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Benjamin Canopus (ベンジャミン・カノープス) is a First-Class Star Magician who serves in the USNA's Magician Unit "Stars". He holds the rank of Major. He is the No. 2 of Stars and leads the First Unit, but is the de facto Head-Captain while Angie Sirius is abscent. His nickname is "Ben". [1]

Appearance and Personality

Molecular Divider

Canopus activating his Molecular Divider

He is an individual who looks like he is meant to be a military officer. He is a tough yet vigorous man who makes the atmosphere around himself completely unlike that of other soldiers or civilian industrialists. [1]

That justice is only worth perusing when one is the victor. No matter how incorrect you or your opponent might be, the defeated can only comply to the victor. Although, if there is some room for negotiation, then one hasn't lost yet. Only once one's defeat is decided, is it then that you lose any advantage you might have. She continues on that its not only limited to dealing with those struggling for power, but a teaching that can lead to ending wars.

Angelina Kudou Shields tell Shiba Tatsuya the quote that she learn from Benjamin Canopus, Volume 27, Chapter 2


Benjamin is 40 years old as of December 2095. [1]

Benjamin is married and has a daughter who is two years younger than Angelina Kudou Shields. [1][2]

Canopus' real name is "Benjamin Lowes", and he is related to, Kane Loews, the Assistant to the Chief of Staff to the President of the USNA. [2]

He is a graduate of the USNA Military Academy West Point.[3]

He as deployed to Japan by Virginia Balance in order to assassinate Jiedo Heigu before he commits any acts of terrorism. He goes in place of Angie Sirius, due in part because Balance is unable to deploy her especially since Roland Bart, a Strategic-Class Magician is stationed in Gibraltar. He travels to Japan aboard a naval destroyer, then switches over to a cruiser in secret in order to successfully arrive undetected at the Yokosuka Naval Base that has been a Japan-USNA joint naval base. [2]

Benjamin Ability


As the No. 2 of Stars and leads the First Unit, He has considerable Magic and Combat Prowess. It has been hinted that Canopus may be stronger than Lina if she is not allowed to use Heavy Metal Burst. In Volume 17 it is mentioned that Canopus is a better combat magician than Lina and so he was selected instead to look for the escaped Gu Jie "Black Sage" in Japan.

Is a secret technique that weakens molecular bonds.
Is an area of effect spell that utilizes Systematic Magic. When Canopus uses this magic he is able to reflect attacks directly back at his opponent.[4]
Is a Weight Systematic-type Magic.[4]


  • Angie Sirius has the acronym-ed letter "A" where as Benjamin Canopus has the letter "B".
  • The name "Canopus" is taken from the brightest star 'Canopus' in the Southern Constellation of 'Carina', which is the second brightest star in the night-time sky, after 'Sirius'.


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