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The 18 Assistant Houses (師補十八家, shiho jūhakke) along with the Ten Master Clans, all originate from the 10 Magic Institutes in Japan. [1] The strongest of the 28 become the Ten Master Clans while the remainder become the 18 Assistant Houses. [2] This is decided at the Master Clans Conference during the Selection Meeting. [3] All of the 28 Houses possess one of the numbers from 1-10 in their family names, signifying their capability as the greatest Magicians in the country. [2]

The 18 Assistant Houses in numerical order:


It is said that because of their rivalry with the Saegusa Family, the Shippou Family has the strongest desire to ascend to the position of one of the Master Clans among the 18 Assistant Houses.

—Miyuki thinking to herself, Volume 12, Chapter 5