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Alexander Arcturus (レクサンダー・アークトゥルス) is a First-Class Star Magician who serves in the USNA's Magician Unit "Stars". He holds the rank of Captain.

Appearance and Personality

Arcturus is a hybrid of Caucasian, African American, and Native American, where he is a quarter Native American, but in terms of magic he inherited it in his blood. [1]


Thanks to his bloodline, He is also good at Spirit Magic, but lacks direct combat ability due to lack of combat experience. Since he is good at spirit magic, he is instructed to guard against incoming parasite during Micro-Black Hole Experiment, yet during the second attempt of performing the Micro-Black Hole Experiment, Alexander became a parasite and thus tried to assassinate Lina. [1]

Currently, he is "sealed" by Tatsuya.


In Ancient Magic, it is possible to magically strengthen a weapon by focusing one's "senses" into it. Although such a technique isn't accepted as magic by others, it's widely seen worldwide. It's a technique that uses the magic of the Native Americans. Arcturus uses a one-handed ax that's strengthened by this technique, making it a trump card against combat magicians. It's also used as a weapon in melee combat, where fighting with it is exclusively done with Movement-Type Magic, with Arcturus wielding eighteen of them. [1]
Allows the user to monitor various angles without blind spots.[2]

If based on raw potential, Arcturus is the best user of Lunar Magic amongst USNA Stars.[3]


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