Yakumo, Saegusa, and police are hunting the culprit along with Tatsuya. Chiba Toshikazu has turned into puppet [傀儡], so Tatsuya has no other choice but killing him. Inagaki was killed by Rupture by Masaki.
  • USNA Canopus has been interfering Tatsuya. At the end, he kills Gu Jie with his powerful magic: one slash(一閃; this term is normally used as one single sword blow) of Molecular Divider from a device. Tatsuya can annul/cancel Canopus's magic, but Yakumo stops Tatsuya and says people cannot know Tatsuya can annul/cancel USNA #2's magic. As a result, the mission fails.
  • Erika hears the fate of her brother and asks Tatsuya to a dual in the way of revenge (because of her anger). At the end, she cries at Tatsuya shoulder. Fujibayashi Kyouko also gets influenced by the death of Toshikazu.

Spoiler sponsor

  • Owner of 4th lab shows up
  • His left eye is white color. It is hard to say, his look is handsome but he has graceful look. His name is Todo Aoba, 東道 青波(とうどう あおば). Yakumo calls him, Aoba Nyûdô Kakka (青波入道閣下).
  • [閣下: your Excellency, it is term of respect that has been used on military generals such as Kudou Retsu and Saeki Hiromi in Mahouka.] He is a previous owner of 4th institute and a sponsor for Yotsuba, and he also sponsors other political figures.
  • Added name in both English and Japanese, but it needs to be checked.**入道閣下 is a little tricky; 入道 has two meanings: 1. a person who becomes a Buddhist monk. 2. a person who shaves head and wears cloth similar to a monk. And, this is the first time for me to read this phrase, "入道閣下".***入道, Nyûdô is the title that is being used to a general who becomes a monk. The best example is 武田晴信入道信玄 (Takeda Harunobu Nyûdô Shingen), it is the name that Takeda Harunobu used after he shaved his head and gained the status of monk while governing his land.

Credit by Jamjir AS

  • The next volume would be a collection of SS previously published in Dengeki magazine as well as new SS then volume 21 will be the new arc were Tatsuya and the others will be in their Third year(I guess another round of Nine School Competition and Thesis Competition)unless things break out seriously thus cancelling those events. Satou sensei said that the next enemy will be someone who was on Tatsuya's side who was helping them but this time they will be against each other.

Spoilers on Masaki's diary "My angel" from anon @2ch and /a

  • Morisaki will be in this part.
  • Masaki learns Tatsuya was Course 2 student.
  • According to another anon, Akane was scared of Tatsuya. He did not share why she was scared of Tatsuya.
  • Tatsuya, Miyuki, Masaki and Akane met together in the form of formal meeting. Akane was the one who brought up Mayumi name at the dinner. Or that the purpose of the dinner was to discuss being clan head because Akane was questioning it.
  • It's actually about all the characters and the aftermath of Gu Jie events. It's just Masaki's thoughts on everyone at 1st high, Tatsuya is the one mentioned the most. In it we learn that after some time Erika was able to smile again. That is why Miyuki is happy to see Erika. Masaki and Miyuki saw a movie. The group also went out together.
  • The diary foreshadows that Tatsuya and Masaki will be attending university together. Apparently Tatsuya has plans to attend and access their resources for more research plans he's interested in pursuing. It doesn't say whether it's Defense College or Magic University. Also nothing about Miyuki.
  • Masaki was in the middle of the Juumonji-Saegusa plans. There is some level of mistrust towards the Yotsuba from them but Masaki doesn't share their views. He is more comfortable working with Tatsuya. Whatever thoughts he had about the Yotsuba have been changed by Tatsuya and Miyuki. In the event of taking sides he takes the side of Tatsuya and Miyuki not Juumonji or Saegusa. One good example is them wanting to use Miyuki as bait. It really enraged Masaki and we see him worked up about in the illustration. It pissed off Juumonji but he let it go because he should have known that when it comes to Miyuki Masaki cannot remain neutral.
  • George is already assuming the role of taking care of Akane and the family. They visit Masaki at his house in Tokyo while he's at 1st high. It seemed like this would turn into a regular occurrence. George will likely remain in Kanazawa, Akane will enter high school and George will probably continue his work at the research institute down there. George misses Masaki and Akane is in denial about it.
  • He's kind of accepted that Tatsuya and Miyuki come as a pair. He didn't give up Miyuki, he's just used to Miyuki and Tatsuya always being around together. Tatsuya acts like her bodyguard. He has made progress in his relationship with both of them and knows more about them. It's slow but steady. It seems like either Masaki will accept Tatsuya x Miyuki and remain friends or it will progress to Masaki x Miyuki x Tatsuya.
  • Masaki and Miyuki saw a movie together. That movie Miyuki want to see but Tatsuya not interested. When Masaki and Miyuki saw a movie together Tatsuya gave them their space.
  • Tatsuya suck at singing although Honoka loved it anyway. Tatsuya sings without embarrassment egged on by Leo. It is pretty much like the fanart. Tatsuya is a master at bowling, it should come as no surprise. Tatsuya got a strike on the first try.

Volume 19 Masaki POV

Tatsuya sing at Karaoke

Additional Spoiler

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Spoiler for Vol.19 Spoiler

  • Toudou Aoba calls Yakumo as a reincarnation of Kasin Koji(果心居士). According to Aoba, Yakumo has a Genjutsu / illusion technique that made the world to call him as second coming(reincarnation) of Kasin. And, When Yakumo says, he is nobody, Aoba replies, if Yakumo is nobody and powerless(weak), there isn't any sorcerer (magician) who can be labeled as powerful.
  • Yakumo calls Yotsuba as Aoba's subordinates, but Aoba corrects Yakumo and says, Yotsuba is no longer his subordinates, and he claims, he is just a Sponsor. But, Yakumo also knows, Aoba is not just a sponsor to Yotsuba. And, Yakumo also knows, Yotsuba is not only one that Aoba is sponsoring.
  • Yakumo initially rejects Aoba's request by using Hieizan and its rule that forbids its members(monks) to interfere with the real world. But, Aoba already got the permission from Hieizan. As a result, Yakumo loses any excuse to reject the Aoba's request. However, Yakumo still says, he will make a decision based on Aoba's request. The author also points out Yakumo is only one who can reply Aoba's request in this way because even Kudou Retsu cannot reject any request from Aoba.
  • When Yakumo asked Aoba whether Aoba is a supporter of Tatsuya, Aoba answered by saying, He may be a product (a (peace of) work, (作品)), which was acquired coincidentally(unexpectedly), but he is still one research subject. He has to be useful in the future as well. When Aoba says useful, it means being useful as a guinea pig to provide more data. After hearing Aoba's words, Yakumo feels sympathetic towards Tatsuya because Aoba's influence is wide, and Yakumo assumes it will be very hard even for Tatsuya to get away from Aoba's influence (hand).
  • According to narrator (the author), Aoba does not concern 10 MC's current circumstance, and Aoba may be much better off if 10MC gets cornered.
  • Aoba wants to pay Yakumo for his service. He offered 10 cushions: Cushion is a form of secret language (隱語) during the era where people used paper currency. One cushion is 100 Million Yen (USD 896,379) and ten cushion is 1 Billion Yen (USD 8,963,785). Yakumo rejects the offer, but Aoba says that there is nothing more expensive than free. Aoba tells Yakumo that he will choose a suitable statue of Buddha, which will be made of pure gold.

Spoiler for Personal interpretation and information:

  • Toudou Aoba recognized Yakumo as one of the most powerful magicians.
  • It may be just my personal interpretation, but I think, Aoba may be sponsoring few more families among 10MC and 18 assistant families or magician related factions such as Hieizan or even military division similar to 101 battalion.
  • It is very hard to say whether Yakumo can reject Aoba because of his character, or he has some hidden power or influence compared to Retsu. Personally, I think, it is due to Yakumo's character, but we can also expect additional information regarding Yakumo such as his position in Hieizan or among old traditional magicians.
  • For now, Aoba may be sponsoring Tatsuya indirectly because of his own interest. Seems like, Aoba and Tatsuya will make the first meeting in the near future.
  • In Kyoto Arc, the author used two key words as foreshadowing for Yotsuba Inheritance Arc. He used the word, "作品" (A piece of work ; product) for Kudou Minoru and used "名作"(Master piece; a fine piece) for Miyuki. It was a forshadowing that Miyuki is a genetically altered magician just like Minoru but a perfect one. In vol.19, I think, the author used "作品" (A piece of work) in order to indicate that Aoba knows, Tatsuya was altered by Miya. Simply, it may also indicate Aoba knows everything about Tatsuya and Yotsuba in general.
  • In addition, "coincidentally" can also be another foreshadowing for the future arc. He may only mean, Tatsuya's decomposition and regrowth magic. Or, it may be elemental sight, which was not created artificially. (So far, no one claimed, they are responsible for his elemental sight.) Personally, I am betting, it is his elemental sight mainly because Toudou Aoba also seems to have a special eye.
  • We may need more information why Aoba would be better off if 10MC gets cornered. Maybe, Aoba may sustain or strengthen his influence over Yotsuba and the rest of 10MC if 10MC's situation does not get improved and needs helps from higher power such as Aoba.

Spoiler for Information on Kasin Koji(果心居士)

  • Kasin Koji(果心居士): Kasin is a legendary illusionist / Genjutsu master(幻術使い). There are many stories of Kasin with very famous historic figures from Sengoku Period.
  • Matsunaga Hisahide: Matsunaga had an ambition to use Kasin and his ability. Matsunaga invited and requested Kasin to perform an illusion. When Kasin performed illusion, everything became dark in front of Matsunaga. Suddenly, a woman appeared in the hallway and opened the door. And, she came next to Matsunaga and said, "Tonight, do not go to another woman" with very thin and scary voice. The woman was Matsunaga's first wife who was already dead. Matsunaga yelled and asked Kasin to stop the illusion.
  • Oda Nobunaga: Nobunaga heard about the painting that Kasin drew. It was a depiction of hell and showed how horrifying hell is. Nobunaga requested Kasin to hand over the drawing to him, but it was rejected. So, Nobunaga dispatched his men to take the painting with the force. When Nobunaga got the painting scroll and opened it. There was nothing on the scroll.
  • Akechi Mitsuhide: After killing his boss, Oda Nobunaga, Mitsuhide threw the party for his men and allies and invited Kasin to perform an illusion. In the room, there was a a folding screen [屛風] with a painting of river and a boat. When Kasin used his sorcery, he went into the painting and was on the boat. Then, suddenly (river) water came out of the painting. The place was suddenly flooded. And, in this chaos Kasin banished while riding the boat. After Kasin banished, the place turned back to normal. On the way out of Mitsuhide's territory, Kasin met Tsutsui Junkei who was heading to Mistuhide in order to join his force. Kasin told Junkei to go back and warned Junkei that Mitsuhide will not last. Junkei took Kasin's advice and went back home. Just like Kasin's prediction, Mitsuhide lost the battle and was killed by peasants.
  • Toyotomi Hideyoshi: Hideoyoshi also invited and ordered Kasin to perform an illusion. Similar to Matsunaga's story, the room turned dark, and a woman appeared. A woman was a victim who was raped and killed by Hideyoshi. The woman blamed Hideyoshi. Hideyoshi became furious and ordered his men to execute Kasin. Right before the execution, Kasin became a mouse and rode a black kite (Milvus migrans), and he flew out of the Hideyoshi's place.
  • Tokugawa Ieyasu: Kasin often showed up at Ieyasu's place and had friendly chats with him.



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