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Developed before Modern Magic, Ancient Magic (古式魔法) is capable of different things, most of it is specialized beyond the capabilities of modern magic. Generally, ancient magic is slower and more focused than modern magic, as practitioners do not use Casting Assistant Device (CAD) and instead use talismans and the like. As well, back in the day, slower invocation speeds were prevalent, so magic sequences were often much more convoluted to prevent easy identification and negation of the spell. Ancient magic and modern magic use the same principle, use interference on data and rewriting the phenomenon, but are expressed in different ways. Families that inherit ancient magics tend to hide their abilities, although in the new age of categorization, it tends to be a little less pronounced. In terms of surprise attacks, ancient magic boasts superior firepower and secrecy.

There are some ancient magics that allow people to fly, which was impossible to replicate with modern magic until Shiba Tatsuya accomplished it.


Mikihiko using an Altar to assist in sealing Parasites and surrounded by Talismans to ward off their attacks

The devices used for assistance in casting magic by ancient magicians listed below. The modern CAD replaces the need for such things (including even hand signs). [1]

  • Spell Chants
  • Talismans
  • Hand Seals (not a device)
  • Magic Circles
  • Magic Tomes
  • Altars

All the above listed help to speed up magic casting or amplify its magnitude and strength.


  • Thunder Cloud: "Thunder Clouds" is the spell actually manipulates clouds. Gives powerful discharge and voltage.
  • Thunder Spawn: Thunder Spawn is very similar to the Modern Magic spell "Thunder Child" and is an inferior version of the magic, "Thunder Clouds".

Spirit Magic

Main Article: Spirit Magic

Spirit Magic (精霊魔法) is a type of ancient magic that uses independent Information Bodies made of Pushions known as Spirits (精霊) to interact with other Information Bodies. Magic studies often refer to spirits as SB (Spiritual Being), but the are usually referred to as Spirits by practitioners. There are different type of spirits, which are water, fire, earth and wind. Spirits are an assemblage made of concepts such as wind, fire, earth and water and are different from individual phenomena.[2] [3]


  • Golden Electron Silkworms - A virus that uses SB to interfere with the output signal on CADs, delaying spell activation and hampering the electronic mechanism while being undetectable by the OS or anti-virus programs.
  • Summoning Magic - Uses SB to summon things.
  • Echo Maze - Uses SB to produce sound waves that interfere with a person's sense of direction, leading to confusion and scrambled senses.
  • Sense Tuning - Uses SB to see, hear, smell, touch and taste outside of the practitioners normal range.


Main Article: Ninjutsu

Practitioners are trained to be extremely fast, capable of erasing their presence, and very strong. Primarily focused on physical capabilities, some magic is incorporated, mainly illusions, to the point where speed, accuracy and movements of the illusions surpassed those of modern magic.


  • Onibi (Will-o'-the-wisp) - Produces orbs of light using illusions.
  • Matoi (enshroud) - Focuses on creating a body clone of the user.
  • Mirage Cloak

Divine Earth Magic

Main Article: Divine Earth Magic

The Divine Earth Magic is an Ancient Magic that belongs to the Shinto System and more specifically the branch concerned with Earth Deities within the Shinto System. The user summons's independent Information Bodies commonly called "spirits" to interact with other Information Bodies. These spirits are how the user can cast their spells.


  • Summoning Magic
  • Magical Mist & Barrier
  • Earthshaker
  • Earth Splitter
  • Wild Hair
  • Ant Hell
  • Earth Pit
  • Karura En
  • Exorcism Cut


The Ancient Magic has also globalized and International conferences have been hosted in London (England) with the aim to standardize terms and concepts and refine them.

“Parasite is also one of the acknowledged terms. Monsters, evil spirits, djinns, demons, of all the various entities in the different countries, we call the magical beings that infest human beings and turn them into inhuman creatures as parasites. Even if Ancient Magic has become globalized, that still doesn’t change the fact that they keep their secrets to themselves, so it’s not surprising that everyone here with a modern magic background doesn’t know about it.”

—Mikihiko Explaining About the Parasites

Spectral Form

“Spectral form refers to the information body that is shaped like the physical body, except that it links the physical flesh with your spirit. The key to the spectral form is life, or life force. Monsters that devour the flesh and blood of man are rumored to prey on the life force that is taken with the flesh. Vampires drink blood and ghouls consume flesh, but since they weren’t material beings in the first place, they should only be interested in life force. At least, if what the elders in Ancient Magic told me is to be believed. The spectral form and the physical body possess the same shape. Since the capacity size is a given, the original amount of life force compared to the current level is more or less detectable.”

—Mikihiko Explaining About the Spectral Form

Ghost Walker

A mental interference magic that redirects people's attention. It is a magic that selects positions based on fortune. It manipulates vectors, redirecting people's attention to the desired location. People with their vector's scrambled would never locate their target, somewhat like a person intending to walk straight but instead walks in circles.[4]


Using the same techniques found in CADs to transform Psion signals into electronic ones, a corpse is turned into a communication device that cannot be wiretapped. Although it does not have the gift of sight, the atmosphere of what the corpse sees can be passed on to the spell's master. Ancient Magicians from the mainland try not to have anything to do with this spell, although it is used by Zhou Gongjin's master in Volume 12.[5]

Shadow Beast

It is a magic that constructs a synthetic beast using shadows as a medium. The spell is a hybrid magic that incorporates western sorcery. [6]

Art of the Sage

Art of the Sage is an Ancient Magic technique. It has no detailed description in the Light Novel, but it is mentioned that it can be used to control Psions.[7]

Taoists Magic


  • Wood and Stone
  • Yellow Turban Doll Warriors

Celtic Magic


  • Geis